Anne okay, this is my good night blip..
Anne friends shouldn't treat other friends like that
Anne i'm outside of society

DistrictI Crisis

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Anne ..and once again.. love this just as much!
rico Ajax vs Dynamo Kiev tonight to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Playing the Ajax homeground favourite!
Anne All-time favorite!

The Briefs Poor And Weird Jimbo gets a free vacation

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Anne Don't waste your time cause the boy's bad news.
Anne westbound train-i'm no different

I'm No Different

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Anne Thanks for the songs!! Well, in denial about..?... i'm always in denial-and good at it ;)
ElDorkoPunkRetro @Anne ...hey...Ed Gein's Car - Kiss Daddy Goodnight

Ed Gein's Car - Kiss Daddy Goodnight

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Anne wohoo!! love it! !!! @JDS442: "OK ... last one for real ... LOL ! ....CYL !" (reblip)
Anne Great songs-merci! Here's one for you. @Dj_Edurock
Anne Thanks for reminding me of this band! Cheers@JimmyStagger
Anne @ElDorkoPunkRetro That's okay-I do, too :)

The AdictsDo it

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ElDorkoPunkRetro Teenage Head - Ain't Got No Sense


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Anne I can tell by that look in your eye We’re the same My dead end friends and I
Anne reminds me of a perfect morning. this morning.
rorrrorrrorr Terminal Boredom – Steve E Nix And The Cute Lepers
dasistdasende Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead
rylab how long will it take?
Anne Westbound Train!!! I love this song so so much!

I'm No Different

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Anne okay, back to work, ahhh great song!
Anne mehr stereo total!!

L'amour à trois

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The Shocks - 11 - Fenster in meiner Zelle

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Yan so i ask questions, do you want to be my savior or the enemy? (reblip)

Radio Havana

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Anne let me kiss the words from your lips
Anne do the dog not the donkey
Anne i. love. mr. review.


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Anne hey. read my lips. cause all they say is kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Anne The Gadjits!

Bad Gadjit

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Anne awesome! @DAnieL: "on a testors kick (never mind the vid) this tune is ruling." (reblip)

She's Got You High

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The Briefs- Silver Bullet

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Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down

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Shot to Pieces-Skye Sweetnam

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Anne Love Trap.

nikola sarcevic

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DJDustmon a mosh of 200k ..... from the flick Rude Boy!
aagochan du auch schönes weekend! @Anne: .. machs gut! :) (unpassender name heute ich weiß.)" --> naja irgendwie doch passend... (reblip)
Fenga_Buhmorea In honor of @Anne great Jurassic 5 song, I shall put this hip-hop gem up, featuring 3 disturbingly influential artists! Peace
Anne looking back through the years what history tells us
Anne Good night blipland. rb@Dj_Edurock: "Foo Fighters – Let It Die" (reblip)
Anne @aagochan Servus!! :) Bin im Arbeitsmodus, daher ein ruhiges Lied für Dich.
Ombledroom @Anne i haven't figured out yet how this blip thing works, but the kitten loves you back :)
Anne Life Won't Wait. Very true. I'm out to play. Bye.

NIN March Of The Pigs

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Anne Punk that you? I'm a fan now :) @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "Turbonegro - Rock Against Ass ...ok, now I'm really gone..." (reblip)
aagochan fühlte sich an wie am strand...=D @Anne Hab an Dich gedacht und Extra lange Pause in der Sonne gemacht!! :D
aigin rbing for the greater justice @aigin: "rb@aigin: I don't give a shit if I'm not hip. #riotgrrrl Yeah. This song is my motto in life." (reblip)
Anne i'm just gonna pretend that blipping this was my idea ;) @Bhave: "Ditto RB@LastofmyKind" (reblip)
Anne Oh you get to see them?? How cool!! I wish I could but no shows in germany I think! @Mojo_girl (reblip)
Anne ..out in the sun. bye blip!
Anne @aagochan also du magst gogol bordello, flogging molly,..wie sieht's aus mit ..:
Anne Love this song!!! @ShantiBaba: "rb@Fluffyboots: "Joe Strummer & the Latino Rockabilly War – Trash City"" (reblip)
Anne Have fun!! @Fluffyboots: "Ok have to go call my sis( will be an hour!!_))@nattieb) see you all tmrw-)) @ShantiBaba@Dakeek@neo_akira@FOGGIELOANER@ all" (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER noooooo Fluff, you're not obsessive about music, well, no more than I am @Fluffyboots
Anne You too!! I think I gotta go, as well...... @LastofmyKind: "gotta go...have a great weekend@ElDorkoPunkRetro@Anne@Fluffyboots@greentrees" (reblip)

debbie loves joey-HELEN LOVE

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MFP4073 tnx! thought you were alrady favd. no you are ;)rb@vampyrekittie: "@bluebrummie: "80's UK No1 Hits - The Police – Every Breath You Take - 04/06/83."" (reblip)
Anne I gotta go. More Bouncing Souls for you. Have a great weekend! @aagochan @eLi182 @NotAsPunkAsYou
Anne Not the worst thing ;) @NotAsPunkAsYou: "woke up with this in my head" (reblip)
aagochan you can kill the protestor but you cant kill the protest --> fits to the acctual situation in lybia
Anne i think something's wrong with me..
Anne Think so, too! I needed that song. And I'm afraid I need this one, as well.. RB and Thanks! :) @BigDaddyMarshall (reblip)
Anne Yes you can! @Flying_Roundhouse: "A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It? ~ RB @MissLordy: "do the jitterbug..."" (reblip)
Anne @Bhave sounds like a challenge!! hope your boss can't tell whether you're working or blipping ;)
Anne who is picking the names for their songs?! funny. @mirrormirror: "Inspired by @Anne for The Cramps .... Ha!" (reblip)

The Cramps-I want to get in your Pants!

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Anne on heavy rotation!!!!!! i love this! @aagochan würd mich mal interessiern ob Du das auf Anhieb verstehst-ich hab paar Anläufe gebraucht. ;)

HMBC "Vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou" official video

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Anne @mirrormirror ..oh, i also looked at a couple of cities (in Canada and the US) i'd like to move to. i found 3 that would be perfect! :)
Anne Schönen Abend. Bis bald. @aagochan

Unnamed by Roxy Epoxy and the Rebound

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ElDorkoPunkRetro missed you, again... @Anne - Eater - Anne


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08 Happiness Is a Warm Gun

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MFP4073 Its that @Anne... she's a bad influence on us. ;) @treakiepop

SymaripTry me best

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Anne i like i like i like! @BigDaddyMarshall: "good music needs to be added to the collection. TY...@The_Swin: "Whoa! 10 reblips thanks! @BigDaddyMarshall" (reblip)
Anne yes, i know deftones had other great songs besides this but a great song is a great song, right?
Anne Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
Anne lovely ;) @Bhave: "THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!@MFP4073: "wow rb@ Bhave: "If you're lucky RB@greentrees: "see you on the other side blip ~"""" (reblip)
aagochan X – White Girl for @Anne the Green Girl ;-)

XWhite Girl

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aagochan Dengue Fever – Tiger Phone Card for @Anne
Anne Servus Willie! :D @aagochan: "Willie The Pimp ;-) hahahaha Dito! @Willie (reblip)
Anne .....arbeiten. diese woche ganz viel. ganz schrecklich. :( @aagochan: "#coversthatdontsuck She's Not There --> @Anne" (reblip)
aagochan dann bist du ja beinahe schweizerin :-) @Anne war aber nur der neckar.. ;)
aagochan hoffe du gibst nicht mir die schuld, wenn du dein blip-verbot nicht einhältst ;-) @Anne Muss arbeiten und hab heute selbstauferlegtes Blip-Verbot
aagochan I Can Only Give You Everything -->Gimme Danger @Anne
Anne ah-i could reblip your whole list..! @Bhave: "Wow." (reblip)
EtherealNotes All I Want, is mind travelling, with songs like this.
Anne @treakiepop Great picture! Such a cutie! Same cat still, right? ;)
Anne ich liebe diese band!!!! @aagochan: "für @Anne Streetlight Manifesto – Everything Went Numb" (reblip)

Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National (Official Video)

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SquareBiz83 tyrb@Anne: "rb@Kubrickx: "The Runaways – You Drive Me Wild"" (reblip)
Anne this time without drunk girls dancing. wouldn't be appropriate ..
Anne blip is so slow today and doesn't play the video. bad sign?
Anne You're right BUT I hope it won't ever be quiet -at least not when i log onto blip! @Cityboy_Floyd
Anne don't take any chances on me
Anne @Cribs66: "X-ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours!" (reblip)
mirrormirror Hey ya @AprilJ I'ma rocking it today. How are you? Did you have a nice holiday?
Anne Thanks for the prop shower!! (+: @ElDorkoPunkRetro @5inchmonkey @Jungstir @MFP4073 !!! Here's some nice dancing action for you! Enjoy.

Sweet Chariot by My Jerusalem

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Anne ..i see..this is where opinions diverge :) @JimmyStagger: "@Anne @MaydayMaydayMayday @ShantiBaba ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh....." (reblip)
JimmyStagger @Anne don't count out the East Coast. These guys were from my neck of the woods, Boston.
Anne credits left..please imagine a prop shower from me to you! :) @JimmyStagger: "@Anne I love PTTB! Good call...." (reblip)

TLC - Waterfalls

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ElDorkoPunkRetro The Vapids - These Kids Are Sick #ramonesday ...obviously...
Anne Hell YEAH!! I love it!!@ElDorkoPunkRetro: "@Anne 3rd time tonight, but I know you'll love this #ramonesday classic #coversthatdontsuck by the Spazzys" (reblip)
scream20 The Flatliners – July! August! Reno!
mirrormirror (: @Anne: "haha! :) exactly! more more...@ mirrormirror" *claps* (reblip)
Anne new reasons to be beautiful
Anne wow! Wann und wo in Köln spielen die denn?? @lomovogt: "Yeah! I got tickets for the Specials' gig in Cologne. I suppose, I am going "to enjoy myself" (reblip)
Anne Good stuff @JahShanti! (reblip)

Dub Pistols 'Peaches' feat. Rodney P & Terry Hall

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killerswp have a great evening,everyone. Remember: "Don't hurt anyone" and keep in touch.!/profile.php?id=1122843846
MFP4073 cut off blips suck! Lets try again @bigoldiefreak
Anne @MFP4073 YES! I'll be back soon enough :) Wohoo! TGIF

Drain The Blood

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Bhave Fuck It! Thank You! I Love You All!
Anne yeah. i'm a fan.

pascal briggs the third song

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Anne Happy Friday to you! I'm really enjoying your playlist! @MFP4073 (reblip)
ElDorkoPunkRetro Queers - Fuck You ...sorry, distractions get me every time...what happened?...

QueersFuck You

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Anne @ElDorkoPunkRetro soon i'll be visiting your side of the planet ;)
mirrormirror LOL ... Perfect! :) @LikeAnAngel: "right, right, sorry! @ mirrormirror Shh! I am incognito @ LikeAnAngel :-)" (reblip)
Anne good night!!!!

Rancid Red Hot Moon

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Anne Great song. Always a pleasure to listen to @Kubrickx (reblip)
Anne True..true.. @Vifke: "The Buzzcocks ~ Wish I never Loved You" (reblip)
Anne Totally agree!! @Vifke: "Gotta love NIN!!! Thx! :) rb@Alfea: "→ rb@Gr8tune: "TY@agogab! "NIN - Perfect Drug"""" (reblip)
Anne Good Night. @doubleknockout78: "The Dresden Dolls - Good Day" (reblip)
Anne @greentrees: "Every day is national KISS day - ha@backtoback "do know if there is a national kiss day too?" @shiloh62" (reblip)
Anne this is me against the world
MFP4073 such a great tune rb@nattieb: "thank you xx :)@greentrees: "the inspiration behind Beach Boys Don't Worry Baby..." (reblip)
Smryna The Vines – Get Free <This soooonng is so freaking awesome!!>
TBFKA It's my first day back at work and I don't feel fine
MFP4073 I gotta split but I don't really wanna
Anne to those whose blips i often miss, due to, i guess, time difference.. @wreckchords @ElDorkoPunkRetro
Anne Wow. Didn't expect that. Great voice! Great song!! @RadioFreeIllinois: ""Nothin's ever easy ~ easy for me..." Heartless Bastards <3" (reblip)
Anne ah, yes, finally the video i was looking for! :)
Anne what-that late already?! gotta go........good night blippers!
greentrees a fave from a fave RB>>>>@Lambchop: "okay, I'm outa kids play amongst yourselves ;p" (reblip)

Rancid "Time Bomb"

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aagochan mir gefällt die besser....und die auch :-) -> @Anne Die ganze Frau! :p
Anne Sexy lady. Fun song. Great message. GO VEGAN!

Song A Day #810: Vegan Myths Debunked

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Anne Abhängig von Deinem Browser. Ich nutze GoogleChrome & habe AdBlock Plus empfohlen bekommen. (Klappt auch gegen Werbung auf facebook etc!) @Annamira

Joe Strummer-It's A Rockin' World

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Anne haha. Ja, guter Punkt!! :) @aagochan: ""Sometimes good guys don't wear white" ;-) @ Anne Cause the bad are way better than the good......." (reblip)
Anne Cause the bad are way better than the good....... @aagochan xx

TERRORGRUPPE "Stay Away From The Good Guys"

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Anne Ah, yes. This is worth delaying sleep ;) @Twinkles: "@Anne- just a small blip;))" (reblip)
Anne :D wohoo!! @treakiepop: "@ Anne influenced are powerful, thats for sure ;)" (reblip)

Time Again-Cold Concrete

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Anne Lars. *sigh*

Rancid Rattlesnake

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Rancid- Tropical London

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musicjunkies ...gerade entdeckt. @Anne @aagochan

Findus // Anfang vs Ende

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aagochan Tiger Army – @Anne abel Lee
Anne oh und hier natürlich: ur-deutsch ;) @aagochan


| play
Anne Thanks man! @mark_till: "The National – Sorrow ty4props! @Archiemck @CSFISHER" (reblip)
aagochan SELIG - Schau Schau ..schön... Tschau Tschau @Anne (reblip)
Anna_Log_ Immer von neuem erstaunt zu singen.
mirrormirror @wejazz Dang, it is Thursday already. Yikes, this week is flying by! TGIT to you also.


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Anne @keithold your video is not playing in germany :( is this it? beautiful! Thanks anyway :) happy weekend!!
aagochan sad story.... hab auch so meine mühe.....aber ist ja bald wochenende ;-) @Anne Naja, ich bin definitiv überarbeitet.. und bei Dir?!
aagochan hoffe du kriegst ihn auch ;-) sonst kannst du's ja machen wie ich -> "cut my hair like Marky Ramone" :-D @Anne Hoffe auf Urlaub!

The Spazzys-I wanna cut my hair like Marky Ramone

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aagochan falls das mit dem urlaub nicht klappt --> Zombie Girl @Anne

SpazzysZombie Girl

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aagochan muss wieder "robotten gehn".....bis bald wieder %-) @Anne
aagochan aber immer doch ;-) @Anne Danke fürs Aufheitern!!! :) (reblip)
aagochan Canned Heat - Amphetamine @Anne

Canned Heat: Amphetamine Annie

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Bhave My F you song (but to no one here on blip - i love you all)
Anne This is also a great band! @TheRRQueen: "The Black Halos <3<3" (reblip)

Carrousel- les mains sur les hanches

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Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang

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aagochan "She's Like Heroin to Me" -> "geflüstert";-) @Anne denn Du weißt ja:
aagochan This is how we do things in the country..... tschüssli @Anne

Slim Cessna's Auto Club- This is how we do things in the country

| play
Anne Sorry!!!! @aagochan No time for blip this week :(

Fugees | Ready Or Not (LIVE on BBC Radio 1)

| play
Kubrickx The Exploited – I Still Believe In Anarchy

Lou Reed- Walk on the Wild Side

| play
Anne you confuse me. in a good way. @aagochan
aagochan nicht zu streng;-) for my Sweetheart @Anne :) Schön zu wissen dass ich nicht alleine bin ;) ......back to work.

Sugarhill Gang Apache (Jump On It)

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Anne @mirrormirror Mondays always kill me........! glad it's almost over. hope you have a good one :) cheers!
aagochan Hoi @Anne Back With A Bang?

Skrewdriver- Back With A Bang

| play
Anne Bin zurück ausm Urlaub :) Wie gehts Dir?! @aagochan

The Flatliners- Bad News

| play
Anne It's not about class, color or races, let’s get around and see different places yeah!
Anne @aagochan "Nur" nach X-lingen in meine alte WG und zu Seeed -->

Seeed: "Schwinger" (Official Video)

| play
aagochan The Osmonds ~ Crazy Horses .... für Crazy @Anne ;-)

The Osmonds ~ Crazy Horses

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aagochan Schön! Wo gings hin? @Anne. Ich bin morgen in der Schweiz ;)
Anne Oh, Du hast immer so tolle Lieder!! Merci! Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende. Ich bin morgen in der Schweiz ;) @aagochan: "Schönes Weekend! ;-)@ Anne" (reblip)
Anne indeed :D @mirrormirror: "LOL .. a good party in Hell, my dear? :D @ Anne "I went to the worst part in Germany : "Ruhrpott". But I had an awesome time (reblip)

The StoogesLoose

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aagochan The Undertones – Wednesday Week @Anne ..wednesday is my monday :
aagochan Pfiat’ di ;-) bisschen heiss.... @Anne Bin zurück ausm Urlaub :) Wie gehts Dir?!
mirrormirror @Anne Where'd you go for holiday? Drag about work, but the money is nice to have, no?

Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

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Anne love it! @KatapultaSonica: "Spinnerette – Valium Knights" (reblip)
aagochan The Lurkers – She Go Solo @Anne
aagochan Here Comes the Summer.. @Anne i want summer!

The Undertones Here Comes the Summer

| play

Sillywalks Movement ft Taffari & Turbulence Leaders

| play

The Creepshow "Zombies Ate Her Brain"

| play
Anne love love love

Roots Radicals Acoustic

| play
Anne ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠
Anne rb!@mark_till: "Brett Anderson of The Donnas - California Sun (The Ramones)" (reblip)
Anne Du siehst jedenfalls so aus.... :) @aagochan

Nice Try lyrics- I Am Arrows

| play


| play
aagochan The Adicts – GIRL @Anne

The AdictsGIRL

| play

No Lies Just Love

| play
Anne Chchchchcherry bombs for @aagochan
MFP4073 One of my favs from the The Partisans for @Honeywolf and @Anne