LS22 @BarryJive - i dig the little brother stuff, i'll have to check them out
KMcG first blip... cant get this song out of my head, its too catchy
BarryJive fuck, fine, you sent me brother ali then busdriver guess it's time to go on a run (reblip)
BarryJive let's keep rollin with the kanye

Crack Music

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Chill_Mixer_Sly crap g2g do wedding stuff haha looking forward to future blips @johno, @drewballs, @MapleLeaves, @Jennaharg
Chill_Mixer_Sly yes them and these guys made a label together new line media @johno, @MapleLeaves... how about pianos and mc's? (reblip)
Chill_Mixer_Sly nice I've never really listened to doom but I like it @MapleLeaves (reblip)
Chill_Mixer_Sly Haha you're right I was feeling explicit at the time how about this one a little less explicit :) @Karuna
MapleLeaves @alicia_ after yet another long night of drinking, i've been...
DJVENDETTA M.OP. Hardcore hip hop- Dmx sounding- Ante up mofos-
Chill_Mixer_Sly awesome... just awesome group out of the University of Washington, surprised they were on here (reblip)
jsikro quite possibly my favorite song they've ever made...
Greenie @cyncyn...>> thanks for the rec on this great female mc.. >>> cant take credit... it's @bendrix and his impeccable music radar! (reblip)
bendrix {{{Blip Raid On}}} Lyricist => @TheHobbyshopHERO => blipped on 3/18/09 - This track is for all Kats N Kittens in relationships (reblip)
TheHobbyshopHERO This one is dedicated to the Beautiful @lub , u should reconize this sample being u just Blipped the Original sample "nights over Egypt" =) @bendrix
Greenie Friendly Fires – I'm Good I'm Gone
BarryJive I find myself stuck on this one occasionally
BarryJive also, everyone must listen to this song I tried to push it last summer with no luck @johno @Chill_Mixer_Sly @Jennaharg @drewballs @jsikro
MapleLeaves hip-hop with real instruments kicks ass. rb@irishvan (reblip)
bendrix thats odd I stumbled on this blip by accident & I was instantly mesmerized what luck Cindee=> rb@ladypn Lend an ear #bendrix! :) (reblip)
melodyofurlife RB -----> @MaybeImRight "cause you can't, you won't...and you don't stop..." (reblip)
Greenie I have a LOT of replies to catch up on!! vi@vinny2jays.. one of my fav hip hop guys... thx! (reblip)
bendrix BlipTrail:@estrogen discovered Mrs Gardot & she passed it to=> @Blippo then went to myspace found this track, loved it, passed it to @LYRIC@ladypn&me (reblip)
BarryJive what regina spektor might be if any band could actually put up with her (reblip)
Greenie Supreme Beings of Leisure – Under the Gun
modom One of my favorite bands!

The Shins-Sealegs

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BarryJive bringing it back to the roots

The RootsRising Up

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What's Golden (music video)

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BarryJive it's the story about jelly man kelly! @johno @Jennaharg (reblip)

Jelly Man Kelly (James Taylor on Sesame St.)

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BarryJive @megg: "@johno: "@BarryJive" not usually my bag, but this one is rockin'! thanks!" hottnes (reblip)

AtmosphereGet Fly

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BarryJive @melodyofyourlife: "RB ---> @luixa: "I LOVE LOVE SO F&&$$ MUCH TO THIS GROUP! " Agreed. (reblip)

BeirutElephant Gun

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BarryJive @johno I think I'm finally, this morning, satisfied with the people that I listen to on blip.
BarryJive @Jennaharg I dig it for sure! @DeeWall I lived with mazzy too, quite often she ran around in reverence of ceiling cat (reblip)
LS22 I don't think I can leave Paris at the end of July. Until then I think I'm gonna look for jobs here, which probably won't happen. wish me luck!
LS22 i've had half a bottle of wine by myself and i'm trying to pack for a 9 day trip away from paris. i'm thinking 17 tops and 6 dresses may be too much?
jsikro @BarryJive plus he's from vancouverrrrrr
jsikro @BarryJive okay. i'm done. chew on it.

hieroglyphics-make your move

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FerrMama @megg: loves it ! send me all the new music you want ! i can handle it :) glad to see you blipping !! (reblip)
MapleLeaves trip-hop is such a cool genre. i like how these guys have all but cornered the market... rb@K8H (reblip)
LS22 and i've quit them both but man was it rough (reblip)
FerrMama she makes me want to be in love :)
BarryJive @FerrMama haha nice, that's why blip is the shiznit (reblip)
megg @johno, to use your words, "so effing good!" vi@!Maedhros (reblip)
megg wow...this is ear-candy! @mmcgovern: "perfect song (right now) thanks and vi@EarsToTheStreets: " (reblip)
megg @Maedhros if you don't have this band on heavy play in your list...shame-shame! (reblip)
LS22 @BarryJive - yeah, lots of good stuff by atmosphere - check them out, especially if you like good instrumentation + progressive hip-hop
FerrMama @megg @WunDaGround i think we discovered these guys on the same day a few months ago !
MapleLeaves @BarryJive here's imogen before she embarked on her solo career. still great stuff. dig it.
Jennaharg absolutely in love with this song


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teffymae @brokentv and this one. Quentin Tarentino makes killer soundtracks.
megg @TaraMaeThornton: "If you were falling, then I would catch you. You need a light, I'd find a match." reblipping my playlist (cont.) (reblip)
megg To the biggest Wilco fan I know---maybe he hasn't heard this! @djnog vi@LP33: "Wilco (with Andrew Bird) - Forget the Flowers" (reblip)

Wilco "Forget the Flowers" (with Andrew Bird)

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johno i am a big fan of mr. barnes, heard this one in the grocery store on sunday...
djnog rb@MoiraColeen: You're always quietly blipping good stuff! (reblip)
MapleLeaves @teffymae: "Digging this song like whoa." me too. it was a free download on itunes a while back... (reblip)
MapleLeaves careful folks, this track starts up exactly as loud is it ought to. it's weird watching him with just a goatee, rather than the massive beard i heart.

The Black Keys- thickfreakness (Live TV)

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MapleLeaves my cat seems to think he's some sort of psycho killer, but i know he's a total moron.

Nyle "Let The Beat Build"

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Chill_Mixer_Sly hey I just got a job interview for tomorow


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megg @wetfootblues: "@sydmusic: "ok, i get it. grizzly bear=the future, the past and the SHIT." lol, amen!" I wish i could give mine... (reblip)
BarryJive Anyone see regina on the late show last night? I didn't think she was that great, should have played a more fiery song like this one... stupid labels
FireCrotch A Jessica Lee Mayfield cover, good stuff---Time for food.

The Avett Brothers sing "For Today"

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FireCrotch @BarryJive Heres Dan Auerbach solo stuff - If you like the keys, you'll like this too
FerrMama @frannyglass we have already established our need for a sufjan pocket man :) who else makes the list ??
lalagator rb@FireCrotch: "Incredible video of the Avetts playing Laundry Room (Forthcoming album), Down with the Shine(Unreleased), and Bella Donna " -Thanks! (reblip)

The Avett Brothers Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music

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FireCrotch @BarryJive The new Conor Oberst is definitely one of my favorites, I do like Reginas latest.
FireCrotch @BarryJive Just got the new Artic Monkeys - still listening to it, definitely a darker and deeper album than their previous
BarryJive wale is so sick like 105% of the time
BarryJive save the date! jen & tyler will be getting married!! (reblip)
LS22 you told me about these guys when i was still in paris! dig it - rb @jp41: "@LS22 tell me what you think. these guys are awesome." (reblip)
BarryJive @LS22: "rb @wordvenus - who is always a great DJ, but is really, really on today. thank you!" indeed! (reblip)

Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins "Rise Up With Fists"

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megg from his "twelve pieces" album
FireCrotch Wilco and the Fleet Foxes cover Dylan - Nice
FireCrotch Duane plays with Wilson Pickett, gets noticed by Eric Clapton, they meet in Muscle Shoals, Duane lays down the riff for Layla, and the rest is history
BarryJive yes!!! so glad this is on here, you will see this blipped tomorrow also
FerrMama @megg have i played this for you ? Its vampire weekend meets passion pit with a little hip hop mixed in too
FerrMama @megg you down with the JOY ?? i discovered her about a month ago and can't stop listening !
megg @Moishe74: "i just had to blip this cute cover of Avett Brothers - Offering. Think Ellen Page + Michael Cera." You find good stuff! =]] (reblip)


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alicia_ And sometimes when you're on/ you're really fucking on.
TundraConundra Nice live version of my favorite Cat Power song.

Thao "Swimming Pools"

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BarryJive rb @FireCrotch: one of my fav early ones. Which DBT song you talkin about? (reblip)
BarryJive how's life these days? you loving SF?


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DeepFoundSound hand keeps slippin on the wood grain wheel

The Roots-Stay Cool

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humanipod Dinah Washington - is u is or is u aint my baby - the verve remix
nastysurprise @emdeejay @melodyofyourlife I think it's time to pull out my secret weapon. And for the record, I'm talking about this song.
nastysurprise @Luthanick: "I've always liked the lyrics in this song." I've always liked this album. (reblip)

Jedi Mind Tricks- Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story)

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SimplyLucidDreaming Back when Kanye had so much more credibility....
Chill_Mixer_Sly oops how did... what happened... this is embarrasing
nastysurprise @DesertLily You know the drill. You're out of props, like usual, so here's the reblip. (reblip)
nastysurprise @UncleRay: "@nastysurprise72 - got your note - taken care of; sorry for the oversight" Many tanks. (reblip)

The Beatles Hello Goodbye (Digital Remaster 2009) [High Definition] HD

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megg who doesn't?! =]] @jazzyrat: "@paulander @PauliAnnaDee @MoiraColleen I wish I had a coffee cup of taco meat RIGHT nowwwwww." (reblip)

Song of the Day 6-26-09: Swimming Song by Vetiver

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DJFrankie @freshjuice How do you feel about Blue Scholars?
FireCrotch Been on the road the past month filming - Feels good to be home...ahh Blip @johno @BarryJive @Chill_Mixer_Sly
BarryJive @RadioFreeIllinois I see your 'goats, here's one of my favs I don't think I've seen you blip
nastysurprise @beap: "I'm joining w/ a spicy belgium beer in hands! ;) @dreamrevelry "Anyone else enjoying an adult beverage on this fine Thursday afternoon?" YES!! (reblip)
megg cute over load

PS22 Chorus "LISZTOMANIA" Phoenix

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djnog @megg@kegg: I think Dewey may have been drunk! That fucker makes me laugh. Probably headed to Replay on Sunday evening if interested.
johno pico vs. island trees is the band (reblip)

Open Doors

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The Weekend -High for This

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MapleLeaves cool video. but it certainly doesn't get me fired up. @serveauxx: "I need about six 5 Hour Energys" (reblip)

AirPlayground Love

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indieearcandyforeveryone "the faster you let go, you will receive.... what you need"
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