Sky Might Fall (Produced By Kanye West)

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AlexStone Illest MC / DJ team out there right now
AlexStone my favorite dipset song / beat and CH agree on so many levels!
AlexStone on some psychedelic type sh1t
AlexStone Jim Morrison - way before his time
AlexStone wonder where i've heard this before?
AlexStone the pink prince of hip hop, you kno its true you just dont wanna admit it
AlexStone lets drink some wine, dim the lights, play some coltrane, see what happens
AlexStone most underrated MC


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AlexStone ...and he actually spits in this song
AlexStone damn right

Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls

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AlexStone your favorite rapper's favorite producer
AlexStone is there anything that me and CH DONT agree on?
AlexStone This dude can spit better than most and he is as real as they come


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AlexStone from my hometown / grew up during the peak of the emo scene in LI /cant help but love this crap.
AlexStone I Think this dude is legit, plus, hes got his own DOPE ass music festival


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AlexStone on some all-night rave type sh1t
AlexStone whatever happened to copyright infringement?
AlexStone say what you want about him, but give this dude a hot beat and he will kill it. period.
AlexStone this mixtape might be better than the album itself...

La La La

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AlexStone very creative beat....great verses, Wale is the next big thing
AlexStone Love when the white boy represents!


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AlexStone I can listen to his beats all day
AlexStone the previous comment was supposed to be for this song. BEATNUTSS


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AlexStone this dude has some DOPE beats


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AlexStone i dont understand why this dude dont get more press
AlexStone its my habitat - it needs to be cleaned.
AlexStone funny a$$ video 'ye looks mad weird as an old man
AlexStone cudi with the guest appearance - what more can you want?
AlexStone Dilla is everywhere I look
AlexStone totally flipped the Last Poets version around
AlexStone Charles Hamilton on some funny / depressing type sh1t


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AlexStone almost forgot how RIDICULOUS Big L was at spittin'. RIP
AlexStone Does he say coke from Long Island?


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AlexStone absolutely loved this band in high school, love them to this day.
AlexStone claudio is the sh1t, and their comics are ill
AlexStone @MK_Ultra @DjN3rvous if you like RJD2 you gotta love J Dilla, Pete Rock, etc?
code402b MK_Ultra@DjN3rvous@AlexStone pelican, with some very soft mangoes... how can you not be down with that
AlexStone i remember this sh1t from back in the day
AlexStone Spencer Davis Group is the name of the band
AlexStone shout out to my main man Gutty intro ever


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AlexStone damn I wish Dave Chappelle didn't have a mental breakdown. ITS RUFF OUT THERE

CommonThe Food

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AlexStone opening for 50 Cent @ UConn !!! After hearing this, I might actually go!
AlexStone I just realized I got no Notorious on my blip? WTF is that about? I must be trippin


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NOTORIOUS BIG - Thing done changed

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AlexStone Sonic the Hamilton


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AlexStone everything im not, made me everything I am
AlexStone anything they do together is instant FIRE
AlexStone Kid Cudi/ Kanye Beat / blazin

Sky Might Fall (Produced By Kanye West)

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AlexStone old school Camron Giles sh1t, he was a BALLER back in the day in NYC -check out some youtube videos of killa breakin dude's ankles
AlexStone is there a better instrumental than this?

Cam'ronOh Boy

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AlexStone back whem Eminem went HARD at it...hope he can do it again - doubtful

EminemKill You

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AlexStone 3rd verse in this song is nutss
AlexStone again, ill MC originally from LI

MF DoomKookies

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AlexStone My grandfather used to play this stuff all the time....I finally hear what he heard.
AlexStone This is the song that made me quit the guitar. could never get that sweet ass riff down
AlexStone Most creative song I have heard in my life, I believe. Only in Reggae can the sound of a bong rip be a part of a harmony

Bob Dylan - Times They Are A Changing

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AlexStone my mom used to play this sh1t for me when I was in the crib....she says its why im so smart. I say its why I love ballet. haha april fools....or isit?
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