DJOtterpop I am showing Gary / interscope how to use Blip


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psantos Escutando palestra no CC Bradesco no Second Life veio a lembrança...Por vezes ficamos anos sem pensar numa musica...
shu ex-Plone + ex-Broadcast


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budda へろへろでいいな
umpump feelin a little nostalgic..
djdangernun take care, everyone!! hope you are all doin well.... xx
janetcap who knew the guys in vampire weekend were grammar freaks?
HuggyBear I wanna put on my my my my my boogie shoes.
Laughing blíbot El Carretero – Buena Vista Social Club
Arghie my neighbors kid is acting funny...
BlipRFW Just saw this on a friends' list and had forgotten about it.
BlipRFW Don't know why but this gets stuck in my head when I hear it.
BlipRFW Classic Nina Simone. I'll never forget being at a wedding in France and watching teenage guests swing the ballroom to this. Perfection. (reblip)
BlipRFW Yea to the Rod Steward of my Youth!
TVKel another find thanks to QT
BlipRFW I love this song and I love Cake. What could be better? (reblip)
BlipRFW Last Night a Blip Saved My Life
BlipRFW used this on my blog not so long ago
BlipRFW nothing like feeling really cool, right?
BlipRFW love the piano in this!


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klitoria God Bless And Goodbye – Morcheeba
BlipRFW good one and LOVE the name of the Band (reblip)
BlipRFW no wait it's ding ding ding ding dah dah or is that . . .
Erinita The Omen or UFC ppv opening sequence, take your pick.
CaryAtid You Send Me – Sam Cooke
driczz Because there is always something behind via @carolrivello

Tres WalshThank You

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BlipRFW First time I heard this I loved it
BlipRFW once there was this kid who ... mmm mmm
PlasticRobot via@weeChammy One of my fav Siouxsie trax! "A tourist oasis-reflects in seedy sunshades, a monstrous oil tanker, it's wound bleeding in seas. " (reblip)
BlipRFW roses really smell like . . .


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dooode you have to like tom waits, but he nails this
Radiobread mmm well if it wasn't Breakfast it must have been..The Logical Song - Supertramp..
driczz @Marie valeu pela indicação ;) - @estrogen ecoutez! (reblip)


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JenTheLibrarian I'm always pleased when this song gets stuck in my head.


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nillmatic Sexy Mama ... The Moments
CaryAtid reblip @djblackwhite tks. Singing my life with his words...killing me softly...with his song (reblip)
BlipRFW remember playing this on the way to the airport when I was REALLY late . . .

GarbageStupid Girl

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BlipRFW timeless

Superstitious - Stevie Wonder

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wurst @DJ_Gogh - whoa! your last two blips were on an old mix CD I used to wear out! weeeeird! did you rob my house? ; ) - - this was also on that old CD.
casasroger Ensayando para el próximo Antikaraoke
UltravioletRed "Eat some pretzels go play some videos, thank you for your company but hoe I gotta go"
truk77 Always liked this mellow reworking of the original.

LaylaEric Clapton

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BlipRFW just in time for valentine's (reblip)
BlipRFW ok maybe the wrong time of day but . . . (reblip)
truk77 I'll do anything I have to do.
capitano shiny happy people holding hands.. shiny happy people laughing.. happy happy, put it in your heart, there's no time to cry.
didib you always say i'm crazy so why do you stay with me?
didib it's a flashback to the TCM movies... :P
didib come on-a-my house, come on! i'm gonna give you candy. i'm gonna give you everything.
didib love this song. makes me feel like in an arab palace from centuries ago.
didib don't tell me i'm too young.
didib this one is famous in movie soundtracks...
didib the loving that you given me is what keeps me living.
didib sweet smooth song for a warm evening in front of the beach, like i'm having now. =) goody goody!
didib i really wish i'd lived these moments in history. with ballrooms, big bands, beautiful dresses and many accessories. what ever happened to class? :P
PlasticRobot via@UltravioletRed Holy crap! Megaprops for this. I'd never even heard about it. And this one actually *is The Cure*! (As opposed to Tainted Love.) (reblip)
DanTaylor Yes Virginia, there ARE other musicians from Jamaica that aren't Marleys.
DanTaylor Better in Russian, but remember this one? :D

t.A.T.uShow Me Love

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miki para carmen, um feliz aniversário. para comemorar, vou ripar meu cd dela ^^
Radiobread mmmmm I'm So Glad - Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood
UltravioletRed Thk u much!@rogue_fm A song more about losing love (as usual) than a job, but a good solid, hopeful sentiment. Head up & steady on! Good things ahead. (reblip)
Hnomad looks like a nice day

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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BlipRFW I guess I saw the Hippity Hip and thought of this . . . ah the power of suggestion

SohoHippy Chick

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Mahri U´re welcome @lmecchi! Borrowed Goldfrapp! luv her! ;D (reblip)


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maurilao yes, it was a scheme, but yes, it was fun
TheMostReverendJim God, I had it bad for this bunch - sexy with guitars! Sweet baby Jesus!
deadserious it's so cold in this house.. brrrr..
BlipRFW grey seal for grey skies

Elton JohnGrey Seal

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Orli 2 great songs of TTD'Arby, one is relevant, and the other one is just wonderful:
bollenmoser one of switzerland's sweetest xports - sweeter than any chocolate
gaitha ~não vou levar a vida em vão~
BlipRFW with or without the U, always good
Radiobread @creepycrawley "This is highly twisted but I love it. Don't play it with kids around" Richard Cheese - Closer ..mmm he!he! thankx.. (reblip)
CaryAtid Happy B-Day Dr. Seuss. rb @toosweet4rnr. ["Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!"] ["Green Eggs and Ham as interpreted by someone who sounds like Dylan"] (reblip)

Green Eggs And Ham

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CaryAtid rb @Greencoconut. ["Help...Me beds on fire"] Midnight Oil – Beds are Burning (reblip)
CaryAtid rb@SugarDoggy. ["Sit still - I dare you!"] ... double dare. (reblip)
Erinita [Emiliana Torrini – Sunny Road]
Alki You ever pray with all your heart and soul just to watch her walk away???
riccineer My love song to Twitter - Where did you come from baby? How did you know I needed you so badly? You Sexy Thing #ricci
BlipRFW karma anyone - you come-n-go
Miss_Bella My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why, I got out of bed at all,

DidoThank You

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SteveMiami Every Thing I do Gon Be FUNKY ..... from now on.
cruyf The Blues Brothers – Minnie The Moocher:おーり、おーり、おーりおー
SteveMiami New Orleans piano legend: Professor Longhair
DJWUF canção costumeira da hora de almoço...
Wrongbutton It's only going to get stranger from here
VinceLee Sometimes you just need to watch "Reality Bites" over again.

Lisa LoebStay

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BlipRFW with this moon, I'm out

51 DaysPaper Moon

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BlipRFW I am so glad I found this again. Daler Mehndi is one of my faves and Tunak is my favorite of the favorites.

daler mehndi - tunak tunak tun

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BlipRFW love this, have since I was a wee bairn
BlipRFW Yes, I'm Ho-Ho-Home

Sheryl CrowHome

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klitoria @bangang...i think i know guys like would probably make good friends with @chiron08.....see you dear...

Bill WithersUse Me

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prc2cv É sexta (apesar de 13) e está sol, so...
LittleJack Que recuerdos de la tierna juventud de uno
calamari Lovely cover of a Billy Bragg song...
organicsue @glueandglitter it's Lost Thursday !!![RBI didn't get to say happy LOSTday yesterday!] (reblip)
fcz Ouvi no blog (sempre dou uma fuçada nas páginas de quem começa a me seguir no twitter). Foda. Tipo chocolate com bacon.
2HandedJam LOL, I ran out of props for you "AGAIN" @ladypn Via @yamamiya in stereo... ;) Love this! (reblip)

MonoFollow The Map

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2HandedJam *** Little Dragon – Twice

Little DragonTwice

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2HandedJam *** Basil Poledouris – I Believe
Michlerish I know you can shave


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mabeswife It's Friday, I'm in love! I pretty much blip this every Friday, so sorry for the repeat. (reblip)
BlipRFW Heard this on the way in this morning and fell in love. Always enjoyed the original, but love the a cappella.
SteveMiami RT: Twitter list on of @ names to follow for #jazzfest updates

Dr. JohnIko Iko

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ldlevine Great melody; touching lyrics
santamistura 1-2-3 if i don´t walk with my dog now he maybe killllll me sooo good morning for alllll blippers i wish a supergreatfantastic+sure+perfect day4U
eMocha maybe I'll meet one of these on my way to the Keurig machine
crowjane Ellie's theme is tribute to dj Leigh. She played it to segway to other stuff~The penthouse was a lot like that be don't realize stuff~
DJFolderol I can't recall when I first heard this one, but I love it always. And no, it isn't like "Walkin' on Sunshine" because I can like it unironically.
deadcowaroma People'd think I was weird if I named him Psycho Killer. That would be a pretty awesome reference though. I can't seem to face up to the facts though.
deadcowaroma Message me and tell me what I should name my fish! Options right now are Moby Octopad, Danzig, and Psycho Killer.
salondelynn @Jalapeno, "I want you to want me." But you're taken! (reblip)

Elton JohnYour Song

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DavePeckens Get your groove on. You know it. "I gave you all that I had inside..."
SeanMurphy Someone says 'Graceland' and I think Paul Simon before 'Elvis'...I know ,right? Weird.

Paul SimonGraceland

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KarlQJohnson By the same author of "Easter Parade", Irving Berlin. Original recording by Fred Astaire. Here, a 1982 cover by Indonesian artist Taco. (reblip)
TheFreshPrincess @MasterNak its the telephone commercial with the guy in Paris@djsurfer Ahahahhahha thanks for that (reblip)
mammara r/b @bluddysavaj i've never been a day without glasses since i was ten. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach "Are you prepared for the atom bomb? Are you prepared for my aching heart?"
mammara @DJFrankie yes, here is almost time to go to bed. is a quiet and warm night.
GR8FL I am hanging in there @Atomik :) and the sun has come out for a while & that is wonderful!
wurst i was so disappointed when the blip didn't work. :D @koduckgirl and as always, thx to the awesome @evablue for showing me this :D :D :D

Trip Through Your Wires (Studio Version)

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BlipRFW Heard this at my niece's wedding and saw the dance, laughed and laughed . . .

Sugarhill Gang Apache Jump On It

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Sugar Hill Gang Jump On It (APACHE)

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BlipRFW crazy in love . . . uh-oh
iReign69 Thanks @Oldies: "Steve Winwood – Dear Mr. Fantasy @iReign69 - " (reblip)
crowjane @crowjane: "Its warm where You are~~"gotta run it again for the day shift @RichBlood ~a great song and picture of etta redbone (reblip)
angiece RB @scotlandlover: "in this heat! take care and tks! rb @jimmybradley: "Gotta go watch my son play his first football game of the season." (reblip)

Fleetwood MacTusk

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gilgalad how does he do that? i'd wire the analog right into the computer..
rogue_fm Live, inspirational, and worth your time. Good Morning music.

Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z - Crazy In

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