AlpineAbsinthe Trying this thing... Love this song and video, so fierce
AlpineAbsinthe Couldn't find the song without the video. Although I do not know what they are saying, it is a pleasant sound.
Natalie_Brown [The Barkays – Body Fever] Do you have the body feeva?

The BarkaysBody Fever

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AlpineAbsinthe AND OF COURSE!!!! ROCK ON!!! <headbanging>


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AlpineAbsinthe My favorite song this album. I picture an Italian family dancing and eating.
AlpineAbsinthe This can get stuck in my head. Granted, I know not the actual words, but the tune..the tune...gorgeous, & Maria Callas... beautiful
AlpineAbsinthe Ode to not getting exactly what you want.. in a fabulous tune..
AlpineAbsinthe This is a nice remix. I like this song, so surreal.
AlpineAbsinthe If you long to burn an effigy, It should be of a man who's lost his way...

Andrew BirdEffigy

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AlpineAbsinthe Oooo and this goes well with @neilhimself. And his ineffable dolls.
AlpineAbsinthe Just heard this song for the first time tonight. I like this song.. And the life of John Q. sounds nice too.
AlpineAbsinthe OF COURSE I would Blip this. <sniffle> childhood memories.

CakeMahna Mahna

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AlpineAbsinthe You told me you loved me. <sniffle><sniffle> ... can I have a twenty?

CakeNever There

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AlpineAbsinthe Makes me hungry... I picture myself shaking it with some buttered lobster in hand... mmmm delicious.

B-52sRock Lobster

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AlpineAbsinthe I have loved this song for a long time.. of course I just recently found out it was by The White Stripes.
AlpineAbsinthe This song is a riot! And normally I wouldn't put two by the same group in a row... but really.. this sounds NOTHING like 7 Nation Army.
AlpineAbsinthe I dance the waltz with a bit more of a jiggyness to this group.
AlpineAbsinthe I'm DERAAAAAAAAANGED!!! Deranged.. So true.. so true.. the video attached to this song link is quite entertaining too.
AlpineAbsinthe mmm.. I likes me the Amy Winehouse. Especially the beat and message of this song. Enjoy!
AlpineAbsinthe She is a nut.. a fun nut.. the kind you should listen to.. She uses markers and crayons and paint to write her songs. I just know it.
AlpineAbsinthe This is the first song I was able to memorize all the lyrics. Listen in the blackest of rooms.
AlpineAbsinthe The only version of this song I could find. I also recommend the Quimby the Mouse video at I want some mutton stew.

Andrew BirdEugene

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AlpineAbsinthe This band requires a lot of taming with chairs and whips. And well worth it.
AlpineAbsinthe Another unique swandress wielding individual. I don't think anyone else could pull it off. Although she is so jingly in bells.

BjorkPagan Poetry

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AlpineAbsinthe Anyone remember these guys? Danny Elfman.. mmmm delicious even now. Don't run away... it's only me..
AlpineAbsinthe And I really don't. Hah! And believe me... I am one of the best...
AlpineAbsinthe I start dancing like a Caucasian when I hear this song.


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AlpineAbsinthe One: George Hrab is worth listening to. Two: You can listen to him at Three: This is the theme song to

Geo,Video FAR

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AlpineAbsinthe Anywhere you sit you can see the sun, unfortunately on this island I'm the only one. But hey, I don't have to share my coconuts.
AlpineAbsinthe Such a sad song. There are times when just crawling inside and dying for a few months sounds fantastic. Well, that and the summers are too dang hot.
AlpineAbsinthe If you don't know who Ian Moore is, I suggest you find out. You can start with this song.

Ian MooreCinnamon

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AlpineAbsinthe I want the catalog. I really do. Please Sugar daddy.. And a hypoallergenic dog. And a cat. Hypoallergenic of course. ...Watch the movie.
AlpineAbsinthe I did not think anyone could make this song sound more filled with pain. I was wrong. Cash makes this song an Iron Maiden with a thousand spikes.

Johnny CashHurt

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AlpineAbsinthe With that 70's flair how can you go wrong? Just don't wear that disco suit and you should be fine.
AlpineAbsinthe This songs makes me remember why I never had invisible friends. The real ones are painful enough without the fake ones.

Nine Inch NailsOnly

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AlpineAbsinthe A great workout song. Filled with energy. And lots of dancing.

MadonnaHung Up

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AlpineAbsinthe I stand at a cliff and feel the sea in its tirade against the cliff, urging me to join it. No, I am not suicidal.. just imaginative.
AlpineAbsinthe I picture taking off an endless series of masks while singing, each one a different character portraying multiple lives in which the twain meet.


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AlpineAbsinthe And speaking of taking off masks, clothes, and boundaries of all skin. Easier to get to the heart.


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AlpineAbsinthe And for all the necrophiliacs out there...
AlpineAbsinthe I would say that was a good year, and I suppose it is for someone less than a year old.
AlpineAbsinthe I think the name of this band.. happy spotlight (though not daylight) loving vamps. I can picture them in ren dress frills and dancing rock style.
AlpineAbsinthe JoCo is a neverending fount of talent.

When I'm 25 or 64 Mashup by Jonathan Coulton

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AlpineAbsinthe Follow the dark. Don't look back.
AlpineAbsinthe Dance with your arms out. Dance as though practicing for a nonexistent partner. Dance with tears and cries of pain. Dance until no more can be shed.
AlpineAbsinthe rt @warrenellis: "Fucking 'ell, it's Alan Moore on his skeleton horse and he's here for your brain:" me: I like weirdness. (reblip)
AlpineAbsinthe Dark bar, barely seen patrons. This band. All good.

PixiesIs She Weird

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AlpineAbsinthe Well, of COURSE I would include this in the weird category. Not only because of the song name, but it IS Danny Elfman...
AlpineAbsinthe I wonder what this sounds like to fish...
AlpineAbsinthe By hammer or drugs? Sometimes taking it easy is the best way to go.
AlpineAbsinthe No longer soporifically inclined are you? Now you just want to watch all those old shows. I like Kitt.
AlpineAbsinthe And if you haven't seen the video, seriously. Scooter riding music. Serious Yamaha Majesty riding music. Ding! Ding!
AlpineAbsinthe That Christopher Walken is a dancing king! I don't know if I can dance that white. And look that good.
AlpineAbsinthe The images I get from this song. Nice. Recording in brain commencing.
AlpineAbsinthe Means something different now than it did back then. He is super creepy in the video.. So... ... ... ... creepy... ...
AlpineAbsinthe If they would only stop eating jalapenos.. But then would end the music. So I suggest instead feeding them habaneros.
AlpineAbsinthe Taking you back to those days of Vegemite.
AlpineAbsinthe Follow the steps in order. And watch out for the cliff.
AlpineAbsinthe I don't know why people call me a hopeless pessimist. I guess I should look on the bright side, I am underestimated.
AlpineAbsinthe Everyone should karaoke this song.. Well, okay.. not everyone.
AlpineAbsinthe For those who haven't played DDR.... aiy yai yai! I'm your little butterfly!
AlpineAbsinthe This is going to work music. Ok not really, but that is what I am leaving with.. let it stay in my head and make my day that much funkier.


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AlpineAbsinthe I might have to start thinking this way again... just waiting for financial aid...
AlpineAbsinthe Diamonds, supposedly, are a girl's best friend. Especially useful for cutting glass.
AlpineAbsinthe Huzzah!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero"

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AlpineAbsinthe Hmmm.... I wonder if @georgehrab likes this band. They are pretty good. Remember them from my childhood. You know, when I was short.

Yes "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"

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AlpineAbsinthe mmmmm pyros with flammable spittle. To some a bad combination, to others a fantastic spitting contest.
AlpineAbsinthe These musicians are fantastic.. But I would NOT under ANY circumstances want to even ATTEMPT any of their songs on DDR... NO NO NO NO...
AlpineAbsinthe With just a look... Can break your heart <CRACK> Mmmm... tastes like licorice.

AFIMiss Murder

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AlpineAbsinthe I would love to see someone dance the Paso Doble to this song. So vicious and demanding. A dance to draw heartblood (reblip)
AlpineAbsinthe So different than Tubthumping. Such a good song.

ChumbawambaAdd Me

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AlpineAbsinthe Especially aimed at the spineless, weak, sniveling ones. Picture army gear and whipping your ass into shape.

BjorkArmy Of Me

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warrenellis Currently listening: Naturtal Snow Buildings, "All Animals In The Form Of Water"-
AlpineAbsinthe I have definitely been away from this band for too long.
AlpineAbsinthe Rockin to the 80's.. Well.. the good music of the 80's.
AlpineAbsinthe Lounge singing at it's best. Snap your fingers, man!
AlpineAbsinthe I would have to agree.

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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AlpineAbsinthe The original riffs. Atlas didn't know anything about pressure.. I mean really.
Astroengine Been looking for this for ages! Wonderful [Dido – Take My Hand]

DidoTake My Hand

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Astroengine [Public Domain – Operation Blade 2009]
Astroengine The robots... they're coming [The Chemical Brothers – Believe]
AlpineAbsinthe I don't know about you people, but I like my jiggly buns. And power tools.
AlpineAbsinthe Now for a little light depression. Goes great with mint jelly.

PoeSpanish Doll

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AlpineAbsinthe I just like this song. So slap me silly for liking it. Please.

AbbaDancing Queen

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AlpineAbsinthe I was all of two when this song was released. Makes me want to take Swing lessons all over again.
AlpineAbsinthe Mmmm Japanese music. Pizzicato 5 is one of the best..
AlpineAbsinthe @Astroengine: "Can't fault it [Chicane – Saltwater]" - I like! (reblip)


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AlpineAbsinthe Ahhhhhh Goldfrapp.. sounds like a coffee drink.


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AlpineAbsinthe Perfection is in the eye of the beholder... and sometimes I look in the mirror and see it.
AlpineAbsinthe I picture this bands twirling and spinning a lot of rolls in bartender fashion, with style. Garlicked and buttered.
AlpineAbsinthe Call 911! Or wait... you'll be on hold for awhile... Call your mother!
AlpineAbsinthe This makes me want to sit in a traffic jam just to listen to an appropriately titled song...


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AlpineAbsinthe Yeah.... good song.. this Dido person.. (reblip)

DidoTake My Hand

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AlpineAbsinthe Mmmm... relaxing while dancing music... mmm... I need fudge.. and a good club.. (not that kind, the kind you dance in)

Paul Van DykCrush

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AlpineAbsinthe Hmmm but there are so many shades. I prefer "eggplant". Although "royal" is nice too.
AlpineAbsinthe Catchy... Visually descriptive.. yes.. this will work for the last song today. Enjoy!

Tom WaitsSingapore

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AlpineAbsinthe I spent far too many years in this state. Still a great song.
AlpineAbsinthe The size diff between Chevy and Paul.. funny.
AlpineAbsinthe First concert.. I loved the mirror suit!

Chris Isaak-Wicked Game

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AlpineAbsinthe Chores! The bane of every lazy kid and their afternoon plans.
AlpineAbsinthe Haunting song. Loved it in the movie "Dreamcatcher"
AlpineAbsinthe Completely mispronounced, but catchy.

Wayne Newton- Danke Schoen

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AlpineAbsinthe I think we kept New Orleans. I think it is in the U.S. Although, sometimes it may be hard to tell...
AlpineAbsinthe Rockin to the oldies. And carnivals. They have since been rigged to disallow so much winning...
AlpineAbsinthe Oh, that white haired comedian. Sounds kind of like Monster Mash... Speaking of which...
AlpineAbsinthe And don't forge the movie of the same name... with Neil Patrick Harris of course. Mmm memories...

Purple People Eater [MapleStyle]

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AlpineAbsinthe Hip popping, knee distending fun. Ok, so maybe I wasn't quite doing it right.. but man oh man, that John Travolta sure could dance it.
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