rrhobbs RB @vaniakg Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Carole King cover) (reblip)
virginia66 Trying again... virginia66 @AnitaBreakSoon: In your first 16 blips, you've played 4 of my favorite songs! We may be "music soulmates" ;)


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AnitaBreakSoon @virginia66.. Thanks for the shout outs. Am new and am practically kickin myself for not figuring this out! good night. Glad u like my choices!
AnitaBreakSoon @ rrhobbs & @missuspie hi you 2! nice to meet you!
Gwynaria @trip_tucker Here it is. *looks thoughtful* (reblip)
braydenstyles Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean – Hips Dont Lie
AnnointedNubian A great song to play with your top down/ moonroof open. I see myself driving at night in my white '99 Diablo Roadster w/ stars above hearing this. :-)
RocketmanUSA Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire(Album Version)~~~~There where ya layin, I know you're watchin'. People are talking. ♫★RMUSA★♫
Gwynaria @trip_tucker Ah, here's one... *gets an odd look on her face*
AliveinMe @TruckerRich hey great to see you here...blip a song you like!! :) Jesus loves music.. Blessings to you!
btamminga aaliyah w/ timberland - r u that somebody
ichris Eagles_-_Hotel_California


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WarLordwrites Sade is a voice like liquid velvet
NatJohnson One of my absolute favourite songs right now.
GraceOMalley @sheryonstone thanks for the Barracuda by Heart. Heart Rocks!!! (reblip)


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pedrocarrillo domingo, mañana de septiembre en pleno marzo

Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight

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murnahan Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes

Adam Ant_Goody Two Shoes

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Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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AnitaBreakSoon @missuspie -- Can't believe I blipped you Lady Gaga, Hope u like this. Need to go back to work. This HAS BEEEN FUN, wow. ..I need a life..haha
voxefx @AbsinthEve was just feedin' my face. and heeeeerre we go!
ShanYes I need to go sleep but why do it when you can stay awake all night. Hahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahhahahahaahhaahah

4. Sergio Mendez feat. The Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada

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M_A_D_R_A_S Justice is playing this track at Radio1!! c/w Beggin'. Yes. It's a track on playing CM "Adidas"
GA_John_Music listening to Glory Days..."And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it but I probably will" in re to my 401K LOL
AnitaBreakSoon @virginia66.. Good morning! Sorry bout last time. Dint know how to reply. Hi Grace omally, Hi all
AnitaBreakSoon @rrhobbs -- I bade you and everyone else goodbye yesterday. Sorry you had to keep reblipping deelite. I will listen to it now. Thanks, bud!
AnitaBreakSoon Hello and a good day to you guys if you're here! Hope your day goes well ----@mammara, @WarLordwrites,@themarmalade,@chiedeperche,@missuspie,
AnitaBreakSoon Hello and a good day to you guys if you're here! Hope your day goes well -- @TheNATTEH,@virginia66, @silverduck,@rickps,@GraceOMalley,@coolandspicy (reblip)

Chumbawumba - Tubthuumper

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onyourmark My 3.5 year old likes this song - he's got good taste.
AnitaBreakSoon My 3.5 year old likes this song - he's got good taste. (reblip)
Roadking Valerie...want to come over!!! B over in a few hehehe!! @myluna78 (reblip)
tinanirmal kiss me and I'll kiss you back... love me and I'll love you back...


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Justin Timberlake - Til The End Of Time

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silver_duck Spidderr Man \o\ Wake up fellas \o\
AnitaBreakSoon New try..Hi @vaniakg..you seem like a glamorous lady.
allmyfaves me gusta shakira - especially the stuff she did in spanish ... (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Sorry folks its nighttime where I am... seemed appropriate.
AnitaBreakSoon Peace out everyone. Thanks for the music, need to get some shut eye...
AnitaBreakSoon Those who see me now, HELLO! But cant stay for long gone out for groceries. Talk to ya l8tr. :-D

Chicago - Saturday In The Park

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adbert [Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity] /we.lc0/me::b@ck #.supergeek @r0g1..--.! H4v3.4.N1c3.d4y!!! ::::::-*-:::::::
Jeffie Albert Hammond - "It Never Rains In Southern California" (late 1972-early 1973)
AnitaBreakSoon Good morning all. dont mean to depress you with this one
AnitaBreakSoon Hello @costinhas, mammara.... Does anybody know where I can find a Portugese Version of "Bridges" ..I think Flora Purim...??

The Girl From Ipanema

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AnitaBreakSoon Hey @silver_duck... always a sweetie! Thanks for the tune.. This one is a killer as are all yer tunes. (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Amen brother!:-)@silver_duck\o\ @AnitaBreakSoon... Let's start the morning with Katy Perry.... and now i go back to my activities. Kissus =* (reblip)
jackienopants This song resonates with me far too often throughout the day :/
AnitaBreakSoon @ Jeffie .. Anita Ward - "Ring My Bell" (1979) Ring it!!! How & where did you find this????? (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon @costinhas..You're welcome..and dont worry bout the english--we'll figure it out...@AnitaBreakSoon thanks! what a great mood! :) (reblip)
flavytcha good morning @ishibutsu...that goes for you, inspired by your blip. What time is it on Japan right now? :)
AnitaBreakSoon Wow I have missed this!! THANK YOU ... (reblip)
note103 ときどき聴く The Carpenters – (They Long to Be) Close to You
AnitaBreakSoon Hello ...thanks to my new listener @karenbird. Thanks for the new props -@missuspie,@Bluespanther,@patricia_coelho,@sherryonstone & again @karenbird!
AnitaBreakSoon Welcome to a new listener@flaviochubes! Thanks for the props -- @Barkhamn and @magdalenaday. Least somebody still likes Ol' Rick... :-D Wave
AnitaBreakSoon Off to bed. You all have a great day!
AnitaBreakSoon Rosemary Clooney -Botch-A-Me This is in the 1st season MADMEN soundtrack!


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AnitaBreakSoon I so sorry I forgot...THANK YOU @dmccloud for the props (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Thanks again for the props @costinhas... will promise you my props next time
AnitaBreakSoon Since we're playing V Carlton -- this is my pick today!


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AnitaBreakSoon This turned my sucky day, back in the 80s, into a swell one. Enjoy

aztec camera deep and wide and tall

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AnitaBreakSoon OMG, I havent heard this in ages and almost forgot...I LOOOOOVE THIS
AnitaBreakSoon He seems like a 1-hit wonder (LOL) correct me if Im wrong!
santamistura Dahhh pretty ladies around the world !!!!!!!!!

CameoWord Up

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AnitaBreakSoon back in the day, this was magical for me... c what kind of a dork I was then? memories
AnitaBreakSoon we appreciate you too, @rerkaizen Music just makes us all come together no matter how different. I find my stress float away when Im here..Thank u all (reblip)
Acidoriccio l'ultima per un po', credo ho bisogno di dissolvermi [I know this world is killing ME] ciao a tutti
sybil morning!!! i'm a bit busy at the moment but here i am
AnitaBreakSoon OMG, @Sybil.... GOOD ONE! (reblip)

Bourgeois Tagg - I Don't Mind At All

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onyourmark Praying for Time - Loved this album. Carrie Underwood did a nice job with this song too.
AnitaBreakSoon Hello again... this is right up there with the greatest elevator music of all time, LOL. But I love it
AnitaBreakSoon I never thought I would find this here... haha, I feel sooo ancient, haha


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AnitaBreakSoon this whole Blip filing is messed up... you literally have to go thru it with a fine toothed comb....

Don't Disturb This Groove

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De_Ann whoaaa...another fave! Thx@cheesy80s @velvetunes @WorldFN @picara@thezenmonk asks U why, I hear U cry, but UR still waiting for me. (reblip)


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AnitaBreakSoon Glad I saw this first, was actually thinking Whitney Houston's version
flyingscot_54 OK the final selection is appropriate - checking in tomorrow. Thanks for the props.
AnitaBreakSoon I picked this out 4 U @Babuxoxoxo.. with this tune I leave you all. Thanks for the props and re blips and especially ALL your music!!!..
AnitaBreakSoon Hello there @b_s_lynn... (RB)...thank U for this tune... sounded good! (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Still there? @rickps & @TechPatience ... not very clear but I hope u like the beat
AnitaBreakSoon rb @Atomik Hello Blippers I am back. Hope this song n the one in my mind are 1 n the same. (reblip)
klitoria thx my dear....@AnitaBreakSoon......loneliness seems an illusion....the more you let go of it .... (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Another favorite of mine...Now I'm happy. BTW,,it's Square heads Not Squarehands..lol ENJOY, and dance you still can can't you??
AnitaBreakSoon RB AGAIN... that is crazy @Ad_C.. this is going to the BlipList (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon This is my most favorite Jason Mraz song...EVER... and this is what you need my friend!! @djwttw
Stay19 Cass & Slide - Vocal Mix – Perception<><>
Stay19 Judge Jules & Tall Paul – Paul Van Dyk - the Awakening (Judge Jules & Tall Pall Mix)<><>
CanadianClassic Mantis ft. Jd Era-One For The Money.Im Out For Now.Thanks @ZOEBOE @jaks @DownLow @AnitaBreakSoon @miguesme @DHS and everyone else for replies n props.
MasaruKondo 映画、四月物語から。。。四月のピアノ
AnitaBreakSoon I couldn't reblip this in the other window... whoever first Blipped this Thank you ... re blip this again and let urself be known... Awesome
Nirvana16 @alfonvaina...jajaajajajajajaaja...sí sí...hablando de meloncetes, jajajajaja...pues yo ando "redi" para mañana otro viaje...tu, "melón"?

lauren hill - fugees - cant take my eyes off of you

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19 Lets Hear It For the Boy

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cutefilm Mediodia tranquilita haciendo grafismos
AnitaBreakSoon Dis IS 4@ZOEBOE,@Karuna, @StarStruk ,@ChAnDel,@DJTalent, ....the dog needs a quick grooming ... NIGHT ALL...you've all been great!!! BYEE Take CARE
AnitaBreakSoon RB @Flying_Roundhouse Awww... Thank U ..Let's group Hug!! ~~ Here's your samba hug......AnitaBreakSoon @ugogirl (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon OH. Myyyy. Efffiiing . GAWWWD!.. RB @Momix74... The gems you find in other people's playlists! thanks (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Another borrowed BLIP... sounds good.. reminds me of Plumb, minus the heavy rock feel
AnitaBreakSoon RB @Newmaidumosa -- I love the Blips u sent, its hip hop but easy to mix in with an R & B or easy listening playlist...Thanks (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon RB @Newmaidumosa NOT one so-so tune... I'ma downloadin like crazy l8tr!! Thank you (bowing) LOL (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Rb @suzesinc nothing, just recognized the song when I reblipped, I had forgotten that THAT was the title.. sorry got u all confused..LOL thanks (reblip)
bendrix Oddly enough this blip is inspired by=> @formalhaut - Do ya'll remember this? => @ZOEBOE @Karuna's @Ad_C @DJTalent @DHS @AnitaBreakSoon @Flow

Invetro - Organized Konfusion (bendrix)

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Newmaidumosa @AnitaBreakSoon i meant Mary J singing (the meli'sa morgan's fool's paradise lyrics) to the marcus miller sample for this amazing joint!
AnitaBreakSoon RB@santamistura: You were correct! Des'ree would be proud! Thanks a mill! ~~~"i found that one that is more complete AnitaBreakSoon " (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon @bobscopper, cudn't find ur earlier blip ( coz u blip so fast) so searched manually... something new to me again!

Craig David-Insomnia 2008 (with Lyrics)

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AnitaBreakSoon Awesome! thank you I found a new good tune 2day!RB@shiner: "@patita @AnitaBreakSoon @GR8FL@bobscopper sampled fro "Rubber Soul" ain't it funky now" (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Hey folks 10:24pm Manila time! goodnight! ... leave u with something new! Thanks for the props (which will b snatched anyway..LOL!) Pls Stay safe! BYE
AnitaBreakSoon Sounds gr8t thanks this is new to me! RB@Mathiayus: "♪♫♥ David Cook – Come Back To Me ♥♫♪" (reblip)
Vinha I agree with you @peechxxxx... You can't deny this song... It's so sweet! I hope u enjoy @DJTalent @AnitaBreakSoon @DaLady @KatelynD @DownLow @ZOEBOE (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon So dirty they're sick! Luvd it! Rb@ZOEBOE: "Check out these dirty peaches ( Hello 2 ur listeners) @Karuna @LYRIC @FiFiKaboom @ladypn (reblip)
klitoria i love natural boops...no silicone inside any more...wake up girls...accept your natural beauty....
AnitaBreakSoon I was just sittin here and this awesome tune fills the room! Thanks @klitoria (reblip)
ARROGANT Brutha – She's Gone (Its To Late)
AnitaBreakSoon You all have a good day! Thanks 4 the props! 12:13am Saturday my time...time to go to bed!!!
AnitaBreakSoon Very soothing! Thanks this is new to me!~RB@MsButterworth AnitaBreakSoon @tequilakitty @wednesdayzchild @organicsue

Justin Nozuka "After Tonight"

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AnitaBreakSoon I would listen to this on 88.3 & 105.1 Cross-Over, & had no idea which group was singing... GALING! Nice new avatar! Thanks for the Blip! RB@zantha (reblip)

Perri-The Flight(1988)

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AnitaBreakSoon Hi ALL! Oh HAPPY DAY! The awesome @ladypn has added me.THNX! :-D Some new & just as awesome listners ...welcome @dautaz @Mannyb33 @Valenteena
AnitaBreakSoon Just miss my ghost! :-D RB@RadioGhost: "What's up @AnitaBreakSoon. I'm still around. lol" (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon Need some gin & tonic wyl listening to this.. trouble is it aint even 5 pm yet! LOL RB@ShannonGrissom (thanks 4 all the PS & Rbs, sweetie!) (reblip)
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