Bigfrosty13 I was born without ya baby, but my feelings were a little bit too strong...
Bigfrosty13 I ain't no performance art. classic
Bigfrosty13 whenever i sing karaoke this song usually comes out.
Bigfrosty13 A couple of my friends are in Vitus and I hope they are well.


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Hasim- Al-Naafiysh (The Soul).

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World Class Wrecking Crew "Juice"

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Santana (Everything Is Coming Our Way)

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Sitting In The Park-Billy Stewart

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Pushin Too Hard -The Seeds (1967)

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Powermad slaughterhouse

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MrSpoon how 'bout this cover @backasswards

Foo Fighters.. Band On The Run (cover)

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Death Angel's cover of the KISS song,"Cold Gin"

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Venom 12 Dead of the Night

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Exene Cervenka And Mother Superior Wasted (Black Flag Cover)

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Rick James- Mary Jane [With Lyrics]

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Bigfrosty13 @witlessworm: "i really think so..." (reblip)

Kirsten Dunst is turning japanese

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White Bird- It's A Beautiful Day -1968

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Type O Negative- Black No 1

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Bigfrosty13 @Carmilla: "@das_z3d: "rb@romanus: "She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart" Countdown to the pub"" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 @Carmilla: "@quorum: "QOTD: Silence is the only virtue he has left."" (reblip)

Venom, Countess Bathory Live1985

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Bigfrosty13 one more 4 cartoon theme
krystalmystic rb@vix_rock: "Novembers Doom – I Hurt Those I Adore.Ayt People Time for My Breakfast Now! So a lil Later........." (reblip)

Johnny Hit and Run Pauline X Live

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Daniel Ash -Here she comes

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siouxie and the banshees Kiss them for me

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greyskiesblack "You're Lost Little Girl" The 69 Eyes covering The Doors #coolcovers


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Bigfrosty13 Finnish Sabbath cover of Paranoid!!!
greyskiesblack Black Sabbath cover #coolcovers

Type O Negative Paranoid

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ankita_gaur AC/DC – Jailbreak


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Obituary - "Evil Ways" ♥ #metal [.."Hold on words of prey... Burned in, the minds decay! Stand forth, lies pay!"..]

Obituary- Evil Ways

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Carmilla @anatos: "rb@Totengrber: "I'll be damned.. My props finally are more than my blips.." Mine too 4,100 blips 4,600 props :D"" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 @DreamWarriorz: "+++ Mercyful Fate – Doomed by the Living Dead +++" (reblip)

5,6,7,8's. I walk like jayne mansfield and i'm blue

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Bigfrosty13 time Springs forward tonight here. I am off to sleep, minus 1 hour
Metal_Rocks Testament – Nobody's Fault. This blows the original out of the water!
DJPrimitivo ♪Um Dia Inteiro - Eletrosamba
Bigfrosty13 nice before work song, it was stuck in my head all night last night! (reblip)
Carmilla @quorum: "+5K songs :: 2185 songs left :: The greatest productive force is human selfishness. -- Robert Heinlein" (reblip)

VASTI am a Vampire

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Aerosmith Train Kept a Rollin' The Midnight Special

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Where angels go trouble follows

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Adam Ant Desperate but not Serious

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Bigfrosty13 rb@Carmilla: "@Totengrber: "rb@Bigfrosty13: "rb@Carmilla: "@Totengrber: "rb@zoja01""" woot..2 in a roll that made it back to me" And then to me :D" (reblip)

London After Midnight Where Good Girls Go to Die

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greyskiesblack rb@Totengrber: "@kiddo84: "rb@Totengrber: "rb@ducks2007: "rb @Cerulean" Was kidding about the turkey and do wonder what Turkish cuisine is like." (reblip)


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Carmilla @Alfea: "good evening → rb@busylizzy: "Siouxsie And The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo"" (reblip)
Alfea thanks → rb@Carmilla: "@darkrider1: "rb @AmeliaMakesArt: "Sisters of mercy – Garden of delight" (reblip)
quorum +5K songs :: 1595 songs left :: PLUG IT IN!!!
mark_till @coastal XTC – Generals And Majors you are very welcome!
Bigfrosty13 going to sleep soon, but first a couple to honor of my Dad
Alfea Depeche Mode °*° Blasphemous rumours | G'morning @mamamiaellen and @djLop
Bigfrosty13 rb@mrjaegermeister: "go on with some headbanger stuff ..." (reblip)

entombed crawl with full force xv HIGH QUALITY

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Bigfrosty13 rb@mrjaegermeister: "Ektomorf with one of their greatest songs ..." (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 I used to play this at work everyday till they had to ask me to stop...@Arkangel99 (reblip)
quorum +5K songs :: 831 songs left :: Before destruction a man's heart is haughty, but humility goes before honour. -- Proverbs 18:12

She's So Fine-Flash Cadillac-original song-1972

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Stray Cats I Won't Stand In Your Way

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Paul Oakenfold - Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim Trance mix(1)

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Bigfrosty13 rb@mark_till: "ty @walkstar Sick. Arctic Monkeys – Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend (feat. Dizzee Rascal)" (reblip)
Squashpants And Squash guarantee that this tune will be a fixture in sets henceforth...does it tickle your whimsy???
Bigfrosty13 did someone say "Bollywood"?

Jaan Pehchaan Ho-Nice Dance, Enjoy!!!!!

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When the Shit goes Down Cypress Hill 1993

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Apollonia 6 sex shooter

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Bigfrosty13 1st school dance in the 7th grade, circa 1981. My first slow dance, and I still remember the girl.
Carmilla @CSGrimm: "Educating goth or something? With Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Staircase Mystery" (reblip)
gpharley @paradox24: "@fokiesd: "Downloading some Interpol today... creepy puppet! Evil"" (reblip)
Carmilla Kind of feels like a cyber threesome this morning :D @atank @Totengrber (reblip)
Carmilla Blipping it back @xxvioletxx: "@Carmilla: "@musicalmind Do you mean these sort of reasons?"" (reblip)

Emilie Autumn-Thank God I'm Pretty

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RuiFelix rb..@CMDoria: "Saxon – Princess of the Night" (reblip)
BluJulius Lux Interior R.I.P.@pappafanis (reblip)

The Cramps Human Fly

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NWA-Panic Zone-NWA And The Posse

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Obszön Geschöpf + the beast within

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Bigfrosty13 rb@Ineluctable: "rb vi@neverBclever" (reblip)

The Paladins : Daddy Yar July 30, 1986

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Resistance Ain´t Futile Alien Vampires Fuck Off And Die

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mrjaegermeister Entombed for the headbangers ...

entombed crawl with full force xv HIGH QUALITY

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Bigfrosty13 rb@Angie74:"It's one of my favs! :) But i cannot take all the cred,it was originally blipped by@theDavidHumes :) @gselva03:@Angie74 song fuckin rips! (reblip)
GR8FL what's that about a fool and his money?
atank already-dead-but-U-can-follow!!!!!rb@jsullyk1: "come with me if you want to live RB @atank: "rb@Keizer: (reblip)

Skynet Symphonic

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Bigfrosty13 rb@atank: "rb@RuiFelix: "rb...@marijaanadj: "KORN- Creep""" (reblip)

KORN- Creep

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Brutal Truth- Lord Of This World (Black Sabbath Cover)

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Bigfrosty13 rb@greyskiesblack:"Because @fun4lilli;Chica.why do you keep running off? rb @greyskiesblack:b@1980s:It's the terror of knowing what the world is about (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 The look of love is in your eyes...
Bigfrosty13 Just got back from Vegas and I could've used this song there! (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 rb@DreamWarriorz: "\m/><\m/ Lamb of God – In Your Words" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 @Carmilla; I didn't lose much gambling, but our van broke down and that was the big loss! lol
Bigfrosty13 Heaven or Vegas...I couldn't tell and I can't wait to go back!
Gen22 Kasabian - Vlad The Impaler
toxiferous RB @rabidrobot: Great song, thank you. :) "How come I get the cucumber, & he gets the grape?You know what...I'll stick with the monkey chow..." (reblip)
Jentern HA, the disclaimer makes me giggle. CUSSING.

Coal ChamberSway

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Bigfrosty13 rb@zoja01: "rb@DirtyUrine: "I had only one 44 oz glass of whiskey tonight! @hawaiibuzz: "Godsmack - Whiskey Hangover ... bro!! @DirtyUrine" (reblip)
greyskiesblack rb@Jentern: "Such is the power of OhGr! @SSSIXXX: "AM KILL 342 PPL W THIS ONE"" (reblip)


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Carmilla @das_z3d: "rb@quorum: "+20K songs :: 18335 songs left :: Single tasking: Just Say No." They deserves the video!" (reblip)
greyskiesblack rb@mark_till: "@camdalamb Cool. Human League – Don't You Want Me (1981)" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 way better version than last one...

RAMONES- Needles And Pins 1978

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zoja01 thx @kundunphei: "mmmmmhhhmmmm babayyyy... hello! @Keizer thanks for the music! @PAW666 watch out! don't let it get in your eyes now... @zoja01 (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 rb ty@zoja01;rb@mmemaledicta:cries a little* her favorite song. She would have dug this version,my grandma,who loved Judas Priest.I miss you every day (reblip)

The Ramones- What a Wonderful World

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Jentern All right, I've got school in the morning, so it's time for me to hit the hay. Catch you guys later! <3
Carmilla Last one until later.

The Dresden Dolls 'Girl Anachronism' music video

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greyskiesblack What a way to start the day! lol rb@Carmilla: "Or maybe start the day with some green fairy?" (reblip)
toxiferous RB @Piehooerseef: And thanks for that video. I hadn't seen it before! :) "most excellent, and thanks :)" (reblip)
Carmilla @Bigfrosty13: "rb ty for the props...@SSSIXXX: "@MirskuK: "~♫~ Hmm.. Good one.. @SSSIXXX: "LIPS LIKE SUGAR PUSSY LIKE SUGAR AM HORNY"" (reblip)
greyskiesblack rb@fun4lilli: ""What's a girl to do?" greyskiesblack It's an innocent question." (reblip)
Carmilla @anatos: "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness – The Owl" (reblip)
Carmilla Haven't blipped it for a while.
Rising Perfect start to the day, thanks@Bigfrosty13: "rb offset lithography sounds (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 I'm off to sleep...thanks for the great blips and all the props!
bilda @Wyldoats i think "i'll stir fry you in my wok" is one of my fav lyrics...ever!
Bigfrosty13 goodnight all! ty for the great blips and the props!
Bigfrosty13 rb@mark_till: "Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Original)" (reblip)

"Mr. Moonlight" by The Beatles Lyrics

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Bigfrosty13 rb@technogiant: "Sophie B. Hawkins – Damm I wish I was your lover" (reblip)
Pesest hello and thank you! How are you doing? rb@MONIKKA: "Velvet Underground – Temptation inside your heart" (reblip)
proxility Goth/Industrial for the Old Schoolers
asterion i promised i wouldt be political, some things i cant pass up. im of the opinion that we should waterboard a toss in jail ceos who bonused & bailed out
quorum +20K songs :: 10736 songs left :: QOTD: "It seems to me that your antenna doesn't bring in too many stations anymore."

Tito and tarantula After dark

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We're All Crazy Now- Joan Jett

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Bigfrosty13 rb@DirtyUrine: "\m/ rb@EllenaG: "TY love!!! :) @DamnTheMan: "Metallica - Whiplash #TallicaTuesday for @EllenaG too *mwahhhh*""" (reblip)


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ankita_gaur Metallica – Stone Cold Crazy | with lyrics \m/ #TalicaTuesday
Alfea 'giorno → rb@JanetSEyre: "The Smashing Pumpkins – Perfect" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 more than a few people know me as... Mr.Heatmiser or Mr.101
nawlinswoman Never blue when I listen to Chris..
Bigfrosty13 rb...great blip@StrawberryToast: "inspired by...@Bigfrosty13..."stuck inside these 4 walls...if i ever get out of here thought of giving it away"" (reblip)
remembermstn A shot in the dark...

Henry Mancini A Shot In the Dark

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Covenant _ Call the ships to port

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gpharley I was just going into JR High when this came out!!!Damn, I'm an old fart!!!

Rama Lama Ding Dong-The Edsels-original song-1957-58

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Sylak ☺ ‡‡Powermad – "Nice Dreams"‡‡ @MrsASoprano (reblip)
Spica7 @Bigfrosty13: "rb@SpicaSeven:Ronnie James Dio (born Ronald James Padavona) has sadly passed away from his battle with stomach cancer @ 67yrs.old (RIP) (reblip)
Sylak Its not your imagination, its not a bad trippy! ‡‡GWAR - "Slaughterama"‡‡ (reblip)

GWAR Scumdogs of the Universe- Slaughterama

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Sylak ‡‡Warrant – "Uncle Tom's Cabin"‡‡ (reblip)
Sylak I'll match ya! ☺ ‡‡Overkill – "Fuck You"‡‡ @Damiana archive • fuck you \o/ (reblip)

OverkillFuck You

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Sylak ‡‡Voivod – "Fuck Off And Die"‡‡ (reblip)
Sylak LOL!!! @Damiana: "lol! dirty pretty things • you fucking love it @Sylak" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 rb@Sylak: "‡‡Venom – "Fuck Off And Die"‡‡" (reblip)
Sylak ‡‡Death Angel - (KISS cover) "Cold Gin"‡‡ #coversthatdontsuck (reblip)

Death Angel's cover of the KISS song,"Cold Gin"

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RuiFelix Whiplash – Metallica --------------»@AFN1982


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lalunajade I've seen this vid before, what IS that game? do you know? @jniemann666: "Evening @lalunajade :)" (reblip)
gpharley @djLop: "John Doe and The Sadies – Detroit City" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 rb@GR8FL: "vibration ga frozen blip AGAIN???" (reblip)

Pizzicato Five - Porno 3003 (Thievery Corporation Remix)

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quorum +20K songs :: 4473 songs left :: Z.O.I.D.: Zombie Optimized for Infiltration and Destruction
BunnyHoney reblip @Lisa_Michele: "~~ The Pretenders - Precious ~~ ♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥.•*¨*•♫♪" (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 had a great weekend camping with my family! My boys are heading in a good direction.
Bigfrosty13 Backpacking next weekend! I hope I can keep up with my boy...
Bigfrosty13 rb@Carmilla: "@miracleoraclemirror: "¤ (not rare) gene just got booty called lil bastard :)"" (reblip)

Vampires Everywhere 5 Bury Me Alive

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Bigfrosty13 Wow your breaking out the old school! (reblip)
Carmilla @Bigfrosty13 yes I am :D I love a bit of old school. A healthy mix of old and new keeps us fresh. Hmmm minty fresh...
Carmilla Scented oil on troubled water. Twist and stretch and smile with me. (or something like that ;-) )
Bigfrosty13 rb@Carmilla: "@mark_till: "@Carmilla @Bigfrosty13 @dubstarrjoy division (live) - transmission and she's lost control"" (reblip)
CHaDmAn "I didn't get a lot in class but I know it don't come in a shot glass!" (reblip)

Dark entries Bauhaus [ Fan video ]

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CHaDmAn "Bereft in deathly bloom, alone in a darkened room!" (NIN w/ Peter Murphy) (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 rb@StrawberryToast: "@Bigfrosty13..a hello and see ya later...nope, its not a "vision thing"..hahahah" (reblip)
LeandroAzevedo Slayer – Chemical Warfare/Mandatory Suicide (Live Donington 95)
ChadThomas All Fired Up for 40 more minutes of #BHT!!!!!
Bigfrosty13 inspired by @Micshelly

EXODUS Lowrider

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Carmilla Third uncle twice removed on my mother's side.
MONIKKA Inspired by @GR8FL; good morning, dear, in spite of all this ....
Flying_Roundhouse The Pretenders ~ Kid

The Pretenders ~ Kid

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rachidkas Hello& GM!@FOGGIELOANER:hopefully,a pay raise!how was the new job@fluffyboots:evening blipsters v quick blip" (reblip)
adbert [Peter & Gordon - A World Without Love] Holitas @lausen!!! ;-)

A World Without Love Peter and Gordon by Paul McCartney

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christinap I wrote "always" :)) @DJPassies: "Don't now what you wrote, but the song is great :)@christinap: "πάντα ... rb@Jazmine50"" (reblip)

"Fisherman's Blues" The Waterboys

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greentrees @CMFlinn - are congrats in order?? Our Man Flinn - : )