BethManaus "Cruisin" ...And if you want, you got it forever... ;) Good afternoon everyone!
Dj_Edurock The Beatles - Words Of Love @BethManaus

The Beatles - Beatles for Sale - 09 Words Of Love

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BethManaus "If You´re Not Here" ♪...The image of your face will follow me everywhere...♫ ooh, nice lyrics! :))

If You're Not Here By My Side By Menudo With Lyrics

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BethManaus ♫...Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, that´s alright because I love "The Way You Lie"...♪
BethManaus "A Beautiful Lie" ♫...I´ve got to remember this is just a game...♪ I´m falling in love with his voice... ;)
BethManaus "Closer To The Edge" (Acoustic)Wonderful! I would stay listening to him all night long...♫...No,no, I will never forget, no,no...♪ ;) (reblip)
BethManaus "Closer To The Edge" (Acoustic)Wonderful! I would stay listening to him 4 hours... ♫...No,no, I will never forget, no,no...♪ ;)" (reblip)
BethManaus "Did It All For Love" ♫ Like a flame, you touched my life...♪
BethManaus "Cuts You Up" ♪...You know the way, it throws about...♫

Peter Murphy Cuts You Up

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harmony60 Speed of sound – Coldplay
BethManaus "Two Is Better Than One" ♫...So maybe it´s true that I can´t live without you...♪
BethManaus I am @Fabio1974 !;)CDMs4U on twitter"sure it is..its unique..u must be proud of it!@BethManaus: "Hi dear @Fabio1974 ! ..beautiful name,isn´t it?" (reblip)

BereniceJorge Ben

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BethManaus I love this one @Fabio1974 !:) "The Beach Boys – Kokomo (High Quality) ♪...That´s where you gonna go to get away from it all!...♫ (reblip)
BethManaus Haha! Very nice @Wes_H !:) "Wild Wild Wes er West:):) rb @BethManaus: ""Wild Wild West" ♪..Got to live it up, live it up!...♫"" (reblip)
BethManaus "100 Suns" ♪...I believe in nothing,but the beating of our hearts...♫
BethManaus "Hurricane" ♪ matter how many nights that you lie wide awake...where did you go?...♫
BethManaus "Rain and Tears" Are the same, but in the sun you´ve got to play the game...How many times I´ve seen tears coming from your blue eyes...
BethManaus Seja muito bem vinda @koisasdeamor ! Seus blips são maravilhosos! Adoro essa música :) " Vôo de coração " - Ritchie (reblip)
BethManaus Hi @NickSteel !Good Afternoon!:) "Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat - Lucky" ♪Can you hear me? I´m talking to you!...♫ (reblip)

Lucky Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat Lyrics

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BethManaus "Jealous Guy"♪...I didn´t mean to hurt you, I´m sorry that I made you cry...♫ Inspired by my dear Dj @Fabio_1974 ;)

john lennon jealous guy with lyrics

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BethManaus Nice one @Dj_Edurock !:) "Oasis – Don't Look Back in Anger" (reblip)
BethManaus "The Promise" ♫...I´m sorry, but I´m just thinking of the right words to say...♪
BethManaus Beautiful 1 @NickSteel !:) "Five for Fighting - 100 Years" (reblip)
BethManaus Hi dear friend @katterfelto !Good2CU!:) "@BethManaus: "Beautiful 1 @NickSteel !:) "Five for Fighting - 100 Years""" (reblip)
BethManaus @NickSteel: "Papa Roach - Forever" ♫...Because days come and go, but my feelings for you are...♪ (reblip)

Papa RoachForever

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BethManaus Oi! @BRIGLIASONGS ! Eu não conhecia. ameeei!Gosto do Paulo!:) "Você gosta desta versâo @BethManaus ? Bjos amiga - Wicked Game Paulo Ricardo Acustico" (reblip)

Wicked Game Paulo Ricardo Acustico

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millievanilly The Communards – Don't Leave Me This Way I'm ok...still at home ad how are you @PabloM?
BRIGLIASONGS Lionel Richie – Still / Thanks for props @golfnovels.This one is for you. From Manaus - Brazil

Duran Duran Save A Prayer Live Aid 1985

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PauloStudio2002 Cyndi Lauper – Time after Time............
BRIGLIASONGS Simon & Garfunkel – Mrs. Robinson (Live in Perth).Hey @ronnieron this one is for you, thanks for props.
sergiofreire Arrá! "Take On Me" – A ha

Take On MeAha

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sergiofreire A chama perdura... dos anos 80 até hoje... "Eternal Flame" - Bangles
BRIGLIASONGS America – You can do magic / Hey @katterfelto this one is for you.
sergiofreire É. How?... Michael Bolton - "How am I supposed to live without you?"
Sarai Behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire...
sergiofreire "Como devem ser as coisas... "Sutilmente", Skank"" (reblip)

supertramp " free as a bird " ( rare video !! )

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Lighthouse familyHigh

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PauloStudio2002 Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven...............

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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BethManaus @BRIGLIASONGS: "I Can Dream About You – Dan Hartman Hey @BethManaus I'd like visit you on next tuesday,can be? kisses my friend. this is my last one." (reblip)
BethManaus "Baby I´m A want You" by Bread, ♪Baby I´m a need you,you´re the only one I care enough to hurt about..♫ Time to go out, C you later!
BethManaus Rb @LockednRocked: "" I'll See You In My Dreams "" Good night, dear! (reblip)
BethManaus "I Was Made For Loving You" by Maria Mena.
MamaEsme @BethManaus: ""Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney, ♫...Am I crazy for wanting you?..♪" Nope! haha..TY for listening! (reblip)

Jesse McCartney Beautiful Soul HQ/HD

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BethManaus "LooK What You´ve Done" by Jet ♪...What should I do? Well you choose...♫ (reblip)
BethManaus U´re welcome @MamaEsme !:@BethManaus♪Let me tell you a secret...♪"Heal The Pain" by George Michael.Thanx,Beth...for all the props and rb' rock! (reblip)
BethManaus "Just Another Day" ♫..Find the right lines to make you stay forever,what do I have to tell you?..♪
BethManaus 4 @LockednRocked "Where Are You Now",sweet♥? (reblip)

♥ Nazareth Where Are You Now.♥

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BethManaus Really @accdias ?:;)"Creed - With Arms Wide Open... So am I, @BethManaus. ;-)" (reblip)
BethManaus "I Like Chopin" by Gazebo ♪ me now and again, ooooh...♫ Sunny Tuesday here in Manaus,good afternoon 4 U all! C you later!

GazeboI Like Chopin

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BethManaus "My Immortal" by Evanescence, this one also means much to me... (reblip)

My ImmortalEvanesence

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THEORDEROFEARTH o*o thxs Brazilian listener @BethManaus: ""Fallin`For You" by Colbie Caillat ♫...Maybe I should keep this to myself,waiting ´til I know you better..." (reblip)
De_Ann @DirtyUrine@LockednRocked: "hi there!!nice song again@BethManaus: ""Follow You Follow Me" by Genesis ♫ I can say the night is long, but you are here.. (reblip)
BethManaus Rb @BRIGLIASONGS :♪Havia um tempo em que eu vivia um sentimento quase infantil havia o medo e a timidez.Todo um lado que você nunca viu♪Olá amiga! (reblip)

RPMCruz e a espada

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BethManaus "Con Te Partiro"♪Quando sei lontana,sogna all´orizzonte e mancan le parole e io si lo so,che sei con me..♫4 U @BRIGLIASONGS 2 remember your ancestors!

Andrea Bocelli- Con te Partiro

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BethManaus Rb @LockednRocked: ""Where Are You Now "" ♪ I need you now, if you were around,it would be alright..♫Great tune and lyrics,thx 4 props! (reblip)

♥ Nazareth Where Are You Now.♥

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BethManaus Rb @fishdixie2123: "~~Behind Blue Eyes~~" Very good Dj! (reblip)

Behind Blue Eyes-Limp Bizket

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BethManaus Rb @Kymar: "I Want It That Way" ♪ You are my fire, the one desire...♪ Nice one Dj! (reblip)
BethManaus Rb @LockednRocked: "~~ Dreaming Of You ~~~" Beautiful lyrics... (reblip)
BethManaus Rb @LockednRocked: "Thank You !! :) "@BethManaus:"" Beth ""♫..Just a few more hours and I´ll be right home to you..♪Miss U much!:( (reblip)

Kiss - Beth

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BethManaus Rb @Fabio1974: "Roy Orbison ~ I drove all night" ♪ get to you!...♫ Nice one! ;) (reblip)
StellaBears tySweetie, I think of U-miss you already!! MUaaah!@BethManaus Christmas Won't Be The Same Without You (reblip)
BethManaus Hey @just1 !Nice version, TY! :) "and the original- LIVE! @BethManaus" (reblip)
BethManaus U´re welcome , my love! ;) @NickSteel: "TY My Love! :))@BethManaus: "Have a nice afternoon, Nick! ;) @NickSteel: "Sia - My Love""" (reblip)

siamy love, lyrics

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BethManaus Love it! @NickSteel: "- Lucky"...Every time we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss, I´ll wait for you, I promise you, I wiiillll... ;) (reblip)

Lucky- Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat (w/ lyrics)

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BethManaus Hey @Jack1012 !Didn´t know it!Playlist! TY :)) "Great song & video! @cjh: "Muse – Unintended - love it"" (reblip)
BethManaus "You Light Up My Life" ♪...You light up my days and fill my nights with song...♫
BethManaus "Love In The Afternoon" ♪...Você sorriu e disse:"gosto de você também !"...♫ this1 always makes me cry.
BethManaus "A Miragem" (Brazilian version of All For Love by Michael Bolton), linda!Beautiful! ♪...Pobre ♥, o dos apaixonados...♫

A MiragemMarcus Viana

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BethManaus "All For Love" ♪...In silent prayers I pray what words could never say to reach into your heart, no matter where you are...♫
marcelovascon ♫ George Benson - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
BethManaus "Save me Now" ...Tell me, what have you done with my mind?... (reblip)
BethManaus "Can´t Get You Off My Mind"...Am I a fool to think that there´s a little hope?... ;) (reblip)
BethManaus "Impossible" ...You have gone so effortlessly... (reblip)
BethManaus "Why"...I may be viciously unkind, but I can still read what you´re thinking..." (reblip)
BethManaus "Mercy" ♪ I love you...I´m under your spell...You got me.,.Why won´t you release me?...♫

duffy mercy official video live!!

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BethManaus "Soulmate" inspired by @marcelovascon ♫...You´re not easy to find...♪ :)
BethManaus "Waiting For The End" by Linking Park, Coool... ;)" (reblip)

Waiting for the End (Official HD)

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BethManaus This is is my blipsoulmate... love this song,Rb! :)) @marcelovascon: "♫ Charlene - I've Never Been to Me" (reblip)
BethManaus "Miss You Love"♫..remember today I´ve no respect for you and I miss you...♪ (reblip)

Silverchair-Miss You Love

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BethManaus "Second Nature" ♫... I wanna hear it on my radio,there´s no limit to the magic of this love that we know,whooa..." (reblip)
BethManaus Oi, Fabinho! Valeeeu! Bjo :)) @Fabio_1974: "Eu bem que te disse Bere! @BethManaus (vou falar com esse tal de Tomix :) (reblip)

BereniceJorge Ben

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BethManaus Hey, Love it! Playlist! @marcelovascon: "♫ Level 42 - Lessons in Love -- (reblip)
BethManaus Indeed, Luka! Playlist! ;)@luka2810: "No mediocre song .... (reblip)
BethManaus Hi, sweetie! Nice 2 see U, Rb! :) @StellaBears: "I Remember You (HQ music video)" (reblip)
BethManaus Love it! Rb! :) @dixie2123: "~Human League-Human~" (reblip)

human leaguehuman

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BethManaus "Falling In Love" by McFly,in the Altas Horas-Brazil.♫..out of our minds,out of time,wishing I could be with you
BethManaus ♪..I´ve been to paradise but..♫"I´ve Never Been To Me" by Charlene.
BethManaus "Words Don´t Come Easy" by F.R.David, on a sunny New Year´s Day in the rainforest♫How can I find a way to make you see♪
BethManaus "Sob O Efeito De Um Olhar" by Guilherme Arantes.For those who love Brazilian music.♫..o universooo vai se abrir..♫Beautiful!
BethManaus ♪But you,you´re not allowed,you´re "Uninvited" (by Alanis Morrisette),an unfortunate slight♫ for those who are in love with an invited person... (reblip)
BethManaus ♪Every night in my dreams I see you,I feel you..♫"My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion,on a grey afternoon in my city,♪Near, far,wherever you are...
BethManaus Rb @PortoLobo ,hi Dj!Brazilian High quality..gr8 song!"A Cruz E A Espada" by Renato Russo & RPM. Thanks for props and replies♪Havia um tempo em que eu (reblip)
BethManaus "I Look To You" by Whitney Houston ♪And when melodies are gone,in you I hear a song,I look to you..♫For all my listeners on blipfm,thank u very much!
BethManaus "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan ♫You don´t know what it´s like, to be like me...
BethManaus "Impossible" ...You have gone so effortlessly... (reblip)
BethManaus "Why"...I may be viciously unkind, but I can still read what you´re thinking... (reblip)
BethManaus Hey @Hotyoungmom ! This 1 is a fav, playlist! TY! :) "Do You Know Where You're Going To [Theme from Mahogany] (Live) – Diana Ross" (reblip)
BethManaus "Give a Little Bit" ♪...There´s so much that we need to share...♫ (reblip)
BethManaus ... You do something to me that I can´t explain...Would I be out of line if I said "I Miss You", @NickSteel ? Lovely lyrics, Nick! TY :)) (reblip)
BethManaus Props! @NickSteel: "Adelitas Way - Closer to You" ♪...Can I get an answer from you?...♫ ;) (reblip)
BethManaus A good 1 to say good night! I´m almost sleeping on my pc :0...zzz Thnx 4 sharing great music & props tonight,love U @NickSteel !:) "Bliss - Kissing" (reblip)

♥ Kissing ♥ Bliss..

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BethManaus ♪...Stay with me,stay with me...♫ ;) @NickSteel: ":)@BethManaus @NickSteel :) "INXS - Beautiful Girl" (reblip)

INXS ♥ Beautiful girl ♥ ~lyrics~

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BethManaus @NickSteel: "I Miss You 2!:) TY U2!@BethManaus: ""I MissYou" @NickSteel ! Thx 4 props & have a great Sunday! ;)"" (reblip)
BethManaus ""Lonely Is The Night"" ... When I´m not with you... :( (reblip)
BethManaus ... I don´t know who you are but I..."I´m With You" ;)

Avril Lavigne I`m With You Lyrics

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BethManaus "You Light Up My Life", by Debby Boone ♪ give hope to carry on, you light up my days and fill my nights with song...

Debby Boone You light up my life

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BethManaus "Orinoco Flow" by Enya,specially for @Armstrong, thanks for the good time last night.
BethManaus "Give a Little Bit",live, by Supertramp♪There´s so much that we need to share..
BethManaus "Pretty Baby" by Vanessa Carlton,♪..don´t you leave me I have been saving smiles for you..
Fabio_o Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Arms [1986]
NickSteel The Black Keys - The Only One (reblip)
NickSteel :) @BethManaus: "Blood Sweat & Tears - "I love you more than you'll ever know" @NickSteel ;)" (reblip)

Blood sweat & tears I love you more than you`ll ever know

| play
NickSteel Hi,Beth! Thank U 4 props & RBs! :)) @BethManaus:"Hello dear @NickSteel!:) U know Nick, sometimes I don´t know how to thank U 4 such kindness!Love Hugs (reblip)
NickSteel I Miss You 2!:) TY U2!@BethManaus: ""I MissYou" @NickSteel ! Thx 4 props & have a great Sunday! ;)" (reblip)
NickSteel Hi Beth!always liked this :)@BethManaus: "Hello @NickSteel !Glad U like it..YW! ;) "TY! :) @BethManaus: One Last Breath (reblip)
NickSteel Plain White T's - Christmas Won't Be The Same Without You
BethManaus Must Rb! :) @PabloM: "The Beatles - Something" (reblip)

The Beatles Something (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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BRIGLIASONGS TYSM for props @BethManaus <<my best friend) @ForeverIn YourSmile@Bikermom69@Dj_Edurock@HappyCamper@DensOnAir@chillyCherry@katterfelto@FG1959@PabloM

Beatles- Here, There and Everywhere

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BethManaus Hi @accdias Good 2 C ya! Wishing a nice SAT 2 U, must Rb :) "Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You" (reblip)
torino the beatles/ in my life

The Beatles-John Lennon-In My Life

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BethManaus Playlist & Rb! ;) @PabloM: "Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Live)" (reblip)
BethManaus Nice 1, playlist & Rb! ;) @marcelovascon: "♫ Richard Marx – Hazard" (reblip)
marcelovascon ♫ Secret Service - Cry Softly

Secret Service-Cry Softly-tradução

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BethManaus "Perhaps Love" ♪..even if you lose yourself and don´t know what to do...♫ (reblip)
BethManaus Oh, yeah! One of the handsomest artists of all times, in my opinion.. ;) @DavidL1313: "My pleasure @BethManaus always enjoy your music :>D" (reblip)

David Cassidy ... Cherish

| play
BethManaus Must Rb! Cool one @DavidL1313 !!! :) "While I am playing epic singer song writers epics" (reblip)

don mcleanvincent

| play
BethManaus Rb! :) @PabloM: "Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Live 8)" (reblip)
BethManaus Hey! Must Rb! :) @Kymar: "Mine too, TY! @victomlinson: "This is a fave of mine by Journey!"" (reblip)

Fade Into Me -David Cook [LYRICS]

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