BL00D_ANGEL Yeah, I know it's old school, but still like it. Wish there was more music like this nowadays.
DexMorgan Hate to tell you but "I told you so" does not quite suffice for this one.
BL00D_ANGEL Think about this one


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BL00D_ANGEL Relaxing, Calming, Soothing


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DexMorgan This beats for much the monster mash...


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BL00D_ANGEL Music is it helps
BL00D_ANGEL daper and charming...these dudes are from Texas Yippi Kay Yay

Kid Rock-Cowboy

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99 Red Baloons-Bjork

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Justin Timberlake - Bringing Sexy Back

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BL00D_ANGEL Trying to get into a more charming mood:
DexMorgan Ready for the kicker? much more like it...

SlayerRaining Blood

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Nowhere Man


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BL00D_ANGEL @WnchstrsGirl...remind you of anything? :)

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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AC_DC - Who_Made_Who

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dr0ck rb @Edainsmom , and that last was from @kcluvv thanks y'all (reblip)

TrainMeet Virginia

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dr0ck The lion and I are headed to sleep... catch you blippers later!
samgwinchester I ran into your garden but I tripped out the gate.


| play
DexMorgan @Marilyn_T good, bad I'm the guy with the blade...
DexMorgan Let us collect more believers, my dearly devoted flock...remember is tax free.

CakeComfort Eagle

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Let's move into the 21st century

Lady GagaPoker Face

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BL00D_ANGEL Just had to see what this song was like.
DexMorgan An interesting version...message is still the same.
BL00D_ANGEL Just quietly listening to music
BL00D_ANGEL Most people don't like the classics...but they definitely have their place

Beethoven's 5th Symphony

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Suzed @TrainWreckRadio a real DJ? (and was this song popular that long ago? geez) (reblip)
zenbitch "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"- The Darkness. I don't think I can sing this high...
mylenechantress 'I'll Be There For You' when need somebody. I'll be there for you, when you want someone who cares. When you're down and feelin' blue, I'll be there!
BL00D_ANGEL Listen to this before bed time... =)

Rolfe KentDexter 5

| play
BL00D_ANGEL And with this I say Good Night to you.
Listersmate @StarStruk NYUK NYUK NYUK!!!!

Curly Shuffle

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BL00D_ANGEL Heard this on my way home from work. Great Song!
DexMorgan Heaven or Hell that's my style, dear.
BL00D_ANGEL Songs get stuck in your head when you play too much "Rock Band"
BL00D_ANGEL This was one of his favorite songs...I had it played at his funeral...

Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Love this line: you could slit my throat And with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt
BL00D_ANGEL New Green Day...21st Century Breakdown

green day 21st century breakdown

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Zen Master

MICHAEL KARPACK the zen master

| play
BL00D_ANGEL More new Green Day...

GreenDay ~ Know Your Enemy (Lyrics)

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Blondie Call me

| play
DexMorgan Such power such and such brutality...gotta love this. (listener discretion is strongly advised)
Teri_Jones Laugh, or we'll get to see what your lungs look like.

Blood[My Chemical Romance]~Lyrics~

| play
BL00D_ANGEL ok...just a little bit more

We've Had Enough (Uncensored)

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DexMorgan I remember this & song being driving, the wind and the dead body in the trunk....ah good times it. was a Saturday too.
BL00D_ANGEL Wow...this is really a pretty song...
BL00D_ANGEL Tonight is The who doesn't like The Beatles!
BL00D_ANGEL Now for some softer Beatles...

The Beatles-In My Life

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BL00D_ANGEL Moving now back into the 21st Century, we have Beatles INSPIRED...


| play
BL00D_ANGEL Ok...last one The Beatles Day Tripper
Teri_Jones hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

psycho stick- the dumb song

| play
BL00D_ANGEL In a world that is so damn mean....
BL00D_ANGEL Something to make you smile... = )

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (from Monty Python)

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Anyone from Texas HAS to listen to George Straight. Even if ya don't like country
BL00D_ANGEL I like me some Metallica....

Metallica "The Day That Never Comes" (Instrumental, piano-drum cover)

| play
BL00D_ANGEL DNA...Great Sounds with the horns

Dance & Trance ~ DNA by Liquitech [HD]

| play
DexMorgan Good day to you human scum...
DexMorgan In nomine...

"White Rapids"--The Boondock Saints

| play
DJDexta This Chopin song does strange things to me every time... Brilliant.

Horowitz plays Chopin Nocturne op. 9 no. 2

| play
DJDexta Kevin Bloody Wilson – Me Dicks On The Dole - Damn funny song if you don't mind a bit of rudeness... well alot really :-D
DJDexta Kevin Bloody Wilson - Miguel the Bandito. (language & general badness warning)

Kevin Bloody Wilson-Manuel The Bandito

| play
DexMorgan that's why this "situation" is not working properly she SPEAKS LIES.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs-Calaveras y Diablitos

| play
froggychic good ole hometown :0)


| play
DexMorgan Good morning hostile normal people...
BL00D_ANGEL Welcome New Followers...= )

Followers of Darkness -The Third- Castlevania CoD (OST)

| play
typaulding pretty hard track to find
BL00D_ANGEL Do Bad Things...True Blood

True Blood Theme Song

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Butch Walker......

Butch Walker- My Way

| play
DexMorgan You know...beach, sun & Murder...
BL00D_ANGEL For safety reasons...

Slim Whitman-Indian Love Call

| play
DexMorgan It crossed mi mind just this early this morning...

Que Onda Guero- Beck with Lyrics

| play
DexMorgan Currently slightly intoxicated of it...Murder empowering? yes.
DexMorgan Drive safe, my darlings.

The Doors Roadhouse Blues

| play
BL00D_ANGEL My New Theme Song...

Tragically Hip-Coffee girl

| play
DexMorgan Red hair, vacant stare...Perfect.
BL00D_ANGEL Listen to some Garth and share some whiskey...

Standing outside the fire- Garth Brooks +lyrics

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Dream your magic, please...
BL00D_ANGEL Good Morning Star Shine...

good morning starshine

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Apollo 440...Don't Fear The Reaper...
BL00D_ANGEL Awww...Is this song for me? Btw...Vote Please..

Axxis-Blood Angel

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Feeling Mellow...(in spite of the color)

DonovanMellow Yellow

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Sunshine Superman...

Donovan "Sunshine Superman"

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Beck...Just Gotta Hear This...Que Onda?

Que Onda Guero- Beck with Lyrics

| play
DexMorgan @BL00D_ANGEL *smiling* like a school girl here, thanks for the support.
BL00D_ANGEL With you...Nothing Else Matters...
BL00D_ANGEL In Fucking Deed.... *smiling*

Uncle KrackerSmile

| play
DexMorgan Have no fear Dex is here... (alternate theme song)

Milt BucknerThe Beast

| play


| play
Goldskarr Let's continue the Metal mood, shall we? Megadeth - Head Crusher. Pretty much the best song all year.

Megadeth Head-Crusher FULL SONG BEST QUALITY

| play
bullie666 @BL00D_ANGEL its not bible worthy at all...


| play
gselva03 BOLT THROWER "when cannons fade" these fuckers rule!
BL00D_ANGEL This how I feel right now!!!!!!!!

Hatebreed "Destroy Everything" Live

| play
gselva03 Back before he became a DOUCHE! WHITE ZOMBIE "thunder kiss 65"

White Zombie Thunder Kiss 65 live-Cologne, Germany 8-19-95

| play
gselva03 Digg this shit! UNEARTH "sanctity of brothers"
gselva03 brOOtal So. Cal SHIT! SUICIDE SILENCE "bludgeoned"
BL00D_ANGEL @GuitarSolo1 for me baby...<3
BL00D_ANGEL I have a thing for the heavy #metal drums....Awesome!!

Tenacious D The Metal Drum Cover

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Bobby Jarzombek – Drum Monster Fucking Awesome Drums \m/
BL00D_ANGEL You know who you are, and this is for you...*smile*

pink get this party started

| play
BL00D_ANGEL I love the sound of her voice! Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Lady GagaBad Romance

| play
BL00D_ANGEL When I think about bikes...I think about you!!! xoxo

Bob Seger Old Time Rock n Roll

| play
BL00D_ANGEL @KevinDavidBurke . Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone

Genesis Land of Confusion

| play
gselva03 This one's for @BL00D_ANGEL~ CRYSTAL METHOD "busy child"

The Crystal Method "Busy Child"

| play

everlong by foo fighters with lyrics

| play
Thanatoric Ancient Bards - Only The Braves
gselva03 For BL00D_ANGEL~ DEATH ANGEL "thicker than blood"

Seether-Fuck me like you hate me

| play
Nadir_MoG Queen – Another One Bites The Dust
Nadir_MoG Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Ain't My America
BL00D_ANGEL @asiah_witchvamp Here ya go sweetie... Dirty Dancing-HUNGRY EYES

Dirty Dancing-HUNGRY EYES

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Heard this coming home from work today...The Edgar Winter Group- Frankenstein

The Edgar Winter Group- Frankenstein

| play
BL00D_ANGEL Blood Angel – Expand Your Horizon (NEW 2010)
BL00D_ANGEL Brutal Legend OST Rob Zombie – Superbeast
BL00D_ANGEL Machine Head – Clenching The Fists Of Dissent @the_dude840 ♥
BL00D_ANGEL @_irate_bitch . Just for you sweetie...Bruce Willis – Save the last dance for me
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