davemora Don't LIE you know U enjoyed the song before you found out "Vanilla Ice" was "Vanilla Ice" turn off the light. I am going to sleep. Good night all. (reblip)
DCtunes @lethebashar: "Listening to The Beloved . . . "Sweet Harmony"" (reblip)
DCtunes DC friend introduced me to Eva's music (and story). One of my favs...
DCtunes Eva marathon continues...yay!
DCtunes Always enjoy this song

Summer in ParisDJ Cam

| play
DCtunes @davemora: "@LeslieSanchez no I think the sad thing is that I am now jamming to this. But, lets be honest we all love this song. . . . . (reblip)
broadwayg lost classic-Clint Holmes-Playground in my Mind courtesy of @Berrypunny
avivajazz Jeff Beck Group // I Ain't Superstitious
MrsASoprano HA! I was singing this with a friend out in the hall at work today. lol@hawaiibuzz: "Michael Jackson – Rock With You" (reblip)
Alamar9 I love Music...like breathing air...I gotta have it... This is my all time favorite, as it rolls off the lips, of Katherine Mcphee And Chris Botti!!

Katharine Mcphee I've Got You Under My Skin Live

| play
avivajazz Fleetwood Mac // Rhiannon // A song about an old Welsh witch

Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon"

| play
avivajazz F.D. Marchetti // Eterna Saudade (Dilermando Reis) (reblip)
Alamar9 For the Love of My life... My all time favorite Love Song...and I would...


| play
Alamar9 So futile to ask...cause we all know it happens and we feel like we will die...but we don't...thank God.
Alamar9 Did I do this already? It's worth doing Twice:)


| play
DJJazzyJacq Dave Mason let it go let it flow

Let It Go, Let It Flow

| play
Alamar9 I love this song...takes me to a heavenly place....
Alamar9 One of my favorite songs to dance to!!!@chickenkatsu: "Calling out around the world. Are you ready for a brand, new beat?" (reblip)
Alamar9 Heard this in Vegas, In the middle of the night and fell in love with it...it stays in vegas, ya'll.
Alamar9 Just in case you want to sing along...:)

river of dreams billy joel (w/lyrics)

| play
Alamar9 Oh Yeah... As I heard it in the 70's, dancing at the Studio 54...sooo0Romantic...I Am.
Alamar9 You should!! Thanks for listening and the props...I'm new at this.@chickenkatsu: "I've never been to Vegas. Must go! @Alamar9: " (reblip)
Alamar9 Thank you...I needed this tonight..@Annimallover: "@gogogoma "If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long." (reblip)
Alamar9 Only she can sing this song to me...
Alamar9 Well he can sing it to me, too:) One of my favorite love songs...a lament...
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * UPDATE 3#: LA Times & Reuters Confirms, MJ Is Dead -> "Michael Jackson has died. City and LAPD sources have confirmed it for us." RememberPlaylist *
Alamar9 This is Just plain MAGIC...whether you understand the words or not...WE ARE LOVERS....sweet.

Katharine McPhee and Andrea Bocelli Somos Novios JCPenneyJam

| play
Alamar9 Just heard. I'm sad. I have always loved him, with all his perfect inperfections...as are we...rest in peace Michael...Love, Alamar
Alamar9 This is one of my FAVES!!!@sinanyuzakli: "So what is right and what is wrong? Gimme a sign..." (reblip)

Haddaway-What is Love?

| play
Alamar9 Oh Boy I like this. Thanx @bubblegumjo: "@JerryKidd: "Show me love. Show me everything you've got and show me love"" (reblip)
Alamar9 I hope he found his childhood awe and wonder...I feel it now, from him, in me. Thank you Michael.
Alamar9 Excuse me for putting this in twice, but in this one you can really hear the words and what he wanted us to know about him...
Alamar9 Hear! Hear! Hear!@chickenkatsu: "When you're close, I can feel your heart beat. I can hear you breathing in my ear." (reblip)
Alamar9 Farah, HOW MANY EYES ADORED YOU....this is my favorite version of this song...for you.


| play
Alamar9 Oh, you're bringing back my 'haydays':)@MrsASoprano: "Sugar Sugar" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh Yeah....I want all I can get....
Annimallover @krisp:an oxymoron MJ & harpsicord!!this one from the J5 days...I'm a sucker for a good harpsichord into..." (reblip)
Annimallover We can never have too many angels!@dcychan: "Beautiful song RB@Annimallover: "Now he is truly an angel!!@Awannabeangel"@rachidkas,@CarolannB,@PiCr"" (reblip)
Alamar9 I'll say...buttah and the Southern girl.@Alison_S: "his voice is like buttah. Marrying Amos Lee is goal #4 in life." (reblip)

Southern GirlAmos Lee

| play
Alamar9 Oh Yeah...Studio 54:)@bluebrummie: "Meet you all in.....Funky Town - Lipps Inc ;-)" (reblip)
mrrodd TY @candy156sweet that's a great one!: "Chris Botti – Cinema Paradiso This is my favorite CB song :)" (reblip)
Alamar9 Night shift..thanx 4 listening..Namaste...g'night@bluebrummie: keep songs & love in your heart! xx - Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin :-) " (reblip)
mrrodd Thxs @shelly_76 your last track reminded me of this one (reblip)

Santana. Samba Pa Ti

| play
Alamar9 mrrodd, tonight we dance? My favorite.
Alamar9 Ohooooyes@bubblegumjo: "Romantic vibes here @DecoDelight: "@toosweet4rnr: mija...this manflora is KILLING me with this gem! aye cabrona!!"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Sometimes, I feel like this.
Alamar9 Owo!!!What a Night we're having.
Alamar9 Only cold hearts wouldn't cry over this one@bubblegumjo: "@77ozzie: " soft I was crying..."" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thought my dream had come true...

FallenLauren Wood

| play
mariposa7 ~true blue~

Tommy James and The Shondells, Crystal Blue Persuasion

| play
MrsASoprano r/b@inforalf: "@MrsASoprano: "I still have this from when you first sent it long ago. "yup @Saltydog: "Drive"""" (reblip)

The CarsDrive

| play
Alamar9 I wanta know that girl!@ladypn: "You want a girl who knows what's best... with eyes that burn like cigarettes? ;) Hi@candy156sweet@mrrodd@ZachsMind (reblip)
Alamar9 Leaned back, closed my eyes & saw what I heard...sweet. (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 We're Together, let's stay that way:)@patita: "it seems now we are here at the same time :D @SandroC" (reblip)
Alamar9 We're rockin' tonight, need to go to bed!@Daeflyn: "Wynonie Harris - Good Rockin' Tonight " (reblip)
MrsASoprano lol GMTA! *hugs*@Saltydog: "Dreams........Thought I'd never get the chance to squeeze this in.." (reblip)

Van HalenDreams

| play
Alamar9 Good night to all..thanks for the props and the fun tonight...I think I'm addicted to this game... I have Fallen...

FallenLauren Wood

| play
Marystudio Stevie Wonder – I just called to say I love you
inforalf Bee Gees – Stayin' Alive (Full Version)
Alamar9 &love the video!@Alamar9: "Thanx for props & my favorite ABBA song that makes me move@inforalf: "ABBA Dancing Queen 1976"" (reblip)

ABBA Dancing Queen 1976

| play
Alamar9 Not much into pep's & I like this@lelapin: "does not sound like the genuine 'black eyed peas' version but decent nonetheless." (reblip)
inforalf John Travolta & Olivia Newton – Summer Nights
Alamar9 Oh yeah!BG's&ABBA...moving it!@inforalf: "Bee Gees – Stayin' Alive (Full Version)" (reblip)
inforalf Lionel Richie – Say You, Say Me
Alamar9 Saw musical MGM outdoors/'72 Awesome@Flying_Roundhouse: "RB @DrFloyd: "age of aquarius = awesome" I agree ;-)" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Thanx 4 the props and the music I love. @Marystudio: "Stevie Wonder – I just called to say I love you" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx for listening!@77ozzie: "rock - foxy!" (reblip)

Jimi HendrixFoxy Lady

| play
Alamar9 You too. Thanx for the props.@DrFloyd: "have a good week °!°" (reblip)

CAKELong Line of Cars

| play
Alamar9 I sign off with music from this sweet/lovely Hawaiian--- thanx all for the props, great music and plain FUN. See ya'll Somewhere over the rainbow..
Alamar9 Michael was so MisUnderstood by so many of us...now he will be truly LOVED.@crispassinato: "amooooooooooooo FUIII" (reblip)

BenMichael Jackson

| play
Alamar9 Back on line and ready to go with you on this fine evening/morning:)@finchbeak: "[441]" (reblip)
Alamar9 lovely music...@mp3WatchWorld: "JeffBuckley/LilacWine" (reblip)
charmstep @Jeffie: "Mary Hopkin - "Those Were The Days" (end of 1968)" On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico... (reblip)
Alamar9 Feeling strangely, sad, lately.

Stevie WonderLately

| play
Alamar9 And now we have NEVERLAND..two great artists Michael &Elvis@ElZorro: " "Paul Simon – Graceland """ (reblip)

Paul SimonGraceland

| play
Alamar9 If you're on the road this 4th...have fun, be safe.@amlibertad: "On the road again - Willie Nelson" (reblip)
Babygirlxx8 Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (1983) [Motown 25 Live] Thanks to --> sheryonstone (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh how I miss the 60's, fun @charmstep: "@Jeffie: "Mary Hopkin - "Those Were The Days" (end of 1968)" On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico..." (reblip)
Babygirlxx8 Awesome song... just listen... Much Love

Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

| play
Alamar9 Charmstep, I am just, in a sentimental mood...4 by-gone days
Alamar9 I'm not alone with Carrie Underwood and Heart...
Babygirlxx8 Santana – Maria Maria .. [TheWraith].... enjoy ;}
Alamar9 Thank you!!!!for all the props rb's&replies....sweet dreams@chickenkatsu: "Eyes are fading. Much thanks to all for props, rbs and replies!" (reblip)


| play
77ozzie song - turn down your lite, turn down the bed...lay down with me...tell me..just hold me close...

I Can't Make You Love Me By Bonnie Raitt

| play
Alamar9 We have this beautiful version...

Jennifer Hudson And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going Music Video Code And Lyrics

| play
Alamar9 Now DIG this ROCKIN' version from Ms Holliday...I'm tellin' Ya!
Alamar9 If only someone would sing this song to me:) (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanks for listenin', great song for July 4th, freedom/equality! (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm in a Motown Mood with Al Green not alone
Alamar9 A very wise man..that Jesus!@TrainWreckRadio: "@pfreeloader FYI......ZZ -Top Storytellers on Vh-1 'CLASSIC' tonite at 8pm(cdt)" (reblip)
Alamar9 Good night sweet boy!@thepetshopboy: "off to dreamland w/the sounds of CHET BAKER's "i get along without you very well (except sometimes)" in my head" (reblip)
Alamar9 It may not be Blue, but it's full...who lovin' who?

Blue Moon-The Marcels-1961

| play
Alamar9 Happy Birthday, America! Blow out those candles...May your birthday wish come true...Good Nite, Ya'll.

Sixteen Candles-The Crests-1958

| play
Alamar9 Especially on BLIP.fm! thanx for the props@michellelynn69: "Living After Midnight is the only way to live!!" (reblip)
Alamar9 If I told you so...love this duo

"I Told You So" Carrie with Randy Travis from American Idol

| play
Alamar9 My favorite song in Spanish...same feeling...can't take my eyes off of you...
Alamar9 I'll love --Since I Don't Have you---by these guys--forever.
Alamar9 Oh boy, I'm in a funny romantic mood...

Hey There Lonely Girl ~ Eddie Holman

| play
Alamar9 To the Rescue....Sam & Dave...I'm waiting...
Alamar9 Hey Joe, thought I was the only on..thanx for the props.@joechapman: "Motley Crue – Too Young to Fall in Love" (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @ExpressionthruMusic they're on Vh-1CLASSIC / Storytellers RIGHT NOW as a matter of fact.....so am I BTW! (reblip)
Alamar9 Good one tonight!@joechapman: "Heart – Crazy on You" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx for the props...goodnite...freedom dreams!!!@melodyofyourlife: "Have a great 4th Blip'ers Beware of the Tri-Colored Pastas! have a good one!" (reblip)

WeenYour Party

| play
Alamar9 a-boom-boom-baaaah...I can hear your heart beating...can you hear mine?

MétisseBoom Boom Ba

| play
Alamar9 I ain't fallin' anymore...

"I Ain't Fallin" Little Anthony and The Imperials

| play
djellenmellon Thanks for listening... @Alamar9 @DJminimanace @chancemedley @Privilege333 clear sweet Santana I'll be taking this to dreamland...
Alamar9 Right behind you..thank you!@djellenmellon: "Thanks for listening... @Alamar9 @DJminimanace clear sweet Santana I'll be taking this to dreamland..." (reblip)
Alison_S Here's to 3-day weekends! I hope you all get some. If you want some, that is.
Alamar9 I want some.@Alison_S: "Here's to 3-day weekends! I hope you all get some. If you want some, that is." (reblip)
broadwayg Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this was Micheal's only song with Janet. SCREAM!!!@chickenkatsu hi@Sophizz @melodyofyourlife@jennyleepenny
Alamar9 NO, I love the oldies:)@mizdemeanor: "im sooooooooo oldies today... sorry" (reblip)
Marystudio via@messinwiththekid: "only thing on my mind is seeing Buddy Guy live this evening... getting in the mood" (have a great time, I know u will : ) (reblip)
inforalf Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff
Alamar9 You're playing my Man!...thanx for listening---goin' to bed now!@inforalf: "Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff" (reblip)
Alamar9 It's a sweet moment...thanks for the props...goodnight...@77ozzie: "song - I have been waiting for this moment all my life @vaniak" (reblip)
Alamar9 mi corazon se siente Suavecito esta noche...gracias@DaLady: "<>SUAVECITO<> " (reblip)
Alamar9 Tonight, I feel tired and sad over MJ...I'll look to tomorrow...thanks goodnight@DaLady: "~There's Always Tomorrow~" (reblip)
Alamar9 Had to hear this tonight, and I do wonder...
Alamar9 This is the version I wanted to hear...forgive me...missing MJ
charmstep Another song I can't get enough of. Beautiful message of true love and gratitude.

Wayne BradyOrdinary

| play
Alamar9 She sounds eerily like MJ...I have never paid much attn to her before...I've been missing out.thanks@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** QUEER FOR THE EAR ***" (reblip)

Janet Jackson "Together Again" (Official)

| play
miguesme Tino Casal- Eloise

Tino Casal- Eloise

| play
Alamar9 I'm in the mood for Duffy tonight, thanks for the props. Sweet dreams. (reblip)

DuffySyrup & Honey

| play


| play
Alamar9 one of my alltime favorites right before bedtime...sweet.@miguesme: "UB40 CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE" (reblip)


| play
miguesme Günther feat. Samantha Fox – Touch Me, gracias por RB @Alamar9@DJJazzyJacq@AtheDJ
Annimallover Gr8 video hey?@ishibutsu: "rb @Fluidity: ":~) ♫ Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin - Smile .....@4UMJ thanks @Annimallover"" (reblip)

Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin

| play
Alamar9 This touches my Soul...@Annimallover: "Perfect song to end the nite with!@KathysArt: "@Annimallover: @LauStar: "Love this song& great cover & video!" (reblip)
Alamar9 Once I hear it, I just can't get it out of my head...here we go again...I kissed a Girl...
DJJazzyJacq another memory from the late 80's
Alamar9 Wonder if I would look as sexy as her with my hair buzzed..it's my life alright.@DJJazzyJacq: "another memory from the late 80's " (reblip)
thepetshopboy pooh...i love BANDERAS @Alamar9 ! i have the cd around here somewhere...one of my fave brit duos of the early 90's (reblip)
thepetshopboy my fave BANDERAS song @Alamar9 "may this be your last sorrow"...such a good album...timeless pop
Alamar9 Made me cry...thanx@Annimallover: "Gr8 video hey?@ishibutsu: "rb @Fluidity: ":~) ♫ Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin - Smile .... (reblip)

Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin

| play
Alamar9 A sweet and lovely sound on the piano... good night to all my lovely DJ friends---Good Night My Love...Pleasant dreams
Alamar9 So much my music and eraThanx for all the props.@DJJazzyJacq: "@thepetshopboy - night night sweet 70's dreams!" (reblip)

sad sweet dreamer

| play
Alamar9 I love this song! Now, I know who sings it. thanx for the props.@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** FAVORITES ***" (reblip)

Colby CaillatBubbly

| play
Alamar9 I have nothing but desire for this song!!!@MrsASoprano:"I don't have fond desires... happy hours, I don't have anything, since I don't have you" (reblip)
Alamar9 It's a romantic Friday, huh?@MrsASoprano: "Be my baby" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh, rock me baby...@MrsASoprano: "If you be my baby" (reblip)
Alamar9 Ok, now you have my attn!!!@MrsASoprano: "I only have eyes for you" (reblip)

Flamingos I Only Have Eyes For You

| play
Alamar9 In the mood for ABBA, anytime. Thanx for props@D_Doyle: "ABBA – Fernando" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Of course...hope you're dreaming of me:)@MrsASoprano: "Do you love me?" (reblip)
Alamar9 A haunting melody in Chiquitita.@D_Doyle: "ABBA - "Chiquitita"" (reblip)

ABBA "Chiquitita"

| play
DJJazzyJacq @Alamar9 rather good video wasn't it! more from Mr Godley!
Alamar9 Amazing child prodigy...if I could only play.01% like that...@miguesme: "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 26 Coronation Mozart, buenos dias" (reblip)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 26 Coronation Mozart

| play

Paul Carrack "Don't Shed A Tear"

| play
Alamar9 That's really cool...hope that's my heart being worked on:)thanx for props@DJJazzyJacq: "@Alamar9 rather good video wasn't it! more from Mr Godley! " (reblip)
Alamar9 Don't we all want our Soul Satisfied? With Love all around...This is what my heart needs to feel....and I will go to bed now...satisfied. thank you... (reblip)
Alamar9 I just have to say, I love this song...my Soul feels Love in this song, it touches me deeply, thanx again...Good nite all, love you. (reblip)
Alamar9 Love the beat... (reblip)

Paul Carrack "Don't Shed A Tear"

| play
Alamar9 For those of us who can't handle our 'sauce':)

beautiful wreck

| play
Alamar9 Sometimes the body gets in the way of getting Closer Than Close! Hey DJ's let's get closer:)
Alamar9 Oh yes. Love it!@ladypn: "You've really got the classic beauties nailed tonight, @RadioRider! This is so lovely..." (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx for the beautiful music...good night@ladypn: "You're so right, @RadioRider! The list of "beautiful" music is infinite! Goodnight & sleep well. (reblip)
Awannabeangel ♫ UB40 – Don't Break My Heart

UB40 Dont Break My Heart 1985 HQ Lyrics

| play
Alamar9 This is one of my ALL TIME FAVES!..thanx for the props@Awannabeangel: "♫ Smokey Robinson – I Love Your Face" (reblip)
ladypn 90's continues - with a song who's title is someone from the 50's.... :)


| play
ladypn This is the kind of bliss I cannot resist, @ambit! Thank you! : (reblip)
Alamar9 Ok, I will really say g'nite with berlin taking my breath away. Sweet dreams ALL. @bubblegumjo: "@rockingjude: " " Berlin – Take My Breath Away""" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh Yeah...like this.thanx for props:)@sarahcarina: "Somewhere beyond the sea...." (reblip)

Bobby Darin Sings Beyond the Sea

| play
krystal71220 RB:@Alamar9: "I love this song! Now, I know who sings it. thanx for the props.@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** FAVORITES ***" <=== ONE OF MY FAVORITES ALSO =D (reblip)

Colby CaillatBubbly

| play
Alamar9 you don't have to be a boy, just a big girl!@AngelicRoach: "Inside joke. Mwahahaha." (reblip)
Alamar9 This one always put me in a mellow mood...blippin is so much fun@joechapman: "Hey @BlacDahlia...Good 2 C ya!!" (reblip)

Santana. Samba Pa Ti

| play
Alamar9 Thanx for listening & Patsy Cline is my favorite.@dcychan: "Hi thnx 4 props @Junchai: ""New Patsy Cline" they said."<<< this is indeed a gr8 song" (reblip)
Alamar9 I love this song...heard it in Vegas...thanx for replies, props and listening...it's the middle of the morning and I'm sleepy--Good Night/Dreams...all
Alamar9 Howdy ya'll. Need some soothing tonight. Spent day twittering politics...Soothe me now

Sam & DaveSoothe Me

| play
Alamar9 Oh this is SO BAD! LUV IT!@Suzed: "@klynnDemar: "ok, this is just too funny to put this video with these lyrics....LOVE IT!" (reblip)

Scar's A Sweet Transvestite

| play
Alamar9 Luv the Matchbox sultry voice@Suzed: "Baby, baby, baby, When all your love is gone...Who will save me from all I'm up against out in this world ...." (reblip)
Alamar9 Shut Up! I luv this song!@Koshka: "no way, @Blahzy.....how where they?" (reblip)
Alamar9 @Koshka thanks for the props and everybody else...I have to get off now and get some sleep...don't know why I love this song so much...
Alamar9 Tomorrow, tomorrow! See you!@chickenkatsu: "Last song of the night, lights going out! Thanx all for ur props, replies and reblips. See you tomorrow!" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Thanks for listening, we'll keep each other happy w/music:)@jet333: "Mel Torme – "You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx for the props...I like this song...hold me tonight@WhisperedRomances: "plain amazing. <3" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh yes, I like this beat...moves me..thanx for the props and this piece! (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm going to bed and dream about being a COWGIRL...Thanx for the props,,g'nite:)@matwater213: "LOL, @spacespencer... ;-D" (reblip)
Alamar9 That's 'cause you have a heart...luv it @sarahcarina: "that's why I try to avoid these songs =D @lovely_london: "it's pulling at my damn heartstrings! (reblip)

Let me touch you for a while by Alison Krauss

| play
Alamar9 I'm bleary-eyed now but I see that I love this song and your smile:) (reblip)

crowded house dont dream its over live

| play
Alamar9 Luvly@bustrofedon: "@CalMa tu si nu fetente. Salutassi na vota...Il kiss non è a te rivolta che mi ripugnesse parecchio assai ma a chi mi vuol bene" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 oooh nice & sultry voice/song.thanx 4 props@scotlandlover: "Congrats to you fellow 1000 club member! :) @hawaiibuzz: "thx rb@TechnoJava" (reblip)

StingSister Moon

| play
Alamar9 Did it again! Sweet Dreams.Thanx 4props@ladypn: "Good night, i time 4 sleep! Thank you for sharing your love of music with me! Pleasant dreams @all" (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm outa time tonite..sleepy.. thanx for props goodnite@Mekasidnipuatier: "rb @DownLow from @EnterChaos" (reblip)

RamonesOut of Time

| play
Alamar9 Love this song very much, don't know why. thanx 4 reblips@BBlanca: "Norah Jones - Live Dont Know Why" (reblip)

Norah Jones Live Dont Know Why

| play
Alamar9 I loved Katherine & ur lovely music choices..I'm done tonite.Peace:) @BBlanca: "Love Is Blindness - Cassandra Wilson (In memory of Katherine Hepburn)" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh Yes! couldn't leave w/out shouting on this oldie..Time of my Life!@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** HOT SUMMER SOUND ***" (reblip)
Alamar9 Good nite sweet one@jet333: "Julie London – "I'll Be Seeing You".....goodnight:)" (reblip)
Alamar9 His artistry on that guitar just calls out to me...Thanx for props. (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx so much for props--hope you're in dreamland:)@scotlandlover: "i can feel it comin' rb @joechapman: "@cupcakes5: "Another old favorite.""" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh love it! thanx for the props! g'nite all. I'm done. Sweet funky music in your dreams.@LindaHeathNH: "Wild Cherry-Play That Funky Music" (reblip)
Alamar9 Good-night Australia--it's time in SB to go to bed--thanx for props (reblip)
Alamar9 Wonders never change...anyone got her number?love this song & her:)@Annimallover: "& 2 think Kelly McGillis is gay now! " (reblip)
Alamar9 I love your way, Peter.@joechapman: "Peter Frampton-Baby I love your way" (reblip)

Peter Frampton-Baby I love your way

| play
Alamar9 I love this song...it touches my heart in a sad way...@joechapman: "10cc – I'm Not in Love" (reblip)

10ccI'm Not in Love

| play
Alamar9 My heart is tender, tonight.@Awannabeangel: " not sure? @Annimallover: "Who else did this song@Awannabeangel: "♫ Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue""" (reblip)
Alamar9 Hi There! Thanx for grt props and Rocketman...a fave:) (reblip)

Elton JohnRocketman

| play
Alamar9 Sweet dreams.thank U for props@ladypn: "You can't follow me to bed though...I've got to go to sleep! :)Thanx 4 ur music, your ear, props & replies!" (reblip)
Alamar9 Takes alot of imagination:)Thanks for props@abarbosa: ""frustrating way to kiss, agree?" Totally agree @GR8FL... ;)" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanks for listening and props goodnight@Awannabeangel: "@Awannabeangel: "♫ You Are So Beautiful (Studio Recording) – Danny Gokey "" (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq I didn't know what day it was when you walked into the room, then again I always forget what day it is! morning! think its Monday 2day???? lol

Rod Stewart-You're in my heart

| play
Alamar9 Thank U!!! for all the props. it's around midnight, I'm on & you're gone? Next time:)@BBlanca: "MUSIC is the poetry of the air. ~Richter" (reblip)
Alamar9 That's some World you're holding up:)thanx for the props & this Rumba!!! (reblip)

Gipsy Kings Rumba Tech

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Alamar9 oh Joe, a man after my heart:) One of my fave songs --sends me back--LuvIt/them! thanx.@joechapman: "Heart – Tell it like it is" (reblip)
sarahcarina =) @rxrx1776: "^_^agreed!@Alamar9: "That's the most fun video I've seen in a logn time.@sarahcarina: "Is it really your birthday? @rxrx1776 " (reblip)

Buon compleanno

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Alamar9 We're having some here, huh? thanx for the props@jet333: " "Chet Atkins - "For The Good Times""" (reblip)

Chet Atkins "for The Good Times"

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Alamar9 I need to watch that movie! Thanx for props.@storylet: "for @writermomof5: "Music & Lyrics - Don't write me off"" (reblip)

Hugh Grant "Don't write me off"

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Alamar9 I feel the noise from 'Down-under' & I like it! thanx for the props (reblip)
Alamar9 Me, Too! thanx for noticing & props:)@CaseyMC: "I remember this!" (reblip)
Alamar9 G'nite sweet one:)@Awannabeangel: "Poets Of The Fall – Sleep.Good nite to all...feeling pretty sleepy now...have a great night / wonderful morning !" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx for Listening! G'nite.@ivan_filios: "Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams via @grom_gromowlad: "Good night!"" (reblip)
Alamar9 LuvIt! @bustrofedon: "[when u pass me by, say hello once a while, does it hurts so much to smile, its all over but the last gbye, let me down easy]" (reblip)
Alamar9 Gotta get off before Sunrise:) don't know how to reply to all, yet. must read instr.:))) ThankU for props, reblips, listening..luv sharing music W/U!

Norah JonesSunrise

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Annimallover Jamie Lee Curtis on Twitter talking about addicts-what the addicts want, the addicts get- she sounds a little bitter- this is a gr8 song!
Alamar9 I'm headed there...only when I sleep do I fly and I love that. I hope you're sleeping well. thnx for the props. (reblip)
Alamar9 This is so beautiful esp for the early morn. hrs:) TY.@mariposa7: "gracias rb @hawaiibuzz:" (reblip)
Alamar9 You're welcome. Hope she landed safely.@scotlandlover: "tks for your kind thoughts regarding my daughter's travel safety :) @Alamar9:" (reblip)

Norah JonesSunrise

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Alamar9 Only in My Dreams:)@ivan_filios: "RB @TropicsZ4: "Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Very nice.@abarbosa: "And if you walk along and if you lose your way, don't forget the one who gave you this today" (reblip)
Alamar9 I'll say! thanx4props@GR8FL: "rb@patita: "ohhhh this is great!!!!! rb@Flower: "Mademoiselle Chante le Blues "@GR8FL :D" damn right this is hot! " (reblip)
Alamar9 Hot & Sexy, Trumpet2...@GR8FL: "rb@patita: "ohhhh this is great!!!!! rb@Flower: "Mademoiselle Chante le Blues "......... @GR8FL :D" this is hot! " (reblip)
Alamar9 A Heavenly Earth! What a concept! thanx4 props@TropicsZ4: "Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth " (reblip)
Atomik thanks for everything @iconoguy: "nice, nice version. very good, maybe the best.@evablue: "rb @tubilino"" (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm outaRock again!thanx & g'nite:)@wrightrs: "@Alamar9: "Can't Rock nomore tonite:)Thanx for all the props, reblips.@DaLady @AnitaBreakSoon@Alamar9" (reblip)
Alamar9 I often feel like an Angel is playing w/my Heart:) Thanx 4props@remembermstn: "hi @stena thanks for your props!!! i love your avatar ;)" (reblip)

Eurythmics There Must Be An Angel(Playing With My Heart)1985

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Alamar9 Goodnight....@LUSCIOUSDDJA: "good nite everyone.....was fun jammin w/ u! oxoxoxox" (reblip)

I'll Be Your Crying Shoulder W/ Lyrics

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stena [Hedwigs theme] heading out with mom to go see the new HP film! bracing myself though, because i know it will be sad . . . see/hear everyone later!
Awannabeangel Minnie Driver will you still love me tomorrow

Minnie Driver will you still love me tomorrow

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Alamar9 Yes, young love in 60's:)@Marystudio: "rb@Jeffie: "The Ray Charles Singers - "Love Me With All Your Heart" (late spring - early summer, 1964)"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Me, Too. thanx4 listening:)@stena: "Luv Etta James! Such a great artist. rbthx!@angiece: ""I Only Have Eyes for You" - Etta James"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Stirs my imagination!@stena: "[Hedwigs theme] heading out with mom to go see the new HP film! bracing myself though, because i know it will be sad ." (reblip)
Alamar9 Digging the great retros t'nite@DeAnn: "woot!~genuine retro: Sly & the Family Stone – Sing A Simple Song~ @rockthetropics Hi my friend!:)@rocket1206" (reblip)
miguesme Enya – Caribbean Blue, buenos dias

EnyaCaribbean Blue

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Alamar9 I want this LOVE! Thanx 4props@miguesme: "Whitney Houston – Greatest love of all" (reblip)
Alamar9 When it's right, it's right, huh? thanx4props@TropicsZ4: "Nelly Furtado – Say It Right" (reblip)
Alamar9 With Barry, it's all Ecstasy.Thnx@miguesme: "Barry White – It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me,@storylet @flipchickmom@EnterChaos @Alamar9 " (reblip)
Alamar9 You are a mystery to love:) thanx4props@ladypn: "She settles down in the bedroom, she lives her life through a book..." (reblip)
Alamar9 Appreciating her now. thanx4props@storylet: "@ximon: "Thx!!!@HipMama: "Is it a Crime, Sade. Love and longing. Oh my, yes.""" (reblip)

06. SadeIs It A Crime

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Alamar9 Love the Holly! thanx for listening:)@wrightrs: "@Mekasidnipuatier: "Good morning/afternoon/evening/night 2 everybody in the blipverse."" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx all! Off to sleep alone@ladypn: "You know my darling I can't stand to sleep alone, no sweetheart in the dark to call my own... you're my own. " (reblip)
Alamar9 Ooooh aSexy rock! thanx 4 props@rxrx1776: "intermission" (reblip)
Alamar9 Saw U onthe menu:) Have a good night.@chickenkatsu: "Wot, if she no like? Lol! @hawaiibuzz: "u can email it to me gmail same name =] @1980s" (reblip)

I Got You BabeUB40

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Alamar9 UR Looking fine w/those shades:) thanx 4 props@babybeluga: "Hi Ya all :) I'm doing fine !!" (reblip)
Alamar9 Whoa..that's some grounding beat! Thnx 4 props@tresatresa: "Theresa : )" (reblip)

Citizen CopeTheresa

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Alamar9 I Like that@hawaiibuzz:"@1980s: ""When your heart's on fire, you must realize smoke gets in your eyes" ♥ @AtheDJ @rxrx1776 @moolan @Alamar9"" (reblip)
sarahcarina hahahaha LOVE this ad !!!

Evian Roller Babies international version

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misterjinx cercando la versione clip originale intanto ascolta questa

Pet Shop BoysGo West

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Annimallover The video to this is on Utube & cute- why is it not here?
Alamar9 Thank You for listening and for more Pet Shop boys-Love Etc (reblip)
Alamar9 I love Music..gotta have it...like air...Thanx@BBlanca: "MUSIC is the wine that fills the cup of silence. ~Robert Fripp" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thank U for props:)@storylet: "@monicapadilha: "Aerosmith – Come Together"" (reblip)
Alamar9 I was having fun w/@chickenkatsu...that's the way I like it. thanx@Marystudio: "rb@lisa_michele: KC & The Sunshine Band – That's the Way I Like It " (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx 4 Since I've Been Loving You & reblips:) @rachidkas: "Hey , Thanks & welcome! @ilbis: "[Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You] """" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You 1973

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Alamar9 I'll say she's a beauty!thanx4good music:)@DJMonaLisa: "Five in a million! Welcome new listeners @Alamar9 @Daeflyn @Hobbit1206 Thanks for tuning in!" (reblip)
Alamar9 And it will happen again:) thanx 4 all props/reblips:) @DJMonaLisa
Alamar9 I love this song, Still. thanx4props/reblips:) (reblip)


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Alamar9 Believe it!...Namaste:)@Annimallover: "@Alamar9: going to say U R 2 kind- been told I bring a light to the world- I should start believing! Namaste" (reblip)

Bring It On Home | Playing For Change | Roger Ridley

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Alamar9 Careful, litening='s thunder) thanx4listening@sheryonstone: "no thunder today, just 109 degrees at 6pm.*I do believe I would rather have the thunder " (reblip)
Alamar9 Strangely Sweet...thanx4props:)@charmstep: "@Tjeerd: "It hurts so good inside"" (reblip)
Alamar9 g'morning ya'll...you're my everything in DJVille:)
Alamar9 Well this is cool1@BeautifulPyre: ""Very seldom follow it." Alice In Wonderland cut-up. My glee via @chaoflux. Thanks baby." (reblip)


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Alamar9 Amen! Hi @ladypn: "OK You're supposed to be my friend, we're supposed to get along, right? Its hard to get you on the phone you're never home...." (reblip)
Alamar9 Feeling like a little Smokey & My Girl...
Alamar9 Oh Yeah...bring it on! @Awannabeangel: "RB@Alamar9: Lipps Inc – Funky Town (1980)" (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm loving her TY@Awannabeangel: "Nice pick TY ! Good nite to @hawaiibuzz, & to all the wonderful DJ's ! ♫ Sade (bendrix) I Couldn't Love You More " (reblip)
Alamar9 Opens the Heart, huh? beautiful. TY.@BeautifulPyre: "This song haunts me and fills me with wonder at how beautiful the things humans make can be." (reblip)
Alamar9 TY4Props!@whoizat515: "Have tried 2 catch up w/replies 2 all u gr8 djs.Luv u all :D" (reblip)
Alamar9 I really like this song. TY @GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** PRIDE ***" (reblip)
Alamar9 Good Night my Lovely DJ buds...Pleasant Dreams...Thanx 4 blips, props & fun:)
Awannabeangel @Awannabeangel: Los Lobos - Spanish Guitar (Desperado Soundtrack) (reblip)

Los Lobos - Spanish Guitar (Desperado Soundtrack)

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Alamar9 Thanx4props..this sounds like UR pict.looks@BBlanca: "Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life. ~Jean Paul Richter" (reblip)

Sam BrownStop

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Alamar9 thanx4props&well wishes:)@modulor: "El joven Joe Cocker en Woodstock, hace 40 años #goodmorningsunshine" (reblip)

Joe Cocker Live at Woodstock 1969

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Alamar9 love U All !@Alamar9: "I would love to stay just a little bit longer but shoulder rehab requires more rest...SWEET DREAMS" (reblip)
Alamar9 Howdy ya'll! are you Foolin' Around...let's play!
Alamar9 I never looked like that, not even in my dreams:)..Go Girl...
Alamar9 Vaya con dios mi amigas y amigos...buenas noches:)
Alamar9 MissedU tonite:)@SheilaRock: "Good Night Djs & twiiiworld! Thanks for FF, blips, rblips, props & the lovely tweets...Talk to u later * blows kisses*" (reblip)

Maroon 5Secret

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Alamar9 Why I'm here! thanx4props:)@ladypn: "Always remember - Music is the reason!" (reblip)
Alamar9 Good Night Sweethearts...I hate to leave you but it's time for me to go to bed!!!


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Relaxing Spa Music from Malimba Records

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Alamar9 G'nite Missy!@BklynDooWopper: "@StreamingMimi: ~can't have you running out of energy. Inhale the nectar of sleep's essence. Dream sweetly.~gnite" (reblip)

Whitney Houston-Saving All My Love for You

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Alamar9 Let's Dance, no hat here:)@DJMonaLisa: "It's safe to dance with me, new listeners! Wel@ShopUltimate @TarinnAdaria @lemon_jelly @ramboswife @beeples" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx4listening&props:)@SheilaRock@lisa_michele: "~ Maroon 5 – Goodnight Goodnight ~ Have a wonderful night! :-)" (reblip)
Alamar9 Always fun with MsB:) Thanx4props@MusicWithMsB: "Goodnight moon, sun, stars and all you wonderful blippers." (reblip)

shivaree - goodnight moon

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Alamar9 Musings in the middle of the nite:)@BBlanca: "“MUSIC is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music” Sergei Rachmaninov" (reblip)
DJMonaLisa Whenever someone blips Meat Loaf, I HAVE to do this. @scotlandlover @flinndc
Alamar9 Ohhhh...I like that beat!!! @patita: "i know you're there :D:D" (reblip)
Alamar9 Catching up w/msgs:) @MusicWithMsB: "Rock on!@Jalapeno: "Hey blipstars. I want to Rock W/ You all night." @amphore@misedbythatmuch@wisteria90@Alamar9" (reblip)
jet333 Diana Krall – "Every Time We Say Goodbye"....good night:) (reblip)
Alamar9 Yes, it's sad...loved the three brothers:)@BklynDooWopper: "Teddy Kennedy dead of brain cancer at 77 :( The Mourning of another Kennedy" (reblip)

Track 14

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Alamar9 One of my favorite dance#'s..thanx4props&more:) @lilymar: " Love it~~ RB @djwttw: "..."The Staple Singers – I'll Take You There" (reblip)
Alamar9 Yes....?@DaLady: "><I CALL YOUR NAME>< Switch ft. El Debarge" (reblip)
DCtunes This song is addictive. lol <3 it
DJMonaLisa @NicoleVSanchez: "hey there! Are you back to work now? I hope you are well :-)" I'm great! Back in my office, classes start Monday. Hope you are well! (reblip)
Alamar9 This takes me back...if only I was 30 again..look out!
Alamar9 I did this once...feeling sentimental tonite...@BBlanca: "Tony Bennett - I left my heart in San Francisco" (reblip)
Alamar9 This is so beautiful...thankU. Why I love to be here...take in all this gr8Music! @DaisyDee: "RB@ "@DJJazzyMua777: "GREAT SELECTION!!! :-) "" (reblip)
Alamar9 Hey friend, you're pulling out my lonely heart songs..me too...thanx:) @chickenkatsu: "I love TC's voice!" (reblip)

Baby Can I hold you

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Alamar9 Amen! @chickenkatsu: "RB @washingtonson: "Tracy Chapman – At This Point In My Life (I've done so many things wrong, I don't know if I can do right.." (reblip)
Alamar9 Tonights the night...to go crazy...where's the ice cream? (reblip)


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Alamar9 Fell in love w/this song, tonite...maybe it's time...I can dream. G'nite all! "This is so beautiful. "RB@ "@DJJazzyMua777: "GREAT SELECTION!!! :-) " (reblip)
Babygirlxx8 Salt ~n~ Pepa ~ Push It....... ;}~

Salt-N-PepaPush It

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Alamar9 @BBlanca: "Thanks alot "Love is the pass-key to the heart" Madame Necker @Alamar9: "Fell in love w/this song, tonite...maybe it's time...I can dream. (reblip)
Alamar9 Good night All:) "@BBlanca: "Thanks alot "Love is the pass-key to the heart" Madame Necker @Alamar9: "Fell in love w/this song, tonite..." (reblip)
DJMonaLisa Someone called me Barbie today. And I know I should have been insulted. But I wasn't.
carlnat @SgtMac: "Tim McGraw - "Do You Want Fries With That"" (reblip)

Tim McGraw ~ Do You Want Fries With That?

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Alamar9 Yeah...one if my favorites! @ladypn: "Turn down the lights, turn down the bed, turn down these... Hmmm, I seem to be in a theme tonight, don't I? ;)" (reblip)

Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me

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Alamar9 Yes,luv'sABitch..thanx4RB. @THEORDEROFEARTH: "thx@jjoche: "@jjoche: "temaso." QUE GANAS DE ESCUCHAR ESTA CANCION, HACE JUEGO CON LOS DIAS QUE VIENEN (reblip)

confundido autenticos decadentes

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Alamar9 Love love...thanx4listening:) @Blanquis26: "♥♥ Always imagine this hottie ---> @WTFJAY when I hear this song!! Glad I hear it a lot!! Lol xoxo ♥♥" (reblip)

The Doors Love Me Two Times

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DJMonaLisa rb @Alamar9: "I'm leaving you...tonite..but I'll be back XOX:)" I'm east coast early, usually, but tonight, I'm late! (reblip)
Alamar9 I leave you w/a fun song&UR Imaginations! @lust @GottaLaughGirl @DJMonaLisa @chickenkatsu@ Lingerie_Girl @MusicWithMsB @DaisyDee" @77ozzie @ladypn "

You Can Leave Your Hat On ( subtitulado español )*JOE COCKER* ( 9 1/2 weeks )

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DJMonaLisa @Alamar9: "I'm Ca.UpLate?" I was but probably won't be tonight. I'm in Orlando. Long day! (reblip)
DJMonaLisa For @Alamar9 and her sunshine bright-eyed California cotton-candy face

Collective Soul Hollywood

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Alamar9 Thank you...made my dayXOX:)@DJMonaLisa: "For @Alamar9 and her sunshine bright-eyed California cotton-candy face " (reblip)

Collective Soul Hollywood

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Alamar9 Oh Yeah. Pop that Beat:) @chickenkatsu: "RB @Rella: "Turn this up..cuzz some one has my ass stirred up...so gotta get it out some how...lol"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Now UR talking:) @NicoleVSanchez: "Don't want you for a weekend...I'm only interested if I can have you for life ;-) Shania Twain – Gonna Getcha Good" (reblip)
Lil_Wing One for Smokey the Cat who just loves this ;) Stray Cats ~Stray Cat Strut
Alamar9 They must be:) @Kohmahts: "Whitney Houston (Jermaine Jackson): "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful"" (reblip)
DJMonaLisa rb @Alamar9: "What does that mean?...@DJMonaLisa: "OOP for you" It means I ran out of props... but can give you one through a reblip. :) (reblip)
Alamar9 If I was tall, dark & handsome, I would offer you the color of my love...hope someone has...thank you for props & RB's Sweet One:) @DJMonaLisa

The Color Of My Love

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Alamar9 I'm ready, tell me! @lisa_michele: "The talk of days... All will be revealed @SimpleJim.. with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen.. (reblip)

Led ZeppelinKashmir

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DJMonaLisa @Alamar9 "If I was tall, dark & handsome, I would offer you the color of my love" I found love long ago, but I've always got a place for dear friends! (reblip)

The Color Of My Love

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Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

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Alamar9 After my Heart, UR:) @77ozzie: "song...me too.. white flag "" (reblip)

DidoWhite Flag

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LynnSunshine @Alamar9: " "I'm so out of Juice..say goodnight with one of my new fav artists...we are al@NicoleVSanchez @MusicWithMsB @iReignMusic "" (reblip)