BlueJeanBaby One of my favorites. Mick is especially good on this one.
BlueJeanBaby Great song by kids. (I'm old.) Makes me think of 9/11.
BlueJeanBaby Took my autobiography from this. "Blue Jean Baby." Coming out late spring 2009.
BlueJeanBaby Possibly the best song of the otherwise-musically-devoid eighties.
BlueJeanBaby Had this dedicated to me. Love the orchestral aspects.
BlueJeanBaby Donovan sang this for me in his hotel off Sunset in the mid-60s.
BlueJeanBaby My second fav song ever. So true.
BlueJeanBaby Best song ever written. Listed in my living will to be played at my memorial. (No, that's not morbid; it's efficient.)

3 Dog Night - Easy to be Hard

| play
BlueJeanBaby Great classic. Not the best version, but still hot.
BlueJeanBaby First 45 rpm I ever bought with my own two quarters.

Roy OrbisonCrying

| play
BlueJeanBaby Obviosly I love this because my name's Sally. And this is the only song that doesn't make "Sally" out to be some kind of tramp. (OK, maybe a little.)
BlueJeanBaby One of the first songs I learned to play on an electric guitar. Yeah, I know it's simple.
BlueJeanBaby Incredibly sexy. Loved this prior to "Dirty Dancing."
BlueJeanBaby This song is so special. It reminds me of wandering around in Laurel Canyon in the sixties, waiting to get picked up by a musician.

Juice Newton, Angel Of The Morning

| play
BlueJeanBaby Anybody who doesn't love this song is dead!
BlueJeanBaby Don't you just have to smile when you hear this?
BlueJeanBaby I don't care if he's a hack -- I love Dylan! (And I know a great guitar pick for this.)
BlueJeanBaby Class act. Love the backup by Yvonne Elliman.
BlueJeanBaby Not as good as his earlier stuff, but still a favorite.
BlueJeanBaby First "adult" song I learned to sing all the way through. I was about six. So it's special to me.
BlueJeanBaby Sometimes I stray from rock music . . . . So shoot me.
BlueJeanBaby I never shot the freezer but I did shoot the heater. Yes, really.


| play
BlueJeanBaby Classic. And I love the new version from the film "August Rush."
BlueJeanBaby When I play this, everybody clears out. They know.
BlueJeanBaby I do want one. An older one. A 450 SL please.
BlueJeanBaby Take Janis' advice. I'm turning sixty this year. I missed out on so much!
ericats This band is too good to be true!
MrThompsonR Bad_Case_of_Lovin_You


| play
BlueJeanBaby Can anybody not love John Sebastian?
BlueJeanBaby I finally learned what the title means. After all these decades. (Duh.)
BlueJeanBaby A perfect song for a dreary Friday.
BlueJeanBaby Trying to blip it again . . . .

Eagles - Hotel California

| play
BlueJeanBaby This is for Mike. Quit stalking me, Mike.
BlueJeanBaby This is dedicated to Lauren William Barnum, my scum of an ex.
BlueJeanBaby Just for a change of pace . . . .
BlueJeanBaby Haven't had a peaceful feeling in a long time.
BlueJeanBaby Isn't everybody?

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

| play
BlueJeanBaby For all of us who have green eyes.
BlueJeanBaby Dedicated to the son I lost.

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

| play


| play

Beatles - Twist and Shout

| play
Mommy I hearby declare today SIXTIES SUNDAY! who is with me????
BlueJeanBaby Any big spenders out there? I'm tired of this subsistence living.
BlueJeanBaby I love Jimmy Buffet, but this is so much more accurate.
BlueJeanBaby Life too tame? Working in a cubicle? Home with the kids all day? Risk something! Listen to this . . . .
AbsinthEve @AnnieLicious- My son Haven will be 12 on the 8th of March so very soon... (reblip)


| play
BlueJeanBaby For AtTheChateau -- People Really Are Strange
BlueJeanBaby To AtTheChateau -- A change of pace?
BlueJeanBaby I warned everyone that it's a Steven Tyler/Mick Jagger kind of day.
oregonblip Get on your flying shoes... @BlueJeanBaby this is one of their best songs I think, maybe it was at a place in time in your wildest dreams.
BlueJeanBaby Any old enough to remember this?


| play
BlueJeanBaby At the risk of sounding like the antique I am: Get down.

Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music White Boy

| play
BlueJeanBaby Is this version an insult to Blue Jean Babies everywhere?
BlueJeanBaby This speaks for itself.


| play
BlueJeanBaby Especially after about the third day. (There goes my glowing reputation.)
BlueJeanBaby @oregonblip Get out of El Paso and take a virtual trip . . . .


| play
macgirl and your heart and soul is what I came for....


| play
oregonblip One of my favorite Eric Clapton songs... very nice. I'm doing better @BlueJeanBaby are wouldn't be playing this song for sure...

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

| play
row1e Haven't heard this one before! Worth it just for the title @galt (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby I didn't have time to re-blip (computer problem), but I had to hear this.
BlueJeanBaby I had to buy this with a fake I.D. when it first came out. They kept it behind the counter. Scandalous!
BlueJeanBaby Joe Kooken, I know you're in Portland. A step down, huh? Just wait . . . .
BlueJeanBaby I couldn't find any plumber songs . . . .
BlueJeanBaby If you took a cold shower with waist-length hair, you'd be cold, too. This bites.
ludalima Sonzinho The Mamas & The Papas para acalmar os nervos.
BlueJeanBaby Dedicated to the memory of Brian Jones. Thanks for being in Benedict Canyon that fateful afternoon. I miss you. The Stones miss you.
BlueJeanBaby Mike keeps singing this to me. I think he's trying to tell me something.


| play
JTB From "One Plus One". Beatlesに撮影を断られてStonesになったんだっけな。
BlueJeanBaby Trying it again . . . .

Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You

| play
BlueJeanBaby Sonia e-mailed for me to repeat this: Guys over sixty make the best lovers.
BlueJeanBaby I lied. I'm playing a second song before I leave.
BlueJeanBaby I've been playing this in the van all day. It's a good "mad" song.
BlueJeanBaby Dedicated to George W and most of the general population of Redondo Beach, California.
BlueJeanBaby To "J" of J's Plumbing and to Donna of Shorewood Realtors. You've seen the last of my money. Bite me.
BlueJeanBaby There's a theme here. Who ever said older people can't run away?
BlueJeanBaby You sang this to me forty years ago and now you're back! Just go home to Mommy!
BlueJeanBaby It's not just gone. It's dead. Buried. Turned to dust.
BlueJeanBaby I'm back. The proofs I was supposed to read didn't come through as promised. I dedicate this song to my publisher.
BlueJeanBaby For Allison, Justin, Helen, and the trio of mindless bimbos in charge of my book at BS (appropriate initials).
BlueJeanBaby Where is Mick when you need him? Or even Steven Tyler?
BlueJeanBaby The title says it all -- Allison, Justin, Helen, and the three mindless tarts.
BlueJeanBaby At my age, I wasn't born too late for anybody.

the poni-tails - born too late - chorous

| play
BlueJeanBaby I'm straying from fifties music. I had to have either a Mick or a Steven fix.
BlueJeanBaby I'm really sick of rudeness and self-righteousness. Grow up. (You know who you are.)
BlueJeanBaby The ones who make it to high places can go straight to hell. I'll drive.
karma_musings @BlueJeanBaby - Kaukonen did acoustic bit of this on today's NPR Weekend Edition - thought of you!
BlueJeanBaby This is my new favorite song.
BlueJeanBaby Great oldie! You have to love this song.


| play
BlueJeanBaby @oregonblip @karma_musings You guys around? I've only got about an hour here today.
BlueJeanBaby Sonny Bono co-wrote this song. It's the best thing he ever did, the old hack.
BlueJeanBaby The best version since the original by the author (Cat Stevens, at age seventeen).
BlueJeanBaby A fun, happy little feel-good song for Monday morning.
BlueJeanBaby It's boss. Remember the word "boss?" It meant "cool" in the sixties. A boss song from The Boss.
loshermanos Nina Simone ... Uma grande recomendação...
BlueJeanBaby He has such a cool voice; I could listen to him all day.
jackje REO Speedwagon – Keep On Loving You
13oracle 13 Oracle Deep Cuts -Carly Simon - "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" used to be so simple...our loss...
BlueJeanBaby This is the unplugged version, which almost tops the original.

LaylaEric Clapton

| play
BlueJeanBaby I know one of these. I've known him for forty-five years. His name is Jim.
BlueJeanBaby This day is cursed. I'm trying to change that.
organicsue Can't wait! @Jeffie Seals & Crofts - "Summer Breeze" (1972) (reblip)


| play
Choonks I'll Take You There: if you ready, willing & able... (reblip)
snchz And that sweet city woman, She moves through the light, Controlling my mind and my soul. (@sylvia638) (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Anybody remember this movie? It seemed so scandalous!
BlueJeanBaby I couldn't help myself. It's a sickness.
doctorparadox and now for something completely different (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby It reminds me of my late teens and early twenties. Am I the oldest one here? (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby It's Them! (Anybody else remember Them?)


| play
BlueJeanBaby Now I know y'all know the words to this one.
djiefl you as cold as iceeeeeeeeeeee!!
BlueJeanBaby Steven Tyler screams better than Rod Stewart.
BlueJeanBaby If we'd listened to Mama we'd never have had any fun.
BlueJeanBaby No offense to the vertically challenged.


| play
BlueJeanBaby Richie tears my heart out with his version of this one.


| play
arnied It seems like we have a theme going.
BlueJeanBaby They really rocked the sixties!

Black OakJim Dandy

| play
BlueJeanBaby Yesterday don't matter if it's gone . . .
Mischief_Fmdw Making carrot biscuits... every day... no - wait. what are they singing? (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Whatever happened to the Beau Brummels? They had a good sound.
BlueJeanBaby This is such a beautiful song and I rarely hear it.
BlueJeanBaby Such a classic. Everybody can relate to it.

Night Moves

| play
BlueJeanBaby What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'


| play
BlueJeanBaby If you have a sense of humor, you have to hear this. I love Bob Rivers.
BlueJeanBaby If you lived through the fifties, you know every off-key syllable of this.
Ashley_C Damn I love this song..Mr Blue Sky by ELO

Elo-Mr Blue Sky

| play
BlueJeanBaby I'm playing this because of the title. I just accomplished something I didn't think was possible!
BlueJeanBaby If you like "Born On The Bayou," you'll hate this! Bob Rivers is funnier than Weird Al!
BlueJeanBaby Willie sounds so soulful. And kind of eerie.
thatgirlmegan this song reminds me of the all nighter i pulled finals week 2nd sem. freshman year. listened to it on repeat. hence - it means spring to me
BlueJeanBaby It's mellow and sexy at the same time.


| play
BlueJeanBaby This song originally came from a movie about a convict on a chain gang. The movie was called "Unchained." Bet you didn't know that . . .
BlueJeanBaby "Hey, Buddy! Can't you spare a DIME?!" What happened to compassion?
BlueJeanBaby This version is hot. Yes, I used the "h" word again. Ooooooooooh!
BlueJeanBaby You're No One If You're Not On Twitter. THIS IS HILARIOUS! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
BlueJeanBaby "Facebook" @karma_musings We've missed a lot of really funny stuff. Try this one!


| play
BlueJeanBaby "The Facebook Song" @karma_musings Here's another one. Who knew?
BlueJeanBaby If you like standards and don't know this one, you're missing something.
BlueJeanBaby Here's another standard that's incredibly beautiful.
LeeHiller The Doobie Brothers – Listen To The Music #music
BlueJeanBaby But I'm not telling what the feeling is.
BlueJeanBaby The thrill of living doesn't have to be gone. Try walking the streets of L.A. at night.
BlueJeanBaby @oregonblip I am not jaded, Bob, I just don't care. (reblip)


| play
BlueJeanBaby @lpi I haven't heard this in AGES! Thank you! (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby In memory of Ken from Love.

LoveHey Joe

| play
LeeHiller Dobie Gray-Drift Away #music

Dobie Gray-Drift Away

| play
BlueJeanBaby "And they're always glad you came . . ."
raeioul so tired... tired of waiting, tired of waiting for youuuu
karma_musings @Brightmove found U thru @BlueJeanBaby - now I've gotta look for the Ronstadt version of this too :-) (reblip)
HaHawkins thanks Crystal for this!

Beach BoysKokomo

| play
BlueJeanBaby There's no place like Blip to kick in carpal tunnel syndrome.
BlueJeanBaby "I could offer you a warm embrace . . ." @karma_musings I said stop that laughing!
BlueJeanBaby I'm 5'9" and my name is Sally, so I'm playing this for myself. Shamelessly!
BlueJeanBaby Nobody ever seems to play this and it's so good.


| play
BlueJeanBaby Very cool. (reblip)

Faithless - God Is A DJ

| play
BlueJeanBaby Has anybody else gotten an e-mail from another online radio station? Kind of X-rated? I really want to know. I'm suspicious.
BlueJeanBaby Hot Child in the City. Anybody else remember being one of these?

Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City

| play
BlueJeanBaby My favorite Elvis song. And I'm not even sure why.

Elvis Presley - Maries The Name Of His Latest Flame

| play
Oldies Bryan Ferry (GR8FL) – Knockin' On Heaven's Door RB@GR8FL with THX!
Oldies 1960's – Youngbloods / Get Together@suzan- I am fine and it's Friday- we r going back some 30 years!
BlueJeanBaby From "August Rush." The smoothest, SEXIEST version of this song EVER!


| play
karma_musings @BlueJeanBaby sappy, but sweet. :-)

Deadly Avengers August Rush Mashup - I believe in music

| play
BlueJeanBaby When I first saw "Love Actually" this rendition had me on the floor, in tears. ("This really is crap, isn't it?")
BlueJeanBaby Completely underrated song!

TroggsI Want You

| play
elocio The Blackbyrds – Walking In Rhythm
quanyin Can anyone tell me what that last song is about ;-). I think I saw NR in concert. I saw these guys twice, they were great shows...our next act opened.
AnastaciaBrice yeah, when my baby kisses me, chills run up and down my spine [Grand Funk Railroad - Some Kind of Wonderful]
BlueJeanBaby A fortysomething drama student of mine said this was "corny." The rest of us shut her up. I Will Follow Him. Teenage romance.
BlueJeanBaby @gleegirlrock It's cutting into all our time. We need a twelve step program. (reblip)

EaglesWasted Time

| play
BlueJeanBaby You drive me wild, I'll drive you crazy. Rock and roll all night.
BlueJeanBaby I want to go to a place like Kokomo. Redondo Beach is too full of yuppies.

Beach BoysKokomo

| play
gleegirlrock Journey - Open Arms.....tugging on your heartstrings yet? @cheesy80s ? I'm runnin' out of ideas,lol!:P

JourneyOpen Arms

| play
BlueJeanBaby This song debuted on The Donna Reed Show in 1960 and we all thought it was soooo romantic!

Shelley Fabares - Johnny Angel

| play
BlueJeanBaby The Yardbirds. For Your Love.
BlueJeanBaby The sun will always shine where you stand. Donovan -- Happiness Runs
BrettTousley Woke up with this one in my head this morning. Nice way to ease into a Monday.
crowjane Eagles-Life in the Fast Lane hey@mnelson ~loan me this boo (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby She crawls on her belly like a reptile! Little Egypt.
BlueJeanBaby "A Summer Place" was another scandalous movie from that time. And who didn't slow-dance to the theme in high school?
BlueJeanBaby Oh yes, this is what I'm doing on the phone right now. You take my money, you do the job.
BlueJeanBaby I remember sitting on the floor (no furniture) of a dump where I lived with my three-year-old daughter and four guys. Ah, the good old/bad old days.
BlueJeanBaby I absolutely love this song. I hope it's playing . . . .


| play
BlueJeanBaby Andy Kim -- Rock Me Gently. Underrated song!
BlueJeanBaby A late fifties/early sixties classic by The Diamonds. "Little Darlin'" Reminds me of junior high dances.
BlueJeanBaby @howdystranger "Hello Stranger" This sounds like Yvonne Elliman, but doesn't play all the way through so I'm not sure.


| play
BlueJeanBaby War, huh, good God y'all, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Edwin Starr


| play
BlueJeanBaby "Ain't no cure for the summertime blues." Alan Jackson
BlueJeanBaby "You have a talent for causing things pain." Dentist, by Steve Martin. From the musical version of Little Shop Of Horrors.
BlueJeanBaby Badfinger -- Come and Get It. Remember how the suits walked right into the muck in The Magic Christian with Peter Sellers & Ringo Starr?
BlueJeanBaby Eddie Rabbit -- Driving My Life Away. Reminds me of Dylan . . . on the L.A. freeways.


| play
BlueJeanBaby Neil Sedaka -- Calendar Girl. @Oldies Doesn't this take you back? It's so sweet.
BlueJeanBaby John Cougar -- Jack and Diane. Do Tasty Freezes still exist?
BlueJeanBaby Reblip. I stood next to B. Rydell's riser onstage once, & was asked to move because even with him on a riser, I was taller! Too funny! (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby LOVE DO-WOP! Dion and the Belmonts -- Donna the Prima Donna
BlueJeanBaby Richie Havens singing Just Like A Woman. Makes me want to cry.


| play
BlueJeanBaby @oregonblip As old as I feel? Today -- about 103. But always going on sixteen . . . (reblip)

John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

| play
BlueJeanBaby Del Shannon -- Hat's Off to Larry GREAT OLDIE!
BlueJeanBaby The Platters -- The Great Pretender Solid Gold Classic!
BlueJeanBaby Ten Years After -- I'm Going Home Alvin Lee was so hot -- whatever happened to him?
BlueJeanBaby Land of a Thousand Dances! (J. Geils -- not the original, but decent)


| play
BlueJeanBaby Buddy Holly -- Everyday God, what a sweet song!

Buddy HollyEveryday

| play
Sammi_O Sounds like a suicide farewell - but it's just a great oldie
BlueJeanBaby ". . . when you're stopped at the top of a roller coaster . . ." Palisades Park, Freddie Cannon
BlueJeanBaby McArthur Park. Yes, it really does make sense. If you're stoned enough.
BlueJeanBaby "And when she found out she couldn't fly, it was too late." She's Come Undone.


| play
BlueJeanBaby Bob Dylan -- Cocaine Blues on acoustic guitar
BlueJeanBaby Spider And The Fly -- One of the hottest songs the Stones ever did.
Oldies Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Cruisin
BlueJeanBaby I love this. I love Johnny Rivers. Does that make me weird? (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Knock On Wood. Eddie Floyd (most popular version)
BlueJeanBaby I Just Want to Make Love To You. An antique Stones song for us oldies.
BlueJeanBaby Proud Mary. Fogerty, not Tina Turner.
BlueJeanBaby The Band -- The Weight. If you don't love this, you're dead.

The BandThe Weight

| play
BlueJeanBaby Fell in love with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames when I heard this in '65
loupnoir Matt reminded everyone constantly with a vicious stare.
BlueJeanBaby Air Supply -- Making Love Out of Nothing at All For Michael
HungryKid the beatles


| play
BlueJeanBaby Wayne Fontana -- Groovy Kind of Love

Wayne Fontana - Groovy Kind of Love

| play
BlueJeanBaby Honeycombs -- Have I The Right
BlueJeanBaby From Hair -- Air "Eating at the stone of my tomb" (This is the crummy version)


| play
BlueJeanBaby Cilla Black -- Anyone Who Had A Heart

cilla black - anyone who had a heart - chorous

| play
BlueJeanBaby Dusty Springfield -- You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
BlueJeanBaby Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Buy For Me The Rain
BlueJeanBaby "I'm back on the street again; gotta stand on my own two feet again . . ."


| play
BlueJeanBaby Love this. Had to reblip. Wish I could give out some of these 78 props I can't seem to share. I e-mailed Blip to find out what's wrong. (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Patsy Cline -- Crazy. A classic.

Patsy ClineCrazy

| play
BlueJeanBaby @gleegirlrock Oh yeah! This song was banned in the U.S. when it came out for being "sexually explicit." (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Stones -- She's A Rainbow Can't you just see her?
BlueJeanBaby Hair -- Where Do I Go? I hate this version, but am surprised the original cast version didn't become a huge hit.
BlueJeanBaby Bee Gees -- To Love Somebody -- Not the best version, but a wonderful song.
Clippernolan Elvis sings N'awlins R&B style - his daddy was a green-eyed mountain jack.
karma_musings @rerkaizen - you inspired me to look for more Joe Cocker!
BlueJeanBaby Where Everybody Knows Your Name -- from Cheers
KiddRock The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown (1960)
BlueJeanBaby I'll Be There For You -- Theme from "Friends" dedicated to everybody here! Love You!
DrDebs @BabyBlueJean. No, but we can second that e-motion. ;)
Stay19 Bach – Brandenburg Concertno No 6 - 1<><> vi@FernandaW lovely entrance!cheers. (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby @santamistura I haven't heard this for awhile. Great song. (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby She gimme love love love love Crazy Love. Van Morrison.
DJSelchie 'S about time!! I am very, very drunk-ish. :D
BlueJeanBaby Janis Ian -- At Seventeen A phenomenol song any ugly duckling can identify with.
BlueJeanBaby Mick Jagger -- Dancin' In The Streets


| play
BlueJeanBaby Best song from Tattoo You. Stones -- Waiting On A Friend
BlueJeanBaby Ella singing How Long Has This Been Going On?

3. Ella Fitzgerald - How Long Has This Been Going On?

| play
BlueJeanBaby Kingston Trio -- Bottle Of Wine. For Mike, who sings this better than ANYONE!
RicardoSEP Wonder Years! Quem teve infância lembra dessa música! Incusive deve lembrar que o Paul virou o Marilyn Manson. :)
SensuousWife Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.~My Mama
BlueJeanBaby Mary Hopkins -- Those Were The Days. If you get old enough, you feel like this sometimes.
dspringfels My dad's and mine theme song. We blast this every time were in the car coming back from school.
BlueJeanBaby Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find. Yeah, don't they? Paul Revere & The Raiders -- Kicks
Larry_Joe Beatles~I Feel Fine. Back to back Beatles. @RaevGil, thank you! :-)
BlueJeanBaby Eagles -- Lyin' Eyes. Good Freaking Morning, Everybody! I have a meeting, but will be back ASAP. Love You Guys!
BlueJeanBaby "I wantcha ta squeal real loud!" And ole Banjo Boy is still alive and strummin' -- I saw him on the news. Dueling Banjos.
BlueJeanBaby I love fifties music. It's basic. Her name is Rama Lama Ding Dong. Cool.
BlueJeanBaby Bobbie Gentry -- Ode To Billie Joe. You just never know about them hill folk.
BlueJeanBaby Only James Taylor could make Up On The Roof sound sexy.
BlueJeanBaby @narcolepsy_sids Get to KNOW HER first. You know the three dates rule. (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Los Angeles (and then national) radio tried to ban The Kingsmen's Louie Louie (not knowing traditional), but NOBODY could figure out the words.
BlueJeanBaby @DanCasey In response, I think we should have all the fun we can because life basically sucks!
somotch8 love the instrumentals on this tune.
BlueJeanBaby Linda singing Blue Bayou. My favorite version.
BlueJeanBaby Yeah. No kidding. This is just how a Bad Hair Day feels.
BlueJeanBaby @jpyle1 Reblipping . . . we could keep this one going. (reblip)

T.RexMetal Guru

| play
BlueJeanBaby Ghost Riders In The Sky. Cash & Nelson. Classic.
modholly Too bad there are no greens of summer here yet.
BlueJeanBaby @oregonblip Hold your ears, Bob, it's Steven Tyler again.
BlueJeanBaby The Stones -- Bitch. Hey Tina . . . are you listening?!
BlueJeanBaby Chubby Checker -- The Twist. Junior High.
BlueJeanBaby The Eagles -- Desperado. One of the most beautiful songs ever.

The EaglesDesperado

| play
BlueJeanBaby Would we call it "Gitmo" these days? @Reubstock -- probably. (reblip)

Neil YoungOhio

| play
BlueJeanBaby Country Joe -- Thursday. "Try a little LSD" -- and it's so upbeat and cheery!
BlueJeanBaby I'm going to go kill this headache. Have fun kids. See you tomorrow! The Five Satins -- In The Still Of The Night. Classic!
BlueJeanBaby "Fate should not temp me." I love I Take My Chances! Reblipping . . . (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Harry Belafonte -- Jamaica Farewell. Can we all say MELLOW?
crowjane @MasterWolf clowns:Crowjane a little more culture music fir you and this time with a group from the early 60's and a program called HOOTEN NANNY ~ LOL (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Betty Everett -- You're No Good. An older version, but a good one!
BlueJeanBaby Oh yeah. I had to call Mike into the room to listen to this. Too good. (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Young Rascals -- People Got To Be Free
BlueJeanBaby Ronettes -- Silhouettes. Fifties romance. Where are you today, Gordon Jennings?


| play
BlueJeanBaby Sad Movies. I have this on a 45rpm in the garage. I felt so sorry for her . . .

sad movies

| play
BlueJeanBaby The Hollies -- Bus Stop. Love this -- it's sweet!