Pem @PhilJ & @bduperrin or Mrs Robinson :-P

mrs robinson

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AnishkaYeN Ballad.

Twelth Of Never

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sengseng Take Me On The Floor – The Veronicas
clarkowitz Hi, Blipsters! They're fixin' to fight! Go Obama!
JadedKittyKimiko "I wanna girl with a mind like a diamond, I wanna girl who knows whats best" (I wouldn't change my name to karen though)
mmemaledicta @pumpkinsoup: "love is blind..." yes it is, @pumpkinsoup, and no one but COX says it better. (reblip)

Clan of XymoxEmily

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AnishkaYeN Good Beat, & vibrations.

adam lambart Whataya Want From Me

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AnishkaYeN Classic, plenty goo-ey, plenty good.
AnishkaYeN Duet.

Johnny mathis & Deniece williams-Too Much Too Little To Late

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AnishkaYeN Campfire song? ? ❦

L.O.V.E by Joss Stone ( L is for the way you look at me )

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AnishkaYeN ♡ REal funny.

Wayne Edwards (George Strait cover song) Overnight Male

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AnishkaYeN The Fifth Dimension, Jackson Five et cetera.♡♫

Up Up and Away

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AnishkaYeN Upbeat but real mellow. ✰
AnishkaYeN Bluegrass, saxophone...❧

Jessica Taylor sings "Kansas City, Here I Come"

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AnishkaYeN I like this piped into the restaurant.♡
AnishkaYeN Sounds like panpipes.❦ Pretty.

Roberta flack&donny Hathaway "You're my heaven" cover

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AnishkaYeN Look for Robyn Show Me Love in other versions. Good, good.
AnishkaYeN Swagger and dance two-step etc, to it, do it.❤
lausen Will you still love me? - Math and Physics Club
AnishkaYeN @lilLADYT8845: "w0w,kewlne$$@ThePipShow,thnx!!@}->->-------BLUE ro$e~w/va$e\_/sent ur way~winks(0)(~)"Extremely Nice. All-DJ's above.♭♪ (reblip)
Caco Good night, blippers. Stay faithful to yourselves.
harmony60 Foo Fighters – All my life
harmony60 John Mayer – All I want for Christmas .. I thought is was time to dust this one off. Lol. :-) <3
bagufcknutz i need some pumpkinsoup@pumpkinsoup: "my fav flavours .. lol" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN In Concert. ❢❣♮ (magenta)
AnishkaYeN @harmony60: "How Deep Is Your Love – The Bird And The Bee"Good Version.♢♢u2661 (reblip)
AnishkaYeN @patita: "Soft Cell – Tainted Love"Super supreme song. (reblip)
AnishkaYeN I'm also descended from the Duke of Brittany.♨:]
fxp123 me too backatcha @traceyr: "LOVE this!!!! Merry Xmas hunny!!@fxp123: "4 Non Blondes - Misty Mountain Hop"" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN Love it❤ ome Wrapped.

Christmas Wrap

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AnishkaYeN Beat it out, therapeutic beat. By-by Christmas frustration.✵
AnishkaYeN Would someone please blip I fought a battle with the devil and I beat him...every time. I can't find it. It sound like this 1. It's super ore add it?❤

Got The Devil Under My Feet

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AnishkaYeN Deep country, watermelon bust. ✶❤✶
AnishkaYeN Do not forget to go to work this morning. face like a weasel, big side from the city, la, la:)♡❢

Sting Fill Her Up Live

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sir_edward_ross Robot's eat crakers? Who knew? @c3p0: "i still think it's funny :-) @sir_edward_ross: "1 AM but who's countin? @c3p0: hey Alex good morning @alexparr (reblip)


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AnishkaYeN Here♫'s for the Guys - a pretty girl singing it.♫
andrew025 i'll go and get the post/and make the tea and toast

Jennifer Lopez (Lola)- Fresh Out The Oven Feat Pitbull (Various Female Artist Official Video)

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1brwneyedgirl TY!! 2U as well!!@PaulCwalina: "Great song...Happy New Year@1brwneyedgirl: ".Happiest New year ALL!! <3 G'nite!! Be safe! Have fun! <3" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN Motivational for those on the road a lot.
gpharley If your happy again then I'm happy then!@c3p0: "me happy AGAIN :-) @gpharley: "I really didn't get it either!LOL@c3p0: "a what ?? LOL @gpharley: @c3p0 (reblip)

Be A Robot Sweat Shop Ent

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AnishkaYeN I'll be true to you... RAP✶✶❣ oh, my little soldier boy...
CMFlinn The Who – I'm Free!!!

The WhoI'm Free

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AnishkaYeN The Lord then said it was g❥❤d.

Paula Abdul I'm Just Here For The Music FULL BRAND NEW SONG! (Lyrics In Desc)

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Carmilla @ElNito: "ghost blip ! " (reblip)

ROWLAND S. HOWARD & LYDIA LUNCH i fell in love with a ghost 1982

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AnishkaYeN Soothing, soothing and tingly...♡❤

You Can't Hide From Yourself by Teddy Pendergrass (1977) Deo Optimo Maximo

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AnishkaYeN I l❤ve this for 7⚪8 pm boredom or whenever one hour after dusk is.. It is very good.
AnishkaYeN Sweet Asian Spice ;] girl.
AnishkaYeN Nice voice. Real nice.❦

THE devil makes 3 perf. TOEING THE LINE Joshua Tree

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fxp123 Def Leppard - Let It Go [Live] - Audio Only
AnishkaYeN @Hotyoungmom: "Michael Jackson - Leave me alone" Great instrumentals✶ (reblip)
fxp123 Mr Big - Wild World Official Video
tyrelassie U.G.L.Y. you aint got no Alibi... to the pro #mccann chimps who condone child neglect

U.G.L.Y.-Daphne and Celeste

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AnishkaYeN Is it Queer? Gooey, strange, mystic --different.
FullMetalRadio rb!@patita: "Ozzy Osbourne – I Just Want You - love this!!! :)" (reblip)

Panic Cell Shallow

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gpharley Gotta run!HAGD!!!@Hotyoungmom: "YW&TYSM-rb@gpharley: "@Hotyoungmom TY! You R a fun young lady!!"" (reblip)

The Guess WhoLaughing

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AnishkaYeN Rihanna, Duff etc. Gwen pops as well as the rest...
AnishkaYeN ✶✶;]❥;

Exile-Woke Up In Love

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sir_edward_ross RB @angiece: John Lee Hooker – Think Twice Before You Go"" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN Pretty.♡ :]Every now and them, turn around, get a little
AnishkaYeN Shania is good Shania Tribute is even better.,;]
SpinalTap ya!hehe@funkyBP: "awesomely funky! @KWright: "ROFL!!!!!! Perfect!LOL:)@SteelyJan: "@KWright ~ Look out!!!! INCOMING!!!!!!!!!! *tee hee*""" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN Sweet little girl actress like Mary-Kate & Ashley.♬♢♥♩
AnishkaYeN SnakeCharmer ♦ɕ♦ɕɷ;|
Hotyoungmom Hi Lisa Thanks.. rb@LisaWorld: "@Hotyoungmom: "Jewel – 2 Become 1 (TRADUCIDA AL ESPAÑOL)"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Mine is down but what he said! RB☮⟹@rachidkas: Hello my dear friends! My "Connexion" is dawn for some days! I'm sorry! Please don't send more props! (reblip)


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shimonta We looked very fine 'cause we were leaving. Like Saint Joan, doing a cool, cool jerk Oh I want you, Oh I want you... like a kangaroo...
bebomora You Know I'm No Good – Arctic Monkeys :D
AnishkaYeN As she grows, nice album, very nice.
MottKorn "Make mine a Starbucks Trenta! LOL! :) @donnadontplay: LOL! Make that a double! @lillianwong: "Hiya Donna!! I'll have both please! LOL! Sex and Candy (reblip)
xxlenaphroditexx t.i.a.l.m.y.k. ☁☾★ ♫ ♬ Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me; While I'm alone and blue as can be... ♫ ♬★ ☽ ☁ [paalam...] (reblip)
stevegrim The Doors "end of the night" seems like I'm just about done...... (reblip)

The Doors "end of the night"

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BigAl74 Rammstein ~ Du hast

RammsteinDu hast

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MRHYPERPCS Do You Want To Know A Secret~ The Beatles ~ Via @lonnieto (reblip)

Do You Want To Know a Secret-The Beatles (George Harrison)

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Zakarydotexe @baktelraalis: "Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me" (reblip)

Fever Ray 'Keep The Streets Empty For Me'

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Laineycool @nibbles21: "Love love love. I have been obsessed with this song since the 6ft Under finale. Love! @mugen612: "Beautiful."" (reblip)
Gaz50 David Bowie – China Girl
apure Bob Marley's I'm Hurting Inside from the movie The Mighty Quinn

The Mighty Quinn 1989 MÚSICA LEGAL ANOS 80

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AnishkaYeN ho-ho;|]@Radiobread:"Morrissey – How Soon is Now?I'vegota theorythatmostBlipDJsareveryselfabsorbed&ohsofullof themselves٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶<duckfromtheflames>" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN KoolZong;]@Naestopaz: "rb@fxp123: "yw @traceyr: "ty...rb props :) @fxp123: "Oh Yeah @traceyr: "The Black Keys ~ Howlin' For You""""" (reblip)
Matokokepa0516 Yes it does :) @Igotafeeln: "this rawks@S/16: Dommin "Without End" I am a stranger staring at what you are wearing, may I undress you with my eyes? (reblip)

DomminWithout End

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BluJulius blippas on fire tonight!great song!@Stef16: "Blue Foundation "Eyes On Fire"" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN Techno Love.;]❥=:

Arekku - My head is spinning

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AnishkaYeN What goes up.♡♢♣♤;]❥▫◍
Alvaroxx The Strokes – Juicebox...

The StrokesJuicebox

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DeckHead RB@WithOutMakeUp: ": "Pink Floyd – Bike =How about taking a ride down the beach trail...? ;)" @mark_till" (reblip)

Pink FloydBike

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Traveling_Turtle And TY to you, too! @geekette57: "@killahtunz: "@liyonst: "@petronax: "Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704) - one more "Alma redemptoris mater" (reblip)

Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704) "Alma redemptoris mater" H.21

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AnishkaYeN Bruce is sixty years old.:]ɕ

Bruce Springsteen 96 Tears Atlanta 4/26/09 LIVE (From Pit)

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AnishkaYeN R'nt they go❥d?;]@nattieb: "thank you xxxx :)@kvstr: "Visage – Damned Dont Cry inspired by @me" (reblip)
SpinalTap that was short-n-sweet!GN!XO!@Sly_dog: "Baby........Don't Forget My Number! :)) g'night~~~" (reblip)

Milli Vanilli- Baby, Don't Forget My Number

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fxp123 ty @angiece: "c u later . . .. "One Night in Bangkok" - Murray Head" (reblip)
SpinalTap Ahhhhhhh...memories! Thx babe!! Oops4ya!@Hazel143: "@KWright" (reblip)
LOVE4ME you just gotta let it go ... you just gotta let it go ... you just gotta let it go
FullMetalRadio Nice call DU! \m/ rb@DirtyUrine: "Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls (Cliff 'Em All) !! \m/ #TallicaTuesday \m/" (reblip)
pulsar @VelvetGarage Very nice! Keep those creative juices flowing!
lilwldchld You are in my system, got me burning, I'm on fire....
AnishkaYeN @thedigitalbee54: "@TheTAZZone: "The probability of someone watching you is always proportional to the stupidity of your action :D""Yu R vry intll❢gnt (reblip)
TChris01 Seether – Fallen


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AnishkaYeN Good1 ;]╕|.

Memphis Tennessee

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AnishkaYeN For my husband, who is gone,;[, his favorite song, other than Hello,;]◍.♡

Alfie (1966)End title

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LeParadis I had the good fortune to visit SA not so long ago... it is beautiful but the divide is still evident! A bitter sweet trip... x

Miriam Makeba with Hugh Masekela- South Africa freedom song

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AnishkaYeN @SAMSLICK: "Closing with the Classic, Brother Louie - The Stories"MyFavorite Ever couldn't think of it ThkYu.;]] (reblip)
rEnSE thanks for the cool find rb@zoja01 Iggy Pop — Cry for Love (reblip)
LYRIC ~ Broken-hearted jubilee.... sentimental jamboree.... memories for you and me....

Paul McCartney"Junk"

| play
AnishkaYeN Looks good.;]❦;

Kristy Lee Cook, Idols Tour 2008

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AnishkaYeN Super, loveya,loveya lovetoloveyababy.✶;]
thedigitalbee54 @WithOutMakeUp: ""Nobody gets too much heaven no more Its much harder to come by I'm waiting in line..." Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven" (reblip)
GiantPimpslapper Oasis - Live Forever : Definitely Maybe (1994) ...thnx 4 the post @Alvaroxx !!!
AnishkaYeN Resembles "The Godfather" the way he chords it.:]
jcase59 Bonnie Raitt/Bruce Hornsby ~Thing Called Love~ (~_~) TY @mark_till, wishing U an awesome week-end :-)
straywebsurfer ♫ Steven Tyler - "All My Rowdy Friends Are coming Over Tonight"...rb@Gypsylyn:@harmony60@ladypn@vampyrekittie@auticomics@Levast@rockinb@toddsb@romanus (reblip)

Steven Tyler -All My Rowdy Friends Are coming Over Tonight

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annabanana_25 Fall Out Boy Feat. John Mayer – Beat It
Gypsylyn Hey Paddy , my sis needs more vodka to figure out how to blip ..LOL @PaddyH71 ..@Gypsysister
AnishkaYeN Thkuallforblip@Sly_dog: ";) @lillianwong: "Ooo! Love a challenge! :D @Cityboy_Floyd: "Is that a challenge? ;) @lillianwong: "Love pool! Wish I was as" (reblip)

Mad WorldGary Jules

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ranaberden In fondo non rimane che congedare i sensi di colpa e tante grazie
AnishkaYeN Beats like this are always n♢ce.;]@Gatolocofm: "=^.^= t'chn'!..wlcm' 2 my Kat-Radio!" (reblip)
DirtyUrine Great pick! \m/ RB @lelordgs: "Black Sabbath - All Moving Parts (Stand Still)" (reblip)
renothespinner Thnx 2~~>@DjblueClariz: "Joss Stone ~ Son Of A Preacher Man" ~Luv This Darlin'~ XoXo!! (reblip)
thedigitalbee54 ''' This One's for YOU ' BlessedBea '...Enjoy...'''

BlessedThe Emotions

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BattLady Papa Roach - Burn ~ Little man you're nothing like me, lying, cheating, so deceiving!

Papa Roach - Burn

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xxlenaphroditexx & my fave from you, spoiler @Alvaroxx ❥ ツ // Adele – Set Fire To The Rain...
Carmilla @KevKelly: "Killing Joke : Butcher" (reblip)

Killing Joke : Butcher (1981)

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markLtuttle Karrin Allyson is a Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist.

Karrin AllysonMoanin'

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fxp123 ty @auticomics: "rb via @fxp123: @seattle98122: ""New Radicals – You Get What You Give""""" (reblip)
xxlenaphroditexx Metric – Torture Me...

MetricTorture Me

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shutterfire "One, of only two, of the songs worth listening to by this band. In my opinion, of course." (reblip)
AnishkaYeN I like it❣❥;]@elBetto: "Incubus – Are You In?" (reblip)
killerswp @KRIS23: "Not fair"..... fantastic list.... greetings from Philadelphia!! (reblip)

Lilly AllenNot fair

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kimme23 Thompson Twins – "Hold Me Now"
flinndc I do! ;o) rb@CMFlinn: "You really like "PEACHES", uh!? lol ;oD RB@FlinnDc: "Peaches @CMFlinn" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE ♥♥ If Y♥u Miss Me...Send A Sign To My Heart...So I'll Know Its Alright... Send A Message Of L♥ve...In The Dark Of The Night..♥♥ #Romantic #Video ♥♥

Send a Sign To My Heart

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LocoStavos this makes me want to hear... @ nastysurprise (reblip)
kirkill Didn't expect it to be B2B B&D! @jcase59: "Brooks and Dunn ~Boot Scootin Boogie~ (~_~)" (reblip)
DjAnnnette Just cause I can. I think I may dust off this cd. Or I'll push play on my mp3 player LOL
jcase59 Stray Cats ~Stray Cat Strut~ (~_~)
wearingwords this cover makes me happy. (the video makes me happy in my pants.)
Tsauro Inspired vi@Literati for no real reason at all except, "Hey, long time no same time blip"

Mary Mary The Real Party

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AnishkaYeN So unusual - a comfort 2me.;]❤ (reblip)
Cheri_S Led Zeppelin - You Shook Me ♪♫♪

Led Zeppelin- You Shook Me

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Smilinsteve Wondering how many kids we can feed together? Cost of one cheeseburger = 40 children fed! (reblip)

Johnny Winter "Life Is Hard"

| play
AnishkaYeN Sound a little inviting. ♛

Kid RockWasting Time

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AnishkaYeN How's this for the happy hour crowd? ;], very good, I would say.

Barstool Prophets-Paranoia

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DJManny23 @fxp123: "Complicated (Official Acapella + Official Instrumental) - Avril Lavigne" (reblip)
AnishkaYeN ❥;]♡|, la-la-la..

Just my magination

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BlipKiss Grass Roots – I'd Wait a Million Years
katercakes01 Happy Sunday Sunshine .. @TropicsZ4: "Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song" (reblip)
mark_till Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Passenger
morganh Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf

Soft CellSex Dwarf

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Oculuris @Roxanne721: "Happy Sunday!! I'm outa here....God Bless!!!!" (reblip)

AC/DCHells Bells

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lilLADYT8845 Joe Cocker ~ You Can Leave Your Hat 0n ~ (reblip)
samgr Flashback in honour of Trent Reznor #Oscars win for The Social Network: Nine Inch Nails – 'Down In It' (1989)
Sandra_R_ Evanescence - Good Enough
Flying_Roundhouse Bob Dylan – Stuck Inside Of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
Gaz50 Ocean Colour Scene - The Day We Caught The Train

Ocean Colour Scene , Day We Caught The Train (Acoustic)

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FOGGIELOANER would be nice to wake up the British blippers -->@Fluffyboots only 4 hors difference for 2 weeks @PenelopeVintage
Dj_Edurock The Airborne Toxic Event – Changing