Bloadsy23 I used to think that you're love is something I could take, or leave alone. But now I couldn't do without my supply....

Frank Sinatra-You're getting to be a habit with me

| play
Bloadsy23 This is the craziest party that could ever be

Three Dog Night Mama Told Me Not to Come

| play
Bloadsy23 You don't think there's time to stop? There's time enough for you to lay your had down tonight. what are you running from taking pills to get along?

Van Halen- 5150

| play
Bloadsy23 Life wasted . . . not today people

Pearl Jam on Letterman

| play
Bloadsy23 Three crooked hearts, swirls around

Pearl JamSmile

| play
Bloadsy23 Here's a token of my openness Of my need to not disappear

Pearl JamNo Way

| play

John Lennon Imagine, with views of New York

| play
Bloadsy23 I'm sick of hearing again and again that there's never gonna be...PEACE on Earth....

U2 Walk On 9/11/01 Tribute

| play
Bloadsy23 One of my favorite songs ... I must have listened to it over 1000 times
Bloadsy23 Genetic blends With uncertain ends On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet
Bloadsy23 Take me to the room where the black's all white And the white's all black take me back to the shack
Bloadsy23 U Fat bastard samoan lawyer!
Bloadsy23 I'd sit by the radio...wait....wait....wait....then press play and record so I could have this on heavy rotation...I was 10
Bloadsy23 I walked alive when you held my hand that night. I walked alive when you held me close that night. I paid the price. Never held you in real life.

Pearl JamI Got ID

| play

John Denver..Sunshine On My Shoulders

| play
Bloadsy23 It seems strange that she should be offended
Bloadsy23 This song needs a little more cowbell
Bloadsy23 I am, thank God

Chicago Feelin' Stronger Everyday

| play

Chicago The Band A&E Private Sessions "25 or 6 to 4"

| play

Chicago A & E 3 "Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?"

| play
Bloadsy23 The world's a roller coaster And I am not strapped in Maybe I should hold with care But my hands are busy in the air
Bloadsy23 I love this song ... Alicia amazes ....@VyV: "rb@ruthiara: "@snowpanther: "@norm_noordin""" (reblip)

No oneAlicia Keys

| play

Beastie Boys-Jimmy James

| play
giesebrecht The Edge & Bono (U2) : Van Diemen's Land (Live Dublin Dec. '08)

The Edge & Bono (U2) : Van Diemen's Land (Live Dublin Dec. '08)

| play
Bloadsy23 Showtime at P. J.'s! If you're drinkin, don't drive, if you're drivin, don't drink
Bloadsy23 SernidadDios me da la Sernidad Para acceptar las cosas que no puedo cambiar ElCorage paracambiar lasque sipuedo ylaSabiduraparareconocerladiferencia (reblip)
Bloadsy23 I need four more listeners . . . Thank you BlipNation

Led ZeppelinThank You

| play
Bloadsy23 when you're with me it's always summer

Adágio for String Samuel Barber Platoon Sounddtrack

| play
Bloadsy23 Get in the ring and I'llkick your bitchy little ass

Guns N' Roses-Get In The Ring

| play

U2 Satellite of love

| play
HeavyWhisper For a sweet kitten @kats2009 Stay healthy for me *mew* *mew* Nelly Furtado – I'm Like A Bird (reblip)
Bloadsy23 I'll be hangin...upside down...and there I'll swing
Bloadsy23 AMAZING version . . . you never felt wanted until you'd someone slap your face

U2 Please (legendado em português br)

| play

U2 Dirty Day

| play

The Sundays-Here's Where The Story Ends.avi

| play
raspberrysonya beh v i @cjh: "The Beatles - All You Need is Love" (reblip)

The Beatles All You Need is Love

| play
MJMusicSidelinePass Can you hear the intro and not immediately relax?

Kool and The Gang - Summer Madness (1975)

| play

Led Zeppelin- Over the Hills And Far Away (STUDIO VERSION)

| play

Incubus Echo

| play
Sandalicious This here's a tale for all the fellas try to do what those ladies tell us, get shot down cuz you're over zealous. play hard to get females get jealous

Bust A MoveYoung MC

| play
Melisawithones Wonder if this one has ever been a prom song. Probably not. but I luv it.
Bloadsy23 One of the greatest songs ever

jimmi hendrix castles made of sand

| play
Bloadsy23 Goodnight y'all . . . @dannyutar: "RB@Azul_: "must read the Politics for tomorrow! (RB @Djfunkysounds)"" (reblip)
ClassicalAct Dinu Lipatti – J.S.Bach Partita No.1 B flat BWV 825, Minuet
EFR56 THE HUMAN LEAGUE A1 The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 1

THE HUMAN LEAGUE A1 The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 1

| play

Invention 8 Bach by Glenn Gould

| play
HeavyWhisper Oh... I just love this mellow song. Hope you do too. Radiohead – House of Cards (reblip)
ClassicalAct Goodnight! RB @PicnicTodd: "Leaving you all with one of the most beautiful pieces of music I know....goodnight." (reblip)

Perlman Cinema Paradiso

| play
ClassicalAct RB @DJRosaNava: "Music is my life... Louis Armstrong " and Johnny Cash - Blue Yodel No. 9" (reblip)

John Williams: The Imperial March

| play
ClassicalAct G.F. Handel died on this date in 1759. This was the first piece we conducted in a college instrumental conducting class.
Bloadsy23 Blipping these feels someone's going to dump my books and slam my head into a locker. HOT TUB!
Bloadsy23 Has this ever happened to you? Lesson one...

NWAJust Don't Bite It

| play

Charlize Theron Slideshow Tribute

| play

Ellen Page Dancing to Vulture

| play

paul young-every time you go away.

| play
Bloadsy23 No matter where you are I can stll hear you
Dragon2Hawk wanna go for a ride?

The Smashing Pumkins "Zero"

| play
Nadir_MoG @CFGroup @TwaddictsRUs Just for y'all. ;-) cc: @CheddarChad

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

| play
njbrhmt love is the shadow that ripens the wine
HeavyWhisper Stay nice and healthy little one @MrsNessieBlack The Police – Spirits In The Material World (reblip)
HeavyWhisper To the ever rocking @MrsMalicious666 Stay healthy sweetheart for your @devilsdeeds and the rest of us Audioslave – Like A Stone (reblip)

1/7 Let there be more light (A Saucerful Of Secrets-1968)

| play
ClassicalAct Night all! (reblip)

Yo-Yo Ma plays the prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

| play
Bloadsy23 Having a nervous breakdown drive me insane

Communication Breakdown- Led Zeppelin 1969- Danish TV

| play
Bloadsy23 I'd like to intrduce Led Zeppelin to you . . . says Robert. Got chills yet?

The Animals-House Of The Rising Sun [maplestory channel] SUbscribe

| play
La_Vera_Mahshid The silence is what kills me ..... Staind – For you [HQ]

StaindFor you [HQ]

| play
DJRainstar <3 Such an amazing song!!! @MrPrint: "Seether featuring Amy Lee – Broken" (reblip)
ellendiane @beatslut -go Jimi- Soft Machine Jam32 w/ Andy Summers of Police- bass 1968- love your name beatslut!

Jimi Hendrix * SOFT MACHINE JAM #2 *with Andy Summers of THE POLICE on Bass 1968

| play
Bloadsy23 Sundays Fridays Tuesdays Thursdays the same
SHERRYBABY65 smooches :) @TheTAZZone: "@SHERRYBABY65: "hello tazzyyyyyyyyyy Angels fly in the air tonight !!!!!! < hiya darlin' :D" (reblip)
Unaturalsoul HiYa...Thxs So Much For The Add & Props...@ladycatlady
Bloadsy23 Not a born leader I'm a hard act to follow
OmarGamboa Siempre he querido bailar despacito esto con alguien. Con los ojos cerrados y todo. #apretadito. Sexy - Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed PeasSexy

| play
kaydubwillu FINALLY! this took ages! @MarkMoregain

Smashing Pumpkins "To Sheila"

| play
andresshinkyo Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody
Bloadsy23 treat me the way you oughtta do

Wilhelm Kempff plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata mvt. 1

| play
FatDaddy2 I love them ty@hairgirl: "@schellstation: "an old fav"" (reblip)

Crosby Stills Nash Wooden Ships

| play
FatDaddy2 ty for the prop. Be a listener plz? I'll add u 2.@@lostpixie: "love this girls voice :-)" (reblip)
FatDaddy2 ty for the prop. Be a listener plz? I'll add u 2.@@OhAngie: "quit denyin' it ... you're better off tryin' it" (reblip)

Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 in E falt major, Op.73 'Emperor' (3)

| play
Bloadsy23 How did I learn of this song just now? I've been missing out...
Bloadsy23 Lov this . . just throw Glen Campbell into the mix. . .smooth

Stone Temple Pilots-Witchitalineman

| play
Bloadsy23 Little Sister . . don't you worry about a thing today...
Bloadsy23 turn this up and crescendo
DJKatalina Does anyone else's hair look like Spanish Moss in the AM besides mine? Lol :)) TYRB@aquamarines: "Calexico – Hair Like Spanish Moss" (reblip)
xxlenaphroditexx and you'll always be a star ツ(★) ☞ @ladycatlady // James – She's a Star

JamesShe's a Star

| play
Bloadsy23 There ain't gonna be any middle any more
Bloadsy23 one of the best versions, live, 95 self pollution radio

The Doors My Wild Love

| play
nitologic tyvm rb :) @Naestopaz | Damien Rice – Desafinado (reblip)

Damien RiceDesafinado

| play
LukeZeus ...but all the promises we made, from the cradle to the grave...

U2All I Want Is You

| play
motthoople David Bowie – Starman

David BowieStarman

| play
Bloadsy23 saweet . . . plus the 2001 Odyssey tracel scene.

Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive

| play
Bloadsy23 From that Power60 NFL commercial .... this song rocks
Bloadsy23 Blizzard in 'Sota ... Peace brozis and sistas!
Bloadsy23 fanfare for the common man! Yeah baby!


| play
Bloadsy23 Just heard this for the first time ... smooth
yahowa57 Beck - Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground Cover)
yahowa57 @anniewheliss: "wow. i hadn't listened to this song since high school rb@patita: "LOL me??? RB@Wesley_H: "@patita must be psychic!:)"rb"almost famos! (reblip)

Led ZeppelinTangerine

| play
Bloadsy23 @Zanna: "ty rb@SGMan: "insomnia has brought me back to blipland.. @renothespinner: "Linkin Park - In The End""" (reblip)
giesebrecht Seether – Heart-Shaped Box (Live Nirvana cover) (reblip)
La_Vera_Mahshid I think I'll sleep soon or I hope.. 4:20 am here ! @Schoork: "good so far, yours? La_Vera_Mahshid: "hey hey how is the day going?? @Schoork: """"" (reblip)

Earth Wind and Fire: Shining Star

| play
A2DJ A few motivational tracks before the big push....
MrAnnex Ah this song.... love love love.
Bloadsy23 "Got to get this airplane off.") ("Naw, leave it, yeah.") That's alright . . . I know your sista too!

Van Halen-Panama (studio version)

| play
Bloadsy23 Essential

Led Zeppelin- The Ocean (STUDIO VERSION)

| play
miss_roxie_ruffles @DamnTheMan: "He's aiight. I sing way better than him though ;) rb@spinsiren: "I ❤ CC :)"" (reblip)
miss_roxie_ruffles @katterfelto: "@PaulCwalina: "RB @aprildax: "Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you...""" (reblip)


| play
Bloadsy23 GET JIMI'D

Rock Me Baby-Jimi Hendrix (Live at Monterey Pop Festival)

| play
silent_film Eddie Vedder: Guaranteed – Movie Soundtrack Into The Wild

Led Zeppelin -Poor Tom

| play
Bloadsy23 Nice! This is a great song

Chevelle-black boys on mopeds (Sinead O'Connor cover)

| play

The Who , La La La Lies , Substitute (BBC Sessions)

| play
Bloadsy23 Multi-racial, catholic and protestant band with boys from each side of the Irish border. Do you believe it?
Bloadsy23 So we're gettin up and going down

Thin LizzyJailbreak

| play

Five For Fighting- Slice

| play
Gen22 I'm guessing, hoping that this is them.... took me forever to find it lol [Weezer - Say It Ain't So]

WeezerSay It Ain't So

| play
Bloadsy23 I'm gonna go to the place that's the best
DragonMoonTunes Hey girl where ya been??? @IDREAMOFJEANIE2: "killer tune... killer sound!!! :)" (reblip)

ACDCRiff Raff

| play
Bloadsy23 You gotta love this rif - well before anyone had a clue about him...

Rare Jimi Hendrix- Hush Now

| play
NewOrleansKat Van Morrison – Beside You
lausen Esta canción es perfecta para la voz de Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

| play
ladycatlady anytime. ;) @droolius (courtesy of @CocoPancakes) (reblip)

Cake- Love You Madly

| play
Bloadsy23 TGIF MoFoS!

The Beatles Good Day Sunshine

| play
NewOrleansKat @vanbytheriver: "Page and Plant - Blue Train "Here comes the blue train rollin' Across my heart it crawls...""it will pass......Kat (reblip)

Love and Rockets,So Alive.

| play
Bloadsy23 Wow ... sweet

The Beatles Yer Blues (2009 Stereo Remaster)

| play

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" (alternate mix)

| play
damiana chick mix! Poe • Trigger Happy Jack
Bloadsy23 You're old enough to know better

The Beatles- Cry Baby Cry

| play
Bloadsy23 We're going home now - see you again sometime!

Sting Fragile ( acoustic version )

| play
Bloadsy23 Girls, what's my weakness?

Ellen DeGeneres-Shoop

| play
Bloadsy23 My dog shows me how to live...Gods bless that little soul . . . .@Telma_13: ""You gave me life now show me how to live..."" (reblip)

Audioslave Show Me How To Live

| play
Bloadsy23 Scituate - shout out to ya ya Patty's
AlyG holy cow how did i get to 5k?

RadioheadAll I Need

| play
Bloadsy23 a man has gun a man have fun . . . now that the smoke has cleared
Bloadsy23 More Hip Hop Happy Monday 'Sota style


| play
Bloadsy23 Rhymesayers hip hop label out of 'Sota
Bloadsy23 Food for thought let 'em chew it apart
Bloadsy23 Gaaawd I love having discovered this site. This song makes me wonder where my checkered Vans, OP t-shirt and Diamond Back dirt bike are...
Bloadsy23 I wanna be able to play this ... always have

Van Halen- 5150

| play
Bloadsy23 More nostalgia man, like, far out man

Van Halen Little Guitars

| play
Bloadsy23 Knock me out ... . . @waterbaby79: "@mygoodies: I love me some LL... daaaaaaaaaamn" (reblip)

LL Cool J ♫ Doin It ♫ ►HD16:9◄

| play
Bloadsy23 Big gold ring, dented from te punch thrown at work that day ....@Privilege333: ""Pearl Jam - Unemployable"" (reblip)
Bloadsy23 Yes sir, right away sir!!! @Privilege333: ""Pearl Jam - Grievance" (Champagne breakfast for everyone!!!!)" (reblip)

Pearl JamGrievance

| play
Bloadsy23 Stinkin grease and bone .. now I know life's worth ... the last I heard the freak was purchasing a freakin gun
Bloadsy23 Benny H ... I saw the sun go down, and I was comin up, somewhere in between. I was bitten, the devil was payin me a little visit..he's a waitin home
Bloadsy23 Gorgeous was his saviour, sees her drowning in his wake ... the smallest oceans still get big big waves ... it's divine
Bloadsy23 From Self Pollution, '95 ... muy fantastico ... who set the standard born to be rich? Model? Role Model? Get some flesh to stick so they look likeus
Bloadsy23 Raunch

Van Halen House of Pain

| play
Bloadsy23 You're in the top 3 good looking girls ... on the street ...... depending on the street ..... part time model maybe? Keep the day job
Bloadsy23 Wednesday night? I missed it ... sweet sweet love night


| play
Gypsylyn Good Morning Everyone !!!
Bloadsy23 What a great song . . . .@AssNacho: "If you haven't listened to this album, do so! It's f'n great!" (reblip)

The Prodigy Presents-The Dirtchamber Sessions vol.1 Track 03

| play
Bloadsy23 This is a classic I forgot about . . .nice @snowho148: "rb thx " (reblip)


| play
Bloadsy23 How do I get more credits to give props? Is it just that I suKK?

All Those Yesterdays

| play

Blind Melon No Rain

| play

Jimi Hendrix 1983 (1967 recording)

| play
Bloadsy23 Nice track one - takes more than a meltdown to show us how
Bloadsy23 Woops it's this one whatever go for it Wendy and Lisa!
Bloadsy23 Wendy? Yes Lisa? Is the water warm enough? Yes Lisa .. well GOD DANG yee haw!!
Bloadsy23 You think you're special, well SO DO I ...
Bloadsy23 is this the coolest site ever? Seems that way to me...


| play
Bloadsy23 I wore this tape out and needed to buy another
Bloadsy23 You're more than beautiful and you're my son