BellaMia22 A fresh start....~ A Sort of Homecoming-U2

U2- A Sort Of Homecoming

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BellaMia22, just love yourself like no one else..
BellaMia22 A fav of mine right now..Strange Overtones ~ David Byrne & Brian Eno
BellaMia22 Everything in its right place ~ Radiohead
BellaMia22 ...Rummaging for answers in the pages...
BellaMia22 when you love something you can't replace...

Fix YouColdplay

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BellaMia22 Almost done for the day...Goodbye Goodbye :)
BellaMia22 ...I'll make your heart smile..
BellaMia22 maybe, your gonna the one who saves me
BellaMia22 Great lil diddy...Pulled Up ~ Talking Heads
BellaMia22 Sweet Disposition ~ The Temper Trap
BellaMia22 ..Are you in or are you out?..
BellaMia22 ...Oh, I've never met anyone quite like you before...
BellaMia22 When the Stars Go Blue~ Corrs ft Bono


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BellaMia22 All that noise..and all that sound..
BellaMia22 This bed is on fire with passion and love ;) (reblip)


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BellaMia22 is that all there is? ~PJ Harvey
BellaMia22 I play it off but I'm dreaming of you...

Macy GrayI Try

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BellaMia22 Six Different Ways ~ The Cure

Six Different Ways-The Cure

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BellaMia22 And I said, I can see me in your said I can see you in my bed...
BellaMia22 Bittersweet ~ Big Head Todd & The Monsters
BellaMia22 One more for the night...Funny The Way It Is....
BellaMia22 Take Me I'm Yours ~ Squeeze

squeeze take me i'm yours

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BellaMia22 ..With aching looks and breaking hearts
BellaMia22 ..Weds we make sweet weekly love...LOL
BellaMia22 ...Shut your eyes and think of me...
BellaMia22 I adore this tune~ Cucurrucucu Paloma ~ Caetano Veloso
BellaMia22 Love is the drug I'm thinkn of...
BellaMia22 Last Nite ~ The Stokes on Jools Holland
BellaMia22 *swoon*

David Bowie Absolute Beginers.wmv tradução

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BellaMia22 she only knows when someone wants her..
BellaMia22 Golden Brown ~ Stranglers
BellaMia22 swingn to the music...


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BellaMia22 Dead Man's Party ~ Oingo Boingo ...HS flashback
BellaMia22 Can't Hardly Wait ~ The Replacements
BellaMia22 Cold Blooded Old times...~ Smog
BellaMia22 Pyscho Killer ~ Cage the Elephant
BellaMia22 Man do these guys rock or what? -Your touch ~Black Keys

The Black Keys "Your Touch"

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BellaMia22 Bring it back bring it back down tonight...
BellaMia22 thank u, big fan of Zero 7@Fortharrison: "thx for the ♥ @BellaMia22 ....i think you might #dig" (reblip)
BellaMia22 Rock out kiddies ...


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BellaMia22 Waiting for the Miracle ~ Leonard Cohen
BellaMia22 "Dave Matthews Band – Rapunzel (Live In Chicago)" (reblip)
BellaMia22 You Only Live Once ~ The Strokes ..Live on Jools Holland
BellaMia22 Here's Where the Story Ends ~ The Sundays
BellaMia22 So we started screamin', "On such a winter's day"
BellaMia22 No we're never gonna survive, unless... We are a little...
BellaMia22 ...But she grew up tall and she grew up right...
BellaMia22 make me feel so sweet...
BellaMia22 This makes me wanna do a lil dance around the office
BellaMia22 hey open wide, here comes original sin
BellaMia22 You're all I need ...and maybe some faith would Do me good
BellaMia22 Thant thing that thing...

Lauryn HillDoo Wop

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BellaMia22 I love this one...The Only Living Boy in NY (reblip)

"The Only Living Boy in New York" Simon & Garfunkel

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BellaMia22 Great one..@MySecondHead:"Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed""" (reblip)
BellaMia22 ...wearing nothing is divine...
BellaMia22 and I say softly, slowly...Hold me closer...
BellaMia22 These stones will shout ~ The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs these stones will shout

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BellaMia22 if you should feel a bit out of place...
BellaMia22 ...With some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin' to meet you....
BellaMia22 black panties with an angels face...
BellaMia22 I love this tune ....Gypsy~Fleetwood Mac
BellaMia22 Where is my mind? ~ The Pixies
BellaMia22 A Girl Like You ~ The Smithereens
BellaMia22 Great tune! 2 of my favs @BlipStarr Bowie & Arcade Fire ~ Five Years (reblip)
BellaMia22 Last Goodbye ~ Jeff Buckley----I dig this lil diddy
BellaMia22 ......she's got you high and you don't even know yet...
BellaMia22 Farther down I'm desperate for you....
BellaMia22 I'm not looking for a clearer conscience..
BellaMia22 singing my life with his words...
BellaMia22 when you see her sweet smile baby, don't think of me
BellaMia22 Such Great Heights ~ The Section Quartet
BellaMia22 Home ~ Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
BellaMia22 I dig this band ...Remy Zero ~ Fair

Remy ZeroFair

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BellaMia22 I want Candy!- Bow Wow Wow for @ktodorukk & @BaldSkull
BellaMia22 do you wanna find something worth saving?...night all
BellaMia22 keeps your life on a shelf for you...
BellaMia22 Time time time, see whats become of me...
BellaMia22 Cause I'm the mood come on and give it up
BellaMia22 Stars ~ Simply Red ...I adore this one
BellaMia22 Golden Brown ~ The Stranglers
BellaMia22 Lips like sugar ~ Coldplay
BellaMia22 Great tune, I am familiar...and prolly older than you think Lol~ this is a fav of mine @cubbymendoza
BellaMia22 love this one...Angeles ~ Elliott Smith
BellaMia22 ...scared of losing all the time...
BellaMia22 I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come on home and...
BellaMia22 Something Good Can Work ~ Two Door Cinema Club
BellaMia22 ...I mean I'd love to get to know you...
BellaMia22 ....and just forget the world..
BellaMia22 ...this is sex without touching...


| play
BellaMia22 to take these songs for real..


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BellaMia22 I love to sing this one -Hyperballad ~ Bjork


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BellaMia22 Who couldn't use some? Lessons in Love
BellaMia22 Valerie ~ Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse
BellaMia22 Turn to the Sky ~ March Violets (used to have this on cassette)
BellaMia22 Ain't love the sweetest thing?
BellaMia22 Ziggy Stardust ~ David Bowie
BellaMia22 man I do love The Clash... I fought the law
BellaMia22 I love this tune@Alvaroxx: "Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon..." (reblip)

Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon

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BellaMia22 and when you come my heart will be waiting...
BellaMia22 Lonley as a cloud! ....I love this band...
BellaMia22 Offend in Every Way ~ The White Stripes

The White Stripes Offend In Every way

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BellaMia22 babys on the level...
BellaMia22 Hope your Saturdays a good one my lil blipsters... XO
BellaMia22 Don't let it bring you down .....#night kids

Annie Lennox Don't Let It Bring You Down Live 1995 (Song Only)

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BellaMia22 hey babe take a walk on the wild side...
BellaMia22 ..Maybe I'm amazed at the way you're with me all the time..
BellaMia22 ...I don't want to wait in vain for your love ..
BellaMia22 do you really think she'll pull through?
BellaMia22 ...You used to be a stranger....
BellaMia22 Middle of the Road ~ The Pretenders
BellaMia22 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want ~ The Smiths
BellaMia22 its guys like you Mickey...
BellaMia22 All the stars shine upon you...


| play
BellaMia22 Isobel ~ Bjork this one


| play
BellaMia22 shadow of another girl in your eye...
BellaMia22 Good day kiddies... Bedshaped ~ Keane


| play
BellaMia22 The World We Live In ~ The Killers Live from Albert Hall
BellaMia22 Ehh, it wasn't too shabby, glad to see you back spin'n @cubbymendoza Lust for Life
BellaMia22 let the sun wrap its arms around me...
BellaMia22 do you believe in what you see....
BellaMia22 In my house ~ Mary Jane Girls ...hee hee
BellaMia22 theres so much I need to say to you
BellaMia22 RB @80smax "Manfred Mann - Blinded By The Light"""" (reblip)
BellaMia22 I forgot how much I love this tune....Caramel ~ Suzanne Vega (reblip)
BellaMia22 ...push myself in to your mind...


| play
BellaMia22 The Boogie That Be ~ Black Eyed Peas
80smax @LoveForX: "L♥VE~*~My Love is Your Love (TRADUÇÃO) – Janina Minados~*~L♥VE"Ahhh Amor:) (reblip)
BellaMia22 feel how it trembles inside..
BellaMia22 this wasn't suppose to happen..


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BellaMia22 You Only Live Once ~ The Strokes live on Jools Holland
BellaMia22 I'm amazed how your with me all the time

Paul McCartney and The Wings- Maybe I'm Amazed (with Lyrics)

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BellaMia22 A Message to You Rudy ~ The Specials
BellaMia22 Rhinestone Eyes ~ Gorillaz

Gorillaz- Rinestone Eyes

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BellaMia22 Devil with the green eyes ~ Matthew Sweet
BellaMia22 I need you baby...if its quite alright I need you baby

lauren hill - fugees - cant take my eyes off of you

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BellaMia22 ...who explain the thunder and rain but there's something in the air..
BellaMia22 Bringing on the Dancing Horses ~ Echo & The Bunnymen
BellaMia22 Anyone in for a trip to Walley World?
BellaMia22 Fuck you very much ~ Lilly Allen
BellaMia22 ..your lucky to even know me...
BellaMia22 Mad about you ~ Belinda Carlisle
BellaMia22 ..Cause you got a good thing going, baby..
BellaMia22 Skinny Love ~ Bon Iver live on Jools Holland
BellaMia22 Watching Punch-Drunk Love ..."he needs me.."
BellaMia22 "Life is simple in the moonlight"...ain't it the truth :)
BellaMia22 ..I could never be your woman..
BellaMia22 Moby & Pati LaBelle ~ One of these mornings
BellaMia22 Hot dog! I love this one....Say Say Say
BellaMia22 Ask her to dance ~ Coconut Records
BellaMia22 Push the lil daisys and make'm come up..
BellaMia22 ..I really hope you make it ...
BellaMia22 Morning Mr :) @cubbymendoza ~Whats so funny 'bout peace love and understanding
BellaMia22 Violet & Blue ~ Stevie Nicks

Violet and Blue

| play
BellaMia22 Keep your hands off her ~ The Black Keys

The Black Keys-Keep Your Hands Off Her

| play
BellaMia22 Still rockn on! ....Elastica ~ Connection
BellaMia22 R.E.M. with Eddie Vedder ~ Man on the Moon
BellaMia22 ...Whistling tunes we hid in the dunes by the seaside
BellaMia22 for the Italian side....always reminds me of Goodfellas
BellaMia22 Tangerine ~ Led Zepplin

Led Zeppelin-Tangerine

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BellaMia22 @cubbymendoza@BellaMia22 @Fortharrison feliz cinco de mayo ~ que onda , guey,vienes a verme hoy? el hombre de buenos tiempos va a estar en casa <l: )" (reblip)
BellaMia22 Feliz Cinco de Mayo! @cubbymendoza @Fortharrison Oye Como Va ~Tito Puente & Santana
BellaMia22 I don't mind telling you I look damn good today ;)
BellaMia22 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face ~ Coldplay
BellaMia22 Man I dig this tune... Ball & Biscuit ~ The White Stripes
BellaMia22 Leave Me Alone ~ Portishead ft Natalie Imbruglia
BellaMia22 If you were here ~ Kitty Hawk
BellaMia22 Love Less ~ New Order

New OrderLove Less

| play
BellaMia22 #night ... Mercy Mercy Me ~ The Strokes, Eddie Vedder & Josh Homme
BellaMia22 Close to you ~ Maxi Priest
BellaMia22 I could be wrong...I could be right..
BellaMia22 Give you my lovin ~ Mazzy Star (live at the Metro)
BellaMia22 Your lucky to even know me...
BellaMia22 I was havin a sweet fix..
BellaMia22 you should learn how to say no...
BellaMia22 One more before I head out...bottoms up kids ;)
BellaMia22 That was the day before love came to town...
BellaMia22 ...when shes on top..


| play
BellaMia22 Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me ~ U2
BellaMia22 I'm startn a band and we will rock this one...
BellaMia22 I love it when you call me big
BellaMia22 Its a motherfucker...being here without you..
BellaMia22 Happy Humpday...its almost cocktail hour..@cubbymendoza


| play
BellaMia22 Ladies & Gentlemen..The Chairman of the Board ~Fly me to the moon
BellaMia22 #worthy @Fortharrison: "Mick McAuley & Winfred Horan ~ To Make You Feel My love .... nice #cover" (reblip)
BellaMia22 I adore this one... Complainte De La Butte ~ Rufus Wainwright
BellaMia22 You should belong to me ~ Ray LaMontagne
BellaMia22 this Indiana girl has to play a lil Mellencamp from time to time...
BellaMia22 Now I gotta play an Elvis tune..@cubbymendoza ~A little less conversation
BellaMia22 ..after all it was a great big world...
BellaMia22 I miss you...but I haven't met you yet ...
BellaMia22 Pyramid Song ~ Radiohead
BellaMia22 Talk Show Host ~ Radiohead
BellaMia22 Bitter Sweet Symphony ~ The Verve
BellaMia22 Age of Consent ~ New Order
BellaMia22 Is it any wonder? ~ Keane (in 3d)
BellaMia22 Photobooth ~ Death Cab for Cutie
BellaMia22 somebody listen'n to what you say...

Square OneColdplay

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BellaMia22 suddenly your mine...and its brighter than sunshine..
BellaMia22 everythings ours for a few hours ...
BellaMia22 I go crazy ~ Flesh for Lulu
BellaMia22 Here & Now ~ Letters to Cleo

Letters To Cleo On Conan "Here And Now"

| play
BellaMia22 But if you try might get what you need
Fortharrison I promise .... @BellaMia22

(Disc 2) 09 - Dance Naked

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BellaMia22 ..well I'm not selling cheap..
BellaMia22 its a marvelous night for a moondance...#night
BellaMia22 I wish I was the star that went on top
BellaMia22 American Dreaming ~ Dead Can Dance
BellaMia22 Birth School Work Death ~ The Godfathers