geckolino Donna Regina : How Beautiful // here it is with greets @Annamira //
Annamira thx @geckolino .. immer noch einer der schönsten blips hier! (reblip)

Lisa Gerrard Sanvean

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tviQ Susan Mckeown // A Phluirim Mhilis
mammara @space_cadet you're right, as usual, a few blips left.
toobad Just an ordinary day, until you came around, I had my feet on the ground... so much for that!
Faddic Here in silence

Sandy Denny Here in silence

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estrogen very nice! thanx@marienie¨["isnt that an extra-cute video? I love the animation! Song Title: Plum (feat. Ben Phaze) - You ☁☁☁☁" (reblip)


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dot_dot_dot I still press your letters to my lips.

Slipknot Snuff with lyrics

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Faddic Blind Faith | Can't Find My Way Home

Blind Faith ~ Can't Find My Way Home

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DamienRice Best Youtube cover ever.... even Glen Hansard said so... don't believe me check his fucking twitter .... no fuck you man ... wait i was kidding..sorry
Tindaya thanks guys!@avivao: "Bugge Wesseltoft / It's Snowing on My Piano / Perfect, perfect music for my mood. Thanks, vi@CalMa: "Anyway here it's snowing."" (reblip)
estrogen thanx dear @randyhate for showing me "taken by trees"....
estrogen thanx so much! I like it very much :) @randyhate: "#estrogen this one is for you dear. fairly certain you will enjoy." (reblip)


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Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra / Simon Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker

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estrogen thanx dear for this one @paperama: "!" (reblip)


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mgundy32 If you haven't listened to ALOs new album you're missing out.
riverguide Super good, super cold here @Annamira thanks & Happy Birthday on the 25th
Tindaya thanks! I miss all your good stuff when you post that early.....@DesertLily: "Jan Garbarek & Agnes Buen Garnas ~ Psalm" (reblip)

Jan GarbarekPsalm!

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mgundy32 They'll be in town tonight. I will not be there. :( This will have to make up for it.
ayogafriend #classical Johannes Brahms - Piano Pieces, Op. 119 Rhapsody in E flat major: Allegro risoluto (6:22)

Brahms Intermezzo Op 119/4 (Rhapsody): Beveridge Webster

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The Association Never My Love Lyrics

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Faddic Tnx, @ work now and i'm just a listener.. will come back later in few hours..not tomorrow ;) and wish u the same!rb@EmeraldEyes:"...Have a great day!" (reblip)

Jim Martinez Plays Marian McPartland

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AutumnPerception Need I say more ;) rb @Shellsie: "I wanna go, I wanna go with you....."current blip obsession"...." (reblip)
spacespencer well done.

Elbow – Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel Cover)

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MannvomBalkon This one really shines. RB @mark_till: "The Stone Roses – Waterfall Nice RB! @basementaljack" (reblip)
ayogafriend (rb) duty calls, got to run...this is wonderful Monk, ty, ty @redoctopus: "Eric Dolphy – Epistrophy" (reblip)
ayogafriend Alessi's Ark - Magic Weather

Magic Weather (Winner of College Film Competition)

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martinrivas an ode to the long-gone Coney Island that my grandparents so loved to escape to
AutumnPerception Thank you for reply @ladycatlady - Now going to sleep with this song. (reblip)
estrogen very nice! thanx dear @Faddic (reblip)

Yann Tiersen Featuring Natasha Regnier, Le Parapluie

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HibOO d'Live : The Leisure Society "Save it for someone who cares"

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spacespencer »godd night«? GOOD night of course! :) *off*

mazzy star - before i sleep

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estrogen tout bien, cheri @Faddic - it was wonderful sunny today :) toi?
geckolino Halou : Everything Is OK
outofpurelove Chromatics - Hands In The Dark
czybulski rb @luffe1 Clara Luzia - Fine (reblip)

Fine-Clara Luzia

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estrogen good thursday!

Johanna Juhola "Hippo"

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geckolino James Vincent McMorrow : Early In The Morning, I'll Come Calling
outofpurelove Smith & Burrows – Funny Looking Angels
leffi333 hello (be patient while this one cues!)

Arve Henriksen | Opening image

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ahsan i think this is cute, funny and kinda happy one :) if i buy one hundred roses for you :P
immerschoener Gute Nacht Grüße an @Annamira :) Vienna Teng - Pontchartrain
czybulski rb @shootingstar: "French band with an American lady on vocals" Moriarty - Lovelinesse (reblip)
cloudhopper Kathryn Calder... Slips away, slips away...
czybulski Mama Rosin - Le two-step de l'haricot

mama rosin "le two-step de l'haricot "

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czybulski rb @shootingstar: "Who needs a guitar? Some of the better-produced songs focus on drums, bass and vocals only" Sarah Blasko – We Won't Run (reblip)
no_answers A blend of ambiant and experimental. Crazy but so good.
ayogafriend from the favelist, ty for (rb) support @Air_rapupo: "Hi! ty/rb @prescottscott: Nostalgia in Times Square by Charles Mingus #jazz #standards" (reblip)
ayogafriend (rb) nice chillout, ty @kattegat: "Last one for now... Catch you later" (reblip)

L'Ours par Tricot Machine with English Subtitles

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Steve Eliovson and Collin Walcott-Venice

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AdmiringMusic Trendsetting and influential. (reblip)

Leigh Nash: Along the Wall

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ayogafriend (rb) like! @Caco: "Busking at Southbank" (reblip)

Portico Quartet Line

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koiheart rb@jonasbeats: "hum, yes I have a like for Icelandic music" As do I very, very much so! Jonsi/Sigur Ros esp. This is new to me & quite like! Gracias! (reblip)
czybulski thx rb @indieearcandyforeveryone: "ohhh, this one is perhaps my fav of them all thus far" I Am Oak – On Trees And Birds And Fire (reblip)

Hecq: I Am You

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estrogen congrats ALOAN from geneva for winning SWISS TOP BAND 2009 award! great tune....

Liquid GirlAloan

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estrogen I am obsessed today with gems @randyhate :)
ayogafriend #randomwalking Like her music...goodnight, and thanks for fine music this evening.

Amy Seeley - Gravel Lines

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estrogen oah! what a found! enjoy!

Strozzini ~ Nuke The Whales

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ayogafriend (rb) send more Bruno Bozzetto, grazie @DBMComunicazione: "from the film "Allegro non troppo", directed by Bruno Bozzetto (1977) (reblip)

Beastie Boys- Pow ( TISFWO )

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estrogen like the whizz kid video as well .... merci to sweden :) @TheAmplifetes

LIVE It's My Life \\ The Amplifetes \\ Visuals

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filox @Dancer12: "# 92 just signed on! ONLY>>>8<<< more! C'mon Blipstarz, add her! RB@Monique2" (reblip)
Disphoria_X against / refuse / distort /resist / nexus / versus / go for it! / and we burn all the flags / and re-paint them !
Faddic Thanks and good day to you :) rb@MONIKKA: "Inspired by Faddic; hello you & thanks :)" (reblip)
toobad for Ricky Carvalho – good to have you back buddy!
ganglbauer Es ist 4 Uhr und ich bin gerade aufgewacht...
ganglbauer Here's a suggestion for your sleepless nights...
Annamira .. one of the many beautiful songs I heard in the last few times.. and my eyes are green too.. ;-)
puntito Rio Reiser would have turned sixty today

The Birthday party- Blundertown

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estrogen achja! damals, vor vielen monden :) @chiron08: "✪ da kommt mir ja gleich das in den sinn.. @anjuscha" (reblip)
Annamira .. nice piece.. makes my dacing.. and now up to the day.. hear you soon..

Bireli Lagrene Daphne

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ahsan What a melancholy astronautic man You know that you're falling Without a place to land your heart & you are worlds apart Even when she's in your arms
SimonEd40 @Annamira Alana Davis

Weight of the World Lyrics (Alana Davis)

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Chris1956tian @Chris1956tian: "#music #folk #bagpipe "Wild celtic bagpipe piece"" (reblip)

Wild celtic bagpipe piece

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FlorenceOfBelgravia @spacespencer ~ Me too!! I have 'gardening hands' ~ nothing a few painkillers won't cure :)
spacespencer my usual good night song. so: good night.
ahsan We go together like a wink and a smile Now my heart is music such a simple song singing again, the notes never end this is where I belong

A Wink and a Smile {From Sleepless in Seattle}

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Chris1956tian @Chris1956tian: "#music #hang .I lost my soul to this wonderful unique sound of a Hang Drum from PanArt..fantastic!" (reblip)

Integral hang improvisation

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ayogafriend Found Mr. Barton while searching Ravel Pavane few weeks back, was impressed with sound from well recorded spinet piano.
spacespencer yeah! jubilier und tirilier :) @DChain

bat for lashes | seal jubilee

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ayogafriend hey, thanks, found on, paypaled to France, got CD a week later DesertLily: "This is beautiful. Thanks @ prescottscott" (reblip)

Musee Mecanique "Our Changing Skins"

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ayogafriend #indiefolk-pss the music of Laura Groves, moving piano/vocals here...
Disphoria_X you don't know me...

Hanin Elias In Flames

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ayogafriend (rb) hey, thanks, very nice @indieearcandyforeveryone (reblip)

Peter Bradley Adams-The Longer I Run

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outofpurelove Okkervil River – Mermaid
outofpurelove Gotye - The only thing I know
ahsan I like this cover by W.Nelson.don't speak as loud as my heart,nobody said it was easy No one ever said it would be so hard,I'm going back to the start

Back to the Start

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feynschliff The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979.
DJNORD tuesday

Carina Round Backseat (Official Video)

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czybulski Rivulets – Morning Light

16 Horsepower "Train Serenade"

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cloudhopper Endless Melancholy - Nostalgia
outofpurelove Thanks rb@Falainix via@2Tall "i really enjoyed that Clockwork remix, one of the best tunes i have heard in awhile :)" Ghosts In Disguise – Odenwald (reblip)

Schmidt: "Shadowman"

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Martinshorn ... last one, thanks & goodnight!
luffe1 rb @Gazity : Yppah – Soon Enough (reblip)

YppahSoon Enough

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The Cinematic Orchestra ft Lou Rhodes- Time & Space (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)

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leffi333 sisyphe/darbari (with soul without rules). hector zazou & swara
czybulski Sofia Talvik – The Garden
czybulski Jeff Finlin- My Maybeline

Jeff Finlin- My Maybeline(Official Music Video)

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outofpurelove Glen Hansard – The Song of Good Hope
luffe1 good night blip

Moddi "Smoke" music video

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luffe1 tyvm I love her rb @dreamsoflate: "hello @mammara" : Tiny Vipers – Dreamer (Live on KEXP) (reblip)

Moddi "Rubbles" [official music video]

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czybulski great version, new to me rb @ErnestoGeorge: ""...old Steve Winwood-song, nice version..." Alison Krauss – Can't Find My Way Home (reblip)

Boards of Canada- Last Walk Around Mirror Lake

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feynschliff rb@EarwaxOfSatan: "TY @sinnersaintac: "re- flogging @rafaelladm rb @sir_edward_ross: "rb @me: "Flogging Molly--If I ever leave this world alive""""" (reblip)
czybulski Cibelle – Green Grass

CibelleGreen Grass

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czybulski Ben Watt – Some things don't Matter
culturbureau Noah Gundersen – Ring A Bell
czybulski Milk Carton Kids – Maybe It's Time

Follow-Ami Warning

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mimnsee Jose Gonzalez – Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix)
sleepydrummer i listen to all your music, every time, always @DarkWillFollow (reblip)
czybulski The Once – Coming Back To You
luffe1 nice one to say goodnight :) rb @czybulski: "Frida Sundemo – My Watch Began To Sing" (reblip)
ayogafriend Mahsa Vahdat & Mighty Sam McClain - Silent Song ..A long time ago, I recall playing this youtube, wonderful, ty @DesertLily

Silent Song by Mahsa Vahdat & Mighty Sam McClain

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ayogafriend Ashley Slater – Private sunshine (Official HQ video) #googleplay
luffe1 ...But I am not lost, I am not found I am not Dylan's wife, not Cohen's hound... :)

WOLF LARSEN "If I Be Wrong" Music Video

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ayogafriend Keith Jarrett - The Köln Concert (full album)

Keith Jarrett: The koln concert (full album)

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outofpurelove Timo Räisänen – Join the Riot
czybulski Meg Myers – After You

Meg MyersAfter You

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luffe1 Ilsa Down Death Vessel feat. Jonsi
czybulski something very special from a very special Dj ... rb @Zuckerfee: "Larvae – The Switch" (reblip)

LarvaeThe Switch

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"A Woolgathering Exodus" // Benoit Pioulard

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L'Altra- Different Days

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czybulski Angela Faye Martin – No One Can Wake You
cloudhopper Hanni El Khatib – Build Destroy Rebuild
czybulski I'm enjoying this too rb @sleepydrummer Caroline Weeks – The Drowning Man (reblip)
PloedeQ thx..wirklich schön! - @DJ_Hellsballs: "so schön" (reblip)

Eisblume 'Leben ist schön'.

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Martinshorn thanks for listening - goodnight!

Little Annie "Lullaby"

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Martinshorn .. hier noch eine schöne Fundsache! @Annamira
czybulski CC Adcock - All 4 The Betta
tiefklang Someone tell me how I feel. It's silly wrong but vivid right. Oh, kiss me like the final meal. Yeah, kiss me like we die tonight.

Elbow One Day Like This with the BBC Concert Orchestra and choir Chantage

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czybulski Rebecca Loebe – Meridian

I Got You On Tape "Ace In The Hole"

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YACHT- Dystopia | HQ | LYRICS

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AutumnPerception So ture!!! rb @NewOrleansKat: "Sting – " It's Probably Me " (Feat. Eric Clapton) @aerowolf36 @just_a_gigolo ~ yes it was :)" (reblip)
feynschliff Scott Matthew – For Dick.

HOUSE by Amanda Mair

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leffi333 chase the dark away. jim white
wes209 κι εγω κατι ψιλα (χοντρη αναγκη)@She01: ". θέλω να γίνω λιώμα πολύ σύντομα . (ανάγκη)" (reblip)

Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship?-Dance

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Her Love is Happy by Klima

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Cris_tina efharisto :).,rb@eleniap: "Interpreted by the Ensemble Accroche Note" (reblip)
mimnsee Yup it builds up nicely... Greetings! @jfgill

Twin Oaks | Clarity

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Amelianna Peter Bradley Adams – Full Moon Song (Lyrics in Description)
smaclaren Blind Boys of Alabama: Wade in the Water

Blind Boys Of Alabama Wade In The Water

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John Prine -- Long Monday

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Amelianna Alexis Ffrench – Truth Vibrations (reblip)
czybulski Robert Vincent - Riots Cry
luffe1 Death Vessel Bruno´s torso

Bruno's Torso

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