avivajazz Lau Nau / Painovoimaa, Valoa // Weird. Very very weird.

Lau Nau: Painovoimaa, valoa

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zamfir Elvis Perkins In Dearland – Shampoo
djLop por el concierto o por los animales?→@Ra_H: "Hola! (lástima no haber podido estar el viernes en La Riviera de madrid!)" (reblip)

"Hola (To see the animals)" The Sunday Drivers ("Los Conciertos de Radio 3, 23/9/2009)

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BarnabasCoLLins The Golden Gate Quartet – Blind Barnabas ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Ciao,@DJTinsley would u happen to know of any Italian operas suited to my...genre? ☂ ("Stride la Vampa" Cossotto from "Il Trovatore" Verdi)

Cossotto "Stride la Vampa" Vienna 1978

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BarnabasCoLLins I, BARNABAS ....am able to blip but not prop....and that sucks! bbl☂

I, BARNABAS by The Robert Cobert Orchestra

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BarnabasCoLLins I Wanna Be a Vampire (Parody of Billionaire by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars) ☂ they mock me ^☹^

I Wanna Be a Vampire (Parody of Billionaire by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars)

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BarnabasCoLLins Bruce Springsteen - All The Way Home ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ouch^☹^ @Nicekitty: "Encore Welcome @BarnabasCollins: Ty! "I think I'm sleeping with a vampire. Drove a stake through his heart. Now he's on fire."" ☂ (reblip)

Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shad

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BarnabasCoLLins The Frantics – Werewolf ☂

The FranticsWerewolf

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BarnabasCoLLins David Turpin – The Bone Dance (Music Video) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins rb@technogiant: "We Are Scientists – I Dont Bite" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Bella Morte – "Earth Angel" ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Gingerbread (Zombie) Army – low budget horror video ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Phantom of the Opera ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Tango del Vampiro ~ Daniel Melingo ☂

Tango del Vampiro

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BarnabasCoLLins Sweeney Todd; Objection to Tango ☂

Sweeney Todd; Objection to Tango

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BarnabasCoLLins Many Minds – The Vampire Bride ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TY! bbl ✈ rb@DJTinsley: "great version :)@BarnabasCollins--Pretty Balanced – Romeo and Juliet" ☂"" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Band Of Horses – Blue Beard ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Gravenhurst – I turn my face to the forest floor ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Dr. Dog ~ "My Old Ways" ☂

Dr. Dog "My Old Ways"

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BarnabasCoLLins Sting – Seventh Son feat. Jools Holland ☂

StingJools Holland

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BarnabasCoLLins Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows ☂

Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shad

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BarnabasCoLLins Nox Arcana ⚡Vampire✣Exorcism⚡ ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Highwaymen – Highwayman Music Video ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Edward scissorhands – Ice Dance ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Johnny Depp's Vampire Club by Voltaire ☂ (will they ever make this movie or is there a glut in the genre?)

Johnny Depp's Vampire Club

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BarnabasCoLLins The Specials – Ghost Town ☂
BarnabasCoLLins 'Dave Likes Dolls' – The Dark Shadows ☂
chelseagirl19 The Meteors – My Daddy Is A Vampire
BarnabasCoLLins 'She Couldn't Laugh' – "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1941) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Hunchback Of Notre Dame – The Plagues ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Smithereens - In A Lonely Place ☂

The Smithereens-In A Lonely Place

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Mahalia Jackson= I know it was the blood

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BarnabasCoLLins a bats-eye view of "New York, USA" ☂

"New York, USA" by Donald O'Finn, Music by Les Sans Culottes

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BarnabasCoLLins ☂y rb@zoja01: "rb@ifkdup" VAST – I am a Vampire ^〠^ (reblip)

VASTI am a Vampire

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BarnabasCoLLins Barnabas Collins- "I'll be with you always" ☂ (heard Frid's doing a cameo as "old Barnabas" in the new film)

Barnabas Collins- "Ill be with you always"

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BarnabasCoLLins Harlan T. Bobo – "Old Man" - (Sucker LP) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Blink – Chameleon Circuit ☂
killahtunz Pitter patter, pitter patter here comes the rain!
BarnabasCoLLins Johnny Flynn – Barnacled Warship ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Procol Harum – Dead Man's Dream ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Belle and Sebastian – Get me away from here I'm Dying ☂
MiguelCabrita last thought for tonight (from highway gas stations w/good soundtracks for summery nights)

Pearl Jam- Immortality (W/ Lyrics)

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BarnabasCoLLins "Moving Forward – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly ☂" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@VaLeri Damien Jurado – Johnny Go Riding ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost (with Lyrics) ☂


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BarnabasCoLLins ^〠^ rb@TarinnS ☠Band Of Skulls☠ "Impossible" (Acoustic) ☂ (reblip)

Band Of Skulls "Impossible" (Acoustic)

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BarnabasCoLLins Harry Belafonte – "ANGELIQUE O" ☂
garbageman01 Not sure there are many of them left to marry . . . rb @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "hi & rb@LaHaine: "Shocking Blue - Never Marry A Railroad Man."" (reblip)
Xyling I was gone for a week to see how things work in Kentucky and Ohio. Welcome, @TheWahnbriefe @TGunnn @BarnabasCoLLins @JoanieBeachMusic @pushygalore (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Neil Young with Johnny Depp – Dead Man Theme ☂ (starting to get psyched for the movie...finally)
BarnabasCoLLins The Kooks – See The Sun (Live Acoustic) ☂
ladypn i like it, thanks @ablothum! : "@ladypn @indieearcandyforeveryone got a kool kick to this:P" (reblip)


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ladypn New to my ears @TropicsZ4, very nice! Thanks to you & @LeaHendryValle:"Thanks for introducing them @LindyLuv: "Best band you've never heard of...""" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Crooked Still – Ain't No Grave (from 'True Blood')☂
ladypn I like the Corrs@AdamOfDallas. : "The Corrs and Bono – "When the Stars Go Blue" @ladypn" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Cave Singers – "Dancing On Our Graves" ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Danzig – Killer Wolf ☂

DanzigKiller Wolf

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ladypn Happy NY to you too@deadwood4! I love Royksopp! : "happy new years ... @ladypn - perhaps it was one of you that turned me on this 1" (reblip)

Royksopp- Alpha male (Wolves clip)

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ladypn rb@by_starla Never knew who did this!: "[Silly Wizard- If I Were a Blackbird] thanks @Corts-wishing you a new year full of beautiful female vocals..." (reblip)

Silly Wizard- If I Were a Blackbird (A Scottish Love Song)

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Voxetta Tim Buckley – Phantasmagoria in Two
ladypn Welcome ghosts and all wanderers of the night.... :)
BarnabasCoLLins Corpse Bride ~ Piano Duet ☂

Corpse Bride Piano Duet

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BarnabasCoLLins The Creepshow "Zombies Ate Her Brain" ..Not many notice the undead..☂ (reblip)

The Creepshow "Zombies Ate Her Brain"

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BarnabasCoLLins Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows ☂

Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shad

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BarnabasCoLLins Blue Öyster Cult – Nosferatu - Kinski ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Radiohead – A Wolf at the Door ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Radiohead - Street Spirit ☂

radiohead street spirit

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BarnabasCoLLins Gnarls Barkley Live- Part 11- The Boogie Monster ☂

Gnarls Barkley Live- Part 11- The Boogie Monster

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BarnabasCoLLins I Monster – Heaven ☂

I MonsterHeaven

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BarnabasCoLLins Elvis ☞♀ Mean Woman Blues ☹ - ☂

elvis-mean woman blues

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BarnabasCoLLins They Might Be Giants – I've Got A Fang ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Do not stand at my grave and weep ☂

Do not stand at my grave and weep

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BarnabasCoLLins Rasputina~ Gingerbread Coffin ☂

Rasputina~ Gingerbread Coffin

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BarnabasCoLLins Elvis Perkins – Stay Zombie Stay ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Hidden Cameras – AWOO ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Dave and Tim – Gravedigger ..could you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain..☂
BarnabasCoLLins Johnny Cash – Wayfaring Stranger ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Chance Halladay – Bury Me Deep ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Danse Macabre - Saint Saens ☂ (reblip)

Midnight Dance

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BarnabasCoLLins Lone Ranger ~ Barnabas Collins ☂

Lone Ranger ~ Barnabas Collins

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BarnabasCoLLins Bela Lugosi Girls (Draculetta Mix) ☂

Bela Lugosi Girls (Draculetta Mix)

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mrrowe8 dudes fucked up but damn no1 can doubt he can rap ,rock or do what ever he wants &do it better then anyone else


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bob dylan/elvis presley/tomorrow night

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BarnabasCoLLins "Bats in the Belfry" by Smokescreen ☂

"Bats in the Belfry" by Smokescreen

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BarnabasCoLLins The Hunchback of Notre Dame – The Bells of Notre Dame ☂
ladypn Beautiful chill music, and great imagery in vid... @zantha @bendrix @LYRIC @djstromer @DesertLily @Blippo
RealtorLefebvre The girl's got soul. What a voice. Last verse gives me chills every time.
BarnabasCoLLins TY @TarinnAdaria ~ Still Doll (Sarah Brightman) ☂

Still Doll (Sarah Brightman)

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Koshka Wonder how many times a day this is said, "this is..."?
BarnabasCoLLins Merci bowcups&vous too!^☊^ @TarinnAdaria: "Je vous remercie, la musique est un don, celui-ci est pour vous@BarnabasCollins-Rongwrong "Our Own Coffin☂ (reblip)

Rongwrong "Our Own Coffin"

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Vanzetti via@tittybingo: "Ike Turner – She Made My Blood Run Cold - #nowplaying the #blues" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Pirates of the Caribbean – Drunken Sparrow -If you're ever in Collinsport drinks on me at the Blue Whale ☂
BarnabasCoLLins @TarinnAdaria: "Devics -A Secret Message To You @BarnabasCollins :)" Here's your secret mssg http://t.co/QRpbBna ...shhhh ☂ (reblip)

Devics-A Secret Message To You

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DJPrimitivo ♪Red Moon - The Walkmen · Please RB!

The WalkmenRed Moon

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darrylheron Warren Zevon doing an acoustic version of Werewolves of London.
BarnabasCoLLins Dracula's Return – Cruxshadows (☂BC sends his kind regards frm 1897 where there is no Blip ♦we're working on it♦ Sincerely, #TeamBarney #iChingwands )

Berceuse (Lullaby) from Jocelyn ("Cachés dans cet asile") by Benjamin Godard

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BarnabasCoLLins Great & has bats too! TY @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins--The Moog – You Raised A Vampire"☂ (reblip)

John Lennon- Whatever Gets You Through The Night

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Voxetta Roma Di Luna – The Romance of Wolves
avivajazz Mike Katz (of Battlefield Band) | Scottish Bagpipes Medley | Filmed in Scotland (2008) | Outstanding! vi@FOGGIELOANER (reblip)

Scottish Bagpipes: Mike Katz of Battlefield Band playing the Scottish small pipes

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clairetheloon rb @SarahABQ.:) Hiya. Nice way to start the morning. TY. (reblip)

Wet Willie Keep On Smiling

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bthecat ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧

Les Fleurs of Minnie

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ladypn Oh, waxing poetic in the am@Fortharrison! :) : "On a bed of roses, this is my quiet time, catch up on the past event, and plan my day, of course blip" (reblip)
TupeloJo @avard : ya got me! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● █▀█▄▄▄▄▄█▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄█▄▄ █▄█▀█▄█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ●●● (reblip)

Kill Bill Soundtrack (You Shot Me Down)

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BarnabasCoLLins Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Tangerine ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Bryan Ferry – I Put A Spell On You ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Thank you kind sir and btw, don't 4get to follow me on twitter! @mark_till: "HI @BarnabasCollins an honor to have u (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Horror classics tribute ~ also set to Toccata and Fugue in D Minor ~ by JS Bach ~ ☂

Horror classics tribute

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BarnabasCoLLins Phantom of the Opera – Dark Waltz ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Voltaire ~ Underground "Six feet of earth above my head" ☂


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BarnabasCoLLins Jeff Beck Group – I Ain't Superstitious ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Psychobilly Monster Mash ☂

Psychobilly monster mash

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BarnabasCoLLins I Was a Teenage Werewolf ~ the cramps ☂

I Was a Teenage Werewolf

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BarnabasCoLLins Lestat...my blood-brother from another mother--Thanks! @greywolflvr: "Welcome new listener @BarnabasCollins!" ☂ (reblip)

Korn- Forsaken (vampire Lestat)

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BarnabasCoLLins HIM wicked game (cover) ☂

HIM wicked game

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BarnabasCoLLins Seawolf- The Violet Hour- Twilight- New Moon ☂ (reblip)

11. Seawolf- The Violet Hour- Twilight- New Moon OST

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BarnabasCoLLins Twilight Soundtrack [Flightless Bird, American Mouth] ☂

Twilight Soundtrack[Flightless Bird, American Mouth]

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BarnabasCoLLins Supermassive Black Hole – Muse ☂
BarnabasCoLLins For ☛ @TarinnAdaria DieMonsterDie – Gravedigger Girl ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Collective Soul ~ Tremble For My Beloved (onLeno) ☂

Collective Soul Tremble For My Beloved

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BarnabasCoLLins Thx4rb's & props and now this vampire's gotta fly... @TarinnAdaria: Edward Cullen – BELLA's LULLABY ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Gotta rb this! @TweakerRay:"Here's the 2nd Video I've made for the "Ghosts Filmfestival" Trent once mentioned @vixxeninpink@TarinnAdaria@Unaturalsoul" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Hoodoo Voodoo – Billy Bragg and Wilco ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Love of My Life – Barnabas & Josette -it's like a soap opera or something ;-) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins David Bowie - Please Mr. GraveDigger ☂

David Bowie Please Mr. GraveDigger

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BarnabasCoLLins Mute Math – Typical ☂

Mute MathTypical

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BarnabasCoLLins Placebo/(Franimal) – Sleeping With Ghosts ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Tears – Two Creatures ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Black Keys – Psychotic Girl - I've known a few...Angelique anyone? ☂ (via @DamienRice ) (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The mausoleum marble gets so cold in Winter... @TarinnAdaria: "Bella Morte – Winter" (reblip)

Bella MorteWinter

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BarnabasCoLLins Hey, stuff happens .. rb @Spindangerously: "The most human color?" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Kate Nash - 'Skeleton Song' ☂

kate Nash 'Skeleton Song'

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BarnabasCoLLins I'd prefer a cure☂rb @dylangirl99: "thanks for the listen!@BBlanca: "“Am I, a part of the cure or am I part of the disease?”"" (reblip)

Coldplay-- "Clocks"

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BarnabasCoLLins Leonard Cohen ...Who By Fire ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Crowded House – In My Command ☂
BarnabasCoLLins YW, but that's what vampires do,ya know. @HaloNReverse: "Thanks for the follow @BarnabasCollins" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Great song...I think Leonard must be a vampire too. @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins --Dance me to the end of love, LEONARD COHEN" (reblip)

Dance me to the end of love, LEONARD COHEN

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BarnabasCoLLins Science Ninja Team – Zombie Haircut ☂
BarnabasCoLLins "How can you stop the sun from shining?" Please submit all answers b4 dawn, tia. ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Muse is Hoodoo this. ☂


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BarnabasCoLLins "Below The Old House" Shhh, that's where you'll find me. @TarinnAdaria: – by Zoos of Berlin (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Elvis Perkins In Dearland – "Chains, Chains, Chains" ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Decemberists – Sleepless "Like a shadow...so still and tired and oh so dark" via@DJEmpire1 (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Keane - We Might As Well Be Strangers With Lyrics ☂

♥Keane-We Might As Well Be Strangers With Lyrics♥

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BarnabasCoLLins Ween Plays Zep (All Of My Love) ☂ (reblip)

Ween Plays Zep (All Of My Love)

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BarnabasCoLLins Sting – Ghost Story ☂

StingGhost Story

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BarnabasCoLLins Eagles ~ Witchy Woman ☂

Eagles Witchy Woman

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BarnabasCoLLins Super Furry Animals – Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Un-dead guy in da house! @mark_till: "You don't mind I Invite @BarnabasCollins into this blip do you, @ladyflash_ ? Oingo Boingo – Dead Man's Party" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Ben Harper – Ashes ☂

Ben HarperAshes

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BarnabasCoLLins Good evening @TarinnAdaria: "Iron and Wine – Such Great Heights" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins and make sure ur dressed btwn costume changes (DS trivia) @TarinnAdaria: "The Reverse – Exit Stage Left" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Vampires rule! rb @thecurefan: "Der Fluch – Junger Werwolf ☾*wwwhhhhoooooooooollllll*" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Eat Skull – Dawn in the Face ☂
BarnabasCoLLins bbl, when I'm... Waiting for the Moon to Rise – Belle and Sebastian ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Glasvegas – choir in Transylvania ☂
BarnabasCoLLins "The breeze, from the graveyard keeps murmuring death..." Glasvegas – A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Vampire Weekend – White Sky ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Andy Partridge – Its snowing angels via @ladypn (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Fall Out Boy - Yule Shoot your Eye Out ☂

Fall Out Boy-Yule Shoot your Eye Out

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BarnabasCoLLins TYvm! @ladypn "Only 5 more listeners & you'll get 100 badge! Blip friends hope you'll check'm out, great taste in music! Push the blue button! :) " ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TY4props! @by_starla: "[Sin Fang Bous - Catch The Light]" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Transylvania by McFly ☂

Transylvania by McFly

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BarnabasCoLLins Dispatch – Bats in the Belfry ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Jeremy Fisher – Scar That Never Heals ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Sliver Fang Keeps christmas (-hello & bbl blip'rs-) ☂

Sliver Fang Keeps christmas

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BarnabasCoLLins Ah, cousin Bootsy. Thanks! @TarinnAdaria Merry Christmas Baby – Bootsy Collins (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Smithereens – Waking Up On Christmas Morning ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Thanks! rb @sheryonstone: "thanks and merry christmas @salleegal: "The Decemberists – Think About Me ..........(nice McVie cover)"" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Rosebuds – Life Like ☂

The RosebudsLife Like

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BarnabasCoLLins New Moon Soundtrack – Rosyln (Bon Iver & St. Vincent) by Tristan Clopet ☂
BarnabasCoLLins That's me tonight @TarinnAdaria: "Led Zeppelin ☁ Fool In The Rain" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins But I'll be back! @TarinnAdaria: "City Breathing – A Place to Bury Old Mistakes " ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Moving Forward – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Dirty Pulp Theatre – Jack The Ripper ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Mack the Knife Sung by Lotte Lenya ☂

Mack the Knife Sung by Lotte Lenya

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BarnabasCoLLins ApologetiX – Get a Bite ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Vampires too! @hopedances: "indeed.. =) @Crashlndin: "Doors – People Are Strange"" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Brad Sucks – I Command You to Be My Woman ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Coldplay a Rush of Blood to the Head ☂

Coldplay a Rush of Blood to the Head

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BarnabasCoLLins The White Countess – Amore Per Te ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Camera Obscura – Hands Up Baby ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Nice Beat'les cover ty @TarinnAdaria: "Helloween-All My Loving"☂ (reblip)

Helloween-All My Loving

| play
BarnabasCoLLins The Be Good Tanyas – House Of The Rising Sun (almost time to fly) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Keane – The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore -that's my cue to say adieu- ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Likeit! @TarinnAdaria: "mine2@TweakerRay: "My Favorite In This Twilight ReMix - by @BinaryAudio - In This Twilight (Pulse Wave Mix)-check his blip.fm" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TY & Happy Blue Moon NYE 2U2! @TarinnAdaria: "happy new year ...dont forget there will be a blue moon tonight" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Hey @TarinnAdaria Spread A Little Happiness ..keep out the gloom, let in the sun.. (well a little sun is ok once in a blue moon) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Now this one is la sua bella! TY @TarinnAdaria: ":) grazie@BarnabasCollins --Katie Melua – Blame it on the moon" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Bah-Bye Rev Trask! Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Hey, touché! @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins: "Hey" I command you to spread happiness as i wander off into the night" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TY! @ladypn: ..I've got one foot in this grave.. Sex Love and Honey - Raine Maida ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Brighter Than Sunshine (as long as it's not actual sunshine) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins {{{ SUNSET }}} – Zombies ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Dark Water Hymnal – Unending Through the Dark ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb via-> @ladypn Fasy Live - RISING ☂ (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins The Dark Water Hymnal – Blood Sun ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Wolfstone : Captured Live 1 ☂

Wolfstone : Captured Live 1

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BarnabasCoLLins Rilo Kiley – Capturing Moods ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Silver Jews – how can i love you (if you won't lie down) ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TY4 the props ->! @ladypn: "I'm eleated, medicated" Green Day – Restless Heart Syndrome ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Euphonia – I Crept Into The Crypt And Cried ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TY4 resurrecting this tune! @TarinnAdaria: "haha I found it x rb @BarnabasCollins---The First Theremin Era – The Barnabas Theme From "Dark Shadows"☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins If only! TYrb @TarinnAdaria: "Kieran Leonard – Always Night" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Darn night vision cameras! @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins--LOREENA MCKENNITT THE MUMMERS' DANCE(Iseeyouthere)"☂ (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins The Kooks (cover The Kinks) – Victoria ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Lestat de Llamorte – Beautiful Dream ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Robbie Williams – Cursed ☂
BarnabasCoLLins David Sanborn – Spooky ☂

David SanbornSpooky

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BarnabasCoLLins Magicka – Lullaby for a Vampire ☂
BarnabasCoLLins David Sylvian – Orpheus "...sleeps on his back still dead to the world-Sunlight falls, my wings open wide..." ☂

David SylvianOrpheus

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BarnabasCoLLins lotsa good blips today @TarinnAdaria -Lemonwilde – 3-Danse☂ (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins Living Colour – Elvis Is Dead ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Dead By Sunrise – Crawl Back In (Out Of Ashes) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life (not in my mirror) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Howl out, bro! @mark_till: "Foo Fighters & Norah Jones - Virgina Moon" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Old Haunts – Volatile ☂

Old HauntsVolatile

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BarnabasCoLLins TY, gotta reblip Syd! @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins ---Syd Barrett – Dark Globe" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Gogol Bordello, Through The Roof 'n' Underground ☂

Gogol Bordello, Through The Roof 'n' Underground

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BarnabasCoLLins But I was cast for Dark Shadows @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins---Oasis "Cast No Shadow" Acoustic Cover by ortoPilot" ☂ (reblip)

Oasis "Cast No Shadow" Acoustic Cover by ortoPilot

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BarnabasCoLLins Cold - The Cure ☂

Cold The Cure

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BarnabasCoLLins They Might Be Giants – Bastard Wants to Hit Me ☂
BarnabasCoLLins U go girl @TarinnAdaria: ""Killer Queen" Kill Bill music video"☂ (reblip)

"Killer Queen" Kill Bill music video

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BarnabasCoLLins Until I wield my silver wolf's-head cane! @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins--Bright Paper Werewolves – We Will Not Take A Dive" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Dodo Bird – Nerds ☂

Dodo BirdNerds

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BarnabasCoLLins Blue October – Dirt Room -this guy reminds me o f Willy ☂

Blue OctoberDirt Room

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BarnabasCoLLins Paul Weller – Wings Of Speed ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Word! @ladypn: "I've got a really bad disease, its got me begging on my hands & knees so take me to emergency cuz something seems to be missing..." ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Walkmen – Lady Midnight ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ☜+† Gothic Choral †+☞ ☂

☜+† Gothic Choral †+☞

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BarnabasCoLLins Bon Iver – Creature Fear - flyin' outta here ☂

Bon IverCreature Fear

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BarnabasCoLLins Bright Eyes – The Trees Get Wheeled Away "...so believe you're who you are and just stay in character..." ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Bad Moon Rising ⚡ The Rising Moon Reel ☂

bad moon rising/the rising moon reel

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BarnabasCoLLins Bob Dylan – Blood In My Eyes ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Uncomplicated ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Elvis Costello - Complicated Shadows ☂


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BarnabasCoLLins Out of props u tonight @TarinnAdaria so till tomorrow I'll be... Hanging upside down ☂

Hanging upside down

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BarnabasCoLLins Hypnotized ~ Fleetwood Mac ☂

hypnotized Fleetwood Mac

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BarnabasCoLLins Damien Rice – Your Ghost ☂

Damien RiceYour Ghost

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BarnabasCoLLins Gypsy – Into The Mystic ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Iron & Wine / Calexico – History Of Lovers ☂
BarnabasCoLLins was just gonna blip this...spooky @EfromEB: "Calexico-Alone Again Or @BarnabasCollins" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Gotta fly...tyrb @TarinnAdaria: "Eisley – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Acoustic Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Almost4got2Blip2dayTY-> @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins ---The Doors – Sunset Sound/Moonlight Drive"☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TY,&they double as my bat wings;) @TupeloJo: "love the umbrella ☂!! @BarnabasCollins: "Gypsy – Into The Mystic ☂"" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Lets give them something to talk about- Twilight music video ☂ (reblip)

Lets give them something to talk about- Twilight music video

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BarnabasCoLLins or is he? rb @mark_till: "Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi's Dead (Original) @BarnabasCollins" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins 4got umbrella rb @BarnabasCollins: "Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Davíd Garza – I Lost My Umbrella Again ' ' '☁' ' '☁' ' '☁' ' '
BarnabasCoLLins tyvm@TarinnAdaria: "Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows – Stand Off" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TY, that Depp sure is a handsome devil ;) @BestYet2B: "@BarnabasCollins Thought you might like this with Dep!" ☂ (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins Me too, too! @ladypn: "Me too @MeLikeGoodMusic! Great harmonies! : "Love these ladies. "" ☂ (reblip)

Bleeding Rivers: Copper Wimmin

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BarnabasCoLLins Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter – Spectral Beings ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Neutral Milk Hotel – Ghost (Studio) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Chris Knox, "One Fell Swoop" ☂

Chris Knox, "One Fell Swoop"

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BarnabasCoLLins Eels – My Beloved Mad Monster Party ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Chills – Male Monster From The Id ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Chris Knox – Half Man, Half Mole ☂
BarnabasCoLLins and ty4 all these great tunes! @TarinnAdaria: "ty for everything x@BarnabasCollins --Band of Horses – The Funeral" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins THE BRASS BED "Long Blue Shadows" (Sorry4 2nite's brevity of blips but comptr just won't obey my commands! ☂

THE BRASS BED "Long Blue Shadows"

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BarnabasCoLLins My Badge 's r gone...that bites ^☊^ TY4props @ladypn (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins Camille and Kennerly – Ghost Riders in the Sky - Harp Music Duet - Identical Twins ☂☂
BarnabasCoLLins The other man in black...Johnny Cash – Ghost Riders In The Sky ☂
BarnabasCoLLins "maybe you don't like monsters?" Young Frankenstein – Skullcrusher Frankenstein ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Not good for the fangs ^☊^ Elvis Presley ~ Rubber Necking ☂

Elvis Presley Exclusive!! (Rubber Necking) C12 Drumapella

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BarnabasCoLLins TY! @ladypn "Hi @BarnabasCollins, every1's badges were reset so that all started from the same point!" ☂ (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins TYrb @pulsar The Rolling Stones – The Spider and the fly ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Love Story In Blood Red – Joey Bop ☂ bbl
BarnabasCoLLins Pure Prairie League - Early Morning Riser ☂ actually I'm due for my nap about now. (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Future Clouds and Radar – Mummified ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Radar Brothers – Warm Rising Sun ☂
BarnabasCoLLins New* Vampire Weekend – 'Horchata' ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Magic Wands – Kiss Me Dead ☂

Magic Wands • Kiss Me Dead

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BarnabasCoLLins TY @ABoyNamedSue: ""All is yours till the morning comes" Goodnight blippers."☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Them Crooked Vultures – New Fang ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Other Hands ~ The Day We Never Met ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Great song/video sync! Kabul is spooky at night. @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins ---In The Shadows – The Stranglers" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Chris Bathgate – Yes I'm Cold ☂

Yes I'm Cold.

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BarnabasCoLLins TY @madeleine_n ~ Marcy Playground - The Vampires of New York ☂

Marcy Playground-The Vampires of New York

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BarnabasCoLLins Blue Sunny Day ~ Jonathan Coulton ☂

Blue Sunny Day

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BarnabasCoLLins ty @madeleine_n ~ From Dusk Till Dawn: Tito & Tarantula – After Dark ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins G"night all! Gregory Alan Isakov (feat. Brandi Carlile) – That Moon Song ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Vous allez fille! @TarinnAdaria Tomb Raider II – Music (Venice Violins)☂
BarnabasCoLLins John Vanderslice – Time Travel Is Lonely ☂
BarnabasCoLLins We'll need air traffic control. @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins @inavision @AutoCasual---The Flying People – Petrosino"☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Let's do it again... Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds & Kylie Minogue – Where The Wild Roses Grow☂
BarnabasCoLLins Thnx again!@Dolittle: "The band is Old Canes@BarnabasCollins: "TY @Dolittle ~ Early Morning Hymns ~ ☂"" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins ty rb @ginhollow Who Knows Where the Time Goes – Richard Thompson Live☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TY rb@TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins----Six Feet Under Soundtrack: "Direction" – Interpol ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Shenandoah – Ghost in this House ☂
BarnabasCoLLins rb @TarinnAdaria: The Violet Hour – Sea Wolf ☂ "a flower that only blooms in the violet hour" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Blue Skies for Black Hearts – When Your Heart Breaks ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Thanks @storylet ~Ain't No Rest For The Wicked~ and I sure am tired! ☂ (reblip)

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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BarnabasCoLLins Solomon Burke – None Of Us Are Free ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Dark Water Hymnal – White Clouds Moving Over ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Dark Water Hymnal –Wake Today (can't access my gmail so-BBL)☂
BarnabasCoLLins Twilight – Edward The Stalker Music Video Using Turin Brakes - Stalker ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Turin Brakes – Painkiller ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Turin Brakes – Long Distance ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Turin Brakes – Here Comes The Moon ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Shapes Have Fangs – Red Moon ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Turin Brakes – Red Moon ☂

Turin BrakesRed Moon

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BarnabasCoLLins The Walkmen – Red Moon ☂ (doin' this theme to death)

The WalkmenRed Moon

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BarnabasCoLLins Turin Brakes – Dark On Fire ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Turin Brakes – Bye Pod ☂

Turin BrakesBye Pod

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BarnabasCoLLins Paul McCartney – Blackbird ..fly into the light of the dark black night.. ☂ (must fly off on now on a short sab-bat-ical....✈)
BarnabasCoLLins Magnetic Fields – I Don't Believe in the Sun ☂
BarnabasCoLLins A king at night – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Cake – Sheep Go To Heaven ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Hamel – In Between - Official video ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ☂ lost my blip-mojo somewhere in those... Complicated Shadows (Elvis Costello)
BarnabasCoLLins The Tossers -I've Pursued Nothing ☂

The Tossers -I've Pursued Nothing

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BarnabasCoLLins You're very kind...!@TarinnAdaria: "Willie Dixon - I got my mojo working @BarnabasCollins ....sending you some of mine...while I have it (mojo)" ☂ (reblip)

Willie Dixon I got my mojo working

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BarnabasCoLLins ☂ a Barny blip imperative! ty-> @TarinnAdaria: "The Magnetic Fields – All the Umbrellas in London" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins @TarinnAdaria: "Glen Hansard&Marketa Irglova – The Moon...Espérons que votre sens mieux mon ami" @BarnabasCollins ..♫" ...A bit anemic, thnx4asking! ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Wild Sweet Orange ~ "I Wrestle with God ...all night long..." and I hope He wins! ☂

Wild Sweet Orange "Wrestle With God"

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BarnabasCoLLins Tonight's the night... " @TarinnAdaria: "The Magnetic Fields – The Dreaming Moon@BarnabasCollins" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins A-ha – Minor Earth Major Sky ☂ (would a werewolf still howl if he were on the moon, and would it make a sound?)
BarnabasCoLLins Gravenhurst – The Diver ☂

GravenhurstThe Diver

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BarnabasCoLLins Hesitation Blues ~ Janis Joplin /Jorma Kaukonen & his late ex-wife Margareta, on maybe the 1st use of the percussive typewriter @TarinnAdaria
BarnabasCoLLins Clayhill – Moon I Hide "...out of time, out of reach..." ☂

Clayhill"Moon I hide"

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BarnabasCoLLins Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band – Nikorette "...Sitting in the sun eating ice cream." with my Vampire SPF100k ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Tx&u2! @mark_till: "Hey Barnabas!! good to see you again!! Carnival of Souls/Que Sera Sera" <--creeepy...reaching for my pink martini now. ☂ (reblip)

Carnival of Souls/Que Sera Sera

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BarnabasCoLLins aha ~ Velvet I'm off to the morgue now...bbl ☂

aha Velvet

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BarnabasCoLLins Violet Vision – Try Harder ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Violet Vision _ The Wheels Will Turn ☂

Violet Vision _ The Wheels Will Turn

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BarnabasCoLLins Exposed – Silent Temptation ...thinking I shouldn't bite ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Is there somewhere I can check my cap, cape cane & ☂ first? @TarinnAdaria: "Leonard Cohen – Take This Waltz@BarnabasCollins" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Warren Zevon – Wanted (un) Dead or Alive ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Placebo - In The Cold Light Of Morning ☂

In the cold light of morning

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BarnabasCoLLins Why does she look so familiar? @TarinnAdaria: "Vanessa Paradis – Pourtant" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins PLACEBO and The Cure – If only tonight we could sleep ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TY! ☂ @Falainix: "Be welcome on Board Mr Collins^^@BarnabasCollins -- LONE RANGER" (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins I'll order one w/WiFi, please. @TarinnAdaria My Boy Builds Coffins – Florence and the Machine (w/ lyrics) ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Chris Cornell – Black Hole Sun ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Gorillaz – Every Planet We Reach Is Dead (Feat. Ike Turner) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Smithereens- A Girl Like You ☂

The Smithereens- A Girl Like You

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BarnabasCoLLins Ike Turner – She made my blood run cold.wmv ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ^☹^ @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins ...Styx – Come Sail Away ...hurry This boat is sinking" (☛☂ can be used as a floatation device) (reblip)

StyxCome Sail Away

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BarnabasCoLLins The Fray – You Found Me - Acoustic ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Bellissimo! @TarinnAdaria: "The Great Park – We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn't.....@BarnabasCollins" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Shadow of the day OFFICIAL music video ☂

Shadow of the day OFFICIAL music video

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BarnabasCoLLins ^〠^ TY&always remember Vampire minutes=days! @TarinnAdaria: "I Have Waited For You – David Sylvian..so happy to have you back..mhm..@BarnabasCollins"☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Third Day ✈ Black Bird ☂

Third Day: Black Bird

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BarnabasCoLLins ☂toujours dans et hors de l'ombre-I'm very flighty☂ @TarinnAdaria: "allez-vous être parti depuis longtemps?@BarnabasCollins-Sparklehorse–Return to Me" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Fantastique, je vous remercie beaucoup! ☂ @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins....Thomas Feiner & Anywhen – All That Numbs You....il est à vous..a gift" (reblip)