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Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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AlsExplosiveRoadshow miss winehouse feels like christmas
AlsExplosiveRoadshow not sure if I like this but she's the girl who does the fly me to the moon cover on ITV2's new season trailer so i'm giving it a chance
AlsExplosiveRoadshow more pop this one less cheese more toast


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AlsExplosiveRoadshow must have fair share of cheesy pop
finestsuit after whitey stripped the land from the indians, insulting injury with the louisiana purchase, they grew hemp, sought opium and sang the *song title*.
finestsuit with the american's lust for excessive consumption, more corruptive drugs emerged... lsd, pcp, *song title*, it had to have the ability to kill you..
finestsuit @evablue... you are also good at understatements. i wasn't inviting you to my church pot-luck, i was greeting you to my musical offerings... :-)
AlsExplosiveRoadshow doggg fog fog fog


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carolinavianna Se vc me ama, eu fico pensando...
carolinavianna Don´t stop me now! I´m having such a good time!!
candy Don't stop me don't stop me oooh oooh oooh (I like it)
carolinavianna Odeio quem blipa sem dizer que é!
emilysanford "Before Sunrise" passando na televisão. Sempre encantador, não importa quantas vezes eu assista.

Julie Delpy - A Waltz for a Night

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emilysanford "Quem não gostar de samba, não gosta de nada."
emilysanford Uma daquelas canções de esperança.
emilysanford Para @Virginrecords que, além de glamourizar o trancamento de ações penais, ainda faz mais alegres as minhas manhãs. "Easy like sunday morning..."


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candy Little creepy girl with her little creepy face...

KerliWalking On Air

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carolinavianna Menino vadio, eu conto pra d´s proteger-te...

Menino do Rio

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BallotBoxer ✾ Song Mix: Hero Trio {3 of 3}
MedicoGeek Frio e nublado em Sampa ;)


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sergiovds Louco, loco, mad (no so much) - Baby, Don't You Go 'Way Mad – Ella Fitzgerald
MedicoGeek Hora de encarar os desafios

AC/DCBack In Black

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Mike99PA Who Doesn't Know - Africa?


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evablue Finally, O'Death pics done. w/Eliott Brood & Hoots & Hellmouth. AND if ya want to geekup will be at the show on dec 5th NYC


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luizjeronimo Music is My Hot Hot Sex, CSS. Tão Popstorm, tão amor pelo Tarja Preta pela música, tão comercial de gadget, ritmo e post.
bendrix @fake_empire - i'll say it again anyone who blips Bjork is a friend of mine. This is one of the most beautiful songs she's ever done. (reblip)


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evablue @finestsuit hey [song title]! are all the ladies gone that you have to take sloppy seconds. :P
evablue @finestsuit it's late or early whichever is appropriate. you're a few blips late. i gotta sleep and go to work soon. toodles. a demain. :)
MedicoGeek Good morning, djs @joice @Crismf @geo_ @driczz @threebears estendido a todos

Miles DavisGodchild

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finestsuit @gigia, i blew the guy off. i grew up drumming in bands, met lots of folks in bands. never expected much of any of 'em. this guy turned out to be real

SpoonPaper Tiger

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reon69 @Jeanne_louis 私もさっきこの曲をBlipしようと思ってました(笑) (reblip)
maurilao Gooooooooooooood moooooooooooooooooooorning, blip
finestsuit and who could resist this one... thankfully my parents were dorks that listened to "safe rock" stations... some good music played there.
evablue @melodyofyourlife you need a little furry saxism and bass. ;) @NyQuilDriver blipped this yesterday. (reblip)
emilysanford "I have to celebrate you baby / I have to praise you like I shoooooooo-o-o-o-o-ould" :)
evablue @redfiasco wait. your puppy is wearing WHICH star wars character's outfit? no. seriously. which one? :)
emilysanford Como bem lembrou o @adbert, lá se vão 17 anos sem Freddie Mercury...
evablue i'm picturing cher's massive wedgie, giant headdress & fishnets singing this song with a violin in hand. this is how wrong my head feels right now.
emilysanford Pra se jogar, no melhor estilo Mercury. :)

QueenUnder Pressure

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evablue @redfiasco i feel your puppy's pain. next time dress him like uhura. that's hot. ;)


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PurpleZoe I used to play the hell out of this disc.
titiguedes "[...] bons tempos,ou talvez momentos que vivemos e fomos felizes,ou quem sabe algo que podiamos viver ainda?"| pelo final de semana em casa =)

As Time Goes By Frank Sinatra

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StefanHeimisch From the ridiculous to the sublime. Apparently Dubya used this song as an example of the vile influence of "obscene" songs on young people. Pillock.
CMary totalmente libertador dançar essa!!! (reblip)
AlsExplosiveRoadshow chemistry set


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frankenspock thou shalt not take the name of Johnny Cash in vain

PulpCommon People

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DareToEatAPeach for those of you having a Casiotone for the painfully alone Christmas.
AlsExplosiveRoadshow i bet you think this blip is about you
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