Circle Jerks- Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45)

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Brain74 An American Original: Roky Erickson – "Don't shake me Lucifer" check out:
Brain74 listening to "Grim Reaper Blues" by @theentranceband
Brain74 listening to Hard 'N Phirm – El Corazon (Live) (The genius of @nerdist & @phirm)
Punched @Brain74: "Lucky bastards in St.Louis get a free show by @thesonicyouth tonight. Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket" (reblip)
Brain74 Lucky bastards in St.Louis get a free show by @thesonicyouth tonight. Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket
Brain74 What's round on the ends and high in the middle? O-hi-o Devo - Jocko Homo
Brain74 Time to class-up the joint a bit; ring-a-ding-ding: Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight
Brain74 Jerry Reed - Eastbound and Down: The perfect Friday song. Why, 'cause I just said so!

Jerry Reed - Eastbound and Down (Smokey & the Bandit)

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Brain74 Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy + dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds = perfection.
Brain74 @arongagliardo How about Caffeine by Faith No More, better?
Brain74 A little Jizzlobber to start the day...that doesn't sound right.
Brain74 Time for a little culture on a Sunday morning: "Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
Brain74 listening to old school Ministry - "Everyday Is Halloween"

Angry Samoans-Gas Chamber

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Brain74 Milwaukee's infamous Flemion brothers, AKA: The Frogs performing "I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)"
Brain74 Yet another classic tune by The Frogs, "Homos"

The FrogsHomos

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lethal_lolita "i wanted her cherry, i got sour grapes!"
Brain74 The world's best (and only?) gay pop-punk band, Pansy Division - "Jack U Off"
Brain74 The original line-up kicked ass live; Veruca Salt - "All Hail Me"
mellomatic it's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time, it's tricky

Run DMCIts Tricky

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Mondo Generator-Jr. High Love

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Brain74 "Mark Bowen" from Faith No More's pre-Patton days; features the vocal styling of one Chuck Mosley.
Brain74 Former Lee Warmer, an overlooked gem from Alice Cooper.
Spiritus_ex_machina Been listening to Colour The Small One album alot recently, Sia is superb, I keep finding myself obsessing about this song, in a good muso way :)

SiaBreathe Me

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Brain74 S.O.D. – "March of The S.O.D." Probably best known from the old Headbanger's Ball w/Riki Rachtman.

S.O.D.March of The

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Brain74 "My Tortured Soul" with Eric Wagner (Trouble) from Dave Grohl's Probot album.

Foo Fighters-Exhausted

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mellomatic Oh let the sun beat down upon my face.

Led ZeppelinKashmir

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Brain74 If Tupac had stayed with the Underground, he'd still be alive; broke, but alive. Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance"

Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance"

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The Commodores-Brick House

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Brain74 The most rockin' Stevie Wonder song ever, Sir Duke.
Brain74 Chicago at their best; also, one of the worst songs titles ever, "25 Or 6 To 4."

Chicago25 Or 6 To 4

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Brain74 The Misfits - Die, Die My Darling; the original, not the piss poor cover by Metallica.
Brain74 listening to "Dillinger Escape Plan w/Mike Patton - Come To Daddy"
Brain74 My all-time favorite video; it's so intentionally cheesy. Faith No More - Everything's Ruined

Faith No More: Everythings Ruined

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The Rolling Stones- Neighbors (1981)

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TOUCH Dave Grohl -Louise Post

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Brain74 Mick Jagger turns 66 today and that SOB still runs around that stage like a madman in his 20's.
Brain74 "Mr. Officer" by P; the short lived band featuring Gibby Haynes on vocals & Johnny Depp on guitar.

Mr OfficerP 1994

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Brain74 Enough with the crap, time for some Dino.

Dread Zeppelin Heartbreaker

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Brain74 Nice, this one even has the crackle of vinyl; Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song.

Paul Mccartney & Wings "Jet" 1976

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Brain74 Here's a nice, straightforward, feel good song from The Frogs, "Fuck Off."

The Frogs- Fuck Off

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Brain74 @arongagliardo Nice call; Live from Budokan, S.O.D. - "Kill Yourself."
Brain74 What's a "feel good" collection without crazy-ass Charlie Manson? "Look at Your Game, Girl."


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Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

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Angry Samoans Carson Girls

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Brain74 Damn, Chuck D turns 48 today. Public Enemy – "Rebel Without a Pause"
Brain74 I always knew The Count on Sesame Street wasn't appropriate for kids.

The Count Censored

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Brain74 Metallica did a fine job w/their cover, but I prefer the original; "Last Caress" by The Misfits.

MisfitsLast Caress

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Sloppy Seconds- Blackmail

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Brain74 Alice Cooper + The Muppets = awesome. All that's missing is Vincent Price, but that's a different song.
Brain74 @arongagliardo Setzer cover this, but here's the original, "Flyin Saucer Rock & Roll" by Billy Riley.

Billy Riley-Flyin Saucers Rock & Roll

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Brain74 @arongagliardo And here's Brian Setzer's cover, " Flyin' Saucer Rock 'n' Roll."
Brain74 My favorite GWAR song, "Jack the World;" everyone should see them at least once. #musicmonday

GwarJack The World

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Brain74 "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. "

Faster Pussycat-Babylon

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scottieb Bach flavouring (both provided by Hammond organist Matthew Fisher), vocals by Gary Brooker, and unusual lyrics by Keith Reid
scottieb THey don't wright like that anymore,...

Greg Khin Band - The Break Up Song.MP3

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Marilyn Manson-Angel With the Scabbed Wings

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Brain74 "Life Fades Away" - Written by Glenn Danzig & performed by Roy Orbison; great stuff!
Brain74 "Thirteen" - Written by Glenn Danzig & performed by Johnny Cash; again, great stuff!

Johnny CashThirteen

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Brain74 @joe_randazzo No, I hadn't, but I have now and it's pretty damn cool. Thanks!

Danzig- Tired of Being Alive

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