Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

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BriJH @the_architect: "This song is only to be used in the bedroom." (reblip)

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

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BriJH Love KOL & besides I can use somebody.... someone like you.
BriJH Ok, you know who you are.... Don't let it go to your head...
Blackempire Incognito – Positivity


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BriJH Love Her. Get 'em, Joss!

Joss Stone "Tell Me What Were Gonna Do Now"

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BriJH Give it to 'em, Joss! Don't tell that I want.... I will....

Joss StoneFree Me

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BriJH Sing Girl! Teach The Children.... I Get So Tired Of Your Sh*t! Mr. Wankerman (Tiger Woods) LMBO
BriJH Got to Pipe down a bit. Preparing ya'll for my exit. Having a Music Monday Blast!
BriJH Now, this is for Grown, Mature Folks. Others may step out of the room, now. Close the door behind you.
BriJH OK, ya'll this is really for Grown Folks. Children... Exit. I don't want ya'll touching each other..

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

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sanisis55 Carlos Santana – Samba Pa Ti
BriJH OK, Minnie... Do your thang, girl! Ish made me laugh when I stumbled over that photo, too! Love Dies, Girl. It's OK...

Back Down Memory Lane by Minnie Riperton

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BriJH SAT This is the ish I was talking about.
BriJH If Tonight is My Last....I want to spend it w/ you... Period!

Laura Izibor If Tonight Is My Last

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BriJH Get It.... Boi!! Smooth & Simple, just like I like it!

On the Ocean -K'Jon

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BriJH Ok, DrG... This is for you!!! The Calm voice of Phyllis

Phyllis Hyman Old Friend

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BriJH DrG... Stop Cutting up or you're going to be in this position... LOL!

Phyllis Hyman Living all Alone (video)

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BriJH I miss my Phyllis, so I will share her w/ you Guys!!!! *TearDropFalls
BriJH Shhhhh Pump Your brakes & get some of this Clara....

CLARA HILL silent distance / official video

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BriJH Ya'll Better Grow up & Get Some of This... Grown Folks Music. Don't Sleep. This is for my Lurker!! LOL!

clara hillnowhere

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BriJH Ahhhhh!!! Come On, Lisa! Get 'em....

Lisa StansfieldChange

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BriJH Classic... Lisa W/ Barry White.. Grown & Hot!!!
BriJH Emm, Yum.. Lisa Stansfield Megamix Children, Leave the room & yes, Close the door behind you. *GrownFolksMusic
dinkyshop Michael Franks – The Lady Wants To Know (1977
BriJH In the mood for a little KOL, tonight.

01_Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

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aileen2u2 I just danced like a stripper to an empty chair....again. (I'm getting counseling for this problem.) Michael Buble – Feeling Good

01_Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

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BriJH Keeping it Clara Hill.... Ya'll know nothing about this! Werk, Clara! Teach The Children...
BriJH Let's switch it up up Lisa.... For you :)

Lisa StansfieldChange

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BriJH A Little KD Lang 4 you...
BriJH MJ for All. Heal The World -- 2010
BriJH Young Hearts Run Free!!!

Candi Staton Young Hearts Run Free

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BriJH Calling All Angels, including me...
BriJH @SarahDash you just set it off watching you @ Aids Walk Live in NYC. Blessings my Sis. Love You

"You'll Never Walk Alone" by Sarah Dash @ AIDS Walk New York 2009

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BriJH @aileen2u2 This is for you: You're in my heart.

Rod Stewart-You're in my heart

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BriJH OMG! My favorite from the 80's... Wow!
BriJH I leave ya'll with this one. For @EbonyStarr55 & @ShantyMinister Memories...

PrinceDarling Nikki

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BriJH Old Heads, again. Enjoy!
BriJH Sing...... Boy!

Kenny G _ You send me (with Michael Bolton)

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BriJH This is for you, Diane T.

I'm calling you

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BriJH C'mon, now... Blak! Blak! Blak!

Lauryn HillTo Zion

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Natalie Cole- Keeping a Light

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BriJH @EbonyStarr55 just for you, kid....

Janet Jackson "Love Will Never Do Without You" (Official)

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BriJH <3 Luther....

ENDLESS LOVE .. Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross

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BriJH @Reads4Pleasure You're going to shoot me for this one... Kisses!

Luther Van Dross-Dance With My Father Again

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BriJH Old House Heads... Let's Go!

House Music Mix 49 (90's House Classics)

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BriJH Chi Rise up! Old House

chicago house wbmx 80's house music

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BriJH Enjoy, my friend. Love you. @Shirls_infohwy
BriJH Do U remember my Phyllis Story @Shirls_infohwy
BriJH Sorry, this is the best I could do... SAT.
BriJH Yum... Real Singer on board!
BriJH Just for you...Missy. :-/
BriJH You deserve this one, also.

Queen Latifah- I'm Not In Love

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BriJH For Fawn, My Beautiful Tarheel! :-)
BriJH @ItsThaTarheeLdy :-)

Angie Stone feat. Betty Wright "Baby"

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BriJH @ItsThaTarheeldy

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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BriJH George Michael Careless Whisper

Careless Whisper

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BriJH No Pain, No Gain - Betty Wright

Betty Wright (No Pain, No Gain)

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BriJH Clean up woman - Betty Wright

Betty Wright Clean up Woman (live)

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BriJH Come on, Steely Dan!

Steely Dan-Do It Again (Lyrics)

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BriJH HT This one's 4 U! Black Cow, Steely Dan

Steely Dan Black Cow

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BriJH Well, tell it Natalie. I'm Catching Hell...
BriJH Natalie Cole... Our Love, Live!
BriJH Natalie Cole... I've Got Love on My Mind
BriJH Laura Nyro & Labelle~The Bells

Laura Nyro & Labelle ~ The Bells

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BriJH Color Purple

God is trying to tell you somethin(The Color Purple)

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BriJH 'Tasia In the Color Purple. :-)
BriJH SAT, you're not ready for this girl! Sylvester, Babee!! :-)


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BriJH SAT, listen to Sylvester work it for points, girl. 3 Snaps & what?!
BriJH Wow! Janet Jackson - Come Back To Me / Let's Wait Awhile / Again
BriJH Wake Up Everbody... Time for thinking ahead!

Wake Up Everbody

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BriJH Awesome Girl! Come Back To Me...
BriJH @BriJH: "Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me" (reblip)

Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me

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BriJH Having Fun @ You Guys expense! B' don Gone Country!
BriJH In Lil Bits Eyes, I'm an Angel...
BriJH Take your Cat & leave my Sweater is the line...
BriJH Awww, Love you, Lil Bit.
BriJH West Va. Tennessee... That's right

Carrying Your Love With Me by George Strait

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BriJH How Do I Live

LeAnn Rimes "How Do I Live"

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BriJH For You..

Tender Kisses♥- Traci Spencer [Lyrics]

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BriJH Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds @Ebonystarrr55 @ShantyMinister @JustJeree
dinkyshop RT @ElementsOfJazz: 09 video of Lizz Wright, Dianne Reeves & Simone performing "Four Women" / #jazz @BriJH (reblip)
BriJH PH..... Living All Alone

Phyllis Hyman Living all Alone (video)

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BriJH PH... Somewhere in My Lifetime
BriJH Sometimes you can work it out... Sometimes you can't...

Blame It On Me [Chrisette Michele]

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BriJH Retha sings her part & George Bensons part. ;-)

Aretha Franklin- Love All The Hurt Away

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BriJH The Closer I Get To You...

Luther Vandross & Beyonce-The Closer I Get To You

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BriJH AK Try Sleeping w/ a Broken Heart

Alicia Keyes Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

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BriJH I hope you Dance, my friend.

Lee Ann Womack I hope you dance

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BriJH I'm Still Here - I love this song! For @cwrite101 :-)

Mindy McCready "I'm Still Here" (Now Available on I-Tunes)

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dinkyshop Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
BriJH For my friend...

Invisible War Live Julia Fordham

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ONLY ANGELS KNOW | Sam Harris | Free | Lyrics

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I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME | Sam Harris | Free | Lyrics

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Sam Harris sings Over The Rainbow (1984)

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BriJH This one is for you: @emjaysink Now, smile.

Hall & Oates-Sara Smile

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BriJH @emjaysink I want this John Back! Haha Girl, this was Lil Bits Song!

John MayerGravity

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BriJH @dinkyshop I'd like to have Amy back, also. Darn, Drugs...
BriJH OK, SAT, since Justin & Janet stole Bey's Shine, here...

Beyonce Knowles-The Star Spangled Banner Live At The Superbo

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Patrice Rushen Haven't You Heard Extended Disco Soul 1979

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BriJH @lizropo310 Perhaps, you should have got a "Window Seat." Enjoy!

Erykah Badu- Window Seat

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Me Singing "Angels Cry" By Mariah Carey (New 2009)

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dinkyshop Kem – I Can't Stop Loving You. (I think about us..)

Me Time ~ Heather Headly

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Heather Headley Performing "I Wish"

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dinkyshop Ten City – That's The Way Love Is (Deep House/Extended Version) #Dance
dinkyshop CeCe Peniston - We Got a Love Thang #Dance

CeCe Peniston We Got a Love Thang

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BohemianChick "I'm crying everyone's tears, and there inside our private war I died the night before..." Fave #3 ~ Good night BlipStarz! ;-)

SadeKing of Sorrow

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BriJH For those of you not familiar w/ the song Big Mike just Nailed! #Idol
BriJH @DanaMallory: Yes, very familiar w/ Kate Bush doing the original. However Big Mike did Maxwell's version. <3 Kate, also! (reblip)
BriJH For You!

Trina Broussard Inside My Love

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Brian Mcknight- Crazy love

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Jimmy Cliff Many Rivers To Cross Video: 1989 Jamaica -

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Alicia Keyes Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

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Jayz ft Alicia Keyes Empire state of mind (Official Video)

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dinkyshop I Love Paris – Oscar Peterson - rb via @JendeMen #jazz (reblip)
BriJH A Little House w/ Shirley Horn. LMBO @dinkyshop & @Pthashadow

Shirley Horn fea. Miles Davis

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BriJH @dinkyshop This was my favorite Sade song @ one time

Sade "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" [ + Lyrics ]

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BriJH For Edward... I'm Thinking of you.

Luther Vandross Dance with my Father again

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BriJH <3 Tamyra Gray. She did Luther Proud.

Tamyra Gray-Dance With My Father Again (With Lyrics)

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Lonravalex Summertime.... drop tops, long hot nights, & summer love!
BriJH Remix for you @JustJeree Knoddin' my head, like, Yeah! Yay! It's a Party in the USA!
BriJH Grandma Sarah Elizabeth Fisher had the time of her life. She's All Good, now!
BriJH @SarahDash I'm right here w/ you.

With God in the Valley, You're Never Alone

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BriJH @SarahDash I know we're all in shock, yet, Charles will be w/ us, always. I <3 you.
BriJH For SAT @Shirls_infohwy I know you're LOL!

★ Teena Marie ★ Square Biz (Long Version) ★ [1981] ★ "It Must Be Magic" ★

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BriJH Just for my Boyz!! Let's Werk! @stan2000 @Editor_N_Chief @electricgamer & Flo (Bad Girls) LMBO! W
BriJH A midday snippet for @ecostudent from The GodFather of House!
BriJH The GodFather of House! @dinkyshop @Ecostudent
BriJH Ahhhh, This was my song! Work, Chil'lren! Wait on it....
BriJH @dinkyshop: "Queen Latifah - Lush Life (Living Out Loud Sntrk) #jazz" (reblip)

Queen Latifah Lush Life

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BriJH Ha! Perfectly Lonely b/c I don't belong to anyone & no one belongs to me. I wonder why, John? :-0
BriJH I know he's simple, yet, I still got love for the boi! Music is Hot! Hush @dinkyshop
BriJH @dinkyshop Another one of Lil Bits songs. LOL & SMH & Lil Old Self.
BriJH My Boy Killz on Drums! *Dead*
BriJH High as Heck & can still sing her butt off. Just a Hot Messy Mess! Love it!
BriJH What kind of *effery* is this? Ha! Love it!
BriJH I gotta right to be wrong! So leave me alone @EmJaysInk :-)
dinkyshop Adriana Evans – Love Is All Around | For my NeoSoul/Dance Buddies @stan2000 @EmJaysInk @2pogi4u @BriJH @Jazzzyone @DJC2 @DJ_ELove3000
BriJH Given ya'll the remix @stan2000 @dinkyshop @Jazzzyone @EmJaysInk You Betta Hold me tight, don't let me get away! ;-)
BriJH Not for Kidz! Grown Folks Music DJ Mario.... Let's Get It! @stan2000 @Editor_N_Chief @electricgamer @EmJaysInk
BriJH Ne-yo ft Jennifer Hudson – Leaving Tonight
BriJH @LadyofBagz Sugarland - Stay. She Killz on this song!

Sugarland "Stay" Live CMA Performance

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BriJH Laura Izibor – "Don't Stay"
dinkyshop Sunday Morning #Jazz: In a Sentimental Mood – Duke Ellington & John Coltrane | via @fureousangel (reblip)
BriJH For @OneChele From the Rooter to the tooter, girl! Love it. Sometimes I wonder - Jill & Darius. Enjoy!
BriJH Speaking of being a Music Head; I'm not mad @ Elliot Yamin - A Song for You. Not Bad @ all for Idol Dude
BriJH 1 more for Obama: How do you like me now – Toby Keith @Sunshine625 Haha #hcr
BriJH For Rush Limbaugh & Fox News Thx @bbb1962: Brothers Johnson – Get The Funk Out My Face LOL! #hcr
BriJH PARTY IN THE USA REMIX – LIL WAYNE, MILEY CYRUS #hcr @Sunshine625 @JustJeree Nodding my head, like Barack! Haha
BriJH For @Sunshine625 Darius Rucker- "History in the Making" #hcr
BriJH Another one for @Sunshine625 Miley Cyrus- The Climb (With Lyrics)

Miley Cyrus- The Climb (With Lyrics)

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BriJH Exclusive- Laura Izibor (Live) From My Heart to Yours

Exclusive- Laura Izibor (Live)

| play
BriJH ALICIA KEYS ft JOHN MAYER – lesson learned
BriJH Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart – Alicia Keys (Song and lyrics)
BriJH jazzanova feat. clara hill – that night (live)
BriJH clara hill – nowhere

clara hillnowhere

| play


| play
BriJH Janet Jackson ♥ Son Of A Gun (Uncensored) Carly Simon & Missey E. You're so vein, you probably think this song is abt chu!

Janet Jackson ♥ Son Of A Gun (Uncensored)

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BriJH @stan2000 Macy Gray – Glad you're here ft. Fergie: Happy you're back with us Blip Babies! :-)
BriJH @dinkyshop Liv Warfield – Waiting... Im'ma a fan of Liv's music. Excellent musical taste

Liv WarfieldWaiting

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BriJH Chante Moore – It's Alright MP, I know you remember how much I use to love this CD! :-) #FB
BriJH Chanté Moore – Chante's Got A Man. @Hollyrpeete, I see your twin, all up in the video. :-)
BriJH Santana – Smooth (Ft. Rob Thomas) For Rainy Music Monday!
BriJH Carlos Santana Feat. Jennifer Lopez – This Boy's Fire
BriJH No voice like, Michael Franks – Popsicle Toes #RainyMusicMonday
BriJH I am calling you #RainyMusicMonday

I am calling you bagdad cafe

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BriJH @dinkyshop Jon Secada & Chanice -- Si No Te conciera si no fuera por tu amor. Voz muy hermosa Chanice canta su cara!

Jon Secada & Chanice

| play
BriJH Alicia Keys – Like you'll never see me again
BriJH Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart – Alicia Keys
Awannabeangel rb >@DJ_Law: "That's some awesome early blues. Thanks @SatinLegsSmith." (reblip)

'Lord, I Want To Die Easy' JOSH WHITE (1934) Blues Guitar Legend

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Awannabeangel Dance with Me [Switch Remix] – Ben Westbeech
BriJH Rachelle Ferrell – Welcome to my love (live) Wait on it... :-)
BriJH Patti Austin – That's Enough for Me
BriJH Patti Austin – Baby Come to Me
BriJH Goapele – To my: First Love (live) Hush your mouth, @EmJaysInk :-)
BriJH Goapele – Back to you... Ummm

GoapeleBack to you

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BriJH Goapele – closer ft Neyo - do you video
BriJH @dinkyshop: "Erykah Badu – On and On | Her 1st(?) hit. #NeoSoul - Props for this one, Ma! (reblip)
BriJH Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime
tygerbaby Hijo de chango yo! - Naci Orishas

ORISHASNaci Orishas

| play
BriJH Beyonce vs Kelly Clarkson – Halo Already Gone: @dinkyshop OK, Check This.....
BriJH @MsTeenaMarie – If I Were A Bell 1990: Love me some Lady T. Sing, Ma.
BriJH Christina Aguilera – Love For All Seasons
BriJH Christina Aguilera – I Turn To You. Sing, Chile!
BriJH Christina Aguilera – Obvious: C'mon C.Ag... I need some more of this on the new CD. #ThisIsSanging
BriJH Laura Izibor – "Don't Stay"
BriJH Laura Izibor – "If Tonight Is My Last" [Live in Tokyo] Umm, this is some deep *doodoo* love. :-)
BriJH Laura Izibor – Mmm... Just Moan it out!

Laura IziborMmm...

| play
dinkyshop Jill Scott – Do You Remember | Love This! rb> @stan2000 Don't you remember me? \ If done right!! Mais oui. @BriJH (reblip)
BriJH #ML: Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody
BriJH Kings Of Leon: Sex On Fire!!!
BriJH Me'Shell NdegéOcello: "Fool of Me"

Shelby Lynne, Alibi

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BriJH @goapele: This one never gets old...


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BriJH Happy New Year, All. It's been a very long time.... Don't Be Mad... It's Just a Brand New Kinda Me...
BriJH Fire We Make....

Alicia Keys feat Maxwell FIRE WE MAKE Complete VIDEO fanmade

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BriJH Read All About It....I wanna sing... I wanna shout,,, I wanna scream 'til the words dry out...

Emeli Sande Read All About It Part 3 Lyrics

| play
BriJH Clown...

Emeli Sande Clown Lyrics

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BriJH Not Tonight....

Elle Varner- Not Tonight

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BriJH Melody Gardot Gives me Life on this one!

Melody Gardot: Who Will Comfort Me? on David Letterman

| play
BriJH Giovanca: Pure Bliss....

GiovancaPure Bliss

| play
BriJH Giovanca: Can Somebody Tell Me
BriJH Iyeoka: "Say Yes"

Iyeoka "Say Yes" (Official Video)

| play
BriJH Iyeoka Okoawo: Yesterday's Blues & Pass it on
BriJH Nina Vidal: My Love

Nina Vidal My Love 2010

| play
BriJH Nina VIdal: "Silver Lining"

Nina VIdal "Silver Lining"

| play
BriJH @SabrinaStarke: Foolish.... Sing.... Sabrina!
BriJH Sabrina Starke: Brand New....
BriJH I've been away for 1 year & you guys welcomed me back w/open arms. This: "Ain't No Ordinary Love" (*_*) Jah Peace & Love
BriJH Gaelle: Repetition- Good Evening Blip Stars. I hope you're having a Beautiful Day. You deserve Greatness.


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