herloversrock Love in this Club - The Summer Set...Usher or The Summer Set?
CLARITY Will someone please upload some penguin prison on blip?! it's sad that this is the only one I could find.
CLARITY this band is smooth listening.

LusineTwo Dots

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GR8FL @klitoria 2200 your time tomorrow is great... meanwhile don't stop what you do
CLARITY @freshjuice@sandyriverside Blipulous(adj): A blip that that is described as fantastic; extraordinary or amazing. (added by@mkvkelly) (reblip)


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CLARITY @freshjuice Blipster: one who blips purely for the purpose of increasing their street cred @sandyriverside haha NICE!gonna pay attention in class now! (reblip)
CLARITY @mkvkelly@sandyriverside@freshjuice Bliptastrophe(n): The tribulations a DJ faces when blipping instead of tending to real life responsibilities. (reblip)
CLARITY @sandyriverside@freshjuice Blipsessive: DJ who preoccupies their mind continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent, with blips.
CLARITY @mkvkelly I want to have like 10,000 of diplos babies. thats a guaranteed 10,000 solid gold remixes rb@robotnik: "hmm, not heard this before..." (reblip)
ScenicKK Futurecop! – Starworshipper
Flow HSG droppin in over that Em "Hello". and they do it justice.

Horse Shoe Gang-Crazy Niggas [Horse Shoe Weekly 2]

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CLARITY @DeeJayTeeJay313 one of the tracks you'll probably jam to in your room by yourself when your siblings arent around. haha.
CLARITY alright! GOTTA DO WORK! bye for now

Twist and Shout (Pat Swayzak Remix)

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FunkShoi @anothercraze, ze Fat JEw issa pimp, no? // @mkvkelly I'm 2 blocks from Bryant Park. It's a madhizzouse over there. A rainy wet sexy madhouse

TEAM FACELIFT "Lotion In The Basket"

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Boys Noize Oh! (A-Trak remix)

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lafabrock This new band made a rap version using a sample of MGMT and nother song using samples of Passion Pit. // #new #rap #remix #sample

Chiddy Bang- Truth (Feat. Passion Pit)

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lafabrock #Folk #cover of Kanye West's Amazing / #new #indie


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CLARITY @DJFrankie which video is yours? and is anyone allowed to sign up to vote? (reblip)
sandyriverside Whoa @Nikinstein I was going to say I hope Nickleback dies in a house fire. You just earned yourself a new listener buddy! Haha @squidbrain

The Faint-"Your Retro Career Melted"

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axefield @sandyriverside - cleaning + fable 2 + work for me, how's your doggy? | fabulous song from @dochugo: "how we are going to depict in the nature" (reblip)
CLARITY A local DJ friend bestowed this upon me a few months ago. It's a guaranteed winner at any dance party @ScenicKK! (reblip)


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CLARITY Groove to this. Play at high volumes.


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CLARITY Jay and Alicia tore this up last night! What was lil mama doing on stage at the end though?
mkvkelly If I had enough energy to go for a jog (or yog) I would listen to this, but I don't. So I'll just pretend I'm working out from my chair :)
nastysurprise @CreepingElm #124 More of a dedication style song rather than just trying to find songs I think you might like. Of course, all for fun.
FunkShoi Back for just a sec and saw this. I gotsta have it. RB@dochugo. Thanks! (reblip)
I_am_spie cancelling postal stamps never sounded so good.
CLARITY @TiffTackToke aww been a while since I've jammed this one. (reblip)
CLARITY damn.. I am so addicted to blip. I'm going now. Just wanted this song, cus it makes me happier than.. well I guess happier than I could explain.
CLARITY @DJLOPZ I wish! I just haven't been to Cali since last summer :( // @DeeJayTeeJay313 listen guapo!
CLARITY This song holds tons of sentiment. Listen to it. It's what I can't describe.
CLARITY @mightE Sister, you complete me. Stop being 76 miles away.
OKnightmare I'm really impressed with how good these guys are, so much more than the gimmick I thought they were


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freshjuice @CLARITY @sandyriverside @mkvkelly blunkie(noun): one who places greater emphasis on blipping than paid work (reblip)
CLARITY @sandyriverside bliplines are a must! white satin and this were on mine for the drive home..
nastysurprise @leotard This is my absolute favorite of Coldplay's. Nice blip. Admitting it is the 1st step... (reblip)
axefield @CLARITY Because we live in a mad world
axefield @CLARITY it's best to relax a bit, shake it off and tell people to Fukkk Offf, cause it's Friday.
axefield @CargoCulte - and how do you propose to eliminate the whip of lower class slavery?
bendrix 48 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks @toddkelley on 10/18/08 - This is the track that drew me to blip & Its 1 of the GR8est Marvin Gaye samples ever!!!

Inxs Beautiful Girl

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MissDiggity i'm gonna end up in jeans and a t-shirt - i've completely psyched myself out over what to wear @DJFrankie @sandyriverside

The xxTeardrops

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jtabz @DJFrankie @ShesAllWrite ["I too love the vampire era Say Hi tunes. *sigh*]--me, three.
axefield Reblip so you guys remember: -------- @dochugo: "NICE. thanks rb@axefield: "yes."" (reblip)
DJLOPZ I got the certification from Pops. #funky sunday
DJLOPZ I believe he did..@SANOMI: "RB @MarcusDeSouza<--*Fist bump* : "@SANOMI: Domino – Getto Jam"<----Oh no u diint...Lol" (reblip)

DominoGetto Jam

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CLARITY @DJLOPZ doin' good on the 3rd coast! Recovering from the dance party I had last night. I'm sore in places I didn't know could hurt. Haha.. yourself?
CLARITY @DjEntronic ..I change shapes just to hide in this place. But I'm still, I'm still an animal
CLARITY don't know what I'd do without you baby !
barnburner @CLARITY for as long as I can remember I have been infatuated w/this opening and closing riff. So this one's my fav.
TiffTackToke Discovered this divide and kreate... Check it out (got a couple coming up)
allformat @Nymph The beat is nice. I like the original better. btw, somehow I woke up with this stuck in my head.

Passion Pit- The Reeling (Manners)

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CLARITY @axefield some better morning groove to start your day. // @allformat @speculoos @TiffTackToke // @fabuleuxfab havent heard frm you in some time! hola


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speculoos some novocaine for @CLARITY , hope you're well and manage to make it through the day
sandyriverside Thanks rb@mediterraneamente this goes well with everyhting else I am playing today/ Never a worry for me too @CLARITY / Howdy @Mollykills @squidbrain (reblip)


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FunkShoi @daretoeatapeach: "For my birthday, one of my favorite songs." -- awesome, now it feels like I'm havin one. Happy Birfday(fun way to spell it)! (reblip)
sandyriverside @CLARITY I did catch Janelle Monae and Of Montreal on Friday w/ @MissDiggity + @DJFrankie which was really rad.

Outkast Ft. Janelle Monae- Call the law

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Record Club Velvet Underground & Nico "Run Run Run"

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nastysurprise Contemplating a new avatar today. This song says it all.
mkvkelly I got 99 problems, and they all bitchesssss.
axefield Phoenix – 1901 (sayCet Remix)
axefield Empire Of The Sun – We Are the People (The Golden Filter Remix - UK Edit)
DJLOPZ Strange Fruit Project – You (The Only Ones) (Prod. By Illmind)
CLARITY via@PunkBroc's playlist. but that train keeps a-rollin... on down to SAN ANTONE. Where me and @mkvkelly be. (reblip)

Zeigeist - Humanitarianism (Twelves Remix)

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CLARITY @sandyriverside hot %50 of blip! What's happenin' your side of the states? // @mkvkelly come on and give me some.
allformat lol. it would make my day to hear this song come on while two guys are sittin on the couch playing virtual soccer.
CLARITY @sandyriverside I think it's opposite for us. We've probably had a combined total of 2 weeks in all of 2009. (reblip)
CLARITY i LOVE me this remix. hey there @SNIZWHIZ.. always a pleasure to see you on the same bliptinerary as me :D
CLARITY @harm one of my all time favs! just earned yerself a new listener, whoop whoop! (reblip)
CLARITY @harm super amazed you actually have this song on your page. I've loved this since I was little. yay harm! (reblip)
CLARITY and now..the same song but .... better?
CLARITY @DJLOPZ nah, dirty, dirty... you such a dirty, yea. dirty dirty... :D goodnight pimpin'

FeltDirty Girl

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CLARITY @mightE libations for the gods! you complete me seeeester. I love you.
CLARITY time for some zzz's.... night blippers. <3
liquidjumper Good Morning! Since I had to retire the K. West, this is the new opening salvo...... (reblip)
leaferi Still??? =P rb@JDS442: "Everbody's talkin' about ....!!!" (reblip)
lafabrock How I love that instrumental !
speculoos what kind of animals are you ;-) @axefield @CLARITY

Miike Snow 'Animal' Music Video

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dochugo i too am confused nasty

FamiljenHög Luft

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star45 New Order – Shellshock
CLARITY @mkvkelly we're gonna drop it like its SOOOOO HOT at girltalk! well, with our luck, the last blast of texas heat this season will come back oct 2nd..
ZOEBOE Speaking of cheese @Tjeerd I think it's time for lunch. Cheese on rye rye please :) b back later @djilo @DJLOPZ @CanadianClassic @CLARITY
PunkBroc party jam


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Hyperballad (Subtle Abuse Mix)

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Flow @DiligentRadio605 - sup broha. we be takin blippas shine Swift like Kanye... welcome to the fam. holla holla @ZOEBOE @Ad_C @DJBiggL @Karuna @CLARITY
djilo Anji Bee with Bitstream Dream – Love Me Leave Me
speculoos @axefield @CLARITY : sipping champagne, my favourite drink :-)
CLARITY BIG GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO! // mornin' love! still plannin' on chillin in the ATX tmrw? si si si si si

BluePrint- Big Girls Need Love Too

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TiffTackToke I do indeed!!! @CLARITY it's been too long since our last adventure in Austin... I'm ready
axefield My Mind traveled through time listening to this. You never really explained why/how you punched your boss in the face boss man rb@sandyriverside (reblip)
Fangbaby hey @CLARITY Bill & Tyrone brought in a mess o' bbq for us. should be good...
axefield inblipcision - inability to pick a song to blip, or endlessly listening to blips without posting them. @sandyriverside @ladyhoho@CLARITY

311-All Mixed Up

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RipTrick Delicious Remix!! Like a perfectly concocted Long Island.
freshjuice playing blooky: shirking responsibility to work and blipping,without permission; e.g., for a road trip @sandyriverside @CLARITY @mkvkelly @GrassyKnoll

"Everyday Should Be A Holiday" Dandy Warhols Music Video

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RipTrick When you say funk you mean this man.
RipTrick @cruzanhallie: "I'm not conceited, I'm just convinced." ;) (reblip)

This Is Why I'm Hot Remix

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CLARITY @DjEntronic sad robot without your blip love :(
Fangbaby great tune... g'bless you too @PunkBroc: "Oh god. Can't stop sneezing." (reblip)
ZOEBOE This explains what happens to my computer at night! Damn crash test dummy dolls! -->
CLARITY loves it! thank you, friend :D @speculoos: "better a sad than a dirty robot ;-) enjoy this video" (reblip)
DJLOPZ @CLARITY all your talk of robots...

Free the Robots Jazzhole

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aquietend going away for a few days. have fun at this! & with the visitors! ;)
honeygirl ...sweet like honey... ;)


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sandyriverside Thanks @Modster have an uncanny weekend yourself. Btw I only listen to this tune like 15 times a day, that and COF's Letters from a Voyage to Sweden. (reblip)
joebug @anonymoose, it wasn't that bad...it was my friend's kid so i left my pukey clothes at her house to wash for me, hehe
OKnightmare @CLARITY I prefer this version :D

Muppets vs Electric Six Gay Muppet Bar

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DJC2 @CLARITY Here's another depression-inducing tear-jerker of loneliness and deep connection. Oh, the good times...
CLARITY Im a mothafuckin comin' for youuuuuu
CLARITY feel this @Flow! hope you're havin' a good friday night somewhere :D
CLARITY @barnburner hell yea south by is always fun. I frequent both! but ACL is ALWAYS killer. make it a point next year son!
CLARITY @speculoos this made my first 5 minutes of my day full of smiles. :) (reblip)
WillCallPoliceAgain RB @sandyriverside: "That's the best plan I've heard in weeks @CLARITY, we will melt ears with our sweet synth keystrokes. (PS I am a lefty) " (reblip)
freshjuice awesome @CLARITY I hope you've got some proven remedies for apathy, poor attitude and dance fever in your bag of tricks.
axefield Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix)
MsButterzworth @CLARITY makes me want to listen to this great cover ~Poker Face-Daughtry (Lady Gaga cover)~

Daughtry version of Poker Face

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liquidjumper @bendrix @aktovoir @rockthetropics @CLARITY Here's a throwback! Natural E's tracks are still dope!
liquidjumper Instant Re-blip...It's new to me and dope as hell!Good look!@aktovoir: "Beautiful music! @Boogie78 @missm778 @rockthetropics @CLARITY (reblip)

Omega OneMemento

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bendrix I highly recommend all hip hop heads to cop that "Disposable Arts" album. Masta Ace is soooo under-appreciated damn :( => rb@liquidjumper (reblip)
liquidjumper @bendrix Remember this one? This was my shit off that first Lyricist Lounge! @aktovoir @rockthetropics @CLARITY
jambands this has to be my all time fav underground rap cd... if you can get your hands on it i would its well worth the 60.00 bucks for it its priceless
rickardnilsson So odd! So amazing! How do you describe this? Old Swedish folk music meets computer age? Dunno.
DJLOPZ @CLARITY how bout something smart and profound?
OKnightmare @CLARITY If you liked Orange Juice, try this one on for size. They're from the same Scottish post-punk scene, cheers :)
rickardnilsson This is probably the best remix ever of a Madonna song:P

of Montreal covers JIMMY by M.I.A.

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CLARITY @liquidjumper you're the only other cat I've seen blip Miss Lady Psalm! Wish I could find "Don't let me get me" but this'll do :]

Psalm One-A Girl Named You

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AmyJack74 Now listening to Zapp & Roger - Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)
CLARITY @RichBlood Oh, Texas, Zimbabwe - What have you. Worlds apart on the web. Either way, my blip love is chemical. (reblip)
CLARITY My search engine is only bringing up videos. Anyone else havin' trouble with just the MP3s?
CLARITY wowza @freshjuice, you weren't joshin' about avatar Tuesday! ::cough..@axefield @Shukitty ..cough cough:: :D (reblip)
axefield and I'm wearing my 8bit megaman shirt! I like the shirt I'm wearing today better @CLARITY, @freshjuice, @Shukitty http://tinyurl.com/ygk3on9
OKnightmare This is such an amazing song! I've always loved it! Thank you rb@DJAbstruseJuice: "Simple storytelling on a fat beat at it's best." (reblip)
axefield @ZOEBOE | I fuckin' hate payin' rent | killer, just just like this massive dubstep machine gun | @betoquez I'll win.
DJC2 @SandroC@Betoques (THX 1138)@DJCZ@inavision @kareliz@Pesest@TenaciousF (I am glad to have you as a companion on the aural journey)
ZOEBOE @axefield ya, rent kills my cash flow. ;) But what can ya do?
CLARITY haha I love it! @freshjuice. That was courtesy of none other than our good friend @axefield. Who else blips NON STOP eargasms? It's matched by few..
DJC2 I'll aways RB this one! (reblip)

MPop Muzik

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axefield @CLARITY We all have are good day's and our bad days blippin... | term --- BlipFAIL... - when a blipper fails so hard core in a set (for personal use)
CLARITY @everythingispop I got caught red handed with that blippian slip! Such an excellent addition to the bliptionary staff you will be! (reblip)
everythingispop @CLARITY Bliptionary Addition BLUNDER - When you accidentally BLIP that song you were only um, previewing.
ShesAllWrite Welcome to my bliposphere, @CLARITY ~ Space Art – Welcome To Love
nastysurprise @Jazzhole: "close to a grand in a hurry." Well if my bro still lived there & kept me apprised of his life I would've only needed a $250 plane tik. (reblip)
CLARITY SUCH A LOVELY cover. The bango tickles my heart! AND there's whistling. yessss.
ZOEBOE And a good morning to you! ->rb@MsButterzworth (reblip)


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CLARITY @freshjuice@sandyriverside@everythingispop@axefield Blipmersed-Being immersed in blip.Not processing thoughts or content of interaction b/w others.

Styles Of Beyond-Mr. Brown

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axefield Yes. This is insanely amazingly awesome | @PhilthyKnuckles @dochugo (even though I know you listen to @Nymph) @clairity @sandyriverside @Nicoline (reblip)
CLARITY @DeeJayTeeJay313 Liked this! Makes me wanna swing my hips around on the dance floor with a cocktail raised in the air :D (reblip)


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CLARITY (imeem warning).. This is gettin' ridiculous! I gotta WORK. Bye all!
nastysurprise @AlyG That last blip cut off. Anyway, just waiting to go to the interview. Bored senseless.
CLARITY @DjEntronic I forgot to reply you in my electric six blip. Here's some robot kisses for you. Beep boop boop.
freshjuice clearly, @GrassyKnoll. i can also bake a mean cupcake/ @MandiMidnight:"i'd like to thank joe pesci,sushi,&speculums" - best triple threat ever!
CLARITY rb!@DHS looking forward to this live on saturday :) (reblip)
victorbragab starting my late night blips now! i'd like to say hi to @CLARITY and thank her for getting me to know this music which i'm addicted to it now haha!
CLARITY OVERCAST! Why won't the good ol days come back? .... :/

Atmosphere-4:30 A.M.(explicit)

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CLARITY woke up. found out. got told. broke down. hold on. no sound. smoke rings. slow down! ... you might stare.. but I prefer that you wouldn't. .
ShesAllWrite I've got nowhere to run, man. Nowhere to bury my weary head except my indifferent pillow. ~ Patti Smith – Gimme Shelter
axefield My Jam in the car this morning | Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt.1
ScenicKK my FAV. are the moment, moments are short
Atomik Work! Is it beer-thirty yet? @joe61: "The rakes - Work, Work, Work" (reblip)
axefield Metronomy – Radio Ladio (Mae Shi rmx)
squidbrain I think the critical difference here is that Boots Riley is a rapper and M.I.A. is a glorified fashionista who says words over a beat.
ShesAllWrite A groovy tune via @tpalaz ~ Helium – Superball (reblip)
everythingispop I can not recommend this band enough... Such an amazing group of musicians. Good morning @CLARITY nice to see you again.
CLARITY Alright bleople, gotta get ready for the day. Have a wonderful Saturdaaay <33
CLARITY check this out! This is the performance I saw last night when the UT longhorn marching band came on stage with ghostland. Best show of 2009 for me.


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N.A.S.A. "Gifted" (feat. Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li)

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sandyriverside rb@DEADAIR well I was going to stop working and go home to eat dinner and feed my anorexic dog - but jesus man, this is some funky ass shit. (reblip)
CLARITY @TiffTackToke The yyy's were amazing. I wish you were there. How was your birthday week lil miss ? (reblip)
CLARITY I really can't stop watching this. Such a badass show .. makes me so proud to be from Austin TEXAS! (reblip)


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CLARITY Felix da Housecat - We all wanna be prince (disco villians remix)

Techno Song

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DJLOPZ @CLARITY This sounds like something you would like....
MariaReyesMcDavis I love me some Erykah Badu, double good with Zap Mama. Powerful musical poets!
RolandDePhaty hmm some good ole southern strung out on cocain music lol
gizew Im really on a YYY kick sorry, but they are an amzing, artistic group.
CLARITY @PamsLove: Mos Def did a cover of this song on Saturday. Oh so nice! (reblip)
CLARITY Whoa I need to go to bed. I just can't seem to pump enough electro outta my heart.

Fake Blood-the dozens

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sandyriverside - Word of the Day - foofaraw \FOO-fuh-raw\, noun: 1. Excessive or flashy ornamentation or decoration.
axefield Metronomy – A Thing For Me
HellenKellersIpod If you want to hear a good recording of Glassjaw, you gotta do it yourself


| play
axefield Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix)
axefield Little Secrets (Amplifya Remix) | lets take it higher

Little Secrets (Amplifya Remix)

| play
lafabrock "You don't know what to do There's a guy now Who'll be there for you"
ShesAllWrite @CLARITY, it's been an interesting week thus far, but That's Life -- Frank Sinatra
ElizaHerp Playing songs from wedding favor CD from my cousin's FABULOUS wedding. Song #5: April March - Le temps de l'amour. Bonjour @dronnoisseur @shanti45
freshjuice keep those eargasms coming @axefield, good stuff! i hope my office mate likes em as much as i do :)

Passion Pit- SleepyHead Remix (Neo Tokyo)

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EFR56 OOOOOOH I owe props for this one! I just had to re-blip. Its a banger! Bobbin' @Mysterymix: "Manga . ;) @lwsrc @pappwixe @1001queen @Heike @klitoria" (reblip)
jambands @tjps hiya beautiful hope you have a great day and a blessed one
jambands I find myself singing the same songs everyday Ones that make me feel good When things behind the smile ain't okay

blind melonwalk

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Mike_Mongoose Chillaholic – Dub in the Shell --- Thanks for the props! @Karuna @freshjuice @crowgrrl
CLARITY same song in dubstep! whoop whoop @mightE listen sister. Then lets go to Dallas and dance til 8am.
Mike_Mongoose Bar 9 – Untitled Symphony --- Thx for the props! @sanaponic
HellenKellersIpod Like a fruitier version of the Gorillaz...I like (reblip)
DjEntronic the new V

Vitalic Poison Lips Video

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EFR56 Lovely sound... @DoubleDigitCatastrophe: "Girls are so cute when they're fleeing the rain (<3hoodies)" (reblip)
nastysurprise @fleurdelis101 "tell me if this is more your taste??" It's OK, maybe a little too remixed if that makes any sense, but I'm just being picky. Thx 4 it. (reblip)