TimMothE @truejerseygirl "I wanna be a Kennedy. I wanna be tall and handsome. I'd conquer the world. And you'd see me on television." (reblip)


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TimMothE @knitta :) that song is so good, I'm gonna reblip your reblip of my blip. O_O (reblip)

IllinoisAlone Again

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threebears more Lily for Suzie's birthday

Lily AllenSmile

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BrettGreene @gravitational ...because Daft Punk did play at your house ...and because you can't fight gravity and win ...ever
BrettGreene @cropcircles - you should mashup your "Another Brick in the Wall" with this
BrettGreene The best voice from James Bond songs + great beats = hit single from "There's Something About Mary"
BrettGreene I almost forgot about this oldie but goodie indie rock from the 90's
BrettGreene Just because it's a great indie classic that gets very little play
BrettGreene So sweetly, hang heavy, you suddenly complete me
BrettGreene This should have been a massive alternative rock / pop hit in 1988 - The Blue Nile didn't get their due


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BrettGreene Epic song, solid album, horrible band name
BrettGreene Getting ready for a trip back to LA
BrettGreene rb @Echo_L Very Sexy. thanks for reminding me @DJstomer19 and @sarah_crisman (reblip)

Hooverphonic2 Wicky

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BrettGreene I'm getting the impression that it's Monday and not all of us are ready for it
BrettGreene Jump on it like an Apache

Sugarhill Gang Apache Jump On It

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BrettGreene @doublek ; bonus cheesy funny pictures in the video w/ a great song
BrettGreene Th sample that made "Peter Piper" and "Rock the Bells"

Help I'm Alive by Metric

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BrettGreene @doublek Glad you loved the Wilco show. Wish I could've been there.
BrettGreene @doublek a month of moments is like a lifetime lived in the sweetest of songs
BrettGreene rb @joechapman: "Love this! TY Vera..rb@verawooten: "Pablo Cruise – Love Will Find A Way"" (reblip)
BrettGreene rb @threebears: "Blipping contenders on the shortlist for the Mercury prize." (reblip)
doublek @BrettGreene (last text may have been too obscure. Ha :)
doublek These guys are always fun... "...Cause all you need is a pretty song.."
BrettGreene Knock You Down

Knock You Down Keri Hilson Feat. Ne-Yo & Kanye West

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libron love this song@Evoluzione: "This kicks arse! - Panjabi MC – Mundian To Bach Ke" (reblip)
BrettGreene One of my favorite indie pop imports of 1988

Strawberry Switchblade-Since Yesterday

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Spiral Staircase I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

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doublek @BrettGreene: We couldn't find it because it's not an ELO song!
BrettGreene rb @doublek: back at 'cha "flow sweetly, hang heavy... you suddenly complete me... you suddenly complete me..." (reblip)
BrettGreene When is the remix with Robert Smith singing this coming out? It's the "Lets Go To Bed" of 2008

Black Kids-I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend ...Twelve rmx

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doublek @BrettGreene: Looking at the fat, almost full moon hanging over the Hudson River. Lovely moon tune here. All that's missing is you...
doublek "... you look Manchurian, you must be the candidate..."
doublek Thanks, @LUSCIOUSDDJA. Saw your Paul O., this is my favorite: "It goes oooh la la... I see stars... I'm seein stars... I'm seein stars..." (reblip)
BrettGreene @doublek And i miss you (ooooh)I’m goin back home to the west coast,I wish you woulda put yourself in my suitcase,I love you
doublek Saw them play a free show in Brooklyn, couple wks ago. Check em out if you can. One of the most interesting bands to come around in awhile...
doublek Next week is the 40th Anniv of Woodstock. Trippiness enclosed...
thegoddess fuckin fuck yeah! @DarthSpastic: @thegoddess: if only to celebrate the non-expletives. (-;" [Spiderbait - Fucken Awesome] (reblip)
BrettGreene @doublek It's all clear to me now, My heart is on fire, My soul's like a wheel that's turnin'; yep, he's rockin' a keyboard geetar
BrettGreene rb @doublek: "RB @WebGyver / 4 @BrettGreene (AKA My magic man :)" Thx baby. I'm a sucker for great 70's pop. (reblip)


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doycave ...mornin' motivation...sort of whimsical...
BrettGreene Ride or Die ...with a nice horn section to move you along
Static Never again is what you swore the time before.
BrettGreene I think 'Submarines' is latin for 'indie pop ear candy'; @doublek thanks for turning me on to them babygirl
BrettGreene Best use of Damon Albarn in a non-Blur / non-Gorillaz song
mteric Papercuts – Dictator's Lament
BrettGreene Nice. rb @doycave: "...mornin' motivation...with one of my new favorites...*cough* *cough*...um, Kyla...gettin' this?" (reblip)

JapandroidsWet Hair

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BrettGreene This one is dedicated to the streets and all the DJs rockin' the funky beats@DJTerribleTee@EnterChaos@doublek@mteric @DJErmjizzle@FunkShoi@DJPimitivo
doycave ...mornin' motivation...with matt pond PA...
BrettGreene Almost as good as "Every Word Means No" by Lets Active - rb @DMCS429: "Sweet little tune:" (reblip)

MGMT "Kids" Video

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doublek RB @jennyleepenny/4 @BrettGreene:"You know I’m thinking of u in the bookstore, in the laundromat. Guess how much I love u? Much more,more than that" (reblip)
mteric Good one! @nastysurprise72: "Nice one. Forgot how much I like this song." (reblip)

RoyksoppRemind Me

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rachidkas "Thank you & Nice W-End @andreamv: "thanks for the props!@DJDolceVita@BrettGreene @DragonMoonTunes Keane – Is It Any Wonder? " (reblip)
BrettGreene rb @manicdistress: "Rage Against the Machine – Renegades of Funk [RB @DirtyUrine]" (reblip)
tcabeen "Some things aren't meant to be."

concord dawn broken eyes

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doublek Please proceed to the dance floor.
BrettGreene Nouveau Postal Service w/ sickly sweet pop-laden hooks ....mmm mmm good
doublek Love, love, love. Whole album is great, yeah RB @RandyElliott: "neither am I! RB @JosefineAmalie: "Still ain't the least bit tired of the xx." (reblip)

The xx :: VCR

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doublek @BrettGreene Here's the Jack Penate track I played ya the other night... Mad. Beats.
doublek @BrettGreene Phoenix + Friendly Fires = Groovalicious
doublek Get Down Stay Down Came Back: Hooray for scrappy, frenzied, melodious goodness!
BrettGreene Who knows what tomorrow will bring

Rjd2 Smoke and Mirrors

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doublek Magic can't be proven. When "logic" fails, it doesn't mean your heart doesn't have answers. And your heart is where goodness lives. B it's roommate ;)


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doublek "... It goes oooh la la, I see stars, I’m seein' stars, I'm seein stars, I'm seein stars..."
BrettGreene @EFR56 I'll see your 'din daa daa' and raise you a "doot doot", cuz that's how I roll

FreurDoot Doot

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BrettGreene rb@EFR56: "Take ur time with this one. It just gets better & better. BT&TMGS showing why they were all that @SAMSLICK@shanti45@mrrodd@DJCoquette" (reblip)
BrettGreene Listen to this all the way through without bobbing your head ...I dare you
BrettGreene You are a man who knows how to bring the underground funk & for that I thank you - RB@cyclepistols: "Thank you & Welcome @Lyteworks" (reblip)

Lafayette Afro Rock Band Malik

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BrettGreene The awesomest redneck version of Gin & Juice ...evah; it gets better and better as it rolls along
BrettGreene I've looked for this for a long time; good 1992 techno - RB@EFR56: "Mozart – Carmina Burana O Fortuna (Techno Remix)" (reblip)

Bebel Gilberto. So Nice.

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anothercraze Happy Birfday @redheadedgreengirl! Mimosas and birthday cake on Big Bear Lake!

José González 'Heartbeats'

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BrettGreene Because anytime is good time for Ulrich Schnauss - RB @AutoCasual: "to three of the finest @BlackAlpha @wahwahwah @jellyboy - proper respect" (reblip)
BrettGreene It's hard to say I'd like to be awake when I'm asleep, because everything is never as it seems

Owl CityFireflies

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BrettGreene And the Hazy Sea rolls on with the offspring of Pavement and Weezer, now known as Cymbals Eat Guitars

Jill Scott "Golden"

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BrettGreene Everyday is Like Sunday ...especially when I have Manchester bands on the brain

Quincy Jones Summer In The City

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Counterpoint Delphic

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BrettGreene "Going Rogue" the right way
BrettGreene @mountainkat Nothing on you, baby

Nothin On You BoB Feat Bruno Mars With Lyrics

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doublek First time hearing these guys. Guessing it won't be the last. Lush, 80's, new wave-esque. Good stuff.

Twin ShadowSlow

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BrettGreene If sleigh bells were punk rock...
EFR56 Fantastic Plastic Machine - I'm Bruce / "So now kids, tell me about dancin'...

Fantastic Plastic Machine - I'm Bruce

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BrettGreene Like Blancmange reborn into 2010 with better new wave hooks. Pure pop.
BrettGreene .@EFR56 I haven't been on Blip a lot in awhile - good to see your playlist again.
BrettGreene It's Monday - You Got To Let Go
SlipperyDistortion @kuirishgirlie: "transporting myself to underneath a loose park maple tree w/leaves falling, nip in the wind, smell of fall, smile of my dog" Poetic. (reblip)
BrettGreene What do you get when a Buffalo sings about Mockingbirds? ...classic alternative rock with a sweet hook
BrettGreene Sometimes music paints a picture; here's a very 70's soulful one
BrettGreene O.N.E. is all you need


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BrettGreene Good tunage RB @RandyElliott: ";^>" (reblip)

Call Of The Wild

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BrettGreene You could have been a lady. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.
BrettGreene Beat connections are good connections

Devil went down to Jamaica

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BrettGreene Who knew what sweet music you could make with a telephone & a rubber band?
BrettGreene Best new song w/ Robert Smith from The Cure guesting on vocals
BrettGreene If MGMT & Metric collided it would sound a little like this ...in a good way.
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