colinh The Dresden Dolls—Because we've all got a little emo chick inside of us.
MyJerusalem good covers are hard to find

AdemOh My Lover

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gingertits another of the best songs ever. 2nd verse lyrics feeecking awesome.

LoveAlone Again Or

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mmemaledicta here ya go, @Catasfurrytheremin, why don't we get into the way-back machine? LOLz.


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lagartazul royal tenenbaums ftw

NicoThese Days

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favorite One of the most gorgeous songs ever recorded. If Spirit of Eden is not in your music library, you are suffering a void in your life. Trust me.
elfgirl one of my favorite songs to dance to..esp when you're packing up all the pieces of the life you used to.....
favorite I couldn't find their cover of the Chameleons' "Up the Down Escalator." This will do.
elfgirl i dedicate this song to my disorder, not to my ex boyfriends. and i can't wait to scream it from the top of my lungs!!!
stickylicks this is 4 all peeps starting their Saturday on the other side of the world (or this one)...1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4...The Banana Splits theme : D


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paulaptre que banda é essa? nunca escutei antes

Das PopYou

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favorite The first time I heard this song, I had chills. Also one of the best videos of the past five years. Definitely track it down.

GotyeHearts a Mess

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johnpapa R.I.P. Alton Ellis. Rocksteady in the afterlife my friend.
NyQuilDriver @elfgirl Apologies, I surely didn't mean anything by it :) @Anomaly thanks darlin :)
NyQuilDriver I dig the Living End's first CD but have never heard this, pretty cool cover.
elfgirl or at least get a massage @Anomaly on 11/21/08 :)
NyQuilDriver We're all familiar with the tragedy of being you It's hard to show you any sympathy when all you do Is beg for pain Baby someone is crazy and it's you
NyQuilDriver Reblipping myself in the hopes that I don't forget about this band again (rediscovered them last night) :P
JRex778 @by_starla best wishes for a wonderful week to you also and thank you! (reblip)
NyQuilDriver I wish my acoustic rendition of this song was this good.

The WalkaboutswithMarkLanegan - Feel Like Going Home

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wanderingalex actually, i once met a lovely redhead in a dumpster. i was digging though it and surprised her when she went to get in there herself...
by_starla @schizophonic thanks for The Beatles cover--here's another one for you. hope you are well. :)
Aluciel It wasn't mean to be/I was sure you saw me/But it wasn't meant to be - so sad. ;_;


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Aluciel So long, my luckless romance/My back is turned on you/I should've known you'd bring me heartache/Almost lovers always do
NyQuilDriver But your verse got trapped inside my head, over and over again. You played yourself to death in me.

FailureStuck On You

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NyQuilDriver I'm developing my sense of humor, till I can laugh at my heart between your teeth. Till I can laugh at my face beneath your feet.
JRex 'bout that time ... Good night @lilwldchld thanks for the great music & delightful blips ... so good to see you & have a great evening sweetie ... :)
by_starla @secretlocation--The 6ths are a side project for Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields. tons of guests on the albums.
Aluciel And I like the way you nod after everything I say like it actually means something to you...
melodyofurlife covers before bed (and Beck for all you Beck nuts)
Figgywithit Every breath that's in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me.
NyQuilDriver (dear and headlights) @Anomaly @by_starla I'm OK, being lazy was nice for a bit, but I gotta do something to fill my days :P

01 Oh No!

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NyQuilDriver i sold it to a man and threw him out that window. He went boom, made his wife a widow.
tintinabulation @robotnik thanks- never heard this version. kinda creepy,what? (reblip)

Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality

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darlin "Not gay as in happy, but queer, as in f@ck you!" Starting sh1t with CoStah & co. This is so w00t it's practically w4ck. (reblip)
darlin Amateurliciously live: IF YOU'VE GOT TO ASK, THE ANSWER IS ALREADY NO! NO! NO! [one we made earlier].

Radio DarlingWhy

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darlin Hey team! This is where it's @ right now.
darlin He's right, you know. But he's a smooth prick all the same.
Aluciel It's a lazy day today, and I'm loving it. ^_^
Contrabandito RB (the 1-2 punch of good fun): @Anomaly haven't heard this in FOREVER! (reblip)
diskurs Give me back my time! It's too late already. Whatever. I'm at home.
CherryGhost @DearPrudns sweet as the summertime strong as the sunshine (reblip)
MyJerusalem no explanation necessary


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DJBlues Found this band just a moment ago, I think this song is wonderful! hope you like it!
by_starla [Neverending White Lights-I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty] oh my, this song is available now. it chokes me up, but i do love it so. need to turn it up.
by_starla [Dean & Britta-You Turned My Head Around] sorry @craigz-didn't see you until now. i'm signing off now-sorry not to be up later. have a good night!
NyQuilDriver You were too old for me, though there was some apprehension my plan was to wait and see what God alone brought together. Well, it must be something.
NyQuilDriver Oh man, I love this song/band/CD.

Ruth RuthUptight

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NyQuilDriver You won't see me follow you back home.
NyQuilDriver I think about you nightly, can you tell I'm losing sleep?
MyJerusalem i meant to post this version
kaymarmur Gotta put a new shine on the twists of time, redefine this old cemetery...
cammy Are you falling in love every second song?

ElbowForget Myself

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MyJerusalem and if i fail, well then i fail, but i gave it a shot
kaymarmur yet that terror was not fright, but a tremulous delight and a feeling undefined...edgar allan poe by antony, good jesus.
kaymarmur a song that will make you want to join a church choir and get fisted, all while swaying back and forth. its out of love.
by_starla [Neverending White Lights-I hope your heart runs empty]

Neverending White Lights-I hope your heart runs empty

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charleyhorse true that..

Work is a Four-Letter Word

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elfgirl kinda haunting......sort of like an evil box of old doll heads.. yeah i'm a weirdo haha.. but pretty fuckin cool!

NursesHungry Mouth

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Anomaly OMG. Saw these guys today ... felt 15 all over again ...
MyJerusalem and another double shot. and the answer is yes. i have forgotten.
kaymarmur ingenue, sentimental as a cat's grave. i'm gonna love the hell out of you.
charleyhorse Good morning... another sunny morning in the bliposphere... let's start off the week with this little anthem of hope..
everythingispop Enjoy your Sunday BLIP Nation! Take care.
by_starla [Human Highway - The Sound] thanks so much @craigz-for blipping Starla and for what you said too--it has been too long, and i missed you and @all :)
melodyofurlife thanks to David Dye. From Cincy!

Pop EmpireTwirling

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craigz it's a silk & cashmere rope she uses for the dangling; my sharp knives; limited as i don't want to make the cut.
by_starla [Amos The Transparent - After All That, It's Come To This (Featuring Amy Millan)]
Aluciel "And if you don't love me, let me go."
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