Byno i know it's been plaid to get laid but i hope they still gettin paid...still so sick its one of my top pickin's
Byno @crowjane got me in the mood for some D'
Byno thanks to@crowjane: "@Singersweetie or whomsoever...long time forget me not (reblip)
Byno so what? i never hear this before tonight, it's little nugget of crunch.
Byno my fave bajou...reminds of me of jb


| play
Byno i just can't help myself ..woo hoo lindyhobbit more bajou pour vous
Byno i can't stand it. this is too good.
Byno maybe it's wrong, but the groove is SICK!


| play
Byno love this soup..chunky
Byno the guitar chord on this song is life changing, what a freakin' genius the Curtis man with a plan.
Byno thanks to curtis we have so much touch
Byno check her out in the check out line she fine
Byno Slip into some groove moooves why doncha?
Byno 60's Philly psychedelia, hold the cheesesteak.
Byno thinkin' bout the time you drove in my car...


| play
Byno I guess I'm doin' fine, how 'bout youse?
Byno i ain't but i is...superstitious, that is. Ok, now Rod.
Byno can You shake your pants...?
Byno you know what you know, and it never ends
Byno How many times will it be like the first time?
Byno is this the One? Sure sounds like it!


| play
Byno could of tripped out tc but i changed my ways...
Byno i am not bad was this guy?
Byno oh so good sax me up scotty!
Byno shimmy shimmy co co bop
Byno his blood is maroon


| play
Byno can't forget this one

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

| play
Byno ain't it the truth...we livin' in a joke!

dyke and blazer - let a woman be a woman

| play
Byno a high school sweater? a juicy plum? say it isn't so.
SatinLegsSmith one to talk to, all by myself...
T_DeBarros Sylistics. People Make the World Go Round. ~but thats what make the world go round,the ups and downs like the carousel..people make the world go..
cabrochette pra vocês que estão aí, sozinhos com o garçon naquele boteco frio, blipando do blackberry.
cabrochette yay. ive got a heeeeaaaaAAaaaAAaaart full of soul,
cabrochette só na dublagem porque o horário não permite minhas usuais extravagâncias vocais.
cabrochette dá até um gancho para blipar a melhor banda de todos os tempos. <3
cabrochette crássicos da crabochette - su-su-ssssucesso.
cabrochette daqui a pouco eu volto mudando completamente de assunto. ^^
cabrochette joey, im not angry anymooOOOoooooooOOOOoore. <3
Byno anybody find 'bila'?

Versatones - Rollin' Rollin'

| play
Byno doo be do run run run....yeah so?
Byno you don't have to be lonesome no more...
Byno still squeaks the love cheeks
Guru_Ni This should be on your favorites
Guru_Ni Another good funk example..
honermic This song is so righteous for falling asleep. Which is what I need to be doing. Darn this pit in my stomach.
Byno teen age angst par excellence...
MusicWithMsB "Thanks @mackenz: " Love those Italians...and their singing, too." (reblip)
Byno this song still knocks my socks off


| play
Byno cain't hep it...strut mutt dancin'
Byno still runs deep


| play
Byno the bestest version of this amazing song
100YearOldMan JAMES BROWN "Think" - super intense version live at the Apollo - a whole different song, very strong
Byno luther...come back

Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

| play

Luther Vandross - Any Love

| play

Luther Vandross-Give Me the Reason

| play
Byno a song alone among songs
Byno still hurts on wednesday too
Byno night y' one here but me!
digitpt The Platters - The Great Pretender -
Byno eddie & felix...long island...outrageous back then, when.

young rascals - ive been lonely too long

| play
Byno eerie


| play
Byno i know i cain't hep myself anymo


| play
Byno endless gobs of talent


| play
Byno how can anybody possibly be this cool?
lafabrock Once again fellows... Prince - Raspeberry Beret
digitpt Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes -
Byno apro po of nothing...comes flashlight!
Byno sly stone, master of sophista-funk, bar none, sez byno
Jeffie Lee Michaels - "Do You Know What I Mean?" - Been fourteen days since I don't know when; I just saw her with my best friend. Do you know what I mean?..
StreamingMimi Bobby Vee – Take Good Care Of My Baby
ShiaoMei ♡~Auditory Canvas – Moving On Reflecting Back~♡ @Fanbaby @djsurfer AStreamingMimi ...enjoy.. (reblip)
digitpt The Pretenders - I'll Stand By You - always liked this one, always will like it
luiz_com_z @raquelbcastro, entre "chupa que é de uva" e "senta que é de menta", sou mais sair pela tangente :D
crowjane I have been a very baad girl today~did not sew one thing~guess it was a day off~I will be playN catchup tomorrow~as much as this pains me~gotta go~bye

Isacc Hayes- Ellie's Love Theme

| play
ARDELLd Weeellll...Do you want to Dance??? and tell me I'm your loverman? Make romance? Squeeze me all through the night?
itsRamel Al Green – Simply Beautiful another sssssssssweet tune! GOODNESS TWEEPLE." (reblip)
PennyLuvsMusic I love this movie!

Soggy Bottom Boys- I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

| play
kasandrits amy winehouse valerie

amy winehouse valerie

| play

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings How Long Do I Have To Wait (instrumental) Funk 45

| play

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights"

| play

Binky Griptite and the Melomatics

| play

Lee Fields & Sugarman & Co. Stand Up parts 1 & 2 Funk 45

| play
themission this guy!

Raphael Saadiq Big Easy

| play
ShiaoMei ***The Master>Joe Bonamassa > Blues Deluxe***
crowjane oh baby~so very far away~I can hardly cope~Friday~me~you~wine~fun~sniff~~
Byno pull up to the bumper...skinny legs n all
Este I love cherry cola.

The KinksLola

| play
bobbysgirlforever With you standing here, I can tell the world what it means to love ...
Byno would that the world still felt like this
Byno knotty pine cellar with stale beer smell
Byno my favorite buddy miles vocal..can you digg it?

The Electric Flag ~ She Should Have Just

| play

Mountain. Nantucket Sleighride

| play

Jimi Hendrix Bleeding Heart

| play
Byno "take off your shoes, unpack your feet". why didn't i think of that?
causticchick I think Duffy is totally annoying, but I love this song for some reason. I wish I had sung it instead of her. ;)
causticchick Here's another song from my House playlist. There are 78 songs on that playlist. How many can I go through tonight? ;)
causticchick This song makes me want to sip an ice cold beer on a patio somewhere hot and sunny...without the table falling on my foot.
causticchick Dave: Women like three things: men in kilts, Southern Comfort, and Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game". Jemaine: I think you're oversimplifying women.
causticchick Back to work in the land of coffee and fun times. Seriously, Starbucks is a great place to work. :)
Byno there was a time, indeed there was, Mr. Brown.
Byno sort of a reblip to @jotro. just like the dub mix...
Byno and here we are! gainin' on ya....
Byno you don't have die before you what didn't anyone tell me that?!
Byno here i go again, just for the funk of it.

Walk Away Renee/The Left Banke

| play
Byno Ruby you're like a fact, you are!

sir mack rice mustang sally

| play
AnnieLicious Shhhh don't tell anyone I am playing this..

shep and the limelites-daddys home

| play
kbuech "For @ShiaoMei" hzi-T - "better days feat. Kato Miliyah, Tanaka Roma" (imeem-free, NOT video)
Byno The sound a little muddy, but the vid is SICK! What were these guys thinkin'? Who cares, I love the freaky sound...

Castaways- Liar Liar

| play
by_starla [Roddy Woomble - I Came In from the Mountain] @MusicRex you still need to listen to this album.

Um Um Um Um Um Um-Major Lance-1964

| play

Shirley and Lee/Feels So Good

| play
Byno somebody did a bang up job on this vid..but i forgive them, because it's a bunny sigler find.

Bunny Sigler. "Let the good time Roll"

| play
Byno i know i just blipped bunny but this sounds so much better..
Byno while i'm into three chord mindless...i must include this...i simply must


| play

She's Looking Good- Rodger Collins- 1967

| play
themission more withers after this.....


| play
Byno thanks to all and sly for the inspiration @themission: "@ExpressionthruMusic: " "Tony! Toni! Toné! – Thinking of You""" (reblip)
angiece RB @scotlandlover: "tks but can't take the credit, i have great suppliers to reblip @BubblesToGo: "*** Special thanks to @scotlandlover (reblip)
Byno i like to look at the nose to see if it's open. sometimes i just don't care.
JerryKidd Once in a while will you try to give one little thought to me?
JerryKidd I pray the lord that I'll grow strong as I live day to day...
JerryKidd Life could be a dream...
Racheltfd the new great voices of soul

JoslynUsed To

| play
Byno if there IS a goddess...

Erykah Badu- Back in the day

| play
gitothethe ♪Happy Together - The Turtles - Happy Together - 1967
DrFloyd mmm °!° awesome *J*

Curtis Mayfield ~ Freddies Dead

| play
Marystudio The Tempos - See You in September (1959)

See You in September-The Tempos-original song-1959

| play
CyCoCy @RonnieBebop @rogue_fm "Ya'll started som'em now - let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)

The Isley Brothers-Who's That lady

| play

Groove Theory "Time Files"

| play

Groove Holmes

| play
lisibelle87 Before Phil sold their contract to Verve. Nice guy. . .

the kinks all day and all of the night

| play
Byno this song still has that space and time thang
Byno thanks @moldedbytheoldies for the reference to my favorite RN song..this's late

The Ventures "Walk Don't Run"

| play

The Ventures Live: Wipe Out

| play

The Ventures Live 1966 1/4

| play
Byno dancin pants

jr walker - shake and fingerpop.MP3

| play

Jr Walker (I'm a) Road Runner

| play
charmstep rb@joechapman: "Kool & The Gang – Get Down on It" OK, I will if you insist. @Rella-doin your usual rockin-the-house thang. Thx for YES. (reblip)

jr walker - cleos back.MP3

| play
Byno thanks@charmstep...cain't hep myself..he's got such a free joyful sound...feets get to movin, cheeks a twitchin' say what?

Jr Walker and The All stars What does it take STEREO

| play
Byno now she's gone, and I don't worry....


| play
nuffced Soul singer Leroy Hutson doin' some modal jazz @JanC I dig dat one bad too (sorry 4 da busted intro probably taken from a Zero 7 mix) (reblip)
Byno had to take Christmas in my overalls...

Roots of Blues -- The Mississippi Sheiks „Sitting On Top Of T

| play
Byno blues, bluegrass, gospel...this song rips me up all the way down the line.
Byno and i'll use lighter fluid if need set a flame in your heart
Byno rat a freakin' tat....?

shep and the limelites-daddys home

| play
Byno winning the dance contest at Father Judge in fie
Jeffie Don & Juan - "What's Your Name?"

What's Your Name

| play

Dinah Washington / What A Diff'rence A Day Makes

| play

Julie London - Misty

| play

Lulu " To Sir With Love " 1967

| play
Byno ouch! you stepped on my plimsoul....

Shawn Colvin = Sunny Came Home

| play
Byno it might..make you crazy...possibly next lifetime

Shawn Colvin = The Facts About Jimmy

| play
Byno the Voice

Brenda Lee Will you still love me tomorrow? (with lyrics)

| play
Byno nothing need be said...nothing at all
Byno true power in this flower

"Don't You Know?" Della Reese

| play
Byno way down deep inside of me

Timi YuroHurt

| play
Byno that's should smile, even though you're heart is breaking...

Timi YuroSmile

| play
Byno you must watch this video if you are to know true genius in your lifetime...!!!
Byno Brenda must have listened to alot of Timi Y...and she got it right.

Larry Ellis & the Black Hammer--Funky Thing, Pt. 1

| play

Garnet Mimms A Little Bit Of Soap

| play

Sam & Dave - Wrap It Up

| play

Sam & Dave - You Got Me Hummin'

| play
Byno charmstep...thanks so much for all the props...much appreciated!
Byno i still love this nose opening song...damn...


| play
Byno and lastly, my top Marvin tune...such a loss...
charmstep @Byno-Have you listened closely to what he's talking about on this one? You might need headphones. He left us some genius music.

Arthur Conley-Sweet Soul Music

| play

Little Anthony & the Imperials--Hurt So Bad

| play

Luther Vandross - Any Love

| play
Byno a thang go-an-on, and on and on...
Byno loooooove this version

KETTY LESTER LOVE LETTERS i retracked this video and tried to get the lip synch as good as i could

| play
Byno let's get this party started
Byno pulease me!

Joe TexShow Me

| play
Byno you bring up a good point there, Joe.
Byno you know that ain't no way to do..
Byno so true only live once...

Ray Charles Unchain my Heart

| play

Luther Vandross- Never Too Much

| play
Byno Knock Knock. Who's there? Sam & Janet. Sam & Janet Who? Sam & Janet Evening.
pollyphonic For Ringo

He's So Fine-The Chiffons

| play
Byno @toosweet4rnr: "[The Cranberries – Linger] I swore I would be true, but honey so did you" (reblip)
Byno PSU in 1968 2@PS1968: "Hola @GeryDiMarco! @TrainWreckRadio ...Did you work at KDKB? Kudos to @MrsASoprano! GREAT song! :) " (reblip)


| play
Byno big crocodile tears!@JerryKidd: "When you are alone in your lonely room and there is nothing but the smell of her perfume don't you feel like crying?" (reblip)
Byno ain't nothing like the real thang.
Byno my turn to rebip y'all@charmstep: "Ruby & The Romantics – Our Day Will Come: Lovely." (reblip)
Byno top of the day t' ya@charmstep</