wanderingalex peaceout blippers. i'll see you when next i get a chance.... (reblip)
RaDioLoGo brinda con Alessio e il suo trenta e lode!
RaDioLoGo la mattinata prefestiva riposante. E se ne annamo a Milano a manifestà!
gingerNC Whatever colors you have in your mind~
RaDioLoGo a tutti quelli come me... come noi!
DominoCrew @BigChuna this for you...


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GreensleevesUK Oh, Jesse Cook takes my breath away : - )
GreensleevesUK This has to be my favourite (Yeah).
GreensleevesUK @nazra @realandrews @PaulCarterJr @PMolinero @blindguy55 @PragueBob #followfriday. Jesse Cook – Virtue (reblip)

Jesse CookVirtue

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GreensleevesUK Wonderful memories - Harry <g> - sorry Saffron! (reblip)
Shopofhorrorscom Get on yer groove shoes and or skates gals guys and shake that ass :)
Shopofhorrorscom Okay Diana and all of your Supreme Gals, Give me some luvin in that sweet sounding voice.. make me snap my fingers and clap my hands and groove down w
Shopofhorrorscom it dont take much to drop what you are doing and put on your shades and play the keyboard at work as a piano B-)
Shopofhorrorscom Lets get out the skates and boogie down under the mirror ball
GreensleevesUK For my lovely friend, Tink (((hugs)))
DixieLily High school sweethearts, love was so brand new
DominoCrew una mujer por lo mensajeros (too) sweet reggae latino momento...
BlueJeanBaby If I can sell 3 more copies of "Blue Jean Baby" at Amazon today, I'll win a bet with a friend. If you liked the sixties, check it out! Please! (reblip)
BrownBaby because at the end of the day we are all everyday people ooo sha sha
camnisha Crazy Love - Brian McKnight
DJMcSexy nice...some days I feel like superwoman, like I can do absolutely anything, like today.
ARDELLd Never can say goodbye...but gotta get some sleep <wave> [he should have stayed a little boy forever]
DJ_VA "Wind Beneath My Wings" - Bette Midler (reblip)

Wind Beneath My Wings-Bette Midler

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ARDELLd ...been kicked in my face...but I've come through. We are the champions my friends, and we'll keep on fighting til the end. No bed of roses...
Gypsylyn Wait a minute baby, stay with me awhile...

Fleetwood MacSara

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GR8FL and Jem sings this very sweetly about my sweetie :) all is good now.

JemIt's Amazing

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Gypsylyn ~ Gypsy Heart ~ Makes ya wanna drink and dance don't it..;-)

GoviGypsy Heart

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Gypsylyn Well the ~ Gypsy ~ has gotta go for today..C U tomorrow. It's been a blast..;-)

Fleetwood MacGypsy

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mrrodd When the Rain comes down you’re never around

k-osThe Rain

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mrrodd Enjoy some Cafe Mocha
ThePassenger Gregory Isaacs – Sad to Know (You're Leaving) ...... this is time when everyone's leaving..... my favorite farewell song ... have the tissues ready
Joleesa ~ Brigadier Jerry-Jamaica Jamaica ~ (reblip)
organicsue Ritchie Valens – Earth Angel
ragner anyone out there got 10000 miles by mary on there playlist?
organicsue Thank you for all the good vibes today... @JoeGigantino @igster101 @gaylejack @thehillers @LarisaBelliveau @CarolannB
organicsue ❀❀B.B. King – Since I Met You Baby❀❀
organicsue ☎ Rick James – Call Me Up ☎
miguesme Carlos Santana – Put your lights on....via......@nelsonlegal (reblip)
organicsue Whitney Houston – I will always Love you♡
miguesme Antonio Flores – No dudaría
krystynchong :) ty.....RB @albynomonk: "Something for my homey @krystynchong..." (reblip)
idc85b mis bee gees...me encantan, y esta canción especialmente..
MsBiddyBytes Temptation...♫ ♫ ♫


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MsBiddyBytes Moby – 18....♫ ♫ ♫


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angyl Strangely haunting, like it's from a tragic anime about righteous rockers.
Janetrigs @Gen22 Helping with Playlist - Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian – Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian #Rpattz
guitargray "@goldenlady1 & @okesanne this was number 1 when i was born. beautifull tune this is. leo sayer,whwn i need you @goldenlady1 this is for you&hubby" (reblip)
organicsue Norah Jones – Don't Know Why.....
lilymar Trey Songz – Can't Help but Wait
Thatonetallguy Essential Blues by the Master and Lucille
camnisha Was looking was Az Yet's version but...@rasbo @buttafingaz hey


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djsurfer You should've been gone knowing how I made you feel
GR8FL it's gonna get you...

John Lennon - Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

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MsBiddyBytes Old Time Rock n Roll...♫ ♫ ♫
bocacowgirl @djsurfer original version just for you ;) how are you?

Dolly PartonJolene

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angyl I don't know who this artist is, but this is also a sweet cover.
AGarraBrasil @C_L: "@1980s See you later! ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ UB 40 - Kingston Town." (reblip)

UB40Kingston Town

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Joleesa Curtain has fallen, now you're on your own I won't return, forever you will wait...
mrrodd @MrsASoprano You got it started! Shake your groove thang

Alicia Bridges - I Love The Nightlife

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mrrodd We were born to be alive, born, born to be alive
mrrodd Ace of Base – Don't Turn Around
JennEJenn Red Red Wine goes to my head ....

UB 40Red Red Wine

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TerrySimpson That's what love is for - to give us strength to try once more
MysticKnight Baby Let's Do The Twist -- Twist All Night Long--- Chubby Checker -- The Twist " (reblip)
Cahms Song of the Day: Gloomy out, last day in AMS. Need some Annie lovin'
kailamac culture club.....enough said
aflow Natalie Merchant - Motherland - (could listen 2 song this all day, but that would be OCD) :-)
DJ_VA "Boogie Tweets" - KC & The Sunshine Band
420thoughts {Bob Marley & the Wailers - Buffalo Soldier) Hi @Johnny_the_Boy yes I did! was wondering where all the other phans were. thx for the tunes. yummy. :-)
AGarraBrasil rb @1980s - Hi friend! @1980s :) Thank you! You are sweetie! :) Good night all! (reblip)
Gypsylyn ♥Rhiannon♥ ..I gotta sing once more before I gotta go..;-)
mrrodd Thanks @ShiaoMei I haven't heard that one in a while (reblip)

06 - Amy Adams - You Make Me Feel Brand New

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Jeffie David Gates & Bread - "If" ...vi@ShiaoMei ♥ - Just about the prettiest song Jeffie remembers from his high-school days :P... (reblip)


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RunnerDJC No, if I was pilfering I would reblip... @gingerNC: "Every women wants to hear this from her man~" (reblip)

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply

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MaddMatt Theres a natural mystic blowing through the air.
RunnerDJC A gardener's daughter stopped me on my way.... on the day I was to wed....
Gypsylyn Players only love you when they're playing......;-)

Fleetwood MacDreams

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redredbeard One more before I hit the hay...
bob_d What is in a name??? Sometimes that is all you have.....
financialrunner My daughter wants to sing along with me on this one.
mrrodd @kbuech: "Kool & The Gang – "Ladies Night" rb@MrsASoprano I thought that was Thurs. night, you mean ladies like to party on Saturday?????" (reblip)
PAMsLOvE The Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane
Buffie Via Reblip@ PunkiLuv Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music (reblip)
Buffie Via Reblip@ LoRainySugarfall Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy (reblip)

Fleetwood MacGypsy

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Buffie Via Reblip@ Awannabeangel Styx – Lady (reblip)


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Firecracker16 "When it all was over We had to find another place..." Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
hebrewschool the singular representation of the 8-track is here: (reblip)
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @golfnovels: "Santana / Michelle Branch...Whoops...new Link" (reblip)


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Melika0477 one of my favorite songs of all time. i wish he was still alive. i would have loved to see him in concert.

John LennonWoman

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PositiveRegime bang gang ganga ganga gang gang
jdomingo chillin at @DJ_enJAY's house w/@knenkutz @redx105 & @thatguyshaun
DJMees Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It for You
ARDELLd I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. If I can see it, then I can do it.
Joffi "City lights and business nights, when you require streetcar desire for higher heights - No place for beginners or sensitive hearts"

SadeSmooth Operator

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blue_buddha nite peeps, enjoyed the music
pjredd Kool & The Gang – Celebration
QuinnEGorges I hear this song, not with my ears, but from somewhere inside my ribcage.
ARDELLd What's love got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?
aelphi @folkmusicdude good version, quality c/b a bit > but worth the listen; was looking for peter gun tbh. lol
ARDELLd I don't want to...talk about it...how you broke my heart [thanks @Awannabeangel] (reblip)
RunnerDJC Gotta be movin' on.... later...
MysticKnight Freedom/Liberty Radio ---Let's Get Funky In This House !!!! --- (reblip)
DJDreamy Saw Toto years ago and I forgot this song, THX 【ツ】 @mignon: "Africa" (reblip)


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DJBigFeller Wellllllllllllllll.....

CCRGreen River

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angiece "Too Hot" - Kool & the Gang . . . darned right it is . . .
DJBigFeller Do a little dance...make a little love..still classic lyrics
DJBigFeller Still one of my favorite MJ songs....

Michael JacksonBen

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crowjane I thought the sun rose in your eyes and the moon and the stars were the kiss you gave to the dark
B_L always a good choice@LisaWorld: "went to sleep thinking of blipping this band/song...crazy, huh? luv y'all @GR8FL@Chise@B_L@luhkaz@AnitaBreakSoon (reblip)
DJBigFeller This song always creeped me out as a kid.....
MsLucy Is it possible to watch American Psycho and not notice something new?!
djKGB i only wanted to be some kind of friend friend friend
EAS211 Best version of Hurt (Johhny Cash)

Johnny CashHurt

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themelis_cuiper 1989 Milli Vanilli – I'm Gonna Miss You
themelis_cuiper 1990 MC Hammer – U Can't Touch This You remember those trousers
MelissaClouthier So illogical for me to listen to this given my topic.
markLtuttle José González was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1978. In 2003, he released his debut album, Veneer, in Europe.
Gaz50 ! REM – Everybody Hurts

REMEverybody Hurts

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themelis_cuiper 1998 Aerosmith – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Masala24 To the drummer who sent me this....always much love to you:)

Jimi HendrixAngel

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ThrillKill gooooood night!!!!!!! (: {♥} tj won :)

DidoThank You

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Cavatica Because whenever the NHL mentions the Penguins, I think of this song and laugh.

Stevie WonderI Wish

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AnitaBreakSoon The worst song to hear on your wedding day, and the groom is nowhere in sight... :-(
mrrodd Time to get the Car Wash

Rose RoyceCar Wash

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jspikething When I auditioned for American Idol they made us sing this song over and over again!
smoothiemundane @notsonormalmom I sing this lullaby cos girl you fill me full I look into your eyes You're so beautiful
PabloM tks@pinkpolkadots: "It's time for me to climb aboard the dream weaver train. Good night to all & sweet dreams for when you sleep :o)" (reblip)
avivajazz Bluesalive! ~ JJ Cale & Eric Clapton ~ Hard to Thrill
Gypsylyn ♥ Dream Weaver ♥ Climbed aboard the dream weaver train....
DeteLangkammer Boa noite blippers e twitters...heartache tonight...
love4u "+ still trying to tweet a blip...i was ecstatic to hear adam perform this again tonite!" (reblip)
minunianda Que Sera Sera – Sly & The Family Stone
kenny_rocks i listen to this when i relax, so peaceful .. i get full of positive energy when listen to Enya

EnyaCaribbean Blue

| play
floridagirlindc @dcmarymargaret & @babygirlparis - this one's for you!

Stars are blind- Paris Hilton

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DeeJayBlip LOVE this! Does anyone know if the Bon Jovi Unplugged (?) TV special is available on DVD? It was awesome!

Bon JoviHallelujah

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CordeliaL When I run to this I incorporate some hustle moves. Yes, I look like a fool.
xnz Iv got to get away from here......
tom_plays Dédicace @ "Sweet Morning Corp."
mrrowe8 this one is 4 all the guys going on a date& think there r getting laid ,only 2 get shot down with the phrase of death" Why Can't We Be Friends"
ximon ..."wine"vintage 1970 ;-)

The Beatles -Let It Be

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ecocity Once and man and twice a child...
Awannabeangel Isley Brothers – Don't Say Goodnight Time to wind down for the night...Thank you to everyone for the props and reblips..TY again !! :-)
dj_OPIUMatic just dont gooooooooooooooooooooo babieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stay alil bit longer so i can say get the heck out lol lol :-)
organicsue Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World, Beautiful People
Singersweetie @RnBE: "Maxi Priest Featuring Shaggy – That Girl - Yes, Maxi Priest! <Man, being by the water... now ur talkin' to this FL girl :0) (reblip)

Michael Jackson- Heal the world (with lyrics)

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The Isley Brothers-Who's That lady

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Squirrel10001 MA Baker

MA Baker

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djdeziree Oh Whitney!!! this is awesome! you made these heroes happy...
jukeboxchamp @Maridol34: "that's what you make me feel..." (reblip)

Celine Dion You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman

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Divvzz Reminds me school, we used to sing this in the Chapel

I Need Thee Every Hour

| play
Divvzz Give me some roomful, give me seclusion, Give me some peace of mind.... Bring me some sunshine, bring me some blue sky,

Little things, India arie

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RnBE Maxwell- I've been ~Fortunate~ 2 b in ur company @Singersweetie @wednesdayzchild @tony1175 @Per_Iscritto @m2ederson @MJMusicSidelinePass...1LUV...RAJ

Maxwell- Fortunate

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Request_Line Love her voice; so clear... Anne Murray – You Needed Me
madSoul Stephen Marley – Inna Di Red (Feat. Ben Harper) (reblip)
Request_Line Boyz II Men – It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (reblip)
SpinninSara LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!@GratefulGreg: ""Damn good song, great sentiment @BigBlend: you T's agree?@Aerofan, @SpinninSara"" (reblip)

Zz TopI Thank You

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DareToEatAPeach Joe Jackson is kinda reggae (in the same way No Doubt is kinda ska). Like if reggae was WASP-y. Er, nevermind. Just listen. =)
fabuleuxfab @SpinninSara: "******@fabuleuxfab" It's been sampled for a Hip Hop tune but I don't know which one... I'm so braindead... Thanks (reblip)
RockinRobot @pinkpolkadots <smiles> ;-) Steve Miller Band – Keep on rocking me Baby

Billy Joel- For the longest time.

| play
lilymar The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman
Awannabeangel @BlacDahlia: "Well it is that time you awesome blippers and players of great music...as much as I want to stay and keep playing...Goodnight! " (reblip)

Amanda Marshall-Beautiful Goodbye

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momwithboys he said it best..signing off, have a great evening.


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juicyjewelz Love had played these games on me so long...
Awannabeangel @Awannabeangel, hopefully this one will work this time....
CrescentMoonglow One of Prince's early protogees...I haven't heard this song in a couple of decades!
briangreene the blip top ten bands could all play to 100,000+ in concerts. But I saw the Chieftains play to 1.3 million in Dublin Ireland 1979 :)
Awannabeangel What a proud and very gentle Father.....sniff

John Lennon-Watching the Wheels

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Awannabeangel Blondie – The Tide Is High
LaBelladiva_ I'm fabulous, HRU?@hawaiibuzz "Hey! lol yup that has a cool beat! h r u? @DJDolceVita "Hey buzzie :-) Thanks for playing one of my favorite songs! (reblip)
Awannabeangel Jackson Five – I Want You Back (natty_dread_riddim)
Awannabeangel Popping in to say hello to everyone, hopefully will get to flip some more blips later on today....How is everyone?@AaronBBrown: (reblip)
windowsot 1st dance at my wedding with my wife 25 years ago next month. Lionel Richie – My Love (reblip)
Awannabeangel rb ty @MZDancer: "touched!ty,rb@matoart:sensibile melodia,buon gusto e poesia,molto grata darling,ty from my soul, kisses@todrazh2:@natapritula (reblip)
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