1twitta_ho i know where mines at..do you..*__*
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's another good one by them.Great Bass line @NikkiPixel

The Bravery "No Brakes"

| play

The Angry Video Game Nerd Theme Song (Full)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I appologise he doesn't sound like T at all.>@bipolar_bear: "Mr.T - Treat Your Mama Right @CMDoria @NikkiPixel @Angie74 @Louden @HaloNReverse" (reblip)

DMXWho We Be

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Who films a music video in the back of a moving Storage Truck?Cool shit Filter - Dose (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)for @theFRUKE I think was a Filter fan (reblip)

Filter Dose Music Video

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Marilyn Manson (OLD DUSTY ASS DEMO)..Still kicks ass & YES I DID just blip Tracy Chapman.(I'm Bipolar.Mood swings)lol

Marilyn Manson-Snake Eyes And Sissies (demo version)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (The Best Video I could find)NOT A CELLPHONE VID!!Those blow.I never blip those & stop posting them on Youtube, all you dumbasses who do that!
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL "I UM SATUNN" @backasswards Where'd ya go?

Satans symphony

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR My boots are seven years old today!!Wolverines rock...time to buy a new pair though.I squeak when I walk now.These things lasted FOREVER!
BiPoLar_BEaR "This song is dedicated to my twelve month old daughter & my wife" @Angie74 see?@ThoBrian @tuatara

Megadeth Liar

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - All Cats Are Grey (My favorite fan video.Very powerful images for this great song)Inspired by @jong
BiPoLar_BEaR "I'm running out of time/I'm out of step/I'm closing down"Great song rb@greyskiesblack: "Kay gonna go now...before I get even weirder cravings. <3" (reblip)

The CureClosedown

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Something you'll really like @NikkiPixel

REM VS KANSAS-Religion in the wind (mashup)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Dump Truck Booty

Dump Truck Booty by Mike O. & Robby Rob

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL WTF is THIS? Some douche bags dancing around to it.@NikkiPixel @backasswards @DamnTheMan @zx10r07

koRnLowrider (Parody)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (Hardcore Industrial) (Studio version...with some weird movie)

Front 242Crapage

| play
DJC2 EATLIZ vs BJORK – Army of me (Live) RB via @bipolar_bear@NikkiPixel" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR This is really easy to play....Why's it kick ass then?


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This sucks at first.Be patient
BiPoLar_BEaR Cool song by them.Love the guitar riff.lol look at him dance!GREAT QUALITY & performance @backasswards @jong @thecurefan @ThoBrian
BiPoLar_BEaR (PUNK ROCK COVER)Is that Al Quaida?Or how ever you spell that shit?@ThoBrian


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR So hot (Not in a traditional way)
BiPoLar_BEaR (I like the chorus vocals..don't judge me)

LunizI Got 5 On It

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR YW rb@jong: "ty @bipolar_bear: "Cool song by them.Love the guitar riff.lol look at him dance!GREAT QUALITY & performance (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR "It comes down to this,your kiss,your fist & the stain that gets under my skin"
BiPoLar_BEaR MM - Cake & Sodomy (DEMO) It sounds...different


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Marilyn Manson - Leave A Scar (Demo)..I consider them "Industrial Grunge"
BiPoLar_BEaR "HEY!...HEy! HEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeEEYYY!!"
BiPoLar_BEaR Sorry the last one got cut off.Here's sexy ass Ru again for ya @NikkiPixel "Work it,girl" lol :P

RuPaul SuperModel 2006

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's another group that jumped on the Kriss Kross band wagon.CASTLEVANIA? lol@backasswards
BiPoLar_BEaR luv this song.Beautiful painting too

The Beatles~Girl~Lyrics

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Beck screaming his BRAINS out to an untitled Punk Rock song...then playing mellow stuff..'luv Beck.He's fk'n nuts
BiPoLar_BEaR Remember this one,children of the 80's?.....Rick can walk on water!!....Off to study now.See ya'll later!! Have fun

The CarsMagic

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People (Live at MTV Video Music Awards)Yeh!!
BiPoLar_BEaR The best performance of her I think..okay ONE of them @NikkiPixel @HaloNReverse @tuatara @LikeAnAngel @Totengrber

PJ Harvey live Send His Love To Me

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL The Cure had women dancing in cages? Man this is REALLY OLD!@jong @CMDoria @backasswards @DJCZ @spacespencer @ThoBrian

The CureThe Walk

| play
nofrills Yes I will (go to the library etc), the weather is beautiful here today. RB @mnemosine: "... rb@DeadCabbage" #freemusic http://cults.bandcamp.com/ (reblip)

CultsGo Outside

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Ever hear this backwards? Creeeeepy

NirvanaDo Re Mi (HQ)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This is the BEST subliminal version yet!Very sad >Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box (Reversed)
BiPoLar_BEaR is "Spitting Out" DJs he never talks to or keep blipping stuff he hates.(Nothing personal)I need room on my screen to see replies.
BiPoLar_BEaR I GOT IT!!! The Cake-Short Skirt/Long Jacket OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!!....What you don't give a shit?

Karaoke, Garbage, Push it

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO w/ the Woodstock samples in it.Sorry (should've prelistened to my last one...wait why do I care?) Death in Vegas -Dirt

Death in Vegas 'Dirt'.

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "I went to God just to see....." Great performance @HaloNReverse

Reflecting God-Marilyn Manson

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO stupid cat photos with weird captions!!@NikkiPixel @Angie74 @backasswards @Louden @tuatara

The Trashmen: Surfin' Bird (The Bird is the Word)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Blip & amp Blop - Cost (VERY bizzare-avant garde noise)


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I'm trying to lull my crazy ass to sleep....this should help..ahhhhhh nice :)

HD BEST MAUI BEACHES + Romantic Hawaiian music + ocean waves

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR The intro to this version almost sounds like New NIN...Hey,Madonna did the whole "Crucifix thing"TOO! lol Dig the wings!@HaloNReverse

beastie boys-egg man

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR POTATO!! YES! Love this band! @NikkiPixel

Potato-Yah Mah Tum Nah Tah Dee

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "Cuz its EASYYYY once you know how its done" (Pretty cool cover.The drums sound better here) @NikkiPixel
BiPoLar_BEaR *instant chills* Beautifulllllllllllllllllllll @NikkiPixel @tuatara
BiPoLar_BEaR Who was the woman in this song?HOT! rb @DamnTheMan: "I've seen everything imaginable pass before these eyes. I've had everything that's... (reblip)
DamnTheMan That dude's done brainwashed you with endless Cher marathons. @vixxeninpink: "@Louden give me an L-O-U-D-E-N,what's that spell? AWESOMENESS!" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Beck - Dad Came Home (Drunk as shit)--DEMO --'sounds like a Nirvana spoof lol
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL this isn't Girltalk...oh well its listenable right now cuz I'm tired.."tired old Jazz"


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR When my dad was in the hospital this one made me cry...listen

Prefuse 73Choking You

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (I'm on a '73 kick now)luv this guy!! He's brilliant (Experimental Jazz-fused electronica)
BiPoLar_BEaR Beastie Boys - Pass The Mic - Remix
BiPoLar_BEaR OMFG! LOL Trent Reznor singing Billy Idol! @NikkiPixel @LikeAnAngel @ThoBrian @annabanana_25 Trent Reznor - Eyes Without A Face (OLD VIDEO!)
BiPoLar_BEaR Blink 182 featuring Robert Smith of The Cure - All of This @Angie74 @thecurefan
BiPoLar_BEaR I'm thinking of remaking this...with my PENIS!!
BiPoLar_BEaR What ever happened to "120 Minutes"? @agogab


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Some bands just sound better in the studio.They're one of them..Beavis & Butthead hate this song.Oh well lol


| play
Pesest The Cure - Mr Pink Eyes


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Great Cure blips! rb@Pesest: "the cure - fear of ghosts" (reblip)


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR For a great great someone who lifts my spirits.Love ya!! @NikkiPixel

The CureHigh

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!! Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl"(Song by Metal Dudes)@DamnTheMan
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO!! This made me smash my Living Colour cassette...Then my cousin was gay.Gay people are cool now.(Don't believe the stereotypes)

Living ColourBi

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This one of the most terrifying songs I know of.(Just on samples alone)You ROCK! or he does.Whoever blipped it rocks rb@Allexis:@Totengrber" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR WOW!! This sucks even MORE with a TRUMBONE in it!

What's my name again?

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR WOW! Really cool stuff!Thanks! Its amazing how far graphics have come rb@agogab: "some more anime for ya ;)@bipolar_bear" (reblip)

GITS2 (innocence) amv, music: Darling Violetta smaller god

| play
mark_till They aren't laughing anymore... @Lisa_Michele: "I like it. @Lysander: "nothing wrong with that@Lisa_Michele: "Nice Reminds me of Talking Heads. (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR This sounds like its under water....prob'ly just my head phones..pieces of shit

NirvanaNegative Creep

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR L O S T - The Gonzo Rap...LOL Its LL Unknown J
BiPoLar_BEaR WTF?...REALLY!!..What the fuck IS this? LOL Very disturbingly funny @NikkiPixel @backasswards @DamnTheMan @ThoBrian (Weird ass Industrial)

Total Komandre-Space shit

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Yes I'm obsessed w/ this stupid game! LOL Nice music on this one.Stayed tuned for the spoof after @backasswards

Days of Our Lives: Resident Evil Episode 6 (Part 1)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO Remember I said I wish these two collaborated? Here it is! Fuck'n awesome! @NikkiPixel @ThoBrian Beck vs. Bjork
BiPoLar_BEaR Beatles fans check this out! Beck vs The Beatles It works

Mashup Beck and Beatles

| play

Thomas Kennedy

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "Music make you lose control"? lol wtf is this?

Happy Birthday Mr. Reznor

| play

Happy birthday 50 Robert Smith!

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Happy Birthday @TPJK

Happy 42nd Birthday Kurt Cobain

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR According to AP this is the 1st song that was ever catagorized as "Industrial"...See?I'm not a TOTAL waste of space
BiPoLar_BEaR Awesome!! I love this one."Moooooo!!......Baaaaah" rb@backasswards: "inspired by @bipolar_bear" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR I KNEW I heard that song somewhere before.It was here! @backasswards Hole - You Know Your Right (Nirvana cover Unplugged)
BiPoLar_BEaR No WONDER so many girls like Skinny Puppy.Ogres ripped! LOL Cool band
BiPoLar_BEaR I don't know..."Smothered Hope" & this sound almost identical to me.This song's catchier.'reminds me of The Borg too!...Who am I talking to?
BiPoLar_BEaR (I'm not calling you an idiot) lol This always calms me down @NikkiPixel "slow down"

RadioheadThe Tourist

| play

Afro Rican-Give It All You Got

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This is good.Is this where the Black Eyed Peas got their talent from? rb @RoxUranus (reblip)

Afro Rican-Give It All You Got

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Johnny Cash on The Muppet Show!!..LOL! Look how happy he is! awww @ICEGIRL152 @vixxeninpink

Johnny Cash @ the Muppets singing with Miss Piggy

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I just blipped "Just One Kiss" by The Cure.Now here's "Just One Fix" by Ministry rb@jong: "And another RB @Totengrber: "rb@margeauxvernon: (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL sorry I had to @Louden @vixxeninpink

Fatty Spins -Just cuz im a muppet

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's a better "Clown" song for ya. lol @backasswards Great Quality!!! ~~~~Korn - Clown (Live)
BiPoLar_BEaR GOOD NIGHT,EVERYONE!! Have a great night or day,World :)

The Beatles Good Night RARE VIDEO

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Okay..I think he's really "pushing it"w/ this one!I'm gonna get sick of this fart guy! LOL!rb "@MarianitaG somebody shoot him >:) (reblip)

manualist plays bohemian rhapsody on his hands!

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "NOT!"....."NOT!" "They say Rap & Metal can never mix...."

AnthraxI'm The Man

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR He's Johnathan Davis' little brother right?Very cool!'sounds like Korn a lil' rb@Louden: "YVW! @vixxeninpink: (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR PIT STAIN!...Did he just "air piano?"....The lead singer of this BAND kinda looks like a manikin....her Grace Jones & Annie Lennox.Sorry nice song!
BiPoLar_BEaR .......Doesn't matter how stupid a girl acts....If she's cute,men will give her their undivided attention.I can't stop WATCHING THIS! :P hahahahaha


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR ahhh to have disposable income again!I'd rather have food now rb@Allexis: "Madness takes a toll have exact change@bipolar_bear: "That's $20...@Louden (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR is addicted to porn again :( .....This band rocks
BiPoLar_BEaR Haven't done this in awhile...LETS SEE WHAT AUTO-LINKS!! "HOW MANY OBSCENE DJ NAMES ARE THERE?"@Bigfattitties @fatass @shitstain @shithead @doody
BiPoLar_BEaR LETS SEE WHAT AUTO-LINKS!! "HOW MANY OBSCENE DJ NAMES ARE THERE?"@Dicksucker @porno @cunt @asshole @Buttmunch @Paris_Hilton (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR There's 2 version's of this video...Neither 1 of them in English.Sorry..But Metallica,Anthrax & others are interviewed in it.Metal Heads,take note
BiPoLar_BEaR Akon & Poop Dogg - I Wanna Fuck You LOL!! I never knew it was originally CALLED that!...I don't follow crappy groups much
alw ;-) the best place to be ;-)@2liveis2fly: "@DamnTheMan @alwilbanks - all these palmetto-heads in my blip!" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR "I'm gonna l'm gonna fly like a dog.ROCK'N THE TOWN LIKE A MOLDY CROUTON!!Flyin' through the air with bees?" LOL @DamnTheMan @NikkiPixel @backasswards

BeckCorvette Bummer

| play
DamnTheMan Now *that's* WTF I'm talkin about \m/\m/ rb@Metalheadoutcast (reblip)

PanteraDeath Rattle

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Try to count how many innuendos there are in here.@NikkiPixel @anyoneelsewhowantsagoodlaugh
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL fuck'n deranged

The Real Doll (The Model)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (Mid tempo Electronica)relaxing...eyes getting heavy,brain & body slowing to a crawl..might be my last blip,folks.Gotta sleep


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I got this question quite frequently growing up.

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl ?

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "You want to know why I HATE you well I'll try & explain.."
agogab @bipolar_bear you seen this one??@2liveis2fly: "@me:"ok, this is just...fucked up! vaginal chicken wasn't that good but this woke me up"" - seconded." (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR This.....is kinda sexy.This....gets old after 5 seconds but nice attempt to polish that Britney & Madonna terd
BiPoLar_BEaR "So take your hat off,boy /when you're talk'n to me"We hat to take our hats off in Spanish class.Amazing right?.."off night" lol

BellyFeed the Tree

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR More Massive Attack inspired by @Angie74 Hey I used to have one of those keychain noise makers!!

massive attack protection

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "Just cuz you see it doesn't mean its there"(Interview & studio rehearsal )
BiPoLar_BEaR "The sun rises slowly on another day"

the cure another day live 1980_subtitulada.avi

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I hear "Cure guitar" but I'll forgive them.This isn't bad
greyskiesblack Nine Inch Nails vs Prodigy – Pigs Must March!
BiPoLar_BEaR Check out this guy's keyboard set up!! Nice music too.@NikkiPixel @ThoBrian

A misty theme

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I don't wanna spoil the party so I'll go.Good night,everyone.I feel like total shit

The Beatles-I Don't Want to Spoil the Party

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "I was born in this hotel......magazines & free soda...tryin' hard not to think"
BiPoLar_BEaR "She'll do anything/she'll do anything/she'll do anything to make you feel like an asshole"


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's the original..for whoever is listening.I like this one better


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR My new favorite Punk Rock band...maybe.They might still suck.I like the anger
BiPoLar_BEaR "Instead of spending billions on the war we could use some of that money in the ghetto"

If I Were President- Wycleff Jean

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Don't Fuck With Robert Smith" ....He's a Ninja..KEEeeeYA!

Don't Fuck With Robert Smith

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR One of their only few "Inspirational Songs" besides "Exploding Boy" & "Doing The Unstuck"

the curepush - Orange

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Well I couldn't get the crazy ass video for this.But this bootleg rocks!! Crystal clear quality & tons of improvisations @agogab
BiPoLar_BEaR "I made my bed I'll lie in it"

HoleMiss World

| play


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR is trying block out his crazy mom's ramblings about imaginary people again....
BiPoLar_BEaR This guy can really PLAY!!..If only we could SEE him in the shot.What a dumbass

Mr Springy Reverb Pedal by Lee Jackson

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Robert Smith & Steve Severin of Siouxie & The Banshees The Video is on Youtube.Sure its here but the quality is shitty.Why do I keep coming back here?
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's Trent with that "Curly Doo" Wooobbbbbbooo I feel my hatred grow all the more extreme nyuck nyuck
BiPoLar_BEaR I searched "Disgusting Sex" & found this.Enjoy!

Oops...I did it again!

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This must be the moms of The Bare Naked Women....They suck too

Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR hahahahahaaha POLAR BEAR DOWN!! What's with these photos?

Eat my ass and balls

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR He's really DOIN' it!!................Playing Metallica that is

Total shit on guitar

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR :):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):)::):):):
BiPoLar_BEaR G'nite everyone.I feel fuck'n sick...Have a nice night

Sick Man-Alice In Chains

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR COME DANCIN'!!(Why not come dancing? Its only natural)The Kinks - Come Dancing...I love "Story Songs"

The KinksCome Dancing

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Acid Trip,Duuuuuude @DamnTheMan @NikkiPixel @backasswards This kinda gives me motion sickness

the Mistakenly Blooper mix with several Tranny tunes in one

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR He SCAAAAARES me....I luv luv luv this SONG though!!
BiPoLar_BEaR Its the only Rock I like

old school music '85 to '95 chub rock

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Girlsthey Girlsthey LOVE me!--He's the "Overweight Lover"Heavy D
BiPoLar_BEaR Oh YEAH?!..Kiss my FAT FURRY ASS!! rb@TPJK: "@bipolar_bear smells like "Woo Hah!!"" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR This little talk show was NOT prepared for this!..Gotta love these guys lol

Nirvana Territorial Pissing

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "I get a FLASHBACK!FLASHBACK!FLASHBACK!"....I hate those.Don't YOU?
BiPoLar_BEaR "Cum on everybody...get down tonight"
BiPoLar_BEaR "Tired of NOT being a millionaire"

EminemIf I Had

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "disturbed s o c i e t yyyyy"

Skinny PuppyCandle

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR 1)Alchemy 2)Wizardry 3)Sorcery 4)Thermatology 5)Electricity

MegadethFive Magics

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire.....And tax payers dollars
BiPoLar_BEaR "Cursed to beeee borrrrrn.....beautiful,poor & female/there's none that suffer more"
BiPoLar_BEaR I miss this Motley Crue..."New Crue"just isn't the same.This sounds "GRITTIER"
BiPoLar_BEaR More dusty old vinyl that no one else wants to listen to....bite me
damiana ich habe angst.. :/

ArchiveFuck you

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (Crazy ass Industrial Music) Montauk P - If I (This one reminds me of Filter)

If IMontauk P

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Coldcut - More Beats and Pieces (This one has the craziest beat.....so naturally I'll play it...I'm crazy)--(Industrial/funk)
BiPoLar_BEaR (Trip Hop,classmates :Portoise Head) I like this one.I actually can't believe its here.@NikkiPixel


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR SPAWN!! Check this drawing out @DamnTheMan


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Methods of Mayhem - Hypocritical....Yeah Tommy Lee is dopey & corny....I just dig the music on this one
BiPoLar_BEaR My favorite "Scratch-DJ".....Well actually Mr.Mixx from 2Live is


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Mr.Mixx of 2 Live Crew is the best Scratch DJ.Sure he's scratching comedy records & porn but that's why he's brilliant lol
BiPoLar_BEaR Would you want these guys getting drunk next to you?I WOULDN'T! lol rb@Koshka: "my friend elle and i sang this in Karaoke last night... (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR U2 - Wild Irish Rover (Accopella live)

U2- Wild Irish Rover (Live)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "Hi-dee-doo-die-dum-die-dee-doodley-didy-dum-Hidy-do-die-diddley-die-daaaaaay! #IrishDrinkingSongs (reblip)
Lunaladee i'm crying as i listen to this... Music which strikes a chord deep within... resonates with & saturates the soul. beautiful... rb@SabineWe (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR "Its POO POO! POO POO! LOL For my buddy @bankaiAP
BiPoLar_BEaR "I don't understand how a man can call another man a "bitch" & be playin'"- Yo Homie don't PLAY dat!
BiPoLar_BEaR Autumn Owls performing acoustically on a rainy night under an umbrella in Dublin for @NikkiPixel who's seeing them now at SXSW in Texas


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "He's Gump!He's Gump!" lol (W/ Movie clips) @NikkiPixel @backasswards

weird al yankovich hes gump

| play
Shaman777 @fleurdelis101 this is so damn beautiful.mo' blues w/ a msg.
BiPoLar_BEaR Little known fact: Nirvana were fans of N.W.A!! They listened to it on tour.Hear the influence in the sparseness of the guitars & the heavy beat
BiPoLar_BEaR ehhh I feel like hearing a FAST one before bed> MINISTRY - Jesus Built My Hot Rod
BiPoLar_BEaR This one kinda reminds me of Minis' "J.B.M.H.R.".....That's cuz I was dropped on my head as a kid >Primus - Jerry Was a Race Car Jesus
BiPoLar_BEaR crap,crap,crap..............Lil Kim gets her "Lil-er Kim"tossed around like a hacky sack @NikkiPixel

Diana Ross feels up Lil Kim 1999

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Remember "Positive Rap"?......LMAO
Louden Goodnight! Sweet dreams. :) @PhDstudent: "later! ;)" (reblip)

CakeLove You Madly

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR CHARLIE MURPHYY!!!! POW!! ("Unity" imprinted on his forehead) LOL- Chappelle Show @NikkiPixel

Rick JamesUnity

| play
DamnTheMan I raise my glass to you man! @Metalheadoutcast: "With all the God damn emo bullshit that's out there & the bands that are trying to be metal (reblip)

The Great Southern Trendkill

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "til the light shines on me/i damn to hell every second you breathe"....Heavy shit

PJ Harvey Catherine 1999 Sessions

| play

thepetebox beatbox cover of Basement Jaxx with Loop Pedal !

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Who wants to hear this guy's "Cucumber Trumpet"??!!....Anyone? @backasswards ? @Louden?@NikkiPixel?

Cucumber trumpet "March of bee"

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR GOOOOOD NIGHT,EVERYONE & @backasswards Have a great night.I leave you all with a band that warped my brain in a good way
BiPoLar_BEaR (Johnathan Davis' (KORN) first band)

SEX ART : in the mother fucking house

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Sex Art - Juice-Seven


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Tracy Morgan likes when a woman....ewww lol

Tracy Morgan NIN Remix

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR There's a cover of "Hurt" that's on The "Radiant Decay" NIN Tribute album.No one knows about it but me.Buy the album,check it out.(I can't find it)
agogab i know,damn prop limits!!@alwilbanks: "WTH!! u aint been here 15 mins...& im OOP's 4 u too!! GRRR!!@agogab: "^.^ geek porn rb!@Zinsho: (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Nine Inch Nails at Woodstock 94

Nine Inch Nails: Happiness In Slavery Woodstock 1994 (Digitally Remastered)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR HEY!! HEY!! HEY!!...Its Maaaatt Pin-field!!! (on "120 Minutes"!)
BiPoLar_BEaR If Johnny Cash covered DM it may have sounded like this.Not bad @HaloNReverse (Cover by a fan)
BiPoLar_BEaR Videos like this inspire me! Look how close it is!


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR lol I know,I realized that AFTER! haha Thnx,Halo rb@HaloNReverse: Johnny did cover DM :) @bipolar_butt That fan made cover wasn't all that bad either (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Right into the SUN!!OMG! Kurt's ghost has taken posession of this poor boy! Hey Krissy rb @backasswards (reblip)
mark_till Paramore - "Careful" Album Version with lyrics
BiPoLar_BEaR "I'm writhing in the snakepit"

"My Dog Is NOT an ashtray!" by the Cannabis Chorus!

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BiPoLar_BEaR "Choo tryin' 2 git Krayzie wit,Ese? Donchoo Know I'm Locoooooo?"
BiPoLar_BEaR Good Night Everyone....Here's a nice soft electronic one to put you out if you can't sleep~ Her Space Holiday - Key Stroke @backasswards
BiPoLar_BEaR "Friends,if you lost your way/you will find it/again someday"Depeche Mode - Get Right With Me

Depeche Mode Video

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BiPoLar_BEaR THe Cure - Bananafishbones - Munich 1984 "Exploit/inspire/take responsibility for this?-ha ha"
BiPoLar_BEaR I should've waited now its "2 Late"

The Cure2 Late

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BiPoLar_BEaR (smoother sounding.I kinda like this version....maybe..nah I still hate this song)
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - Grinding Halt (Demo Version)I love demos.Very gritty sound quality
BiPoLar_BEaR She's got an autobiographical movie coming out."The Runaways" looks good @Louden She rocks
BiPoLar_BEaR *chills* This band is from my area.This song sounds great no matter who plays it.Nice cover Classic Cure
BiPoLar_BEaR "There's a man goin' round takin names/and he decides who to free/and who to blame"
BiPoLar_BEaR This is heaven in a song...or great make out music :P
BiPoLar_BEaR (Its all I CAN do) :'(

The everly brothers- all i have to do is dream

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BiPoLar_BEaR "The last day of Summer never felt so cold"

Marilyn Manson Minute Of Decay

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Marilyn Manson-Suicide Is Painless +Lyrics slideshow

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As Step to Radiohead Thom Yorke Eraser.(Como Paso Thom Yorke De Radiohead a Eraser)

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BiPoLar_BEaR Ever see this one?Pretty cool vid.(Zombies)This song rocks too ~ Phantom Planet - Big Brat
BiPoLar_BEaR "Lonely Souls"

U.N.K.L.E. feat. Richard Ashcroft

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BiPoLar_BEaR "I'm gonna die in a place that don't know my name"
BiPoLar_BEaR The Pharcyde - Runnin'(Can't Keep Running Away) #HardShit2KeepMySanity

The Pharcyde-Runnin' (Can't Keep Running Away)

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BiPoLar_BEaR "She keeps on passin' me byyyyy!" The Pharcyde - Passin Me By #GoodHipHop
BiPoLar_BEaR Gang Starr - Jazz Thing (A Tribute to Jazz Legends) #GoodHipHop

gang starrjazz thing

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BiPoLar_BEaR Mellow B Boys instrumental.Makes me sleepy :)

Beastie Boys- Transitions ( TISFWO )

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depeche mode - halo

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BiPoLar_BEaR I still love the backwards keyboards on this one.Genius Depeche MOde - Mercy In You
glitterdream ..wtf?

Muppets vs Electric Six Gay Muppet Bar

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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL! I still love this spoof.(The guy from "The Hangover"Good song too #PointlessBullllllshit @NikkiPixel @DamnTheMan @agogab @backasswards

Kanye West: "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

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BiPoLar_BEaR @NikkiPixel rb@ICEGIRL152:@TPJK: "ICEGIRL152 PJ Harvey - Send His Love To Me (live) (reblip)

PJ Harvey live Send His Love To Me

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BiPoLar_BEaR Welp,I was here for a second.Now"I have to leave".Later,all
BiPoLar_BEaR this song is about a serial killer...but I didn't notice that :P

PJ Harvey Working For The Man

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BiPoLar_BEaR is the bear all the OTHER Care Bears never talk about.

The CureStop Dead

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BiPoLar_BEaR Man,those ARE big! LOL!...And BOUNCING! :P What's with this scary music?

Trench Gun Tapes BIG BOUNCING TITS !!!

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BiPoLar_BEaR lol Here's where I got the photo @Louden "I wanna live in a Bob Ross painting" lol @agogab

Bob RossA Tribute

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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!! WTF? is THIS? (Moshing)


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Funny Eminem Prank Call to LL Cool J on SIRIUS XM Radio

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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!This one has to be the best one yet Shane Dawson @NikkiPixel @backasswards


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BiPoLar_BEaR wants some Oreo Cookies!! Even if they'll give him "Type II Diabetes & BLUBBER on his hips" lol

Oreo Cookie Blues (Lonnie Mack)

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Jewel Cover Who Will Save Your Soul By Mandala (Jewel Boobs Slideshow)

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BiPoLar_BEaR Mellow Electronica --- Not what I was looking for but nice.(I uploaded one of my songs called "Cash Cow".Its not here! grrrr)Anyone know why?

SK123Cash Cow

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BiPoLar_BEaR HOLY CRAP!! Its HERE now!! Enjoy my scary ass freak out of a song! TPJK - Cash Cow

TPJKCash cow

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BiPoLar_BEaR (Aphex Twin-ish stuff by me) Hope you like it

TPJKloose change

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BiPoLar_BEaR Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs (Old Sarge Mix)-Sounds great with drums.Heard this one?@TweakerRay @BinaryAudio @Darkangelkas @LikeAnAngel
BiPoLar_BEaR EMF vs. Anal Cunt .........Things may get hairy!
BiPoLar_BEaR Coldcut - Mr. Nichols - Depressed?....Watch this

ColdcutMr Nichols

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BiPoLar_BEaR More DJ Shadow Inspired by @auxiliary_fox who has a little bar between her name just like me :)
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO! Exactly!We're unique "animal DJs!" ;) rb@auxiliary_fox: "the other bear and fox without bars can't nearly be as awesome as us! @bipolar_bear" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Why is this crap pop up every time I search for my own music?!!

Amigos Del Corazon Karaoke

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BiPoLar_BEaR Haunting guitars.'love this cover

Smashing Pumpkins-Never let me down again

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BiPoLar_BEaR Last year!

The Cure 10:15 On A Saturday Night NME Big Gig O2 Arena 26th February 2009

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BiPoLar_BEaR NIN - Throw This Away (Fixed)

Nine Inch Nails-Throw This Away

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BiPoLar_BEaR Pretty cool remix.Why couldn't the album sound as interesting.Rodger Waters is a boring producer I think.Flood is better for Nine Inch Nails
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!! The similarities are ASTONISHING!!

Marilyn Manson and Alanis Morissette

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BiPoLar_BEaR I really hope this isn't Ireland version of Marilyn manson LOL! Fuck'n WEEEEEIRD!

THE Wuthering Heights Video!!!

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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!! What do you CALL that dance?Its INFECTIOUS! @auxiliary_fox lol

Hippie dancing at festival

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Kurt Cobain-Half The Man I Used To Be

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BiPoLar_BEaR I think this is that "Kurt" movie.I heard it was crappy.But works for this song @DamnTheMan
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO This still cracks me up....I think it the woman's "Afro Puffs"

Cee-LoCloset Freak

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BiPoLar_BEaR 'reminds me of the movie "Airplane"

When the Shit hits the fan (album)- The Circle Jerks

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BiPoLar_BEaR Here's some traveling music for my baby @NikkiPixel

Beatles- two of us

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AnnieLicious Great song Mr. Hair rb@rock2monster: "~...another song originally titled, "i'm no rock2"...again, tooooooo wordy...~" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR No I did NOT record this one!..But I DO LIKE it! LOL

drunken beat boxing

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BiPoLar_BEaR Here's the original,one & only :
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL! What the HAY! Depeche Mode modeling Star Wars costumes! @HaloNReverse @LikeAnAngel
BiPoLar_BEaR This kinda rocks?!..Who woulda thought Radiohead vs The Black Eyed Pees
BiPoLar_BEaR I SWEAR this sounds EXACTLY like old Trent."Flock of..I mean Exotic Birds" anyone?
BiPoLar_BEaR Why The Fuck is There Vomit on my Cellphone?...What ever this is,it rocks

Missed by PJ Harvey (Lyrics)

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BiPoLar_BEaR GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!! I leave with this crazy asshole.He's actually pretty damn brilliant~ The Petebox - Where's Your Head At?(Basement Jaxx cover)
BiPoLar_BEaR "i want to be in another place i hate when you say you don't understand/i wanna be with the energy/not with the enemy/a place for my head"
BiPoLar_BEaR Beck live-I think he handled this rowdy crowd pretty well.What do you think?..Beck SUCKS?!! Well,SCREEEEEEW you,Dude!-lol (Too hyper)
BiPoLar_BEaR is gettin CRAZY wit da Cheez Wiz

BeckLoser (Live 2003)

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BiPoLar_BEaR My blip is "BROKEN" again.I can't RB anyone!! Grrr So A big "What's up to @DamnTheMan @HaloNReverse @Angie74 & @LikeAnAngel am I barred or something?

PanteraI'm Broken HQ

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Koshka *smoochies* thankies love, outta props for you @Naestopaz: "rb @ducks2007" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR is a DJ "Flying Solo" now.This totally sucks..Here's some dark,depressing piano
BiPoLar_BEaR She can play the piano with her FACE!!...I can do it with my ASS!! (Doesn't sound as good though) (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Every time something GREAT happens for me,something totally shitty happens after....
jmabell "And I got nothing to lose but darkness and shadows." #nowplaying (reblip)

SpoonGot Nuffin

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BiPoLar_BEaR @DamnTheMan Thanks,Bro :) I got hacked here.I still can't RB it takes me instead to an advertising site."Adware hack"I must've pissed someone off lol
DamnTheMan Yep yep, I believe that the difference between pleasure and pain is perception sweets :) @AshliVicious

Alice Cooper-Bed of nails lyrics

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BiPoLar_BEaR "You got a baaaad ol' habit of making sad/you got a bad ol' habit of making people mad"Filter "So Cool" If you hacked me,I'll find you & eat your LIFE

filter so cool cover

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BiPoLar_BEaR What's up,Buddy! :) @Louden //and for my Cubby @NikkiPixel get well soon!Love ya!
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - Unreleased Song of "Disintegration"sessions..(Kindaaaaa PEPPY?! What duh?)Hey,Mama @Angie74
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - Forever (Weird,Unreleased song from "Pornography")-I wanna put it in my 4Track to find out what he's singing..Not really kinda boring

The Cure Forever(Unreleased Studio Version)

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BiPoLar_BEaR "The Cure"for "A Strange Day" is to go RIGHT to bed!!

The Cure A Strange Day

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BiPoLar_BEaR "Won't you look down on me Jesus/you gotta help me make a stand/my body's aching and my time is at hand"..#SongUweren'tExpectingMe2Play lol