BingFutch From KT's last record.
BingFutch How can it be that we can say so much without words?
BingFutch Why they changed it, I can't say. People just liked it better that way.
BingFutch It's almost 6 in the morning here - I'm "so tired."
BingFutch Aboriginal dreamtime, mate.
BingFutch One of the most beautiful moments of my life came with this album and song.
BingFutch You've got to change your crazy ways. Shyeaaah, as if!


| play
BingFutch One of the greatest songs about pregnancy ever...
BingFutch What the hell. Times are tough, right?
BingFutch This is how we do it on a Saturday morning.
Antenaweb Hey Babe Take a walk On The Wild Side!!!!
BingFutch From the album "Short, Sharp, Shocked"
BingFutch 1953 classic "Black Coffee" Peggy Lee #music
BingFutch @rhondacarpenter - for you, Rhonda. Lucky you to have seen her!
BingFutch Ah, here we go @rhondacarpenter
Diordan Ok you can come! but not this lady monday!
BingFutch Gipsy Kings - Hotel California

Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (Spanish)

| play
2HandedJam I'm Livin' In Shame – Diana Ross & The Supremes
eric_trautmann "We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood"
BingFutch From the album "Stay Awake" - interpretations of #Disney songs - Bonnie Raitt and Was (Not Was) - "Baby Mine" from "Dumbo."
BingFutch Talk about dancing your life away.
BingFutch we used to love singing this on log rides
BingFutch @rogue_fm how'd you guess? I write film and theater scores. Love the medium - so raw, so real.
rogue_fm @BingFutch "Health issues." Burn out, basically. 15 years. (Don't read too much into the song. Makes me laugh.)
BingFutch I want you to know.


| play
BingFutch A little Gaelic jam for ya mornin'
BingFutch The original theme by Stu Phillips.


| play
BingFutch The Edge - a force to be reckoned with.
BingFutch you didn't like the sound of that, now did you?
BingFutch I've been a cynic for too many years.
BingFutch You really can't blame him, society made him.
BingFutch Underrated Falco album - he was the man.
BingFutch One of Falco's final songs before his death.

Falco - Out of the dark

| play
BingFutch @ZachsMind Politics as usual. A classic from the old Dr. Demento days. K-MET 94.7fm!
BingFutch Who else writes songs about dancing with Hitler and how charming he was? Genius.
BingFutch You can live the life you're living or you can live the life you like.
BingFutch Based on "The Shining" novel.
BingFutch One of the nicest guys ever - and an awesome singer/songwriter.
BingFutch Now all I gotta do is find "Bronco Billy" and there's a golden quartet from the Ronnie.
BingFutch One of the most perfect country songs.
BingFutch Pretty red roses - wet puppy noses.
BingFutch The Six Million Dollar Man Sings!
CaryAtid Theme from Schindler's List – John Williams & Itzhak Perlman . Beautiful, sad. Hear.
BingFutch Quack.

Eric Idle - FCC Song

| play
BingFutch I think I was one of the only people to see "Yentl" in the theaters. On opening day. Twice.
BingFutch Tell me where, where is it written what it is I'm meant to be? *sigh* -
CaryAtid @BingFutch. Does this sound like the beginning of another song? LIke something by metalica, or something, before it goes country-ee-ish.
BingFutch Walt Disney's favorite song that was written by the Sherman Brothers for "Mary Poppins." Sung by the incredible Julie Andrews.
BingFutch I'm about to sign off here - but just a couple of hopeful, happy ditties, like this classic from "Pinocchio."
Sandman5 'Cause when you're falling, I can't tell which way is down....
CaryAtid This how play the guit. The Thrill Is Gone – B B King. The thrill is gone away, baby. You know you done me wrong, baby,.. you'll be sorry someday
BingFutch A song about an assassin - awesome.
BingFutch A direct quote: "they make you wanna f---"
BingFutch My friend Dani just turned me onto these guys.
BingFutch With a voice like that, I can't believe she smokes!
BingFutch Dulcimer Goddess - go girl!
papion1 Sounds like an SSL.Shout to Sarm Studios
BingFutch Way out in the water, see it swimmin'.
BingFutch I don't have hopes and dreams...

Skyliners Since I Don't Have You

| play
BingFutch This song plays a big part in the storyline of Steven Spielberg's "Always" and makes the tune even more of a stunner than it already is.
Diordan @cabron Pena mesmo mestre que esse doido morreu, mas tá aí deixou tanta coisa bonita! Representou! esteja em paz Jimi fazendo sua banda com o Jaco!
BingFutch Shel Silverstein - a classic!

The Great Smoke-Off

| play
BingFutch Talk! It's oooonly talk!


| play
BingFutch From the rock opera "Chess." (1984)
BingFutch Hold me mom, in your long arms. Your petrochemical arms. Your military arms. In your electronic arms. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.
BingFutch Grim, grinning ghosts come out to socialize.

Walt Disney World - Haunted Mansion - Graveyard Music

| play
BingFutch Exit music to Fantasmic! The appropriate way to say good night.
CaryAtid gotta do this one. "dha plane, dha plane" Fantasy_Island


| play
CaryAtid Love, exciting and new. COme aboard. We're expecting you. Aaaand, looove. Live's sweetest reward... Theee Love Boat. Soon we'll be making another run
BingFutch @PrisHayes and another.


| play
BingFutch @PrisHayes you're on a roll! wish I could give you more props but everything you're blipping is gold! Here's another one in that vein.
DareToEatAPeach Kind of think this cover is criminal. It doesn't make me want to mosh even a little bit. (reblip)
BingFutch Joan Jett and Lita Ford's original band.
BingFutch "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" as interpreted by Tom Waits. (no joke.)
BingFutch The theme from "Melody Time" as performed by Syd Straw. Classic.
CaryAtid this is for @BingFutch. Mystery Movie Theme – Henry Mancini
CaryAtid The Batman Theme – Danny Elfman
BingFutch @PrisHayes One of my favorite t.v themes - Tony Randall, Swoosie didn't last long. But what a sweet tune. "Love, Sidney."
BingFutch @PrisHayes for Steve Austin: astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.
BingFutch Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension theme.
CaryAtid Pinky and the Brain . Some of the best and /or catchiest music comes from cartoons

Pinky and the Brain

| play
BingFutch @PrisHayes yep, we're on the same page. : )
BingFutch @PrisHayes anyone ever say you look a bit like Julianne Moore?
BingFutch With the previous blip, starting a series of tunes from Barbra Streisand's "Yentl" - a truly wonderful film.
BingFutch @PrisHayes You like theater too, I see that. : )


| play
BingFutch One of the Material Girl's best.
BingFutch No matter where you go, there you are.
BingFutch God, but you're beautiful!
remembermstn Que pasa @alfonvaina.... tio bueno creo que te ha contestado @djacedj sobre mi avatar.... como andas tio? (reblip)
BingFutch Which way is down? Peter Gabriel and Afro Celt Sound System.
BingFutch Aye, this is fine stuff here, laddies and gentlewomen.
BingFutch Wow - took forever to find a traditional version of this tune.
rogue_fm Oh yeah! How could I have forgotten this one? What bloody fun!
BingFutch With love to Bruddah Iz, and those that love him.
rogue_fm @BingFutch Do you know this CD? 'Music for the Native Americans' Thought you might enjoy a little. Lots of great tracks on it.
BingFutch Well not tonight - to bed for some pre-snooze reading.
BingFutch New tune! Egyptian/Australian/Flamenco/American beat.
BingFutch Woke up with this song in my head - then remembered that the songwriter, LORI LIEBERMAN, was on Woodsongs Radio Hour last night, and I missed it!
BingFutch Wrote this on the kitchen chalkboard for my honey last night: "always and forever."
immusic Hey @BingFutch, Reminds me of some the tunes I've heard on Annie?
DareToEatAPeach The prob w/corporate radio is the same as what's happening in my industry (publishing): consolidation of the media...
rogue_fm @playalongjon Meditate? I can think of a few other things I'd rather do...
DareToEatAPeach Apparently there's a separate chart for "Alternative" albums (no singles list) that includes stuff I play. This DJ is #1 for Alternative. Go figure.
BingFutch A classic from "The Alarma Chronicles Part 1"
BingFutch k.d. lang - "Constant Craving"

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

| play
BingFutch Soopah-stah! (I just had to, in light of my last tweet.) : )
BingFutch One DOWN -- or at least, chilled. Sweet and gentle slumbers to you all.
BingFutch Woke up this mornin'...classic blues.
BingFutch This tune just makes me happy - hope it makes you happy too. : ) "Xanadu" - Olivia Newton John & ELO.
cbeagrecia Lenny Kravitz - It Aint Over Till its Over
CarolannB @BingFutch Nothing says spring like this song... especially UB40's version ;)
BingFutch Darlin's phone call reminded me of this tune - great song: "Burgers and Fries" Charley Pride
BingFutch Dramatic end scene: "One Hour Photo" - Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek (former Nina Hagen band) - one of the most underrated scores ever. GREAT film!
BingFutch "One Hour Photo" end credits - heartbreaking stuff. Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek
BingFutch "What's that watermelon doing there?" "Never mind, I'll tell you later."
BingFutch I played this piece in high school; clarinet choir - it's a mesmerizing work.
BingFutch From "Back To The Future Part II"
BingFutch As I walk alone, the lonely wind seems to say, "from this moment on, all your life will be this way."
BingFutch We're all a little loony.

Tiny Toons

| play
BingFutch NARF!

animaniacs-macadamia nut

| play
BingFutch Did anyone else learn their countries this way?
BingFutch About as cool as Kronos Quartet playing "Purple Haze"
BingFutch From 1959 - with Elvis Presley's back-up band!
BingFutch Perky Friday Blips 3/5 "I'll Be There For You" - #followfriday @vipvirtualsols @HeARTwork @WomenCan - follow my Aussie friends!
BingFutch Perky Friday Blips 2/5 "What I Like About You" - #followfriday
BingFutch Perky Friday Blips 5/5 "Walking On Sunshine" - #followfriday - have a GREAT day of love! Catch you on the flip side --


| play
De_Ann woodstock 1968! Don't you want somebody...?
BingFutch get your motor runnin'....looking for adventure... (reblip)
suecartwright thompson twins - theres no where that I'd rather be than with you here today @BingFutch
suecartwright laters - the sun is up, sky is blue, it's beautiful & so are you @BingFutch @ManaJunkie @vivilantini @longanzito @BabyGhost @PaulaBrett @LORer @RCABob
BingFutch I've always been a coward and I don't know what's good for me.
BingFutch I love this tune. Wish more artists embraced the grand.
BingFutch I got electric light and I've got second sight, got amazing powers of observation.
BingFutch It's just a little pin-prick...
BingFutch You will see a stranger across a crowded room...
BingFutch I met Jodi Benson at a convention, got charmed - and then saw her as Florence in "Chess" - what a girl!
BingFutch and you ask why I love her?


| play
BingFutch Round the world tonight, a symphony in Spectromagic...
BingFutch This is as close to Disney magic that I've found on blip.
BingFutch Good morning - mmm, nice tune here - Miriam Stockley - "Perfect Day"
BingFutch Let the beauty of the sound scrub your mind free of concerns - Ray Lynch - The Oh Of Pleasure
BingFutch From the album "Gone Troppo" - featured in the film "Time Bandits" - beautiful George Harrison - "Only A Dream Away."
BingFutch All the while, the world is turning to noise. The more that it's surrounding us, the more that it destroys. Turn up the signal; wipe out the noise.
BingFutch Dr. Horrible - "Freeze Ray"
BingFutch Incomplete, but damn funny and skippy. How are we doing, followers?
BingFutch from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
BingFutch Swan song, bitte.


| play
BingFutch Okay, one more. "Planxty Fanny Po'er" by Turlough O'Carolan
BingFutch I will go the distance....


| play
BingFutch I hope it doesn't show, it'll go 'way.
BingFutch Where are you, when will we meet?
BingFutch Then my wild, beautiful bird, you will have flown...
BingFutch A little nostalgia before bedtime. : )
BingFutch What goes around comes around.

WarJunk Yard

| play
BingFutch Yes, lawd. This is good stuff here, ya.
BingFutch Motherland calls me, but I don't understand.
BingFutch @HEARTwork - taking a trip down memory lane
BingFutch this was one of my first GB tunes - complete with train crash and everything. #music


| play
BingFutch Played this tune tonight at a show.
BingFutch ..right off the rails...

The VinesRide

| play
BingFutch Ah Falco, we miss you.


| play
BingFutch Shirley Bassey does Blood Sweat and Tears - fabulous!
BingFutch Bowie in his groovy phase --
BingFutch Hooray for fan service!

Hanaukyo Maid Tai (Hanaukyo Maid)

| play
BingFutch This guy's comin' to Orlando this month - sweet!
BingFutch Which leads naturally to...
BingFutch Great live band from N'awlins
BingFutch NEW U2! From "No Line On The Horizon."
BingFutch NEW U2! From "No Line On The Horizon."
BingFutch For @PrisHayes - thanks for the great Blips; missed ya!
BingFutch Hey @RogerZimish - we're on at my house tomorrow; 4:30 p.m.
BingFutch Steve Winwood - Night Train
BingFutch Ah, I love the internet. The original "Galaxy Bang! Bang!"
BingFutch This is Americana. Mighty Ghosts of Heaven - "Look Down That Lonesome Road"
BingFutch Heard this today in passing and just needed to get it on my playlist. #Love baby...
BingFutch Early to bed - sweet dreams, everyone. : )
BingFutch that swirls in the snow and the darkness (link works)
BingFutch that takes over souls (from "Lost Boys")
BingFutch Main Title from the Charles Bronson film "From Noon Til' Three" with Jill Ireland


| play
BingFutch This was Walt Disney's favorite songs. Whenever the Sherman Brothers came to his office, he would say to them, "play it." And they would know.
BingFutch Oscar winner - John Barry for "Out Of Africa".
BingFutch Don't feed them after midnight....
BingFutch Good to get the groove in your seat goin' - Madness - "House of Fun" (not to be confused with "Our House")
iddybud Have a very happy birthday, John! ~ Jude
BingFutch Who's gonna drive you home?

The CarsDrive

| play
BingFutch We're all going down together.
BingFutch Imagine if this was mainstream radio. How different would our world be?
BingFutch I was broken when you got me.
BingFutch Happenstance blip. Sounds like something out of Epcot Center. And I do mean Epcot Center.
BingFutch Slow down, you're gonna crash...
BingFutch Good morning, everybody - woke up with this in my head, so here's a little Waylon Jennings.
BingFutch #coffeetime May not be what you were expecting, @AnnetteDubow - : ) this is a two-parter. First, a chorale rendition of "Oh What A Beautiful Morning"


| play
BingFutch and part two for #coffeetime - Ladysmith Black Mambazo - "Oh Happy Day"
BingFutch Okay, one more - Sparks - "Good Morning" - #coffeetime
BingFutch Ha! Can you put a hundred down and buy a car anymore?
BingFutch Another city tune (doing aural research for a mix session today)
BingFutch Best part of the concert I saw in 1986 - Universal Ampitheater


| play
BingFutch These guys can do no wrong.


| play
BingFutch What IS she doing now? Met her once while working at Aahs in Westwood.
BingFutch Madness made a movie called "Take It Or Leave It" - it rocked. : )
BingFutch The beautiful ones always smash the picture.
BingFutch If you continue to burn up the herbs, we're gonna burn down the cane fields.
BingFutch The synth-master brings it, island-style.
BingFutch Such a powerful piece - makes me want to visit Epcot right now - in the middle of the night.
BingFutch If there's a prize for rotten judgment, I guess I've already won that.
BingFutch Nants ingonyama bagithi baba Through despair and hope Through faith and love.
BingFutch Finale to Illuminations at Epcot - thanks to those who are digging the Disney vibe tonight. : ) This morning, rather...


| play
BingFutch More music from Epcot. Which USED to stand for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Now, you can travel around the world and drink. : )
BingFutch RARE! The entire soundtrack to Spaceship Earth (all five minutes of it.) #Epcot
BingFutch What a beautiful tune - from "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
BingFutch If this doesn't take you back - you've probably never seen it.
BingFutch Shining, shimmering, splendid - for @maywater

Disney - Aladdin - A Whole New World

| play
BingFutch @maywater - how can you forget this?
BingFutch I'd be remiss not include the reprise.
BingFutch @maywater Thank you - I hope my love is a lucky girl.
BingFutch Julie Andrews - she told me I was a "sweetheart" once upon a young-ish time.
BingFutch Roots people in the house - say it!
BingFutch Starting talking about congress and ended up blipping this tune. LOL!
BingFutch Never never say goodbye...


| play
BingFutch Ah, it must be the rapid approach of St. Patrick's Day that has brought all of this forward - slainte'! #Celtic
BingFutch I'd be remiss if I didn't blip a little Flogging Molly - #Celtic
rebeccadeos I'm starting St Patricks Day early
BingFutch Didge, bagpipes, percussion = nice #Celtic
BingFutch Happy St. Patrick's Day! Easing into the festivities with this lovely arrangement of an #Irish standard.

John McDermott - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

| play
BingFutch #stpatricksday it's never too early for a little "Whiskey In The Jar."
BingFutch #stpatricksday - couldn't find the version with lyrics anywhere. "Whiskey Before Breakfast".
BingFutch #StPatricksDay - chances are you've never heard "Danny Boy" done quite like this! Wait for it...
Burgers !!!♥♥♥!!!

Ireland's Call

| play
LesleyLambert A sweet piping tune...


| play
JimmyHook Dropkick Murphys – I'm Shipping Up To Boston
Burgers Yeah!!!! rb@Roadking Hit my props quota. Hey baby let the freebirds fly!! (reblip)
SteveMiami Shane MacGowan – That Woman's Got Me Drinking
BingFutch #StPatricksDay - Maidens IV - sweet fiddle and vocals!
BingFutch #StPatricksDay (I'm afraid I'm going to miss some great #Irish blips - could ye laddies and gentlewomen tag your #Celtic trax?) Slainte'!
BingFutch #StPatricksDay - cookin' corned beef and cabbage over here - last private lesson of the day is complete - time to have a drink on it!


| play
BingFutch #StPatricksDay - Jig Of Life.


| play
BingFutch #StPatricksDay - Dead Can Dance - "The Wind That Shakes The Barley"
BingFutch #StPatricksDay - Dance, dance, dance!

Captain Tractor - Lord_Of_The_Dance

| play
LaKarune Irish hip hop group interviewed by the Irish version of @bendrix! Nice.


| play
BingFutch #StPatricksDay - "Morga Magan"

morgan magan

| play
BingFutch For @HeARTwork - smiling at the rising sun. : ) *
BingFutch For @HeARTWork - is this the tune you were looking for?
BingFutch Come on baby, come on, come on, darlin', let me steal this moment from you now.
BingFutch Short people ain't got no reason
BingFutch How can we sing King Alpha's song?
BingFutch @ricklondon - you look a little like Falco - do you know that?


| play
ladypn There comes a time a time in everyone's life where nothing seems to go their way, where nothing seems to turn out right...That's when you need someone
BingFutch Live! The Eagles - and the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
BingFutch Hanaukyo Maid Tai

Hanaukyo Maid Tai (Hanaukyo Maid)

| play
BingFutch @steno - have you heard this? Real steel drums come in - gotta wait for it. Great track!


| play
BingFutch Nice midday groove from the guys that brought you "Oh Yeah." #music.
BingFutch Rising from the ashes every morning and into the sky.
BingFutch As I'm headed to Kentucky tomorrow for a gig - here's some old-school Bill Monroe.
BingFutch Kentucky-bound...

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

| play
BingFutch Classic. Venus and Mars are alright tonight!
BingFutch Great tune about the guys who drew the Mason/Dixon Line
DJSelchie I -was- looking for the one sung by the chap in TSOM, but this was just too beautiful to ignore. What a lovely voice and arrangement! So sweet!
BingFutch One more and I'm back to work...Fleetwood Mac.
BingFutch @maywater - you mean THIS song? LOL! "Happy Happy Joy Joy"
onceacurmudgeon can not pass up reblipping this. torchlight wonderfulness. via@estrogen (reblip)
BingFutch Good morning - Happy #FollowFriday ! This tune goes out to @HeARTwork, who inspired it!
BingFutch This is a demo - not the finished work: "Icarus"
LizGilbert @euskir I know. One thing came this way re: situation...Habitat for Humanity,Argentina admin/organizational maybe. Workin on something from this end

Los Lobos-Come On Lets Go

| play
BingFutch Another great Madness classic
BingFutch Love everything this band does. a-ha "Holy Ground"


| play
BingFutch I love Johnny's version of this - see if I can't find some more.
BingFutch What Danny Elfman did before the movies...
BingFutch I gotta get up on the roof! No-one moves the soul like K.T.
BingFutch The song that turned me on to the magic that is Kate.
BingFutch Wow - can't believe I found this. From "Captain Eo."
BingFutch Ohh, got a blues hangover. Already!
BingFutch Pete - Pete - Peter G.

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
crowjane @mushka sez: if it aint warmer here soon ima comin to LALALALA ~But darling I moved to Kansas after katrina~weather Unpredictable and Tornados to boot (reblip)
BingFutch Pan your stereo to the left and hear David Gilmour preparing for his solo. Stool creaking, coughing, etc.
BingFutch I just met a girl named Blue Jean.
BingFutch I've been searching for this song FOREVER on! These guys inspired Queen, Depeche Mode, Erasure and many other bands. And this is recent!
BingFutch Nice! "Flowers On The Wall" with a radio jingle!
BingFutch You can't go on thinkin' nothing's wrong...

The CarsDrive

| play
BingFutch 1980, I think. That merits the title "classic country". LOL!
BingFutch He's coming back from somewhere that he never should have been.
BingFutch Any "Smokey and The Bandit" fans in the house?

Jerry Reed - Eastbound and Down (Smokey & the Bandit)

| play
BingFutch Giddyup-a-oompapa-oompapa-mow-mow...

Oakridge Boys - Elvira

| play
BingFutch from the former satanic band comes this legendary song.

Coven - One Tin Soldier (The Legend Of Billy Jack )

| play
BingFutch I'm on a movie theme song trip from the 70's.
RealtorLefebvre G'night all. And I go, “Wait, what are you talking about? WE decided?!? MY best interests?!? How do you know what MY best interest is?!?
BingFutch Tired of the world? This is how you escape.
BingFutch White Sandy Beach - may you all be blessed with visions of blue water and powder sand..
ExtremeAnnette Saying "It's Extremely Cool to See You!x How u doin?" @BingFutch@HAMMER32@jencvs@immusic@chris_hrak @photogurrl@threebears@caodabocapreta + My SnD! (reblip)
BingFutch Bruddah Iz - live - heart-breaking!

israel kamakawiwoole - kamalani

| play
BingFutch Here goes


| play
BingFutch She go around in circles till she very very dizzy...
BingFutch For some of you really sweet folks out there who are enjoying this kind of material - from "Bambi"
BingFutch I can go the distance


| play
BingFutch The Rutles - Cheese and Onions live


| play
BingFutch @ExtremeAnnette - see you in the American afternoon!

Hanaukyo Maid Tai (Hanaukyo Maid)

| play
ExtremeAnnette Full ON! Extremely complex mixer of diff Musical Instruments-Cool, Classic, Calming -up lifting?♫What do you think?♫Who is the leader Which film?
BingFutch @thehillers @kms34786 Thanks for the #followfriday love! The Chimeras - "Good Friday"
BingFutch @BigTRocks @rbectel @JohnZajaros @BreakThruGuy @ ExtremeAnnette thanks for the #followfriday! Cowboy Junkies - "Good Friday"
miguesme Enigma – Return to Innocence
Foucault Starting work on this Good Friday - need me some Beatles - Nowhere Man


| play
BingFutch Oasis - "Rock 'n' Roll Star"
BingFutch Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In The Name Of"
BingFutch U2 - "Where The Streets Have No Name"