Kiegan @Chase If you listen through the >>WHOLE TRACK<<, it'll mess you up <3
bendrix This really is a good education bro thanks REblip => @PlasticRobot @evablue:You betcha boy howdy! I'm all about sharin the love. (reblip)
ofarevolution441 I'm pretty sure that everything about this song is perfect.
beautiful_loser El pilón para que @Alania o @tlalocman se saquen la espinita de la ultima ronda... que peli es?
randymatheson Sunday morning covers... Calexico covers Joy Division... of course its Love Will Tear Us Apart
hesa i am the sun i am the air
chemapunk el Sr. Wero rulea en Perros de Reserva...
CallMeBlake instrumental - very cool (I thought)
onceacurmudgeon in my mind k records and matador were the kings of the genre.
jgmancuso "I propose a toast to my self control You see it crawling helpless on the floor"
onceacurmudgeon some weird algamation between frat rock and indie rock = pavement. yet i loved them just the same.
Figgywithit Goes nicely on a mix CD after Dandy Warhols' Bohemian Like You.
bendrix if you Dig Nine Inch Nails and Bowie like vocals U'll love this track @davislove @davidwatts1978 @PlasticRobot @irsocal
vento Follow Me – Uncle Cracker
stroud @paisleypower30 yeah, haha sorry about that - this one's alright, though.
CallMeBlake @stroud (second try) I liked it, and I like The Shins too ( should have blipped this with my set earlier)
stroud going home from work. laters.
ofarevolution441 They're like a lesser-known CAKE.
ofarevolution441 (Mystery Jesus And The Wonder Wheel, title cut off for some reason.) this is a song that's set to be on my new album The Gang's All Here. :o
CallMeBlake You figured oput how to get your music on! WHOO - hoo :) (reblip)
bendrix This Massive Attack Protection album will forever be a classic - it was my introduction to the group (on their 2nd album effort) Instrumentals Dope
FamousRob Not enough idlewild on blip...
onceacurmudgeon the fog of my morning is thick like cement. also apparently i slip my lip between now and when i woke up. what??? you'd think i would remember that.


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loliveira marinara


| play
onceacurmudgeon @mammara what is the deal with this band? they have like 4 distinct personalities. i am so much more into their haunting minimalist stuff
onceacurmudgeon this hardly sounds like the same band.
onceacurmudgeon 1st pet shop boys song where i truly understood their genius. the album also made me look up introspective. i have never stopped being since.

pet shop boys domino dancing

| play
onceacurmudgeon was a bit clueless and a dunderhead to not have an idea of what they were singing about here. so sad to see in 20+ years fairly little has changed.
CallMeBlake !not what I was looking for ,but darling :)
themayor This is from "Love Actually". And I believe I love it. Yes, that's right. I'll hand in my man card and my film geek card in rapid succession.
themayor I think my favorite bit is always when they go into the dream. I kinda wish I was falling in slow motion.
CallMeBlake obviously I was looking for something else, but this was really neat!
skishua Grand, epic, beautiful - perfect nap-starting music.
joefy Let's tear away these faces we hide behind, cutting through the airwaves, open up our minds!
teukkam Time for some refreshing silliness

James Pond 2 (Robocod) - Amiga (TITAN)

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onceacurmudgeon when i look in the mirror i see a jaded cynic looking back, but one filled with twee like a garlic stuffed olive.
Figgywithit @briangreene the new profile pic is dashing, but why so serious?
Figgywithit songs that perfectly simulate drug experiences for $200 please, Alex (reblip)
ladypn @chris_franz70 You are blipping some mighty fine stuff today! I'm all propped out for you! (reblip)
CallMeBlake wow a lot slower than the album version I have, kinda nice :)
ladypn @GR8FL Grrrr! I'm already over prop limit for you! LOVE this! (reblip)
bendrix If this is what Moya Brennan's music sounds like then I'm a new convert. This is really Beautiful thanks reblip=> @dymphie @bendrix i can change too (reblip)
ladypn My ship would leave the country but I'd rather swim to shore. "colliding into sound". Love this sound and lyrics.
ladypn @patricia_coelho I think you're the only innocent on here... aren't you? ;)
bendrix I've nver blipD this Imogen track B4 thanks for remindN me :) reblip=> @kliqkunoichiI can wish, right? (reblip)
Vickingo I Believe in a Thing Called Love – The Darkness
Vickingo I Love You All The Time – Oh No! Oh My!
melodyofurlife one of my favorite 08 tunes
Figgywithit @rkmonkey will blip more if you check your replies. I've found a ton of great bands by frequenting this site. (reblip)
melsie73 /\/\

Alliance Ethnik Feat Cheb Mami - Parisien Du Nord

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CallMeBlake @melodyofyourlife that bonnie billy song made me think of this for some reason...
melodyofurlife My shadow likes toast, I like bagels. He likes bacon, I hate all breakfast meats. Weird, huh
CallMeBlake courtesy of @eddplant - Zombie Breed 77 (Cranberries cover) {I like it!} XD

Breed 77Zombie

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CallMeBlake the things my mind puts together lol
CallMeBlake @strangebrew I'm giggling so hard right now, and everyone is asleep! (reblip)
skishua UK indie is always better.
ladypn @JRex Maybe its Blip because I just had to reboot. Blip is being petulant! (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon with spring comes the flowers. and while they often play havoc with my sinuses, i'll trade that off for the spring warmth & abundant veggies.
melodyofurlife @evablue I Like the Pizza song to, but I probably would not go see Bouncing Souls. Wild Sweet Orange was just here, missed them. They are ok.
Oxy A Metaphor for maybe?
CallMeBlake Oh! Never heard this before - I like it :) mellow-ish
ZachsMind ...Does Eastman Kodak still exist? Never thought I'd see this day! Okay youngsters? Before digital photography, there were things called CAMERAS.. (reblip)
Cecelia21 hmmm...was searching something else and found this song.IIIIIII like it!..holy f*ck do I like it
CallMeBlake @Oxy You woke up a part of my brain I haven't accesed in ages, damn you :) BRB smoke time (reblip)
CallMeBlake @Oxy Not the version I know , but not bad :) 10 points if you know the version I do ;) ( I cannot prop you!) LOL
CallMeBlake I love this site ha ha, this was really interesting :) (Note: when I say something is interesting it doesn't neccesarily mean it's good)
CallMeBlake not at all what I was expecting with the title, mellow? he he but I liked it :)
onceacurmudgeon out of nowhere this song came crashing into my head. significance? yeah, i've got nothing. . you tell me....
CallMeBlake @malden for some reason that vampire weekend remix put this in my head :)
Figgywithit I love pop music. Especially when it sounds a little like a combination of Squeeze, the Shins and the Kinks.
Figgywithit @paisleypower30 You can get the cd for 19 cents a song here: Most songs on this Russian site are 1 cent.
CallMeBlake I was thinking of this song last night!!! Trying to remeber what it was haha- it was on a mix tape of my sisters! In ,oh my, high scool! (1990's) (reblip)
Figgywithit @paisleypower30 there's an english version. And you have to give them $25 via credit card first. I've been using them for years.
themayor you know you twist so fine. (reblip)

Beatles - Twist and Shout

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melodyofurlife @evablue @NyQuilDriver [song title] Pretty much says it all, Pink, Green, Hall, or Oats? Well maybe not Hall and Oats! :-P
elfgirl cute show last nite... LA la lala lala la!!
Atomik Hold On – Holy Ghost!
Oxy My day has begun, Hello Everybody

Ben LeeBegin

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CallMeBlake fuck is just a word... (how many other songs so you hear in this ?)
CallMeBlake @Oxy I have over 150 games for my Atari :) still works too - unlike some of the newer consoles that like to DIE :(
CallMeBlake @Oxy he he I blipped this yesterday, quality isn't that great but oh well - it's OUT OF THE MOVIE :)

Empire Records - Sugar High

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Shukitty We musn't dwell...not today. Not on Rex Manning day!
CallMeBlake who siad this? "I tried to kill myself with a plastic pink razor and a bic lighter, how patheic is that?"
rusticspiral @paisleypower30 cool! back at you with Frou Frou in return for Freezepop
ladypn @paisleypower30 @ChristopherNYCK I don't think Beck has gotten the accolades he deserves. I mean just LISTEN to this!
Figgywithit @ladypn @ChristopherNYCK which album is this song on? Can't find it anywhere. (reblip)
ladypn @melodyofyourlife D-FIB! Palpitations here, this Beck in particular has always gotten to me. :) (reblip)
ladypn OK yet another one I'd never heard. I feel I'm missing so MUCH! Thanks @ChristopherNYCK. Beck is so diverse in sound, so talented, & skillful. (reblip)
ladypn @ChristopherNYCK @Figgywithit @melodyofyourlife@paisleypower30@djwttw can't thank you all enough for expanding my appreciation for Beck even further! (reblip)
ladypn @dwttw Another one going right on the playlist! Thank you!! (reblip)
CallMeBlake also new to me - if anyone finds two turn tables blip it to me, I'm hoping I'm just entering it incorrectly!


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rusticspiral @paisleypower30 Re: ecoplan - nice glitchy electronic sounding stuff there.
CallMeBlake I have a friend who Loves Nizlopi- figured I'd better see why - this is nice...
CallMeBlake OOH! I recognize this one ha ha from like a year ago, I watched a video , didn't realize who they were


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420thoughts ❀ just turn some Allman Brothers on. kick back on the sofa, watch the candles burn. I figured, hell, I might as well be stoned...❀
DanTaylor If this don't make yo booty move, yo booty must be dead.
OneLuvGurl Me First And The Gimme Gimmes doing My Boyfriend's Back. Awesome!
ZachsMind I try not to blip Beatles or Led Zeppelin. However, this is both and neither at the same time. Very Zen.
CallMeBlake A friend on you tube I enjoy his music - does anyone know how to add music to the website from say - someone's website?
SofiaPopia ♡I can't begin to tell you how much I wish this was my own personal theme song♡
ZachsMind Another artist I'm trying not to blip is Billy Joel. Love his stuff, but there's other artists who are just as good & get less exposure. Covers tho? (reblip)

Westlife - Uptown Girl

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Anomaly Wait for the year to drown, spring forward, fall back down
ZachsMind "I hate music, especially when it's played." - Jimmy Durante (reblip)
ZachsMind "Ahh... music! A magic far beyond all we do here." - Albus Dumbledore (reblip)
Oxy I don't know where I'm going but can you guide me?
Oxy Just as screwy as me =P
DanTaylor One of my own mixes. :)

Jazzy Kinda Sum'n

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ZachsMind "The difference between love and lust is that lust never costs over two hundred dollars." - Johnny Carson (reblip)
ZachsMind If you haven't already bought the DVD that's okay, but the rest of us want a sequel! so.. (j/k I haven't bought it yet either) (reblip)
teukkam Note to self: don't whistle out loud while wearing headphones (reblip)
Oxy OK - just realised that I prefer to blip songs with Capital letters used in the titles, am I a freak?
420thoughts I saw a movie. it just wasn't the same cause it was happy, I was sad. and it made me miss ya, oh so bad...
sheryonstone @dbrah6 this is great, thanks for sharing * You Dont Know Me- Jann Arden (reblip)
420thoughts @Figgywithit goodnight darling! sweet dreams!


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420thoughts I go out walkin after midnight. Out in the moonlight, just like we used to do. I'm always walkin after midnight searchin for you.
Oxy Time for Bed Blippers @paisleypower30 sorry if i freaked u out, just makin friends is all. Goodnight All, luv yaz :)


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sheryonstone luka *well, just because.
ladypn @JRex, Its all about letting go, isn't it? You've got to let go of that dream, my friend. ;)
OneLuvGurl Some people really need to hear this song and listen closely. Fuck off! (reblip)
CallMeBlake was turned onto this song by a friend, and honestly his voice isn't the greatest on it, but it touches me for some reason...
melsie73 lot of talk bout ads on here tonight
CallMeBlake well that sucks, this isn't what I was originally looking to upload for AND it doesn't show up under the artist *grr* ( it's Tom Milsom) - Electronic


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Jessums31 Cos I love the way you call me Baby & you take me the way I am
Figgywithit @robotnik @by_starla this is my other fave Evangelicals from the latest album. very Flaming Lips-like...

Evangelicals- Party Crashin'

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elfgirl @paisleypower30 here's my favorite! so excited they are coming to SXSW!!
elfgirl yes, this song makes me wanna!
ladypn @jlightbody... You're Irish? ;) Good night! & pleasant dreams! (reblip)
Miss_Bella I'll never stop loving this song.
ladypn via @godninja I'm seeing Red Rabits again.... what does it mean? ;) (reblip)
Atomik so original


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ladypn You think maybe its me and I'm being a fool, you start to believe its a curse that you're under... :)
CallMeBlake so's I can find it again, never can remember the name of this one
CallMeBlake had this in my head all day, didn't realize I didn't own it ha ha
junoluvsu it was an honest mistake. i am sorry.
junoluvsu this helped me get through today. :] [replace the he with a she]
wheezywaiter Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock with his brief side project:
wheezywaiter This is one of the best things to come out of Animal Collective.
junoluvsu reblipped. thank you vivien for reminding me of my childhood! this was my favourite song for a while :] (reblip)
Figgywithit Night, blipstars! Take 'er easy until we blip again. (((d~^~b)))
CallMeBlake Oh hey I didn't realize this was on here till now :)
stroud @saint the kaiser chiefs song was a little weird to listen to with the new arrangements and trumpets, but good, though.


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erniesbudolab_90sNup Interesting rhythmic use of a classic organ sound.
CallMeBlake Tired of Tom Milsom yet? ha ha sorry guys


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CallMeBlake Actually called "minimalist piece for six pianos" :)
SofiaPopia ♬ Tune in, drop out of love ♬
Oxy Its time to spread your wings and fly.. major lol

East 17Thunder

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Oxy Gotta run Blippers, but Luvs you all :)
ladypn The time's all messed up on the blips.... & suddenly I can give people props when I was out for them, & its not midnight here yet. Wonder what's up? (reblip)
ladypn @Vikingole How very strange! I nearly selected this very song for my goodnight song! LOL! Thank you & goodnight! ;) (reblip)
CallMeBlake @bendix I happen to have my headphones on :) This is pretty cool. (reblip)
bendrix btw I loved that "Starwars shield" comment & If U really want to scare someone try playN this track to a Priest :) via@RedBloodedBlackMagicWitchWoman (reblip)
CallMeBlake "hello blippers. if you like this song (this is a great song), please reblip it. Francis M, the guy who wrote this just died : (" courtesy @stroud (reblip)
ZachsMind @ladypn "does your mom still pick your clothes out?" Nope. I'm pathetic, but not that pathetic. I'm not fashion conscious tho so that'd be a step up. (reblip)
Oxy What a cover.... can't compete with the original but LOVE evanesence and this is pretty cool
DJAhren @SaraMurph say: Should I learn this? Fer realz? @DJAhren says: Yes. (reblip)
CallMeBlake Finally! why didn't it want to work before!? This is Tom Milsom Yet again :)


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robtraut My confidence is leaving me on my own
CallMeBlake The things you find on this site :)
CallMeBlake Yeah!! Found this - I watched "mask" with cher last night, this is in the "funhouse" scene :)


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ZachsMind @robtraut: "It's easier to do this..." Yes, but harder for me to respond. LOL On that list, I watch Lost, Dollhouse, Lie To Me. I gave up on T:SCC. (reblip)
Vickingo Dio – Rainbow In The Dark @toosweet4rnr or is it :(
Anomaly fuck the world and liberate our time

The VinesRide

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CallMeBlake Happy St. Patrick's day everyone :)
CallMeBlake Not what I was looking for, quite interesting though ;)
CallMeBlake Sometimes I miss the '80's ....
t0dds @themarmalade ... O, another good one. ((I have to give the credit for "panda bear" to @paisleypower30. I'm really liking them)) (reblip)
t0dds Guess I will call it a night w/ another of my favs courtesy of @themarmalade
KameronKhaos I'm too hyper to sleep. HERE I COMEEE WHEN I BETTER GO, I SAY YES, WHEN I OUGHTA SAY NOO!
videosforpictures "deep end board, i was high." this song makes me indescribably joyful.

learning how to dive

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eddus Andrew Bird is a genius person.
DJAhren I just had a musicgasm. Yup.
ladypn All out of props for you, @antenaweb! How are you this morning? (reblip)
Figgywithit Some songs are one of a kind. This is one of them. (reblip)
videosforpictures "Threw a nickel in a fountain, to save my soul from all these troubled times, and all the drugs that I don't have the guts to take to soothe my mind."
eddus in a Final Fantasy mood this evening. This is my most listened to song of all time, according to itunes. <3
skishua Air's music makes me plug in my 80s-throwback headphones and be transported somewhere transcendent.
ladypn So glad to know its not just me @CrescentMoonglow@lilwldchld @swilson@unfinishedperson @swilson I'm on the west coast, you're still welcome! ;) (reblip)
CallMeBlake I love when thinks cooperate - he's @hexachordal on you tube :)
CallMeBlake @ladypn Pretty good, aside from having insomnia yet again :)
iamlucasjc Jane came by with a lock of your hair.
eddus Here's some Maccabees. This song is so sweet :D
Domi_Nic Adam just called me. I am very happy that we're still friends. There was a time when I loved him. You're gonna find someone new, I really hope you do.
CallMeBlake @liamsp Thanks - I hope you feel better soon :)
DJAhren OMG...I hadn't heard this song in so long. WOOT! *giggles*

Soul Decision- Faded

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DJAhren This is a very happy wonderful song that happened to pop into my head today. :) I thought I'd share it with -you-! :D
CallMeBlake I really want to buy this album, anyone have it yet?
CallMeBlake In fact I think I like that song better than the first single ( which is this) though I like this.
ZachsMind #imeemfree In my car, I tune to like it's a train wreck. This is what the end of conventional radio looks like.
CallMeBlake I think I might get to preview the entire album on here, that is just awesome.
CallMeBlake and the next...(sorry if you don't like Green Day...)
CallMeBlake and the next - ha ha I'm probabaly going to lose followers because of this - oh well
CallMeBlake we have to skip one :( so next that's here
CallMeBlake and another skip , but oh well - pretty sure I'm buying it at this point :)
CallMeBlake I think we are nearing the end ha ha
onceacurmudgeon oh how i love this strange magnetic fields b-side. "so lets dance" via @evelet (reblip)
CallMeBlake @ladypn - yep - what is this non imeem thing, and does anyone know if you can post a myspace song to blip?

GomezShot Shot

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Figgywithit They are actually playing in Topanga Canyon on Saturday... @Olga @JODYGIRL162 @J_D (reblip)
Atomik rb@curatEar - good evening, sir! Another day done and a night of relaxing ahead of me. How are you? (reblip)
ladypn Even the last of the blue eyed babies know....
CallMeBlake OH yes, love this one of his - hey all :)

Walking Away [ORIGINAL]

| play
melodyofurlife Maybe I'll leave work a few minutes early.
secretagentmama Yeah you know you'll always be waiting/ Always be waiting/ I say always be waiting/


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CallMeBlake :) same soundtrack

Pump Up the Volume Freedom of Speech Above the Law

| play
Domi_Nic for Michelle

Phantom of the Opera

| play
CallMeBlake This is a really nice cover :) (reblip)
melsie73 crazy hot song on a cold cold dud city day, snow men and fireside games of snap with the whipper snapper. priceless. (reblip)
Atomik action? action? huh? @listeningsky: "LOL @jennyleepenny:[ ":) @listeningsky - I'd like to see that action! "]" (reblip)
Atomik good evening @RnBE // brb, enjoy this nice long tune
Atomik was just thinking of you, getting up or have you gone to sleep yet? @digitpt: "Cut Copy – Far Away" (reblip)
Atomik just look at this outfit, @seattle98122, Im all about your boxers tonight and not these highwaters
melodyofurlife this is cool Beck and the Velvet Underground

beck sunday morning

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Figgywithit reblip of my own blip... Ahh, the blipstars are blippin' great blips today, blip it all! (reblip)
uranoxymoron The two of us is all there is, the rest is just a dream.

The Cure(Robert Smith) Ft.Fall Out Boy(Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz)- The Perfect Boy

| play
wayoutosphere @paisleypower30 : #musicmonday I have the vinyl..! Uggghhh! Cozy Powell – The Rattler
CallMeBlake @ChadThomas: "one of my favorite butt rock songs." can anyone find "get your shit together" I haven't been able to :( (reblip)
CallMeBlake @ChadThomas - I'd forgotten all about this one :) (reblip)
CallMeBlake @ladypn: "Every child is truly beautiful. " Indeed. (reblip)
CallMeBlake @ladypn: "I'm nt a prfct person there's many things I wish I ddn't do but I continue lrnng I nvr mnt 2 do those things 2 u & so I have to say b4 I go" (reblip)
Jakearam New song i discovered this week that everyone should listen to
CallMeBlake Was introduced to this song today, I LIKE it!
Atomik as fucked up as it gets, now put the lotion in the mother fucking basket


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CallMeBlake More Eddplant :)

Walking Away [ORIGINAL]

| play
CallMeBlake I need to buy me some Blonde Redhead :)
seefu @paisleypower30 :) Blonde Redhead – In Particular

Pelle Carlberg I love you imbecill

| play
CallMeBlake Have to run to town, but I'll be back

I'll Come Running Back To You = Sam Cooke #18 1957

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onceacurmudgeon man... it has been far too long since i blipped this one. such a great video by giles timms of a ceri frost song. i want a golden clock for a face.

Dead All Along

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CallMeBlake I enabled everything, just once. To get the little sticker/badge. Apologies in advance if this shows up several times.
ktentacles so we've been told and some choose to believe it. I know they're wrong, wait and see.
t0dds The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema
elfgirl @kungfukoala here's a blip about sisters ;) if i had one "i'd ride bikes out to the sea" / lovely tune @LocoStavos.. outta props as usual!
CallMeBlake Ha ha, I love the internet - interesting cover.
Shukitty dressed up like bubble gum, i stuck to your shoe as you tried to run
Shukitty so pretty outside. i want to frolic. frolic i say.
elfgirl old skool tune for a new skool hobby. race ya @Anomaly ! perfect day to skate xo
elfgirl so fucking cute! thx @DJDOWNS ...good gawd all you guys are tooo distracting , i'm out... loves! (reblip)
iamlucasjc This is on repeat at my house. Can't get enough.
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