iandelaney skip over the choir crap at the start. the boys were getting above themselves.
Barb_G Just discovered Blip.fm (thanks to Neville) Way cool. Here's some Aretha.
Barb_G What I REALLY want to play is Kirsty MacColl's "There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis" but cant find it. 2nd best...
Barb_G Finally got back into Blip.fm! One of my favs: Buttercup
KrishnaDe This is as much a reminder to myself, but if you are having a tough day hope it helps you too


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Barb_G One of my all-time favourite bands (I know, I've lost all cred now), but what I really wanted to play was "Stepping Stone."
Barb_G Feel an Abba medley coming on...
Barb_G Dedicated to my buddy Mark Schumann (if you're listening)...
Barb_G Can't listen to this one without dancing, and playing air guitar
Barb_G Six years ago tonight, I was falling in love with the funny little Englishman I married four years ago.
candy Fly me to the mooooooooooon....
Barb_G Because my pups are barking at a cat walking across the driveway...
Barb_G A birthday memory: Got little white go-go boots for my 4th birthday, danced to this song in the garage for hours.
Barb_G A little Green Day on my birthday.
jangles A real memory tickler from Bobbie Gentry.
Barb_G One of my all-time favs. Used to sing this with my friend Cliff Luckey from Austin.
Barb_G Needing a little inspiration this morning to get going...
Barb_G The most gorgeous version I've ever heard of music from "Oklahoma." Makes this Oklahoma girl all misty.
Barb_G I'm absolutely in love with the sweet sounds of Gerald Ross on ukulele. Would never have heard of him if not for Twitter & blip.
jangles Uplifting ELO. A very underrated band, imo.
KrishnaDe Time for lunch - if I were having pizza I like onions but not green ones
Barb_G Ending the evening with some very mellow Norah Jones.
Barb_G With one last smooth song, I'll say night night everybody.
nickobt They don't write them like this no more
jangles Michael J Fox did pretty good with this song.
Brian i am a rock

paul simon and art garfunkel i am a rock

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rosefirerising I clicked on this in Mykl Roventine's playlist, & my son paused everything he was doing until the song finished. Except. He tapped his finger in time.
cade_lili @Inagaki, falando em versões... acho essa das mais bonitas.
Barb_G Both sunshine and a puppy on my shoulder at the moment. Love working at home!

John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulder.MP3

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anu been listening to this song for more than 20 years, and it still does something to me...
Barb_G I feel an Aretha medley coming on. Remember her singing this one dancing on the diner counter in Blues Brothers?
Barb_G R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me...
Barb_G And now that Aretha got me remembering The Blues Brothers...
cade_lili Essa música tá em algumas trilhas, mas lembro dela no "Click", com a banda cantando ao vivo, uma versão linda.
Barb_G Well, I said I needed perking up. Not anymore. This is my new fire-me-up anthem! Dancing all over the house. Join me.
Flyingmomma This song makes me want to have all my people together with me. A fight would probably break out, but everything really is better when we're together.
Barb_G Proof that musical genius isn't about vocal quality.

Bob Dylan - Times They Are A Changing

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Barb_G More Dylan, and more to come...
Barb_G Love the harmonica bits in this one. My dad played a mean harmonica, so I've always had a thing for it.
Flyingmomma For my sister Margaret. This song will make anyone feel good!
Flyingmomma Makes me think of Will's summers in Hawaii. Will's favorite thing was to hike to the waterfalls and jump off the cliffs. Paradise in Hawaii!
jangles @Barb_G playing Carly Simon, great singer. This one is one of her best, imo.
Barb_G I've always liked Sheryl Crow.
Barb_G Actually, they were singing Dionne Warwick's version, which I like better (sorry Aretha).
briangreene Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland
Flyingmomma Can you guess why I like this song so much? I know I'm strange, who else likes Lynyrd Skynyrd and Andrea Bocelli? I'm complicated.
Flyingmomma Makes me think about touring museums in Europe looking at Van Gogh's beautiful painting. Beside Starry Night, I love the iris's and sunflowers.
Flyingmomma Craig made me laugh when he got the words wrong and sang, "Hold me down, Tiny Dancer!"
Flyingmomma I think this was the last song on one of my favorite movies, "Notting Hill". Velvet voice, I love this!
monawea still trying to get work done.
Barb_G Was looking for a song on my travel theme and found this and it sent me on major trip down memory lane. Love this song!
Barb_G Perhaps coolest version I've heard of "Ain't No Sunshine."
ckras Smoke From A Distant Fire – Sanford & Townsend
miguesme momento ideal esta cancion y un cafetito
gunter77 Gladys Knight é muito estáile. Muito.
kazito Would you like to swing on a star?
Barb_G Followed by Paul McCartney... (and no, I won't be playing Ringo, he's much too busy, peace & love).
LPT had to go get in the groove after @iambrady put this earworm in my head
Barb_G Gentle music for a gently rainy afternoon. Really like this song, and it perfectly matches my mood right now.
Barb_G More gentle music, this time Norah Jones.
Barb_G I'm going to lull myself to sleep if I'm not careful. But what a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon.
Barb_G A little bit of Otis Redding: Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay (even though I can't whistle the bit at the end)
Barb_G @johnpc Hard choice but here's one of my fav Blondie songs: One Way or Another
Barb_G @darenBBC Don't forget to tell them about Blip. Here's a tune to get started.
Barb_G Sending out a nice Sunday evening groove to all my tweeps - Miss Billy Holiday, Our Love is Here to Stay
Barb_G This one makes me want to be wearing a flowey dress and twirling around a dance floor (not that I can). Ella Fiztgerald
Barb_G And finally, an Unforgettable tune by Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole. Dedicated to my dad, who loves it.
JohnnyB Essential ingredients to best enjoy this performance: A quiet evening. A fire. A glass of wine. And the person you love right beside you.
JohnnyB For one of my upcoming cover podcasts, I'm planning on using this tune. The subject of our cover: Philanthropy. Any other suggestions?
JohnnyB Was there ever a better recording of two giant stars?
Barb_G This is my all-time fav Monkees song, I think the lead vocals were by Mickey: I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone
Barb_G How can anyone NOT love The Monkees? Anyway, this is last one tonight, really.
Barb_G Re-blipping a lovely tune played by @Johnabyrne. Inspirational! (reblip)
JohnnyB Put this on. Close you eyes. Smile and dream away.
barbaranixon @Barb_G This is my favorite part of My Best Friend's Wedding, too.
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