roreec Blipped this before but I do love it :D
organicsue Wilson Pickett – In the Midnight Hour @Oldies- Thanks 4 rb Where r u going next? (reblip)
organicsue Stevie Ray Vaughan (In The Beginning) – All Your Love (I Miss Loving) (reblip)
organicsue @GR8FL @NeedBlues2Live @Outdoors2 Doctor is sending me 2 emergency room. My left side from foot on up is swollen. Wish me luck! C U Later@>--------


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organicsue This is one talented woman. Her name is @Marcome. Please listen.
organicsue Whiskeytown was an incredible band! And I want to be happy And I only want you If you think that I'm crazy I'm just crazy 'bout you (reblip)
organicsue kinda irresistable --The Georgia Satellites, Keep Your Hands to Yourself (reblip)

Keep Your Hands To Yourself - The Georgia Satellites

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organicsue 4 All of my Followers,Listeners Blips, Props,Mom & Dad, friends & family... I luv u so. xoxo GoodNight @>------- (reblip)
bkGirlFriday i knew all the words to this one too. i probably missed my calling. (reblip)

J.J. FadSupersonic

| play
machadow Pink Floyd – What Do U Want from Me - Queria que tds vcs estivessem aqui ouvindo essa música na piscina. #so
taknom Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
gleegirlrock Bob Seger - Old Time Rock n do I!
onceacurmudgeon wow. did not know this existed.

00 - Cyndi Lauper-La Vie En Rose

| play
Skyhiatrist Remind me again; what scale was the track recorded in? 3-8 time?

Pink Floyd - Money

| play
onceacurmudgeon this is my all time favorite ms lauper song. love, love, love that she felt no need to change pronouns.
organicsue Todd Rundgren - "I Saw The Light" (1972) (reblip)
tubilino .... .- .... .- .... .- / -.-- --- ..- .----. .-. . / --. --- --- -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. / @r0g1 ;)
VtownLee Zombies - Tell her NO!

Zombies - Tell Her No

| play
playalongjon The first Oasis song to make an impact in the UK

Oasis - Live Forever

| play
Scabette Because my brain doesn't need to come back down to Earth yet.
batateira looking for a guitar solo...


| play
rayven In somewhere deep in ur heart i hope!!!


| play
Figgywithit reminding myself that life is beautiful
Asia50 I close my eyes and I am back at the Beach relaxing with a drink in hand.
Asia50 Good dancing music for a good work out, just lesson to me movie
adbert [Bananarama – Venus] *\o/*


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FernandaW vou nessa amigos, se nao estiver com sono volto mais tarde///good night dears blipners ;)
organicsue Celebration time come on, let's celebrate. Theres a party going on right here a celebration to last througout the year (reblip)
adbert [Queen – Don't Stop Me Now] Hola @alfonvaina @ivan_filios!!! Lindo domingo y semana, mis amigos!!! :-)
Asia50 Best Language through out the years

QueenBody Language

| play
briangreene ‘The Boat That Rocked' poster

Queen - We Will Rock You

| play
adbert [Blondie – One Way or Another]
organicsue Watch out now.... Beware of Darkness....
adbert [Blondie - Good boys] Ciao @crispast!!! Come va? Spero tutto bene! :-)


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adbert [Electric Light Orchestra – Confusion]
bkGirlFriday @mrbartender i mean come on... its about you!
bkGirlFriday THIS is the ultimate stalker song. (for my twitter friends)
shaggylive I still love this show!

TV ThemeFat Albert

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evablue and now for something serious. i <3 ray lamontagne. awesome show tonight. crap for pictures though.
bkGirlFriday for all you ppl that are here day and night!

Kid CudiDay & Night

| play
WatariGoro Theme from Armageddon, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" - Aerosmith
someidiot This song reminds me of hanging with my friends on the East side of Detroit at Eastland Mall 1983-84 ~ Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun!
organicsue Love Comes 2 the rescue whenever U need it. Like a miracle. 4 ((YOU)) @>-------------
Asia50 Are you ready Tweets - lets party
organicsue One more prop & I"ll have broken the spell good people. You are the best ((hugs)) blowing kisses @>----------
Asia50 For all you guys that have the right someone
Asia50 For my Hisa - thanks my sweetie John (reblip)
EdOvett The Beach Boys – Sloop John B (Single Version) (Digitally Remastered 99)
Asia50 KD for world of love - let it happen within you (reblip)
Asia50 Lets dance - hula hop baby
Asia50 I remember the Hula Hoop - it has come back
Asia50 Tech world as it is (YT,FB,BTV,TWEET,CELLS) - the old world is gone (Letters,Visiting,ETC) (reblip)
Asia50 This is true, but the world is also full of People that love
Asia50 Yes, I agree, keep it to yourself if you have nothing good to say
someidiot John Denver ~ "Rocky Mountain High" is pure inspiration for me. I sing it out loud too.. the kids are like WTF is that? #mp3
Asia50 Always rushing, life goes so fast, no time to slow down
Asia50 No color, all is dark, paint it black, no feeling in the soul
Asia50 Rocken and Rocken all around, let go round and round


| play
Asia50 I will talk dirty to you in Hawaiian, see my hands move (reblip)
Asia50 One of my fav, I remember dancing to this one
Asia50 A little Japanese Punk

GospromJapan Punk

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bkGirlFriday this music is healing my soul.
bkGirlFriday what do you do when youre tired of being emo? JONAS BROTHERS!
RealtorLefebvre "Her a$$ is a spaceship that I want to ride." Aww... poetic. (reblip)
Asia50 Today was a empty day at work
Asia50 Had Chinese food today for lunch - song is quit fitting for my event
Asia50 This reminds me of my hay days
organicsue Watch out here come's Mustang Sally
Asia50 Dance Dance, dance through life
Asia50 Watch out here come's Mustang Sally - I remember dancing to this - can feel my body move (reblip)
organicsue KC & The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight
Asia50 Do a little dance, make a little love, GET DOWN TONIGHT, OH YA (reblip)
Asia50 slow ride - - - take it easy - - - slow ride - - - take it easy - - - nice and slow baby (reblip)

foghat - slow ride

| play
RogerMapes my cover version of Bobbie gentry's classic "Ode To Billy Joe"

Ode To Billy Joe mp3

| play
RogerMapes but before I leave the computer have a listen to my LA Music Awards nominated song "Angels" by me-Roger Anthony Mapes


| play
Asia50 love this song that @thepete bliped (reblip)


| play
RogerMapes Mornin Blippers and Tweeters.. heres a sweet mellow song to start your day: "Love Divine" by me. Country ballad with pedal steel.
Asia50 Scratch Baby Scratch, get them lucky numbers
Asia50 OH YA Shake, Rattle and Roll, Shake Rattle and Roll
Asia50 OH Ya Baby, hit me the your rhythm stick, hit me slowly hit me quick
Asia50 came into town then she drive away, sun light in her hair

The DoorsPeace Frog

| play
Asia50 Every time I here this song it reminds me of my Grandma, Dad, Jim, Bob and Mother. Life must go on as you hold the memories
threebears Don't Get Me Wrong - The Pretenders reblipping @sandraew ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
Asia50 Watching Muddy Waters on Cadillac Records - Rock to the Blues
Asia50 Watching Little Walter on Cadillac Records - Rocking to the Blues - OH YEA
Asia50 I believe it is a Blues evening - swaying to the Blues with Wolf and Muddy
Asia50 Berry with his famous guitar playing
Asia50 Etta singing on Cadillac records - All I could do was cry
Asia50 lets do a little Queen - shake your bootie girls
Asia50 The best language in the world

QueenBody Language

| play
Asia50 A little Elvis - was during the Chuck, Muddy, Wolf and Walter days.
Asia50 Did you now that Chuck Berry was the key in naming this group - one of Chuck's songs has rolling stone in it
Asia50 What's love got to do with it (movie) Story of Ike and Tina
Asia50 Tina still going great without Ike
Asia50 for all you mothers out there and other do not forget that person in brought you into this world
Asia50 When you can not find that card for mom what about a song
Asia50 The History of Mother's Day
Asia50 Things that Mothers told us

Barry MillerMothers

| play
Asia50 This is for the people that want it to work
Asia50 Go BB - oh ya - help poor me
RogerMapes listen to some original country..mmmmmmmmmm


| play
RogerMapes my song about my husband.

The Greatest Love of My Life

| play
RogerMapes I did this cover version of Bobby gentry's tune

Ode To Billy Joe mp3

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TechJunkie @realtyman's very first concert ( "Let's sit close to the speakers so we can hear..." #GeneralAdmission )
Asia50 Month of June is a Good Month

Agent R Entertainment Music Track of the Month: June

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threebears apparently later had a more successful 70s hit ...quote'n'rblip @hebrewschool ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
calamari Listening to -- Brett Dennen "When She's Gone"
threebears john cage – mushroom haiku, excerpt from silence .... quote'n'rblip @hebrewschool ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
TechJunkie @CarolannB: "☯'...met down on the border Rio the salt & peanuts out the can...' "Cisco Kid" (WAR)" :P (reblip)

WarCisco Kid

| play
FernandaW @russoz, love you ;)

Across The Universe "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"

| play
Diordan hit the road jack

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Hit the Road Jack

| play
TechJunkie I knew that they were mine...

ZZ TopBlue Jean Blues

| play
Asia50 @ArtMonkey Thanks for letting me hold your hand (reblip)

Across The Universe "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"

| play
Asia50 ジャックは、道路ヒット (reblip)

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Hit the Road Jack

| play
TechJunkie +It just don't get Any cooler than This!!!

ZZ TopLa Grange

| play
Asia50 From Fandango (remastered) album (reblip)

ZZ TopLa Grange

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TechJunkie Wow, I thought I was the ONLY one who owned this disc... (I guess there are 2 of us) LOL

LA GunsNever Enough

| play
Diordan Unequipped with a skill But I'm thrilled with the thrill Underskilled, unprepared Hey, who wouldn't be scared
jas13 Booker T & the MG's – Hip Hug Her
RogerMapes Home: a place inside


| play


| play
Asia50 This song makes you say - I love my life, I have a Home, a Job, a Car. Hold out your hand and heart to the less fortunate and be happy for your life.

J. HolidayHomeless

| play
Asia50 Reminds me of my July 4th Holiday week in Montana with my Lover, Sweetheart and Friend. Had a great time with the In Laws too.
Asia50 Love this song: Did this when I went to Montana for a Holiday. The rockies was beautiful (Glacier National Park).
Asia50 Love you Michael and will miss you. You words will love on (reblip)
Asia50 Reminds me of Pacific Coast HWY - Jazz under the Pier - Dinner on the cost line
Asia50 Reminds me when I use to watch my friends in the Garage and down at the beach. Jazz and Rock/Roll. Oh looking back at my youth.
Asia50 Close your eyes and feel the music, feel the water, hear the birds, relax and let you body move and your mind dream.


| play
Asia50 I remember those HOT SUMMER NIGHTS.
Asia50 Cool song, love the lyrics.
Asia50 Love Piano - so you go - Summer song

久石譲-Summer (菊次郎の夏)

| play
monicarmc @star45: "Enrique Iglesias – Tired Of Being Sorry – hey you (reblip)
djjazz1 Diasporic: "People Make The World Go Round"

Diasporic: "People Make The World Go Round" 10.16.08

| play
Asia50 Hello Everyone - its 8am on a lovely Colorado Sunday - here is a little Cranberries for you
Asia50 For you Blondie Lovers - Sunday Girl

BlondieSunday Girl

| play
Asia50 A little Sunday jamming with TheGents

@TheGentsSunday Jam

| play
Asia50 Suki dasu

【The Babystars】sunday【ザ・ベイビースターズ】

| play
Asia50 A little No Doubt for a Sunday Morning
Asia50 A little easy lessoning with Lionel on a Sunday

Easy like Sunday Morning by: Lionel Richie

| play
Asia50 Let Sunday pass you by with Anthony

Anthony SnapeSunday

| play

Windmills of My Mind Michel Legrand & Claude Bolling

| play
PrinceCleton 70s Sunday Mick samples of the brown sugar

Brown Sugar-Rolling Stones

| play
1sweetwhirl Instant happiness :-) ~Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

Joni Mitchell Cactus Tree

| play
Dacrates Rocked many parties thru the years with this, the vibe just grips!!! Props to EPMD true pioneers - Strictly Business

Strictly BusinessEPMD

| play
De_Ann ~Massive Attack – Angel (2006 Digital Remaster)~ got some meditation to do guys...BBL
itsRamel James Fortune – I Trust You "my song of the day..."
BlissfulVisions Great song, and a great video! Roy Khan has a great voice!

KamelotGhost Opera

| play
Asia50 @Asia50: sorry Who is what I mean, sorry folks (reblip)
Asia50 Well folks I am signing off as the world keeps singing - a lovely day so I must go outside
Asia50 Hello Everyone - Good Evening in Colorado - here is a little Reggae - relax and enjoy
Figgywithit my favorite karoake song vi@MrsASoprano: "When the lights go down in the city" (reblip)

Journey-When the lights go down

| play
Figgywithit thanks vi@TwangNation: "Johnny Cash – Pocahontas (Neil Young)" (reblip)
Asia50 Good evening folks and good day for others - lets have a little do wop with fools falling in love
Asia50 Let go to Japan with some love in the air


| play
DownLow another slow jam blip before bed time ...
jas13 THE WALL: Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell (reblip)
jas13 @jet333: "Don Ho – "Tiny Bubbles"" (reblip)

Don HoTiny Bubbles

| play
Asia50 I feel sick - OH YA

Mr. MocosSick

| play
Asia50 I feel sorry now - I've just been feeling bad - Eddie Floyd makes the girls try
Asia50 Just close your eyes and work it
Diordan You're the night lilah you're the possibility

MorphineThe Night

| play
Asia50 Tweet Tweet Shush Shush Come Come

Tweet Tweet

| play
leinergroove There is this documentary coming ("It might get loud" is the title), and there is a cover of this song by... THE EDGE, JIMMY PAGE AND JACK WHITE!!

The BandThe Weight

| play
jas13 Les Paul. Guitarist Extraordinaire. 1

Les Paul. Guitarist Extraordinaire. 1

| play
jas13 Chet Atkins & Les Paul ~ Birth of the Blues

Chet Atkins & Les Paul

| play
threebears "Rising like the tide: Kate Havnevik - Timeless" ...quote'n'rb @unfolding ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
FernandaW @russoz, o mundo anda tao complicado e hj eu quero fazer tudo por voce....
Asia50 Play in the cookie jar, BAD BAD

IrationCookie Jar

| play
Asia50 For all you that feel like a Desparado at times in our lives
santamistura good night blipperland i hear you more tomorrow thanks thanks thanksssss
Asia50 A little Old time Rock and Roll, the one only time that I liked Tom C. But I will always love Bob Seger. LETS ROCK and CLAP OUR HANDS.
threebears Somewhere on our planet the moon is setting. Thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/day/sunshine/moonshine - in any order ^_~

shivaree - goodnight moon

| play
Asia50 Any old time I will be there for you. Just drop a dime and I will be there.
Asia50 Mambo Mambo, let's all dance, swing them hips and move them feet.

Baby RanksMambo

| play
Asia50 The Dance of love, anger and madness
Asia50 Lets spread the love, this is what the universe needs. (reblip)
calamari Listening to Abc by The Pipettes

The PipettesAbc

| play
calamari Listening to Second, Minute or Hour by Jack Penate
Asia50 I can feel my self change with the world outside. Interesting that the outside can change you.
Asia50 Trying to be complete - sometimes I just cry - good lyrics - never perfect but we all can be complete just give us a chance
Asia50 Thank for you props @santamistura @calamari @VenusFly

Fred Astaire Dances with Props

| play

TRAVIS Love Will Come Through

| play
jas13 The Beatles – "Doctor Robert"
Diordan Nossa filha única de mãe solteira por aqui @FernandaW
Asia50 With the times being hard, lets bring peace in our hearts with all the Holiday's coming up including this weekend.
jas13 @jet333: "TY:)) @Jaxtraw12: Jerry Garcia Band – "Sugaree".. nice photo show here" (reblip)
Asia50 Lets relax for the Holiday with some Reggae with signs of the Island. I close my eyes I can feel myself relax to the music. Just moving to the sound

Lets Reggae, Lets Relax.......

| play
Asia50 OH YA - Day off Day off Day off - 3 days of brain vacation

Zona JonesDay Off

| play
jas13 @jet333: Elvis Presley – A Fool Such as I (reblip)
Asia50 I would like a Tall Non Carmel Mac, I would like a Grande Americano room for cream, Med Coffee Foz Non - you don't have that - WHAT - I ORDERED WRONG
nousvivionstous ///////////////////////////////////
nousvivionstous ///////////////////////////////////////////////
Asia50 I would love to change the world but I do not know what to do.
Asia50 Inuyasha - Change the World

Change the worldV6

| play
eduardomiceli Para começar essa bagaça \o\

Good Day Sunshine- The Beatles

| play
Asia50 for all you gals with that special someone that you miss. I now I now I now I now I now I now.
LEM_40 Okay, this is the last one for the night...really. I mean it... (maybe).
Asia50 First full week in October has been crisp and cold at times. Early winter. here is some U2 for you on October day.


| play
Asia50 here is some Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hey Oh
Asia50 So everyone are you ready for Holloween
Asia50 Let go the ball and mingle with creators of the night.
Asia50 The best drink at a gathering, Witches Brew, Come join the feeling.
Asia50 Very cool Video, Loved the movie.

Werwolf vs Dracula

| play
Asia50 I was afraid to be alone and know I am afraid that I like to be alone

Azure RayNovember

| play
Asia50 Happy November Everyone, It is lovely day today.

Nir MizrahiNovember

| play
Asia50 Love the video - Silverstein's November


| play
bkGirlFriday JAH... rastafari.... just a passing glance....
Asia50 I am feeling the Pass, OH YEA, joy to the world
Asia50 Love the lyrics - True to life
bkGirlFriday This song made me cry... because its true.

I Know You Won't-Carrie Underwood

| play
bkGirlFriday Have you heard "perfect together" by @danyocummings? HERE IT IS!
jas13 Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee (reblip)
Asia50 Happy FEB to everyone - may you fine love if you need it - may your love grow if you have it.
Asia50 Let us celebrate our love for that special someone.
Asia50 I never believed in love until I met you, a very special love.

video musica Tom Petty Free Falling Super Bowl 2008, youtube musica Tom Petty Free Falling Super Bowl 2008 xvid

| play
Asia50 NO COMPUTERS, NO INTERNET GAMING, Just having fun in the schoolyard
Asia50 This is what we all need when life is getting you down.

MotivationNLP Song

| play
Asia50 AH, the 70's

Remember The 70'S

| play
Asia50 Won the GOLD for Hockey

Canadian National Anthem (lyrics) Oh Canada

| play
Asia50 Yes I love this idea of no work tomorrow
organicsue Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck – I Want To Take You Higher
Diordan with a swing @SarahShoeMe Goodnight bliplands!

jon hendricks - freddie freeloader - 13 - sing, sing, sing

| play
Asia50 Today is the day - Dreams and Plans
Asia50 Beer, Beer, Beer - thank goodness for beer
Asia50 I remember doing this in grade school.

May Pole Dance

| play
Asia50 good song to work out to - gets my body moving.


| play
Asia50 Do Wop Do Wop - don't stop
Asia50 Hay lets fly like Mary or Super Man.

I Want To Fly

| play
organicsue TY Hugs @backtoback: ".." ~~ I'm So Proud - Curtis Mayfield And The Impressions (reblip)
organicsue Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
jas13 I Call Your Name-The Beatles

I Call Your Name-The Beatles

| play
Asia50 I just setting here enjoying my gummy Bears - YUMMY for the TUMMY - Bounce Bounce Bounce - I am gummy Bear I am Gummy Bear
Asia50 Catalina's Calling - how I do miss the Island
Asia50 I love this musical - This song reminds me of what my Grandmother has told me many moons ago. BELIEVE
Asia50 Frankie - let's be young at heart
Asia50 I hope that everyone is have a great Holiday. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. Have a Beautiful and fun weekend.

Boney M. feat.Liz Mitchell "Hooray! It's a Holiday!"

| play
J_Bay Welterusten.. @lusimi: "Good Night......... ROD STEWART – Have I Told You Lately" (reblip)
mau_tau @Jejune: "Arms and Sleepers – Matador" (reblip)
organicsue Golden Earring – Radar Love
Asia50 Love the Tummy gummers poem

"Them Tummy Gummers/A Major Thang" Mason Williams

| play
Asia50 Lady GaGa and her many looks
jas13 Cyndi Lauper- She Bop (reblip)

Cyndi Lauper- She Bop

| play
ZachsMind Ppl who know how the Internet works @BoredInfidel all are going to hell (Bastard Fairies)
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