CLARITY probably my favorite cure song!
Baedminator Für alle, die sich heute noch auf die Autobahn wagen...


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winggirl saw these guys tonight :)

Arrested Development Mr Wendel

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Baedminator Besser als ne schwarze Katze
Baedminator Gibt es auch gute Lügen?
Baedminator Fürs i-was auch immer


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Baedminator Hey Lady, you got the love I need ....
paraboschi contrary to popular belief...i once attended a wu tang clan concert...
Dolittle YW & worth a rb :)@elinejv: "Van Morrison – Days Like This - thx @Dolittle" (reblip)
malermusik tyvm rb @pgrell: "Club des Belugas: Early Daiquiris >> thank you for all the great blips as well @Diordan @FernandaW @Mysterymix @ZONE @cagey2519 :)" (reblip)
Baedminator Für mich eines der Besten von Senor Carlos
Alvaroxx Hola!:)) that´s good RB @Rarebird: "You're giving me motivation, Alvaro! :) rb Alvaroxx (reblip)
zoja01 rb@TheBazinga: Deep blue, let's get a train out of town, to a place that's easier to get around... (reblip)

LadytronDeep Blue

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Baedminator Listening The Call - I dont wanna

Deadmaus Not Exactly

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Baedminator Besser als jede Schlussmachsms
Baedminator Selbst ich kann mich noch erinnern :)
Baedminator Und dazu zwei oder drei Guinness
Baedminator Momentan der Hit in den USA
Baedminator Mal a bissle Schdoff geaba


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Ingapopinga Schüttelt eure Haare für mich!

Eric Weissberg/Steve Mandell, "Duelling Banjos"

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spacespencer // Belle and Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
Dolittle love this, bring on the album guys!

The Ambience Affair - Weeds

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Baedminator Für @Funz61

Achilles Last Stand (Led Zepplin)

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Funz Heavy metall ..

Ten Years After live at Woodstock 1969.

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Alvaroxx The Cure – In Between Days...
Baedminator The night time is the right time
Alvaroxx Architecture In Helsinki – Heart It Races...
Baedminator He, früher Vogel, ein Lied für dich. Verpenn morgen nicht! It`s called "Birdland"
Baedminator Keiner liebt dich - wieso ich?
Baedminator Für alle, die sich heute die Finger verbrennt haben.
Alvaroxx The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning...
Baedminator for the daily looser

SagaOn The Loose

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Baedminator Für die Deutsche Bahn: Es ist wieder Winter!
Baedminator Für alle Schmerzgeplagten

Fisher Z- Pretty Paracetamol (first impressions)

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Baedminator Du bist im Internetz, Christoph
Baedminator Das kennt niemand mehr!!


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longtide rb@tormento23: "eh beh!!!!! questa è x forza tua @longtide" ovvio che sí! pero che cambio guapo, qual buon vento? ;) (reblip)
jesusalbertoaraujo @shinji_aoki: "#nowplaying #music ♪Mr. Roboto - Styx ~~ Styx: Greatest Hits ~~ オルタナティブ " (reblip)

StyxMr. Roboto

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Baedminator @diepebbs da bleib ich kühl
Gen22 Living Colour - Love Rears It's Ugly Head (live) inspired by @elinejv
Baedminator Für alle, die ihre Avatare heut wieder aufgehübscht haben.
Alvaroxx The Stone Roses – Fools Gold...
nastysurprise @jfgill: "Out of props for you so..... reblip! @okjill" I'm in. (reblip)

Twin ShadowSlow

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Baedminator War mein Tagesmotto heute

Climax Blues Band: Couldn t get it right

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spacespencer // Frightened Rabbit - The Twist
Radiata been stuck in my head for days now. the only remedy is to play it.
spacespencer // Stephen Francis – All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem)

Green Velvet- LaLaLand (Floppy Sound Vocal Mix)

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Alvaroxx Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi...

A Horse With No Name (America)

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Baedminator Für alle, die unter Verstopfung leiden
Baedminator @Lady_Of_Ice_ To forget your problems for a little while
Baedminator Nur du bist der Grund: To whom it will belong
Baedminator @diepebbs old school

DJ TonkaOld Skool

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Baedminator Damit ma guad ins Wochenende kemma
Baedminator Für alle im Ländle

Wolle Kriwanek I fahr Daimler

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Alvaroxx Ramona Falls – I Say Fever...
Baedminator Für alle Liebenden .... Hach!
Baedminator Für alle betrogenen Betrüger
MONIKKA Poor @Greengoblin!! Just a dog? Not even a >>>> ?

Fol ChenCable TV

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Baedminator Von niemandem mehr erreicht!!

Queen Bohemain Rhapsody

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Baedminator The Killa

The Selecter JAMES BOND

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Baedminator Jungs, ein Song nur für uns!
Baedminator Sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen ...?
Baedminator Somebody to love

Jefferson Airplanes Somebody To Love

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Doggonahogg How did I not know about them? What with it being basically New Order v2. Dang.
Baedminator All together now

All Together Now

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Alvaroxx Kasabian – Fire...


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Alvaroxx The Psychedelic Furs – Love My Way...
nastysurprise @DependableSkeleton I reblipped that song before I got to the second half. So, a bad 80s movie and the electrical light parade at Disney.
Baedminator Wer kennt das noch??

Apollo 100Joy

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Baedminator Für Julia :-)

lcd soundsystem great release

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Baedminator Burn it down

Dexys Midnight Runners , Burn It Down

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Baedminator Never heard before

Scritti politi feat Mos Def-Tinseltown to the Boogiedown Remix By NAB'$ COAST

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Baedminator @ornithologin :))


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hajoni Blood, Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel
Baedminator Selten gehört

Abbey Road- Polythene Pam & She Came Into The Bathroom Window

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Baedminator Ich wundere mich auch


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Berlintakes broque – brq 074 - dml - munique ep - 2 forstenried ; vi @FrauFeile (reblip)
Baedminator Für alle, die uns verlassen haben.
Baedminator Für @einsilbig

lcd soundsystem great release

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Baedminator Dancing :-)

Peter Fox Haus am See Remix

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AC/DC- Can I Sit Next to You Girl

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Baedminator Lenny

American Woman lyrics

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Baedminator She came in

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window-Abbey Road

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Baedminator Hot Legs

Neanedthal man-Hotlegs

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Baedminator Helter Skelter

Oasis Helter Skelter (NOT LIVE)

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Baedminator I got somebody new

City Lounge Berlin- ( I Got) Somebody New

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Baedminator Let`s go!

The Cars (Lets Go) Candy-O Lp 1979

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