gaytacular Tonight, I'm a dancing queen! Woot!
Joleesa ~ goodbye to you, for tonight at least ;) ~
Bgfilly I needed something to get me out of this Monday funk I am in, this song seems to have done the trick!
Bgfilly Love this song! Have a total crush on Kara!


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Bgfilly This is another song that speaks to me :)

Rallycar- Beautiful Addiction

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Bgfilly Found this when I was loading my cds onto my ipod. Use to be a favorite when i was a kid!
Bgfilly Going out to that special someone who has my heart :)
Bgfilly Case its Heart and cause this song is awesome! Great for Karaoke!


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Bgfilly Not crazy about the video, but love this song!

Robbie Williams- Sexed up

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Bgfilly This song goes out to the woman of my dreams :) Just my way of saying I love you

Joshua RadinToday

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Bgfilly Reminds me of any event this one goes out to anyone who is in love :)
Bgfilly Ever feel a little gone? Just a little nuts? This song says it so well. I'm not crazy just a little unwell!
Bgfilly @MK2Fac3: "you know, I don't really like Pink Floyd, but they suit my mood today, so.. #yeah" (reblip)
Bgfilly Well this song goes out to my wifey! Its her favorite song. Not so crazy about the video but I couldn't find the song alone!

Robert Downey Jr Broken

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Bgfilly This goes out to the Chicago Cubs. Kick some White Sox butt!! GO CUBBIES!!!

Go! Cubs! Go!

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Bgfilly Cause its Journey Nuff said!!! Dont stop believing!!
lilderryberry I start again and what ever pain may come, today this ends. I'm forgiving what I've done.
Bgfilly Falling in love with someone you know is perfect for you but you cant have em, sucks! I know im feeling in right now. This song speaks it!

Jennifer Lopez-Ain't it Funny (With Lyrics)

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Bgfilly This is one of those songs, that you can just listen to over and over again! To anyone who is bored and needs a pick me up!
Bgfilly A friend of mine requested this song. He wishes to remain nameless, but this goes out to the girl he let go.
Bgfilly Dedicated to my heart...

Eric Clapton- Wonderful tonight (with lyrics)

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Bgfilly Goodmorning to all my Tweeps! This ones for you!
Bgfilly This use to be one of my favorite songs when I was a kid. Memories!!

I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me Lyrics by Exposé

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Bgfilly I love this version of this song! Cant wait till this show airs the preview episode was awesome!

Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version) + Download

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Bgfilly Elton!! Yay! dont go breaking my heart!!!
Bgfilly I gotta play some back eyed peas!!! Cant go wrong with some Fergie!
Bgfilly This one goes out to the woman who owns my heart....
Bgfilly *sings!* LOL i loved this scene! I feel pretty!
Bgfilly Felt like being a queen, felt like dancing. I am a dancing queen!!!
Bgfilly Lets dance! Do a little dance, make a little love! Get down tonight!!!!
Bgfilly There's nothing like a good Ramones song!!
Bgfilly Well since that one didnt work lets try this one again! Good Morning Twitterverse!!

If You Like Pina Coladas

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Bgfilly For my one and only....and anyone who is totally head over heals in love with their EVERYTHING
Bgfilly I miss the days of Buffy, that was such an awesome show!!

under your spell

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Bgfilly To all my sexy tweeps!!

Sexy Back with Lyrics

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Bgfilly Totally crazy about Mr. Joshua Radin! (reblip)
Bgfilly This one goes out to my Hero Ellen and her wife portia and all the Ellen fans out there! Joshua rocks!
Bgfilly basically how i feel working in this dump! Wishes there were more jobs out there and I could easily find one! (reblip)
Bgfilly I have to agree w/@donnette: version of this song is awesome!! (reblip)
Bgfilly As the sun slowly slips away behind a cloud i wish the sun will come out, i feel that this song is pretty appropriate!


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Bgfilly Hehehe, takes me back to my days as a youngin, some good old new kids on the block!!! You got the right stuff baby!
Bgfilly A little Paramore to brighten my day

paramore-my heart

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Bgfilly Not really a fan of Hannah Montanna, but I really love this song! Hannah and David Archuleta- I wanna know you!

David Archuleta and Hannah Montana-I Wanna Know You [lyrics on screen DOWNLOAD RIP FULL HQ]

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Bgfilly 4 minutes! Can the world be saved? According to Madonna and JT of course it can!!! Now get to it!
Bgfilly Theres a beautiful girl that im dying to kiss right about now! This goes out to her!
Bgfilly going back to my highschool years! Oh to be young again!
Bgfilly Was playing guitar hero and rocking out to this song! This is for all the Barracudas out there!

Barracuda lyrics

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Bgfilly Pretty much how I feel right about now! I THINK I LOVE YOU!!!!
Bgfilly Sometimes I feel like Poor code monkey!!
Bgfilly This has to be my favorite song of the night! I'm on my knees looking for the answer, are we human? or are we dancers?

The KillersHuman

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Bgfilly OH YEA!!! Going back to my ol skool days! A little vanilla ice!
Bgfilly In honor of hump day a little bad touch! You and me baby aint nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel!
Bgfilly *sigh* i've been thinking about you alot lately. I just wish you know how much i loved you....

gloria estefan feat n'sync

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Bgfilly RIP MJ!

Michael Jackson Thriller Lyrics

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Bgfilly Kinda how im feeling right now....:(

TLC- unpretty

| play
Bgfilly A little more Culture Club! Gotta love Boy George!
Bgfilly An oldie but a goodie! You've Lost That Lovin Feelin!


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MC Hammer- Can't Touch This (Real Vid)

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Bgfilly This song is one of my faves! GIRLSHAPEDLOVEDRUG!!!!
Bgfilly So tell me how to fill the emptiness inside without love, what is life....

Def Leppard-Long Long Way to Go

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Bgfilly Ok Its been so long since I heard this song! So naughty! Oh yea!
Bgfilly ok it cant be one hit wonder Wednesday without a little right said fred! I'm too sexy!!!!
Bgfilly Ok im dedicating this to last nights episode of Better off Ted and Linda's "bumper"
Bgfilly @valkry18: a one hit wonder is defied as an artist having only one hit song, even if it was big in Europe, its still only a one hit wonder (reblip)
Bgfilly This is my favorite song off guitar hero 80's and an awesome one hit wonder!
Bgfilly a little kid rock to brighten my day!

Kid Rock All Summer Long

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Bgfilly this song makes me wanna get up and dance!

Superman- Robin Thicke

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Bgfilly Kinda how i feel about this sexy doctor that i cant stop thinking about...still havent brought myself to ask her out yet
Bgfilly ok as gay as i am even I can admit that Gavin Rosdale is so sexy!


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16-Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last

| play

16-Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last

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Bgfilly this song makes me wanna jump up on my desk and dance like a crazy person! *sings off key* I waaaaaaannntt youuuuu to wannt meeeeee!

Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me"

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Bgfilly OMG this song really takes me back to when i was a kid! I still have my new kids cd!!!
Bgfilly ok i know they didnt really sing this song, but this song was awesome back in the day!

Robert Miles One and One

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Don McLean- American Pie

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The Beatles-Yellow Submarine Lyrics

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Michael Jackson- Black or White [HD]

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Queen-We Will Rock You

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Adam Lambert- Want- New Song!

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Bgfilly its amazing to look back at the music and bands that u use to like and go wtf why? LOL Jordan was so hot when i was a kid! a little NKOTB!

The Roof Is On Fire House Mix

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Nick Lachey- What's Left Of Me

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Bgfilly Something about this song, speaks to me....
Bgfilly @Bgfilly: "Something about this song, speaks to me...." (reblip)
Bgfilly I just had to blip this song again, Its been stuck in my head for days now...
Bgfilly ok Shania Twain is my celebrity crush of the day! She's just so sexy!

Shania Twain -You're Still The One Live In Chicago

| play
Bgfilly Something about chicks all dressed in black that get me going!

Shania Twain Forever and for Always Live

| play
Bgfilly ok ill admit it i like a jonas brothers song! *runs and hides*

Love Bug- Jonas Brothers- NEW HQ

| play
Bgfilly This song has become my new motto, now if i could only tell my boss to shove it and get out of that hell hole my life would be set!
Bgfilly In honor of this lovely Friday night, and the fact that i am bored i have decided to cut loose and become a dancing queen!!!
Bgfilly And YOU shook me all night long!!! Yea You shook me all night long!!! Oh yea baby!! I love this song!
Bgfilly Everytime i hear this song I think of the movie DEBS and wanna get up and sing into the end of a mop or boom
Bgfilly I've blipped this song before, but ive decided to do it agian since im feeling a little insane tonight.. (reblip)
Bgfilly OMG does this song take me back! LOL god the music we use to listen to when we were kids!

Linkin Park-Breaking The Habit(Official Video HD)

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Bgfilly Needed a song to pick me up after the fight with my dad....this song always seems to do the trick lets hope it works this time...
Bgfilly Ok this is one of my all time favorite songs. I think its a piece of musical genius.

Something Corporate "Konstantine"

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Bgfilly Goin back to when I was like 9 or 10 wow! Loved me some KNOTB!
Bgfilly Taking it back to a little ol skool TLC
Bgfilly I need something to jump start my day, since its a typical monday blah! This song usually perks me up!

Lady Antebellum "Love Don't Live Here"

| play
Bgfilly Casue i'm a big ol dork! and u know what? I dont care!!! hehe! Dont tell my heart my achy breaky heart!

Achy Breaky Heart Lyrics

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Bgfilly Not a fan of Miss Montana but every now and then she puts out a decent song. Change all the He's to She's and its a pretty good fit for my crush!
Bgfilly cant wait for the season premiere of this show! Loved the preview ep and the version of this song!
Bgfilly Soundtrack Monday? Sure why not! Greased Lightning!

Greese Soundtrack - Greased Lightning

| play
Bgfilly A really good song from a really great disney movie

Celine Dion Beauty and the beast

| play
Bgfilly From the go soundtrack...a little cha cha cha vibe!
Bgfilly Yay Nick Lachey has a new song, its pretty good!

Nick Lachey All In My Head (new song 2009) real song *With Lyrics*

| play

LFO Life is good

| play
Bgfilly A really wonderful Classic. They really dont make music like this anymore. November Rain

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird

| play
Bgfilly Going out to my cubbies! GO CUBS GO!!!

Go! Cubs! Go!

| play

Thriving Ivory "Angels on the Moon" (Official Video)

| play
Bgfilly A little italian love song that i love oh so much .

Madonna -Take A Bow

| play
Bgfilly To my ex, you're still a bitter old hag, and I'm making something myself!

New Song ***** OUT OF OUR HEADS ***** ( High Quality ) SHERYL CROW

| play

Keith Urban Think I Got It Right This Time

| play

robbie williams-feel

| play
Bgfilly *giggle! I sooooo love this song! (reblip)
Bgfilly I still cant figure out why i like this song, but it definatley reminds me of a woman i like. Change all the he's to shes and we got a hit!
Bgfilly Ok I have to say, this song is pretty awesome, not much of a fan of miley but this song is something to dance to!

Usher : Love in this club

| play
Bgfilly I really like this song. It just kinda speaks to me.

Rescue You-Jake Epstein FULL SONG Degrassi Goes Hollywood WITH LYRICS

| play
Bgfilly Oh Miss Kelly Clarkson Will you Marry me?

Celine Dion Taking Chances

| play

New Kids On The Block Hangin Tough Video High Quality

| play

Michael Franti & Spearhead : Say Hey Music Video

| play
Bgfilly I am a Tuesday night Dancing Queen!
Bgfilly robbie willaims is a musical genius! I totally love this song! (reblip)

Tim McGraw and Nelly-Over and Over again

| play
Bgfilly I love this mans voice and this song!

pitbull- i know you want me- calle ocho

| play

No Boundaries-Adam Lambert (Studio version)

| play

Janet-Rhythm Nation

| play
Bgfilly Someday I shall live in the land of the Rich and Famous, but until then I shall dance to this song!
Bgfilly This song is so fun! Makes me wanna jump on my desk and dance!
Bgfilly This isnt the version I wanted but it will suffice for now I guess

World Wide Open Love And Theft Lyrics

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★ Queen Latifah ★ Cue The Rain ★ [2009] ★ "Persona" ★

| play
Bgfilly Ok so im not really a fan of Miley Cyrus but she does have some good songs....
Bgfilly This song goes out to the woman that owns my heart....I hope you're listening....

nickelback - never gonna be alone

| play
Bgfilly Nothing can top the original but this one certinally comes close! I love Glee!

The Beatles-Yellow Submarine Lyrics

| play
Bgfilly Not a fan of this getup at all but I do like this version of this song!
Bgfilly Oh Yea! Now this is what I'm talking bout! Awesome song!

Daughtry- Call Your Name (w/ lyrics)

| play
Bgfilly This song is so catchy!
Bgfilly Hmmm... a song dedication to Monday! You suck Monday!
Bgfilly sometimes I feel like poor code monkey :(
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