threebears i was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy
nica One of their best and perfect for today. :)
calamari I love the name of this song. The actual song is really good too. :)
Aluciel I don't wanna lose your love toniiiiIIIiiiight
jencvs this song has many memories...**I'll push you out of my head, if I could change anything I'd change everything...these bitter days shall remain**
craigz great cover.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

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threebears well let the geek in the pink take a stab at it ..
petelbury The most beautiful song about a serial killer I've heard so far. Uncomfortable and haunting.
NyQuilDriver I wanna know girls, but only love one. You’re my source of energy, hook a panel up to me and shine down on me like the sun.
threebears @lilianchris ^_^ very funny and not so funny at the same time! thanks! (reblip)
TuraSatana become aware of of my own sensuality
NyQuilDriver This song is emotionally exhausting for me to listen to... and I mean that in the best way possible.
danielvoicu "I do believe/That through the trees/There's something hiding from me." Pretty song. :)
calamari I'm in love with Katie Melua's cover of The Cure's "Just like heaven".
philo I can't quite figure out the meaning of the chorus to this song, but I like it anyway
Teacake pink and blue and pink and blue and pink
djbringit @dankeldsen How about this? sea of cheese - pork soda Primus has the best song titles and the best Bass playing ever! Shake hands with beef Rocks
Aluciel I shall never grow up; make believe is much too fun.
Aluciel I can be a friend to you/I won't pretend/I'm not interested in breaking your heart/It's not love, no, it's nothing like that
by_starla had a Pernice Brothers appreciation mini-session late last night-still in the mood for them, so here's another song.
by_starla @kaomig--glad i got a chance to say hi before you were off for the night. goodnight! @polie so glad you liked Three Little Birds--i agree with you. :)
Aluciel Completely in love with this song. <3
TuraSatana dedicated @aluciel for the lucky search for incredibly sexy men :-D like his royal sexiness ROBBIE WILLIAMS
DareToEatAPeach For someone who wants to hear that Pogues song but is so sick of hearing THAT pogues song
Aluciel I'm just a little bit caught in the middle/Life is a maze, and love is a riddle/I don't know where to go/Can't do it alone ^_^

LenkaThe Show

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NicLizD @by_starla & @Aluciel Here's another great Beck song...and SO true!!
Aluciel I'm not saying the effort/Is a waste of time/But I just love you for/The things you couldn't change -Much love for this song. <3
Aluciel But I think that now you’ve seen me/For my true colors/I’m sure you recognize I’m more stupid than the others - <3
jamescram So this is how it feels to be lonely, this is how it feels to be small.
NyQuilDriver And i know that there's something wrong with me, is it wrong with you too?


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Aluciel It's all la lalalala ^_^
Aluciel La laaaa la laaaaa la laaaa la laaaaa
Aluciel @abmoniz @threebears This just made my day. Thank you!! ^_^ (reblip)

Allen Ginsberg Reading Fernando Pessoa's "The Tobacco Shop" (June 22, 1981)

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DareToEatAPeach Not even sure what genre this is...pop? ska? reggae? acid jazz? The hella good genre. ;)
Aluciel Safety pins holding up the things that make you mine/About your hair, you needn't care: you look beautiful all of the time.
by_starla If you are lucky, lucky enough today/ To have found a love/ To whom you feel you have something to say/ Don't think it over, it's gonna be ok.
Aluciel When our nights and days/Turned to months and years/And I forgot how to be alone/I forgot how to love
carloshowes "You don't want to feel the phantom punch Isn't it already far too much?"
Aluciel Found this one while looking for the last song. "I'm the sad sad's driving me insane". Me likey.
danielvoicu When they try to stop you dreaming, listen to this. Show them you can still be a dreamer.

Starfucker - German Love

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threebears you were calling me - all along the words hang on my ears .. in a dream one night you were choking me - now I can't wake up .. I wanna know how come?
NyQuilDriver Cover of the song from the movie Heathers @Aluciel
Aluciel Some Eels love.


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Aluciel Ah, great video! I'd forgotten about this song!! (reblipping @NyQuilDriver) Video..with bunnies!! (reblip)

Everyone else has had more sex than me TISM

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craigz Just finished watching Wanted. This gem at the end surprised me. Danny Elfman ftw (again as always).
melodyofurlife one of the Black Keys!

Dan Auerbach - I Want Some More

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Aluciel Thank you all who were on the Empire Records kick with me! It was a ton of fun! I am now going to watch the movie (while still blipping). ^_^
by_starla Thinking of you/ There's lightning bolts in my chest/ I know you know/ I think our love is the best.
Aluciel And if I had you, all the stars wouldn't fall from the sky and the moon wouldn't start to cry/There'd be no earthquakes/I'd still make mistakes...
clarkowitz Warning!! Poetry Corner: When I Heard the Learned Astronomer -- Walt Whitman. @daretoeatapeach, etal. ;)
PlasticRobot @Aluciel Here's this gorgeous cover of My Bloody Valentine too! ;)
Aluciel So, schools have already been closed for tomorrow. So cold! Tonight will definitely be an extra blanket night. Gotta love Wisconsin! ^_^
GR8FL Now it is really unwind time to get into that mental state to get some sleep. Tomorrow is Friday and before I know it, the U.S. will have a new Pres
RealtorLefebvre Dude digs my bubble. This song is a guilty pleasure. I am a 'real' man, promise, but this song makes me smile like a little girl. (too much wine)
Aluciel Let's try this again... my last blip was wonky.
by_starla goodbye @curatEar--good seeing you! hello to @PlasticRobot! @paeix--hoping your eyes hold up--it makes mine tired just thinking of it.
by_starla see you soon @Figgywithit. and hello @pafurada and a (shamefaced) belated hello and goodbye to @TheArtfulDodger (see what happens with no coffee?)

11 - Soot And Stars

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DareToEatAPeach I haven't felt this, er, uncynical about my country since I was 16.
Aluciel Some days, I really love my job. Feeling quite ^_^ this afternoon.
luiz_com_z My supergifted 16-year-old cousin Luisa Rebuzzi delivers this in a much better way:
jccunningham I tried to not like this song because it's so hot right now... I couldn't do it...
briangreene @Aluciel sweet east coast sunday morning to you. and to all the east coasters. here comes afternoon.
PlasticRobot @paeix @crosby @Casualty @boyd @curatEar @HerrKirsch @lunarboy @Aluciel Covering The Cure. Hafta turn it up, as the volume's at subliminal level. ;)
driczz ~~~Ur so gay and you don't even like boys~~~ LOL this is precious @curatEar !YEAH! (reblip)
GR8FL I am sad for these stars that have died.... but at least we have a techno version to sway to.
NyQuilDriver I'm so postmodern I went home and typed up everything you said, printed it out in Wing Dings and gave it back to you.

Bedroom Philosopher I'm So Postmodern

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Aluciel Weird...when I play the one you linked, it's fine. But when I search and try to select it, it's unavailable for me. Does blip hate me?? @Figgywithit (reblip)
Aluciel @angrybob Way to be a stealthy ninja propper! ^_^ (also, this might be my new favorite song... FANTASTIC!!!)
melodyofurlife Meg White is so cool she has two tunes about her! Track 1
rkmonkey if this doesn't grift you up...i'll have to take a different approach @Figgywithit Yeah, when I was only 17, I could hear the angels whispering
NyQuilDriver I can't find this via search, so I have to reblip myself reblipping @irsocal. (reblip)
craigz favorite cover ever (ben lee's original) - a song about evan dando.
Aluciel reblipping @threebears@toddtyrtle Yay! I'm playing Portal right now, actually, so it was fun that this blip came on! Thanks!! ^_^ (reblip)
Aluciel YAY! I didn't know there was a robot one, too! This just made my day! And I may be in love with Matthew Ebel. <3 <3 <3
GR8FL @Aluciel thought you might also enjoy this version of So What.
GR8FL oh this ethnic gypsy-type music does it good for me... @Aluciel
calamari Really wish Raphael Saadiq had won best R&B album. One of my fav albums this year & he's a local Oakland guy. :)
Shukitty man this song is hard to find even KNOWING it's there. every word is generic!
skwm Classic example of a band that sounds nothing like their name. Go see them live if you get the chance.
Aluciel @TuraSatana If it turns out, I will definitely post some pics to Twitter! Gonna try a coconut cream pie tonight. Wish me luck!! ^_^
DareToEatAPeach About half the poetry at the all-women feminist open mic is stuff like this. But lesbian. vi@GR8FL (reblip)
Aluciel Was looking for Fantasies, but found this cover of Maps. Nice!
Figgywithit reblippin cause it suites my mood and situation perfectly vi@ladypn (reblip)
Shortmann As heard during the big fight scene at the end of Kill Bill (Part #1). Good song, awesome melody, creates a very unique mood.
Aluciel hmm... will this one cut out, too?
Will_the_bloke Nashville Pussy – Come On Come On Southern-fried sleaze ..
xhantee Polish reggae, dancehall, ragga & hip-hop band from Wroclaw.

16. Natural Dread Killaz - Uwierzyæ w siebie

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shakysnakes hey hey ho


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briangreene @Musing thanks. perhaps we would all make crazy good music if we all sniffed Tipp-Ex. "I wanna see the flowers bloom / Don't wanna go kaput kaboom" (reblip)
cdub the new vivian girls are here! the new vivian girls are here!
by_starla i love this live version so much. it's been a hard day/week/month. something about this song lifts me back up, as do all of you-so this is for @all.
Flying_Roundhouse Rupert Holmes – Him ~ Hey @Aluciel, ever hear this one? It's obscure, but I like it..Welcome @deepbluesealove Hi @Jeffie @crispast@Paisano@2fast4u
w0urds @Aluciel maybe this will help maybe not enjoy....
newtdaddy @Aluciel if you like the format, he's a song from the singers new band
DareToEatAPeach I did all this upping so I could get around to this one song, the show I'm seeing tonight. Give it up for the 8-bit hip-hop homage to N.E.S. <3 <3 <3!
gladstein @Aluciel I love human after all. especially when they splice it and dice it up for you live
sandraew Running Up That Hill - Within Temptation
JaseyRae Gravity Rainbow - Klaxons(Van She Rmx) ][ like a hot pina colada under a lime light <3 perfect for fading into the night:) @weknowplato @Aluciel
Aluciel The Irish Rovers did this song, too, but this is the version I remember listening to growing up. I loved the sound effects. ^_^
JosieMK for you like this one, too? :)

Boy With A Coin

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DareToEatAPeach @Mirrorshades When he is alone at night, Chuck Norris likes to wear slippers with bunnies on them. Real live bunnies.
melodyofurlife @Aluciel A great R.E.M. song about a Burning River, Covered by The Decemberists

The Decemberists Halloween 2006: Cuyahoga (6 of 7)

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Boras Reminded of this local(ish) band by @Aluciel - similar yet smoother voice as Lily Allen.. if you like, check ladyandthelostboys' myspace for more ;)
Aluciel Dedicating this one to my dad! We used to listen to a lot of Red Sovine when I was a little girl. Happy Father's Day to all dads out there! ^_^
RealtorLefebvre This is awesome. I have to blip the "regular" version immediately afterward but I just became a bigger Jenny Lewis fan in the last 3 minutes.

The Moneymaker (Acoustic)

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by_starla [Mull Historical Society - How bout I Love You More]

Mull Historical Society - How bout I Love You More

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GR8FL trying to be okay @MONIKKA ... tell you about success later.
jsae this incredible song must be listened to at high volume, preferably under the stars.... "oh, beautiful world....can i win you back?"
by_starla [Earl Greyhound - Yeah I Love You]
RHYTHMjunkie I stumbled upon this clip yesterday of Nellie McKay and had to share it @Shukitty @midnightwalker@daretoeatapeach@FunkShoi @threebears@ladypn@Aluciel (reblip)

Nellie McKay

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DareToEatAPeach Thanks again @threebears for reminding me how much I love this song.
weed @cliftjb Just saw Old Crow perform yesterday. Even more amazing live. DIG? @Dancer12 @Aluciel @ohme_ohmy @santamistura @thrak @mewtwo @Mew @mew2 @jack (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre Such an old voice for such a young kid...
melodyofurlife @tammyphinney heres another classic for you! :-P

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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muzicmajic wind me up...set me loose...

OfficeWound Up

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threebears "agggggggggggggggghhhhhhh @NikkiPixel @threebears" ...quote'n'rb @GR8FL ^(^ mwahahahah! (reblip)
nothingcorporate I have not seen this video before, but it's making me pretty happy right now.
dionroy rb @SweetLikeSandi <--I. Love. This. (reblip)

Swim (Acoustic)- Jack's Mannequin

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nastysurprise @Aluciel DM Stith became a favorite the very moment I heard this song. This version is different from the video. The backing voices are so great.
nothingcorporate @Aluciel - I got stuck at work longer than I thought, but at long last, here's some good toe tappin music.
Aluciel Awwwww!!! One of my favorite songs. <3 The Gufs.

Stars-The Gufs

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melodyofurlife been a long time since I heard this one
ilikebunnies Them Crooked Vultures – No One Loves Me & Neither Do I
Aluciel It gives my heart great joy to see your eyes fill with fear/So lean in close and I will whisper the last words you'll hear... <3
BluJulius I'm gonna take a chance and say you may enjoy this@Aluciel (in my top ten!)

The Impossible Duet: Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Cello and Violin

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melodyofurlife I love their sound, much like the Black Keys, but this band is two women. Great sound
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