smiles_4_miles Had this stuck in my head all morning, but the Weird Al version: Syndicated inc.

Soul asylumMisery

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smiles_4_miles In high school, the guitar ensemble played this and it was so incredible played by 20 something classical guitars!
GypsyOwl Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman
BudGallant I like the original, as well, but this cover has even more emotion to it, I find.
BudGallant Not my usual taste in music anymore, but this used to be a big favorite of mine, and still is a song I really enjoy. One of Metallica's best.
BudGallant I'm not emo... I swear...

Johnny CashHurt

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BudGallant Uplifting in a strange kind of way.

PlaceboPure Morning

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BudGallant Absolutely one of my favorite songs ever. This one seems so spiritual and deep to me... I never get tired of hearing it.
BudGallant Kashmir. This song is a classic.

Led ZeppelinKashmir

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BudGallant "... outrace the speed of pain, for another day..." A sentiment I think many of us can share.
BudGallant A really beautiful song. Say what you want about the Spice Girls, but this one song makes up for their shortcomings, I think.
BudGallant Bennie and the Jets! Kind of a silly song, but still pretty awesome.
BudGallant If I had to choose only one song to take with me on a journey I was not returning from, it would probably be this one...
BudGallant Relate to this very much, having quite literally lost my religion... more than once... continuously, in fact.
BudGallant Very beautiful and a lot of hidden meanings for me. This song holds more than a few secrets, I suspect.
BudGallant This song means a lot to me. I need to remember to find a better version of it, though. This one is pretty low quality.
BudGallant One of favorites. My mother used to play a lot of Tracy Chapman, and by some fluke it must have rubbed off years later...
BudGallant Another great one by Tracy Chapman.
BudGallant Julia. This song is special to me. It's really sad and powerful...
BudGallant I think I stumbled across this on Pandora. This is a great song. A bit militant, and all cool.

Dominion, Mother Russia

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BudGallant No collection would be complete without some Current 93. I love everything Current 93... You won't find this depth or this sound anywhere else!
BudGallant Can't go wrong with more Current 93.
BudGallant The video for this song is brilliant. If you haven't seen it yet, stop playing it on here and go to YouTube.
BudGallant Venus. Dark and Brooding clashes with sweet and sorrowful. Theatre of Tragedy is brilliant all around.
BudGallant Another favorite of mine from Theatre of Tragedy. This is what happens when opposites collide. I love the female vocals, in particular.

Theatre of tragedy - Lorelei

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BudGallant One of the best Theatre of Tragedy songs you can find. A lot of power in this one.


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BudGallant Not much Type O to choose from on here, but this is probably in my top 3. I love this song.
BudGallant TVC 15. This song kicks ass.

David BowieTVC 15

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BudGallant Yeah, I can't help it... lol. I like this song. Shhhh.... Don't tell.
BudGallant Am I man enough to add this song? Yes, sir, I am.
BudGallant This song is amazing and somewhat frightening. You need to see the video on YouTube, if you haven't. It's crazy... HAMMER! HAMMER! HAMMER!
BudGallant Wow... This song is so deep and the vocals are amazing.
BudGallant Very trippy song, and also rather occult in ways. Alice in wonderland fans, apply within... and shroom fans, too.
BudGallant WARNING: This song is very dark, and may cause suicidal tendencies. You were warned. :p
BudGallant Absolute favorite of mine. Everyone needs to hear it. It's beautiful, and disturbing and it's message is so relevant. I could live forever in this.
BudGallant Another favorite of mine, though it always makes me feel cold... Probably for more than one reason, actually.
BudGallant Another favorite of mine from MM. Anything on the Mechanical Animals album is good. This is one of my favs.
BudGallant From the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Very cool song. Obsession and selflessness are a good combination.

Garbage#1 Crush

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BudGallant Therion! More Thelemic music! Alllllright! If you like Opera or Metal, you'll like at least part of this. :p Such an awesome song.
BudGallant This is... I'm not sure how to explain this song... Very... .... (reblip)

musepink ego box

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BudGallant Pixies rule and this is perhaps their best song. This song is crazy. (reblip)


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BudGallant Haven't we all had days like this? ;)
BudGallant Creep. Another of my top favorites and one of my favorite to sing, as well.
BudGallant Such a powerful and emotional song. Cranberries surely are epic.


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BudGallant Really beautiful song. Dolores is so talented. It moves me.
BudGallant Wicked song. I use to hear this on the radio all the time... damn, that was a long time ago. Push and push and push till it hurts...
BudGallant Patti Smith pwns Prince. Good work! You go, girl. This chick is so punk, she can do this sappy stuff and still be cool.
BudGallant One of the most awesome and spiritual songs I have ever heard. This song will blow your mind if you understand it... or are high.
BudGallant Not normally my style, but I love Patti Smith and this song is pretty kick ass. "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine..."

Patti SmithGloria

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BudGallant This song is pretty significant to me... I wish I believed it now as I did then. (reblip)
BudGallant Glycerine. There's nothing about this song I do not love.


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BudGallant CityTV all the way baby. ;) Yeah, I know most people have no clue what I am talking about here... (reblip)


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BudGallant If you haven't heard this song, you haven't lived.
BudGallant Very soulful... for Pantera it seems surprising.
BudGallant Not my very favorite King Diamond song. Still one of the better ones. Listen to these vocals! Find "waiting in the dark" Afterwards.

04 - King Diamond - -Them- - Tea

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BudGallant Seems militant for sure... makes you wonder how they got signed to a mainstream record label, unless you're a "conspiracy theorist" like me.
BudGallant One of Tool's best songs, Sober.


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BudGallant Beautiful song with a whole lot of hidden meanings and depth... I'd expect nothing less. You need to see the video for this one if you haven't.
BudGallant Another spiritual masterpiece by APC. (reblip)

A Perfect Circle - Orestes

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KaGreco Silêncio é tudo em alguns momentos...
BudGallant Ok, that last CoF wasn't very good. To make up for it, here is one of their best songs. The lyrics are amazing, the music divine.
BudGallant listening: @dcrebekah. "Look mummy, there's an airplane up in the sky" (reblip)
BudGallant A top hit of the Eurythmics. Must hear it if you like Sweet Dreams.
BudGallant She says that her mind is made... up!
BudGallant [Rainy Days And Mondays – Carpenters] I actually sing along with this. (reblip)
BudGallant One of the best from the King.
BudGallant Yeah, it's sappy, but I still love it.
BudGallant Must have some Tom Jones for great justice.

Tom JonesDelilah

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BudGallant Don't ask me how I got into Daft Punk, but I did!
BudGallant Pretty awesome! Video is sweet, too. This song must be played during party (of any kind). It is a rule.
BudGallant Another great Daft Punk song.
BudGallant It is a good song. Not my usual style, but I like it.
BudGallant This song has always had a huge impact upon me, ever since I first heard it, as a child.
BudGallant An excellent yet somehow often overlooked song.
BudGallant One of the best songs ever. On my top ten list of all time.
BudGallant MOAR COWBELL. uhm... yeah. It's the end-of-the-world theme song in The Stand.
BudGallant It's a great song to go out on, is it not?
BudGallant Stumbled upon this by accident... lots of energy. Sort of like Rammstein.
BudGallant More Hanzel Und Gretyl. Pretty crazy stuff... Looked them up on Wikipedia. Apparently they are based in New York.
BudGallant LOL.... omg.... No way... EPIC
Yoly Happy Together – The Turtles
Yoly Give Me Novocaine – Green Day
dcrebekah @Figgywithit good one! Had no idea the Shins were so covered!
ZachsMind On New Years Day, I watched Kill Bill Vols 1&2. Again. It's still great. I'm surprised this song didn't make it in. Maybe it'll be in the sequels. =) (reblip)
Yoly Purple Rain – Stina Nordenstam
chicklitgurrl Yeah, you can beat me later, but there it goes.
BudGallant This is one of the craziest songs I have ever heard... REALLY weird. (reblip)
Yoly the_birthday_massacre_-_violet


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Yoly the_birthday_massacre_-_blue


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ShortiezRevenge 'cause i love this song, but i couldn't say why.
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