BTheGreat @BTheGreat: Yes that's right, I blipped such a dope song I had to Reblip myself...seriously, slap this just one time! (reblip)

Gucci Mane- Rip This Track

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BTheGreat One of my favorite songs of all time....
BTheGreat New shit from Jay-Z....people are loving this right now...I personally don't mind autotune and i dont mind admitting that, but this is a hot single!
BTheGreat Classic song about stuntin!


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BTheGreat can't go wrong with Luda rippin over Neptunes production, now can you???
BTheGreat if you have never slapped this on the way to check pussu step it up!!! That boy Lloyd dumb out on the chorus!!!

tear it up young jeezy ft lloyd

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BTheGreat Horoscopes, often lie


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BTheGreat Summer is upon us and this is an anthem!
BTheGreat this is a can you not like this??? yeah you! lol
BTheGreat Now this one is special to me...everyone i know loves this shit!!! "twisted again, me and my pimp friend" Petey Pablo aint fuckin with Mess!!!

Messy Marv -Lumps in my pocket

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BTheGreat When DMX ruled the world! Classic song!


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BTheGreat RIP to the great! U know what we sippin on!
BTheGreat this beat is sumthin damn near ready to pick up a mic and get looser on this!
BTheGreat I mean this shows snoop's versatility...and this song is certified dope..."she might be with him, but she's thinkin bout me, me, meeeEeee" haha
BTheGreat which one of u bitches like me??? lol this is dumb but i love it tho!
BTheGreat Come on you know you love this, if you dont slap it one time!

Snoop DoggLodi Dodi

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BTheGreat it really is a hard knock life sometimes
BTheGreat whatever I send out, homie ima make back!
BTheGreat i got ya bottom bitch, on my line....she trynna choose!
BTheGreat Young L on the beat....Crack Music!
BTheGreat what yall know about Yukmouth on this Final Fantasy ass beat!?

YukmouthLord of War

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BTheGreat RIP Pimp C....this is a banger right here...."mo mo wood grain im grippin on, codeine lean cup im sippin on"
BTheGreat Brand new Jacka music off of Tear Gas droppin on the 16th...Cellski on this one to, Bay Area Stand Up!!!
BTheGreat Kanye really gave it his all lol shit is a slap!
BTheGreat I absolutely LOVE this track...used to slap this all the time on my way to work lol
BTheGreat Headed Northbound....but we gotta take a detour through the P, Pittsburg Cali, oh boy! this could take a minute! This is P World's finest, the Jacka!

The JackaAddiction

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BTheGreat Another of Oakland's best with them boys from Berkeley!!!
BTheGreat and also, look out for Beeda Weeda and PTB!!!

Beeda Weeda "You Don't Hear My Tummy"

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BTheGreat Aight, tour of the bay starts now....all newer music, starting with the boy boy from my city, San Francisco!
BTheGreat I hear this song was a subliminal diss to Mac Dre after "mac stabber" dropped but i cant confirm that 100%...but i can confirm that this is a banger!!


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BTheGreat "bring her with you" im feeling this song, but, if you pay close attention R Kelly alludes to some of his strangeness in this one LOL
BTheGreat "and i aint said a word, but you know what im sayin, Mac Dre!!!"
BTheGreat aight i already went blip crazy on my first night up on better way to end the night than with some classic Pac better way for me!

2PacHold Ya Head

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BTheGreat Even if you don't like Gucci Mane at all you should listen to this and love it...and also Bailey, San Quinn lil bro is on it..this is real slap

Gucci Mane- Rip This Track

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BTheGreat This song is undeniably hard as hell


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BTheGreat I used to slap this tough, get well DMX!!!

Jay-Z and DMX Money,Cash,Hoes

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BTheGreat Man this takes me back to my prime lol...but seriously i found the lyrics to this song playing in my head today, RIP to the MAC
BTheGreat If you don't like this song you're trippin....i mean come on, did u hear the beat alone??? and you agree with me right? lol no need to debate
BTheGreat Look out for Jacka's new album droppin in june...this is real laid back smoke music right chere!
BTheGreat ok ok, finally left Pittsburg and now, we into Vallejo....and who better to start off then a fallen legend and imo, the bay's greatest, MAC DRIZZLE!!!

Mac DreMafioso

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BTheGreat has a dated sound but a new track from Dubee and Mac Dre! Slapper! I miss Mac Dre, the bay aint been the same!
BTheGreat This is that new LA shit right here...Crack! Keep an eye open for Nipsey Hussle!

Nipsey Hussle-Hussle In Da House

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BTheGreat Ya Boy doing his thing with Game & Cyssero...this track is serious!
BTheGreat For my 100th blip i had to get ignorant one time lol...but uh, is you rolling????????

Gucci ManePillz

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BTheGreat oh shit it's right around 420 sunnn!!!!

YukmouthPuffin Lah

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BTheGreat Jesus em is sick...."im cancerous, cuz when i diss you wouldnt wanna answer this if you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for canibus" !!!

Role Model (uncensored)

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BTheGreat "choppaz in the trunk'll make ya do the macarena"
BTheGreat oh shit, it's turning into the Andre Nicky power hour over here!!! One of the all time greats from Frisco, give props where due!!!
BTheGreat my favorite newer Nickatina this is funky!!! Ride to this!
BTheGreat I seriously think this cat is underrated! Check out Duna AKA Baby Mac Dre, artist on Thizz Ent.

DunaThizzlamic Swang

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BTheGreat Planet Asia with 2 of my faves from the Bay! Jake One on the beat! That cat is a monster on them beats!!!

4 All My Niggaz (feat. Planet Asia, Mistah Fab, & Ya Boy)

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BTheGreat Tell my why i was in the pool hall/bar the other night and this song came on and i started going stupid to this!!! I went crazy on em!!!

HeartCrazy on You

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BTheGreat I love this song...when I was a kid i thought this was the sickest beat ever!
BTheGreat "i go kooky on the mic mayn, shit can get spooky"

Husalah 2 da Beat

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BTheGreat just listen to this beat......Hus came correct on it fa sho!

HusalahTalk It Out

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BTheGreat let's all give it up for all time great diss songs one time!!!


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BTheGreat New Mistah FAB... My fave song from him in a while!
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