Blippo Underworld – Dirty Epic // Gorgeous, THX@ashenmorpheus (reblip)

Moon Addicted Funkstörung feat. Enik

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Blippo Hi there & THX@perle Always worth a reblip: Moderat – "Rusty Nails" (reblip)

Moderat"Rusty Nails"

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Blippo Ralf Hildenbeutel - Hommage á Noir

Hommage á Noir

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Blippo Hi there, you might like this one @bendrix @LYRIC @noochi @ffluxx @freehiro Tryad – The Rising (reblip)

TryadThe Rising

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Blippo Ich muss mal etwas Positives hören.


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Blippo @pulplion Kennst du die? Könnte dir auch gefallen! (und wirken lassen ;)

Deaf CenterLamp Mien

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Blippo The KLF – Chill Out 2/5 @djLop You made me think of this one ;) Blipped & said it before: The KLF Chill out is a masterpiece ;)

The KLFChill Out 2/5

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Blippo hmmm ... always worth a reblip ;) THX ♥ ♥ ♥ @ffluxx A Forest Mighty Black – Rebirth (reblip)
Blippo @lub adore their versatility ... Really & deeply digging Xploding Plastix. It's the x time I blipped this one. Love it.


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Blippo Xploding Plastix - Omar-Sharif-Bonanza // I won't stop till I blipped every song ;)


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Blippo Hello & THX@snapper Sibot – Expect Everyone (reblip)

Musetta "Ophelia's Song"

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Blippo THX@mangoli Alles was Spaß macht = keine Arbeit :) Bis später! @thelema2009 @estrogen (wegen dir in bester Laune, Danke ;) (reblip)
Blippo Foux De Fa Fa by Flight of the Conchords // Such a great & funny song ;)) THX@mangoli: "first blip from @SoniaC" (<--- wow, perfect start ;) (reblip)

Foux De Fa Fa by Flight of the Conchords

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Cowbebop-Yoko Kano- Black Coffee song

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Blippo Fujiya & Miyagi – Dishwasher THX @Cod (reblip)
bendrix Here's Auntie @28apple_chic, reading baby @Blippo a bedtime story - "Once upon a time there was a Princess a Prince a Yellow Ribbon & an evil..." (reblip)
Blippo Das ist für dich, mein Liebster.

Aphex TwinXtal

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Blippo RB@bendrix: "This ultra silky track is like a lost letter hidden under the pillow of tortured siren of the lake." What more can I say? (*sigh*) (reblip)
Blippo Antony Raijekov – Moment of Green // Fresh artist @bendrix @ffluxx @LYRIC @ladypn @noochi
Blippo Hi there@LutherGP (RB) "this makes me imagine martial arts masters sparring on a beach with massive jagged cliffs behind them" You're welcome! ;) (reblip)

Xploding Plastix-Funnybones & Lazylegs

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Blippo And another fav: Deadbeat (-video -imeem)
Blippo Yep. I like Greg Baumont. The GWB theorem. @Stitch_13 @GR8FL @DesertLily @karma_musings @ladypn (reblip)


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Blippo Woke up with Pom Pom ... Hello blipworld!

Matthew DearPom Pom

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Blippo Paul Kalkbrenner – Castenets @mangoli Danke :)
Blippo Wenn schon nicht live ... dann nochmal hier @mangoli
Blippo Ghost in the shell

Making of Cyborg ~ for Major Kusanagi ~

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Blippo Hello & THX @ashenmorpheus José González – Teardrop (reblip)
Blippo Sonnige Grüße @estrogen (ich bin eigentlich gar nicht da ;) // Boy With A Coin. Hello & thanks for this beauty @dickadcock & @amphore (reblip)

Boy With A Coin

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Blippo Mereblip. I've to share this music and lovely video with you @karma_musings (reblip)
Blippo @chestyle Leads me to soap. And skin. And to this dark & beautiful song :)

Soap&Skinthe sun

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Blippo Skream – Rutten // Hello & THX@spinecut ;) (reblip)


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Blippo kid loco – relaxin with cherry black // yes, relaxing.
Blippo Tosca – Busenfreund


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Blippo Yonderboi – Pabadam


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Blippo Mr. Scruff – Get a move on
Blippo Dj Food – Peace Pt. 1 // great percussion

Dj FoodPeace Pt. 1

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Blippo Bent – Invisible Pedestrian
Blippo Unitone HiFi – Guiding Star (Funki Porcini Remix) THX@formalhaut
Blippo Ninja Tunes – Dj Vadim / Theme
Blippo Morcheeba – Never an Easy Way
Blippo Thievery Corporation – Hare Krisna
Blippo Montréal artist Kid Koala here he is one of the first ones THX@bigpete (reblip)
Blippo Bonobo – If You Stayed Over (ft. Fink)
Blippo Annett Louisan – Das Liebeslied
Blippo Kid Koala - More Dance Music // @bigpete everybody loves Koalas ... :)

Kid Koala - More Dance Music

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Blippo Mexican Institute Of Sound - Mirando A Las Muchachas THX@picknick (reblip)
Blippo Max Raabe & Palast Orchester – Kiss // so funny :)
Blippo LENINGRAD – cowboy // wodka chachacha ... COOL! :)


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Blippo Zarah Leander - Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein?
Blippo Outmode - Funky Music (Buick Project Remix)

Outmode - Funky Music (Buick Project Remix)

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Blippo Liebe Ist Cool – Perpetuum Mobile // german minimal electro
Blippo Isaac Hayes/arr. Rick Stitzel – Theme from "Shaft"
Blippo Goldfrapp – Ooh La La (Phones Re-Edit) // cheers me up :)
Blippo The Crystal Method - Name Of The Game THX @sonnik fast, drifty ... nice Autobahn-song ;) (reblip)
Blippo Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy // perpetual devotion.
Blippo Massive Attack – Angel // I love every single song of "Mezzanine"

Massive AttackAngel

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Blippo Waldeck – Cat People Dub // Tricky + Iggy Pop = Waldeck ;) I really like it.
Blippo THX @patita @GR8FL that's the darker, crazier and purple version of (wearing la) "camisa negra" ;) (reblip)
Blippo Digable Planets – Where Im From // "Aural Rap" ;)
Blippo Fred Astaire – Cheek to Cheek Such a gifted man ;) (reblip)
Blippo Thievery Corporation – Shaolin Satellite
Blippo Ananda Shankar – Jumping Jack Flash
Blippo Thievery Corporation - Shadows of ourselves // OST Vanilla Sky


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Blippo Talvin Singh - Traveller


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Blippo Turbo Tabla - Belly // Oriental Journey


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Blippo ... no, not in English :) That's awesome and so unexpected ;) THX @ladypn (reblip)
Blippo Count Basic – Speechlees THX @voxefx (reblip)
Blippo Kruder Dorfmeister – Jazz Master
Blippo Kruder and Dorfmeister – Bug Powder Dust
Blippo Gary Jules – sad, mad world

Gary Julesmad world

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Blippo Christine Moritz – Set from Club Five, opening for Rainer Truby (September 9, 2006) - recorded live // downtempo, nujazz, funky breakbeat
Blippo Christine Moritz – DJ set opening for Massive Attack at the 9:30 Club (Thurs., Sept. 28, 2006) // downtempo, nujazz, funky breakbeat
Blippo Herbie Hancock – Safiatou (Feat. Santana and Angilique Kidjo)
Blippo Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diab – Ai Ga Bani
Blippo Ananda Shankar – Dancing Drums
Blippo Celso Piña con Cafe Tacuba – Aunque No Sea Conmigo
Blippo Mexican Institute Of Sound – Escribeme Pronto
Blippo Brigitte Bardot – Contact // sweet & funny THX @Scanner (reblip)
Blippo Can't understand why I didn't blip them before. Red Snapper, Tricky & Up, Bustle & Out were my "daily ear candies" years ago. I'm in love again.
Blippo Laika – German Shepherds
Blippo Telepopmusik - Breathe

Telepopmusik - Breathe

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Blippo Thievery Corporation – Beautiful Drug
Blippo Hiho & THX@sputnicker "@chiron08 good blip" Es ist Musik die sich an deine Seele schmiegt. (reblip)
Blippo Alexander Hacke – Sonntag. Grausig gut.
Blippo Nice to meet you @Sweettunes I'd like to recommend you two great blipladies: @28apple_chic & @nvaquero You'll enjoy their music!

Matias AguayoLineas

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Blippo Stolen from @Sweettunes ;) Formal Mutation – Poisoned Tears (Nice Blips, btw.! Following you now ;) (reblip)

Psapp — Hi

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Blippo Nice one! RB@28apple_chic: "Maybe this is just what I need. And booze. Going to the pub after this one! #Blippo." Bye, bye, have fun :) (reblip)

High Tone---Taniotoshi---

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ben klock, befor one

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Blippo RB@hirune_onsen: Deru – Straight Speak (IDM/Electronic) (reblip)

DeruStraight Speak

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metaphysic My favorite music to ride the bike.

HintQuite Spectacular

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Blippo bed time stories ...

Arovane Tokyo Ghost Stories

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Blippo So weit @mangoli Alles gut da drüben?

UrbsSo Weit

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Blippo Hello @pbriggsiam Thanks for bringing it up! ;) Fwd. @karma_musings & @MeeJong (great you're back - some belly dance? ;) (reblip)

Beats Antique Beauty Beats 2009

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Blippo ... need a hot tea, my blanket & a good movie. *hatschi* & Bye, hear you soon!
Blippo I can smell the winter and dead autumn leaves.

Quantic- Not So Blue

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Blippo Damn, sticked on blip. Just a spoonfull RB@Ono1969 Definitely, bye, really :) @GR8FL @ZOEBOE @nvaquero @Euphoriefetzen & all (reblip)
Blippo in and out and hi and bye. ... dipblip! :) goodnight blippers, hear you soon!
Blippo Interesting, experimental @KushiQ: "Great new artist. Space clicks&cuts" Nq – acrossthewater (preft rework) @Stendhal & @MasaruKondo might like it! (reblip)

Oval: Textuell

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zamfir Shawn Colvin – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
Mysterymix likes it thanks :)@Kissmebadkid: "@Mysterymix_ :) Lonely Drifter Karen – "This World Is Crazy"" (reblip)
kasaa I want a story in which everyone just ends up fine...
tanzbunny ☆....bin hier...und fühk mich wohl....;)...@chiron08
bthecat @worldlookingin: "*sigh* @xatstilo: "Feeling on skin a loving breeze"" (reblip)

【每日歌曲720HD】晚风吹过黄浦江Night Breeze Blowing Across Huangpu River

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bendrix Yes many more people must discover the reblip worthiness of this track - I'm happy u uncovered & enjoy it=> rb@DJLOPZ: "Nice upload @bendrix" (reblip)
djilo Me & You (aka TM Juke & Robert Luis) – Brown Paper Bag
pbriggsiam These guys opened for Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings last night. Pretty cool sound!

The HeavySixteen

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formalhaut tonight I stay at home. dining quietly. listening to your records.
avivajazz Abdullah Ibrahim ~ Desert Air / Thank you, @DesertLily: "Adieu." (reblip)

Abdullah Ibrahim - Desert Air (DesertLily)

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Uschi's Groove The Balistic Brothers Vs. The Eccentric Afro's

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ABoyNamedSue Davidovitch puts them bells to good use.
deejeedee Ik ben gewoon fan van dit album!
deejeedee Een super muziekant is gegaan! En leeft voort......
p_ferd Had to listen to this again rb@bumble_b … Actually several tracks from your playlist. Special. <3<3<3 Big thanks & wish you a lovely evening . (reblip)
HaLaN Fanny – orange (elevated) | #lunesdestroy
Blippo Ennio Morricone – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
adelle888 Yo- who's got the rattlesnake?? I was looking for magnetic north just the other day- thanks :) !! @Klangphase: "[DJ ESP – Rattlesnake] #techno |" (reblip)
i_o turn up ya headphones

Excision at Shambhala 2009 (1 of 10)

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i_o Peace out blip buddies, just popped in, should be back with y'all next week. Here's one I made earlier.....
onesanz three goodnight blipworld

Baden PowellHorizon

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adelle888 In my all time top 50 this is. If you can't crank the volume RIGHT up don't bother.
LYRIC ~Beautiful mix.... "And the beautifullest fireworks are burning in the sky just for you" ~xoxo~
Blippo Hello & THX@paulastudio: "Lemon Jelly – The Shouty Track" Cool video! Heya @chestyle ;) (reblip)
Blippo Hossam Ramzy - Arabian Knights // Oriental Percussion @GR8FL


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Blippo Lava 303 – Woman Of Goa (klitoria) (reblip)
Blippo Christine Moritz – DJ set at the Big Chill Bar (London) - Nov. 11, 2007 // I've to work and I need some easy-breezy sets for today :)

Polarlicht 4.1 Klangrausch (Live)

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djilo Romanowski – Strudel Strut
plotek Aurora Quixote - In The Pines


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trishpants's more freaky shit for you to tuck into.
Mysterymix ▇▆▅▄▃▂▁╱▔▀▔


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dilee for all you lazy ppl.... relaaaax
chiron08 ✪ ashes 2 ashes funk 2 funky ..
cocona Diggin' this right now! Hi!;)@beatmassa: "bassline ownage - strap yaself in" (reblip)


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Ono1969 This reminds me that I still need to watch Cronenberg´s The Naked Lunch @Stendhal (reblip)
Blippo Amazing! THX @twirldrone Coldcut & Hexstatic – Natural rhythm (reblip)
Blippo Hallo und einen schönen Tag @tanzbunny // RB: ☆ Vector Lovers – Neon Sky Rain (reblip)
Blippo Great movie and a congenial opening: Thank you for smoking | Tex Williams

thank you for smoking title sequence

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Blippo Hello & THX@das_Vakuum: "Seuftz." Beautiful. RB: Worm Is Green – The Robot Has Got The Blues Fwd @nvaquero @midas22 (reblip)
Blippo mir ist danach ... @estrogen Hallo Süße! Danke für die Blips, hab mich mal wieder beömmelt (wie schreibt man das? ;)
Blippo Nice counterblip ;) Hello & THX@Mysterymix: "after vegas, brest ? #Blippo@Nymph@Lambe" (reblip)
Blippo repeatblip@Diordan: "repeatrepeatrepeatrep..." Kronos Quartet and Asha Bhosle – Lover, come to me now (reblip)
Blippo Smoove Feat. The Bukky Leo Quintet – Rejoice In Righteousness (Smoove's Nu Jazz Remix) Smooth! THX@KushiQ: "I love my Babe an my Babe loves Jazz:) (reblip)
Blippo RB@SakkWylde Welcome to blip! Really like your first blips, nice electronica :) (reblip)
formalhaut Happy Birthday William S. Burroughs


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Bibbi La Cherga – Lajka

La ChergaLajka

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MISSINCAT I Wish You Could Allow

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kattegat La mer la mer toujours recommencé... d'@amphore: ":-)) @ formalhaut: rb @ ... museumsbesuch ... ..................." (reblip)


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avivajazz Sevara Nazarkhan – Yor-Yor (Song to the Bride) ...inspired by @tirebouchon ...and thanks for the U/L, @aquamarines
p_ferd Yagya – Rigning, released 2009 by Sending Orbs ❀❀❀

YagyaRigning Einn

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mmemaledicta seriously amazing...I would not lie to you.

Detroit's Best Oud Player--Official Video

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mmemaledicta Mariam, now 2 & 1/2: "I like this song". Agreed, my little person. Agreed.

M83 Midnight City (Trentemøller Remix)

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Andy Stott -- Dark Details from Passed Me By LP

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mmemaledicta I missed this song...glad it's back on the playlist
mmemaledicta I love this song, how it ambles along for a while, with skip-scratch and electricity, then bursts into a bassy elegy of sorts.
4UbyMoBo Amen, rb@quantumfield: "as I said then (srb)....: "beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"" (reblip)
intinet Mutemath > Sunray


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formalhaut O Yuki Conjugate Polonium


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djilo Lyre Le Temps – Go Down
8pointed_antihuman @HaLaN New Mexico is very nice right now, very pretty skies this spring...

ActressParallel World

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hajoni John Zorn – Cutting Stone
estrogen good evening, caro @mammara :)

Strozzini ~ Nuke The Whales

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8pointed_antihuman "The Reply" to a horrible person...i would make Yolandi my wife, but i fear i could not bear her..
i3LA @monsters_inc: ":D i have something far more valuable than @ibeeri" (reblip)
DesertLily Baran falls generously :)

Vasco De Mento Enemy of mankind dub

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GinaGina Serge Gainsbourg – Chez les Yéyé ( Boogalox Re-Work
hajoni bit snow tonight, but in fact: feelings of spring....She brings the rain
hajoni Cecom - BaBa ZuLa, one of VA on "Crossing The Bridge - The Sound Of Istanbul O.S.T." | if you like, see text on Youtube

Cecom BaBa ZuLa

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hajoni she really belongs to my favorites... 나윤선(Youn Sun Nah) – Ghost Riders In The Sky
hajoni Tied & Tickled Trio – Revolution
MariTama She put the lime in the coconut, she drank them both up... HEY!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! So, put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning...

Harry NilssonCoconut

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gdrago in / ject


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ZOEBOE dope. Thanks RB->>@axefield: "Mia – Bad Girls (Yinyues Remix)" (reblip)
KaapseKind ૐ peace out ☼ ★☽


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Peaches- Fuck the pain away |Lyrics on screen|

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ZOEBOE I absolutely adore this music and this video.->>>> Copying @bendrix @TheOneAndOnly @axefield @djilo @ladypn
estrogen @Blippo - jetz gohts uffwärts! chin up girl -

Dibidäbi Lupf Dis Bei (Mumenthaler & Pfyl)

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Radiobread Jimi plays Monterey

Hey Joe: Monterey Pop HD

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KaapseKind (✿◠‿◠)

The Ju Ju Orchestra What Is Hip

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axefield Cat Power – Satisfaction (Trashyouth Remix )
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