Bipolarlioness Vevo makes it really hard to find what I'm looking for! I love Tricky!

Massive attack Karmacoma

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Bipolarlioness @Bipolarlioness: "Glad I found it, b/c my dog got the "A Life Less Ordinary" film sndtrk. this is on. It's not on iTunes." (reblip)

Sneaker Pimps : Velvet Divorce

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Bipolarlioness "And now for something completely different" - Monty Python

Dick Dale "Terra Dicktyl"

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Bipolarlioness #Occupywallstreet and every major city in America! #USDayofRage @Opticaldensity @anon_central @Anonops Wake 'em up & Organize!
Bipolarlioness For the THE MEDIA BLACK OUT and THE CORPs BEHIND OUR GOV'T "You Won't Fool The Children Of The Revolution." #OccupyWallStreet
Bipolarlioness To Our GOV'T & THE 1%.I'd rather leave America than be a slave to it. #OccupyWallStreet
Bipolarlioness I want the American Flag that has Corp Logos instead of stars. How do I get one? Want to hang it on my flagpole b/c all my neighbors are Republicans (reblip)
Bipolarlioness Awesome!! TY @MrTumshie (reblip)

Dead Kennedys-Police Truck

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Bipolarlioness Feeling a little '90's funk rock Mike Patton Weirdness.

Carousel by Mr. Bungle

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Bipolarlioness One all time fav. Booker T & The MG'S Green Onions
Bipolarlioness Oh yeah, Halloweeny Time! My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Do You Fear For Your Child?
Bipolarlioness The first time I heard this song I immediately thought of Drugstore Cowboy "like having to tie your shoelaces". Danny Elfman & Unkle The Little Things

4. How To Disappear Completely

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Bipolarlioness Reblip @RadioTumshie: "Adam and the Ants- Antmusic" (reblip)

Adam and the Ants- Ant Music

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Bipolarlioness Always Loved Tricky This IS GOOD.

TrickyMurder Weapon

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Bipolarlioness I have this on cassette so it's nice to be able to hear it every once in a while.
Bipolarlioness I might look for every song off my Ska collection which is all on cassette:(
Bipolarlioness Shared this a while back on Twitter. But this is a fucking great song, so who cares?!

Pressure Drop by The Specials

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Bipolarlioness More pressure?? Yep I'm under it so I may as well Slank to it!
Bipolarlioness In the "Pressure" world

QUEEN & DAVID BOWIE: Under Pressure

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Bipolarlioness So ironic that many '80's songs directly seem to be appropriate for now.
Bipolarlioness This vid has a hilarious bit in the beginning I'd never seen until now.
Bipolarlioness Love to Strummer. The Clash.


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Bipolarlioness I don't even need a reason. It's The Who.


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Bipolarlioness God I miss Philly and NY Ming & FS, "Brighter Sky (Ming+FS mix)"

Ming & FS, "Brighter Sky (Ming+FS mix)"

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Bipolarlioness @RadioTumshie: "General Public - "I'll Take You There" can anyone explain why this wee gem wasn't a big hit?" (reblip)

"I'll take You There"- GENERAL PUBLIC PROMO VIDEO 1993

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Bipolarlioness From an American family to the American LIE, Fuck You 1%, You're the REASON we Cry. #ows


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Bipolarlioness "You Better Duck, When I Show Up, The Goo Goo Muck."
Bipolarlioness Listen closely to the drums. This pre-dates my next song I'll blip(which I still like), but, uh, yeah.

Siouxsie And The Banshees Spellbound

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Bipolarlioness Wait for it. Little bit of similarity, huh? Still love both songs.

U2The refugee

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Bipolarlioness @Hot_Pink: "African and White – China Crisis - more drums! :) @Bipolarlioness" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness @Hot_Pink more drums Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums!"

War Drums

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Bipolarlioness @Hot_Pink FALCO!! LMFAO! Here;s a classic '80's too, great drums!
Bipolarlioness @Hot_Pink I'm giving you more guns 'n' drums, then!

The Specials Guns of Navarone

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Bipolarlioness @Hot_Pink Still here Blip has been freezing on m

MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO "spinning round dub"

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Bipolarlioness Whoa! I hadn't seen this yet! @Hot_Pink

Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke "Shipwreck" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Bipolarlioness AWESOME! @Hot_Pink: "The Beat – Twist And Crawl - you like Drums! :) ;) @Bipolarlioness" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness @Hot_Pink This might be my last one b/c it's 5am! I catch up later though on Twitter so use the @ symbol or I might not see yours!
Bipolarlioness Too much pain to endure, just too much.
Bipolarlioness Tiny fists slam on wood. Like his father. Like his father. Oh my son My god can't they see!? can't they see he needs so much love.
Bipolarlioness I'd say this one goes to all the "powers that be" @Hot_Pink:!@paulab42: "Cage The Elephant – *In One Ear"" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness Damn of course this is a reblip! @paulab42: "Nine Inch Nails – Wish" (reblip)

Nine Inch NailsWish

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Bipolarlioness A family of ghosts, a state of vile attacks.
Bipolarlioness Not allowed to cry. Not aloud to be angry. Not allowed to feel anything. They might put you away.
Bipolarlioness We wear our broken hearts on our sleeves.
Bipolarlioness Single most best use of video games in music!


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Bipolarlioness @jazzmancat for you. (reblip)

Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke "Shipwreck" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Bipolarlioness I love this song.

Fairy tale of new York

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Bipolarlioness Pressing panic button.

English Beat: "Save It For Later"

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Bipolarlioness Okay I'll cry now, just to get it out. I can't explain what my head is doing, but it's not good.
Bipolarlioness Okay This stopped me from cute the vid for this.
Bipolarlioness A rehearsal the year I was born. Nico was so beautiful.
Bipolarlioness @jazzmancat

The Beatles-Hey Jude

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Bipolarlioness Blasting it!

Barracuda- Heart

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Bipolarlioness This is my favorite Prodigy song.
Bipolarlioness This was a song that was always played whenever I drove to Heceta Head (Pacific Oregon Coast).
Bipolarlioness Feeling a little better things still suck though.
Bipolarlioness @Hot_Pink A little working up to the drums. Right now Maynard and Milla.

Puscifer"The Mission"

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Bipolarlioness The Feelies cover of Paint It Black
Bipolarlioness Lust destroys love, always. As though it's just waiting there to fuck up everything.
Bipolarlioness My god that was beautiful. @Bipolarlioness: "My Brain just exploded. Pretty Lights - Radiohead,NIN,& Nirvana w/ dub?? I uh fuck wow!" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness There is nothing James Lavelle can't remix. This starts out slow then suddenly you're engulfed. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve Lavelle remix.
Bipolarlioness The first time I heard this song was on a Philly city bus right after I'd opened the cd. I cried on the bus. So beautiful.
Bipolarlioness Heartbreaker.

Pat Benatar-Heartbreaker

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Bipolarlioness @trashdot @jazzmancat More for playlist.

Pump Up the Volume Soundtrack Wave of Mutilation UK Surf The Pixies

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Bipolarlioness @jazzmancat @trashdot When I'M Down. Something In The Way.
Bipolarlioness Awesome!! NIN & Gary Newman Do Cars Live!!

NIN: "Cars" with Gary Numan, London 7.15.09 [HD]

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Bipolarlioness Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel - Massive Attack Mix!!
Bipolarlioness @trashdot @jazzmancat

Love, Reign O'er Me- Pearl Jam

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Bipolarlioness Only damn Cardigans version is live. So I'm blipping Deftones version again.
Bipolarlioness This is fucking EXCELLENT for killing the xmas spirit completely!

BlackDemon's Last Christmas (hardcore mix).wmv

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Bipolarlioness :) @paulab42: "NIN/Adam Ant – You're So Physical" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness HA!! Ming & fs - The Human Condition !

ming & fs the human condition

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Bipolarlioness "Tweeker and IFace.."!!!lol Sour Grapes (Where's My Line? Mix) - Puscifer This IS funny!
Bipolarlioness Cop Shoot Cop opened for The Jesus Lizard which I loved & bought a t-shirt. Later a PDX cop ordered me to remove my shirt due to the band name.
Bipolarlioness Here you go. Weezer - Hash Pipe Live in Japan
Bipolarlioness Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up Uncensored ( as everything should be) I love this vid!!


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Bipolarlioness An old but good one. OK GO - Get Over It

OK GoGet Over It

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Bipolarlioness @trashdot

Tears For Fears live "Head Over Heels"

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Bipolarlioness ReBlip #ows #love #money 99% "Take a guess, it's a Ball of Confusion Yep still to this day. Love And Rockets" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (Great vid & lyrics)
Bipolarlioness Radiohead with Sneaker Pimps - Climbing Up The Walls
Bipolarlioness @trashdot Deftones - Passenger (ft. Maynard of Tool) (With lyrics)

Deftones-Passenger(ft. Maynard of Tool)(With lyrics)

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Bipolarlioness I used to listen to this song over and over when I pulled into my driveway. Radiohead-Pearly


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Bipolarlioness For the lame trend Good Morning Beautiful People

Marilyn Manson- The Beautiful People

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Bipolarlioness Money is the most depressing invention ever! Fugazi - I'm So Tired

FugaziI'm so tired

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Bipolarlioness Got the ugly gray lines for the vid for this, of course. Massive Attack - Safe From Harm
Bipolarlioness Trying to chill.


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Bipolarlioness I don't have any plans to control anyone or anyone to control me.
Bipolarlioness I'm Designer - Queens Of The Stone Age (Unkle Remix)
Bipolarlioness Happiness In Slavery (PK Slavery Mix) - Nine Inch Nails (Promo) Happiness In Slavery Vinyl - 1992
Bipolarlioness Ani DiFranco - Adam And Eve

Ani DiFranco "Adam and Eve"

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Bipolarlioness Nirvana - About A Girl.....or a boy w/ assumptions

NirvanaAbout a Girl

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Bipolarlioness I blipped this version because I wanted it to be from a woman to a man. Sinead O'Conner - All Apologies This is actually to everyone. I'm only human.

Sinead O'Connor- All apologies

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RadioTumshie The Amphetameanies – "Say Something Special"
Bipolarlioness @MrTumshie @RadioTumshie Here's a good one Bombskare - Crime of the Century
Bipolarlioness @c3p0 Absolutely Perfect funny stickman cartoon.Goes for both sexes! The Adicts - Love Sucks

The AdictsLove Sucks

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Bipolarlioness This is great! @paulab42: "queer- garbage" (reblip)

queer- garbage

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Bipolarlioness Where is the love? Massive Attack - Teardrop (Full) - 1080p
Bipolarlioness Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub) [HQ]
Bipolarlioness I'm making coffee, not love right now. I'll hope this track distracts me from his second brain. The Chieftains - A Special Bear
Bipolarlioness "Don't hold your breath for long, if the undertow's getting too strong. There's no reason for you to come along."
Bipolarlioness An Ocean away. Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
Bipolarlioness "Darling, Please?" Peter Gabriel
Bipolarlioness Maynard Trip. Bohemian Rhapsody - Maynard James Keenan + Billy Howerdel
Bipolarlioness That is some funky shit! Oh & TY 4 the props:) @SGMan: "The Prodigy ~ Funky Shit" (reblip)

The ProdigyFunky Shit

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Bipolarlioness Maybe we won't kill people just to leave the US, but it sure as Hell feels like we have to. Faith No More - Stripsearch

FAITH NO MORE Stripsearch

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Bipolarlioness See now these are remixes when people I like already are mixed up anyway! The Charlatans UK - Patrol (The Dust Brothers Mix)
Bipolarlioness "Pretend that you don't care" Sting - Angel Eyes

StingAngel Eyes

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Bipolarlioness Blipped before, but this is my fav from A Life Less Ordinary Sneaker Pimps - Velvet Divorce

Sneaker Pimps : Velvet Divorce

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Bipolarlioness Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Hard Mix)
Bipolarlioness Bjork - Hyperballad (Hyper Complex Remix)
Bipolarlioness This is the first song I listen to everytime I put my pods on when I leave the house. Orbital- Halycon + On + On

Orbital : Halcyon + On + On

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Bipolarlioness The Cardigans - Lovefool (official video) Classic sappy but happy if I could hear it sometimes.

The Cardigans | Lovefool (Official Video)

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Bipolarlioness Basement Jaxx ""Where's Your Head At?"" reblipping cause the vid fucking cool. You gotta watch it! (reblip)

Basement Jaxx-Where's your head at

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Bipolarlioness @trashdot @Karmic_Mishap This song is one of my favs on Carboot Soul. Nightmares On Wax - Finer
Bipolarlioness Hello Hello Hello Is There Anybody In There?
Bipolarlioness All I Need.....

Radiohead "All I Need"

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Bipolarlioness Bullet Proof I'm just beneath the ocean.
Bipolarlioness "Human Nature" They don't belong next to each other. NIN - Right Where It Belongs
Bipolarlioness Eddie Vedder - Guaranteed [original version] From "Into The Wild" Soundtrack
Bipolarlioness This is my morning song. Someday all I love will be free from tyranny and all that holds us back. REM - Leave (reblip)
Bipolarlioness Oh I love this song. Give it a listen. Lush- Sweetness & Light

Lushsweetness & light

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Bipolarlioness Nice one! NIN's remix site is too cool. This one's awesome! NIN v Prodigy - Sin My Bitch Up


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Bipolarlioness I love this song. Alpinestars - Burning Up

Alpinestars Burning Up

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Bipolarlioness Every song seems to make me think of Him. How cliche' is that? The Doves - Snowden
Bipolarlioness Prodigy und NIN - Ja, gut! @DieBeastly


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Bipolarlioness <3<3<3!!!! @paulab42: "NINE INCH NAILS – la mer" (reblip)


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Bipolarlioness It gave me constant goosebumps! TY <3 @kaltasosdark Cocteau Twins – A Kissed Out Red Floatboat - Best Version (reblip)
Bipolarlioness Good Morning/Guten Morgen Wake Up Music Aphex Twin - Heliosphan

Aphex TwinHeliosphan

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Bipolarlioness Now there's a picture I could look at everyday. Prodigy - Diesel Power (Rare remix)
Bipolarlioness With Coffee please und a lot of bass! Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two (w/ Soundbyte Intro)
Bipolarlioness Flashback. Tricky - Hell Is Round The Corner (The Hell & Water Mix)

Tricky- Hell Is Round The Corner (The Hell & Water Mix)

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Bipolarlioness @Brodie_Dog Feel better! #wlf I've had a shit day To The #EDL "We hate what u do"

Lily AllenFuck You

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Bipolarlioness Superconducter (Beautiful Small Machines) Vid Obviously I'm single & looking:)

Superconducter (Beautiful Small Machines) Video

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Bipolarlioness We played this in an underground club in Philly. Dieselboy - The Descent

DieselboyThe Descent

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Bipolarlioness This is my favorite Dieselboy track - Invid The club didn't have a name & didn't have a dance floor. It had a breakdance floor:)


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Bipolarlioness Ming + FS - Rock Higher (Hell's Kitchen) More pioneers of DnB, Ming & Fs had a radio station in NY & they're own label for other artists.

Beastie Boys vs Beatles Mash-up

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Bipolarlioness @beta_troi This is going on my playlist! @fried_chikn: "=D@fuuji" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness RB!! @SomeMoSir: "@Bipolarlioness :: DJ A-TRAK – IN HEAVENNN - LIVE @ THE DO OVER 8.9.09" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness The Crystal Method (feat. Filter) - Can't You Trip Like I Do
Unaturalsoul @Tijana011: "Placebo - Running Up That Hill" (reblip)

Placebo Running Up That Hill (High Quality)

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MrsStonebreaker oh my... I've read smurf music... :D @JoanieBeachMusic: "Surf Music........♥♥♥♥" (reblip)
Bipolarlioness Beautiful. Sneaker Pimps - Destroying Angel
Bipolarlioness End of the #JamHeads Passion Pit - SleepyHEAD

Passion PitSleepyhead

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Bipolarlioness #WomenThatRock Franka Potente - Fly With Me

fly with me

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Bipolarlioness #WomenThatRock Sneaker Pimps - Roll On (Awesome version)
Bipolarlioness It's always snowing... Snowden - The Beat Comes

Snowden | The Beat Comes

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Bipolarlioness Damn Mystery Jets Flakes song vid just drops Here's How To Destroy Angels Ice Age (a beautiful song)
Bipolarlioness "I Dress Myself In Fucking Lies." MSI - Evening Wear

MSIEvening Wear

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Bipolarlioness #PaddyJam Celtic Drum and Bass (Remix Ed.) This is good!!

Celtic Drum and bass (REMIX Edit.)

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Bipolarlioness #ALLThingsNIN Capital G (Alex Sin & Germstep Remix) The NIN Vocal Edit

Capital G (Alex Sin & Germstep Remix) Nine Inch Nails vocal edit

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Bipolarlioness #ALLThingsNIN Kinda I Want To [PHM Remastered Album]

Nine Inch Nails-Kinda I Want To (Remastered)

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