CamelWalk Driving, groovy greatness. Rare. Live. And all for y'all.
CamelWalk @Jazzhole - And you gotta think George Harrison would dig this, too. (reblip)

Asha PuthliI Dig Love

| play
CamelWalk Dr. Lonnie Smith - Mama Wailer. Blipped up! Sweet, sweet groove. @parjaritos @TropicsZ4 @FreakinFrog @ajadoo
CamelWalk Cymande - The Recluse. Such a sweet, mellow groove.

CymandeThe recluse

| play
CamelWalk Rockin' remix of Alan Hawkshaw's "Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue." Very groovy. @ajadoo @Annie_Roso @krisp @FreakinFrog @youimeanyou
CamelWalk Cymande. Dove. Toooo mellow.


| play
CamelWalk Mellllllloooow.

Cymande. Changes

| play
CamelWalk Dr. Lonnie Smith. Rare and very live in 2004. Blipped up! (Please excuse the tracking.) @krisp @BlueRoute @FreakinFrog @youimeanyou
CamelWalk Seriously, Jimmy?

Give Up The Booty

| play
CamelWalk Great funky groove. Blipped up. Check out the mad B3-wah-wah solo! @BlueRoute @FreakinFrog @krisp @youimeanyou
CamelWalk Ramsey Lewis. Living For The City. ... Very groovy solo here.
CamelWalk Cucumber - Chris Clubber. Fairly rare. Great uptempo Hammond-driven dance groove. Blipped up, baby!
CamelWalk Still more outrageous B3 groove from Dr. Lonnie. Rare. Live. Blipped up just for you!
CamelWalk More B3 blues and groove. Live. Rare. Blipped up! @BlueRoute @youimeanyou
CamelWalk Vicious, vicious Hammond groove here. Live. Rare. Blipped up! @FreakinFrog @youimeanyou
CamelWalk @FreakinFrog UR Welcome. It's Mr. ;) More rare Lonnie on its way later tonight & tomorrow.
CamelWalk Rare groove. Blipped up for you! Check out the bass solo on the organ pedals. Just sick! @FreakinFrog @LeeDuncan @Byno @Annie_Roso @everybodyhere
CamelWalk Nice, easy groove from Jimmy McGriff.
CamelWalk Classic groove from Brother Jack McDuff. Enjoy!
CamelWalk Lonnie Smith plays Carole King. And it smokes! Blipped up for y'all! @Jazzhole @Harpman @BlueRoute @FreakinFrog @krisp @Chris_Jobim @youimeanyou
CamelWalk @dreamofthewildhorses -- Nicely done! Your playlist is like a seminar. Love it! (reblip)
CamelWalk Breakestra. Swingin' hard. Blipped up. Enjoy!
CamelWalk @Harpman ... The pic? That's what's going on in the Jiffy Pop while it's expanding. Glad to know you're out there listening. Cheers!
mrorganboy I need some of that!

jimmy smith - got my mojo working.MP3

| play
CamelWalk This is what you get when talent meets time spent with fellow geniuses.
CamelWalk Dr. Lonnie Smith - Play It Back / If You See Kay - 1969. Great groove!


| play
CamelWalk Miss Poopie. Screaming organ funk.
CamelWalk So great!


| play
CamelWalk This groovy track just got my lady high.

"Bubbles" by Wah Wah Watson

| play
CamelWalk Fugi and Black Merda. Just heavy, heavy groove right here.

"Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip" by Fugi

| play
CamelWalk Unbelievably odd and awesome version of the George Harrison classic. Enjoy!

Asha PuthliI Dig Love

| play
CamelWalk Trippy funky groovy. And great video, to boot.
CamelWalk Let's put a groove on that. ;) @pajaritos

Lou Rawls-Season Of The Witch(1969)

| play
CamelWalk MMW (live). Blipped up for you! Groovy performance of the great gospel tune. Dig that Hammond/Clavinet solo! @allmylisteners, etc.
CamelWalk Cymande. Bra. ... Great, great song.


| play
CamelWalk More Chris Joss to keep you grooving all night long. And check out the great video he made for it!

Discotheque Dancing by Chris Joss

| play
CamelWalk Trippy, trippy upright bass groover from Melvin Jackson. I think he borrowed from Eddie Harris' rig for this one.

"funky skull" by Melvin Jackson

| play
CamelWalk Oh, Lord. General Crook. 1970. So very, very funky.


| play
CamelWalk So very, very groovy.

Maceo & All The Kings Men . Better Half

| play
CamelWalk Feelin' Funky? ... You will be.

The Mood Mosaic 11: Feelin' Funky!

| play
CamelWalk Tim Maia. 1971. Soul swinging hard here, people!
CamelWalk Peaceful little groove right here. Relax and enjoy.

CymandeThe recluse

| play
CamelWalk Idris! He says, "What." I say "Yes, please." You say?
CamelWalk The unparalleled Shirley Bassey.

Shirley Bassey light my fire 1972

| play
CamelWalk Gotta love Billy Preston.

The Bus by Billy Preston

| play

King Floyd-Everybody Needs Somebody(1972)

| play
CamelWalk This pocket is deep. And full of funk.

The Nite-Liters-Afro Strut (1972)

| play
CamelWalk My understanding is that there is a party. A party down on 4th Street. Anybody coming with me? @TornadoProblems @SeaCat59

Black Nasty--Party on 4th Street, Pt. 1 (1972)

| play
CamelWalk Lord, Almighty, the groove is so GREAT here. Caesar Frazier - Funk It Up. Enjoy, people! @poochiesan24 @SatinLegsSmih
CamelWalk @TropicsZ4 @FreakinFrog @Chris_Jobim @poochiesan24 @Edainsmom - Skull Snaps - It's A New Day ... Just a perfect little funk tune.
CamelWalk Happy Saturday, everyone!

Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul-So Much Trouble In My Mind

| play
CamelWalk Funky little Jackson Five track.
CamelWalk Very mellow groove here. Just beautiful.

CymandeListen Up

| play
CamelWalk Groovy 1973.

Cymande-Brothers On The Slide (1973)

| play
CamelWalk Sweet, rare groove.

The Chubukos-House Of Rising Funk-1973

| play
CamelWalk Give It Up for Lee Dorsey! Great, soulful groove.

Lee DorseyGive It Up

| play
CamelWalk Fat Cakes, people!

Jimmy McGriff-Fatcakes(71)

| play
CamelWalk Mongo Santamaria - Cloud Nine ... Just a sweet summer groove.
CamelWalk Funky, Funky, Funky Broadway, People!
CamelWalk Sitting on a park bench, gettin' FUNKY, people!
CamelWalk Oh, yesss. Bustin' Loose! Thanks to all the funky folk out there! (reblip)
CamelWalk @Chris_Jobim @FreakinFrog @LeeDuncan @poochiesan24 @patita -- Very, very mellow stretched-out groove here. Just beautiful.
CamelWalk Funkier Than Nietzsche, Baby! Got Some Schopenauer Up In Here!
CamelWalk @FreakinFrog @poochiesan24 @RoasterBoy @krisp @LeeDuncan - Great, great, great groove right here. The Three Sounds - Put On Train. Enjoy!
CamelWalk Stirring groove right into your stew pot, people! The Counts! - Thinking Single

THE COUNTS thinking single

| play
CamelWalk Heavy, heavy old school groove right here. Heavy, heavy, heavy.
CamelWalk Back to The Shack Band - Groovy German Funk, people!
anothercraze WARNING: This song should not be played before noon. Have some decency people!

Hooverphonic ::: 2Wicky

| play
CamelWalk Joey can swing. Thanks to @FreakinFrog ... Great clip! (reblip)

Joey DeFrancesco: Jazz-Blues (stereo)

| play
professorkim This isn't quite Funk, but it's Jimmy Castor's best work, and it makes me smile.
CamelWalk Thanks for this @RonnieBebop. (reblip)

RONNIE FOSTER kentucky fried chiken

| play
SylentSyd [Get Out of My Life Woman] - Oh this is heavy, man! (Gotta love the Dog Day Afternoon drop in the middle too)

Gutbucket Slim feat Lee Dorsey & The Streets Get out My Life

| play
CamelWalk @FreakinFrog - Thanks! All maxed out. I love what you've been sending my way. Enjoy this one!
CamelWalk @FreakinFrog - Thanks for that. I love The Mighty Burner! Here's his best single. Great, great groove.
FunkShoi @listeningsky, I try to make problems go away. Kinda like the mafia. But with computers. And some cement and a river.

The Jesus & Mary Chain on Letterman 21-05-07

| play
CamelWalk James Brown. Tight, tight tight. Full-on groove with the original JBs. Blipped up for your #funkfriday festivities. @SatinLegsSmith @professorkim
CamelWalk Outrageous blues guitar & B3 here. Just sick! Blipped up just for you! Enjoy, all! @BlueRoute @FreakinFrog @ajadoo @krisp @Jazzhole @youimeanyou
CamelWalk @BluesdaddyD: "so funky nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" (reblip)

MaceoSoul Power '74

| play
CamelWalk Salute the General when he enters the room, people!


| play
SatinLegsSmith Have some Cold Grits for #funkfriday breakfast.


| play
CamelWalk The Meters - Got A Message For Y'All, People!
CamelWalk McGriff = Greasy Funk.

Jimmy McGriff-Fatcakes(71)

| play
CamelWalk Dear Lord, the groove was so great in '73.

O'Donel Levy-Bad Bad Simba (1973)

| play
CamelWalk @poochiesan24 - My favorite band right here. - I play B3, clav, ep. Always after the deep groove.
CamelWalk @FreakinFrog @THC1138 @yatzy @Chris_Jobim @lynncinnamon @krisp - Karl Denson's funkiest - Like-Like Dope - Get down, people!
CamelWalk Dear Gawd, people! Some seeeeerious clavinet funk for y'all! Very old school funk here. Just ... smelly.
CamelWalk Old school grooves again. 1969 - The Mobile Blue - Puffin. Enjoy everybody!
CamelWalk Paydirt, people! Grrrooovy 1972 right here! @FreakingFrog @poochiesan24 @krisp @pinkpolkadots

The Nite-Liters-Afro Strut (1972)

| play
CamelWalk Having a house party right here, people! Sing it, Fred Wesley!

maceo fred wesley house party by

| play
Musikid 種樹/林生祥 Planting Trees/Lin, Sheng Xiang


| play

Funk Fu-Psycho Funk vs Rare Grooves (1970-1976)

| play
CamelWalk Polish funk from 1970. This is some jaunty groove, people!
CamelWalk Sweet 1971 Hammond funk rarity. A happy groove for y'all.

The Backyard Heavies-Chitlin' Strut (1971)

| play
CamelWalk Happy Sunday, everyone! Let's start with some rare groove from Seattle, 1972.
CamelWalk Billy Preston. Still missed! @SatinLegsSmith @jlw3rd #funkfriday (reblip)

The Bus by Billy Preston

| play
CamelWalk Thanks for this. Excellent! @jlw3rd: "Thought you might enjoy this @CamelWalk" (reblip)
CamelWalk Sly Stone. #funkfriday

Sly & The Family Stone "Thank You for Talkin' to Me Africa" 1971

| play
anothercraze "I walked fourty miles on a camel trail" It's all you @CamelWalk
MikeNGarrett Hilarious song. Curtis Mayfield - Don't Worry. If There's a Hell Below We're all Going to Go.
BlueRoute @CamelWalk. Sounds up your alley. "Buddy on Shindig." : )

Buddy GuySkippin'

| play
CamelWalk Scott Amendola Band. Great stuff.
Jazzhole Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin. Let's see you top this @Haaz
anothercraze This song has a great music'll have to take my word for it.


| play
CamelWalk This is all about the video. Anyone care to dance?

funny futuredance (Raumpatrouille Orion)

| play
Chris_Jobim Calexico – Crumble - calexico is always a home run @CamelWalk @FreakinFrog @chiron08 @BleakMouse @Diordan @yohanp


| play
anothercraze "They're gonna hang me if I stay here, and shoot me if I run." This band has one of the best drummers I've ever seen...ridiculous guitarist too.
CamelWalk Sometimes ... I just get excited.
CamelWalk Haven't heard this. Thank you!! @Jazzhole: "@CamelWalk have you heard this Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings cover of Shuggie Otis?" (reblip)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Inspiration Information

| play
CamelWalk From the ridiculous to the sublime. To the fairly bad. To the absolutely wonderful. @Jazzhole @anothercraze @ajadoo @krisp @BlueRoute @FreakinFrog
poochiesan24 crank it up

Bent Fabric "Jukebox"

| play
CamelWalk Aretha's groovy younger sister. @poochiesan24

Erma Franklin-Light My Fire

| play
CamelWalk Quiet Sunday, pt. 46

Lee Moses. California Dreaming

| play
anothercraze @Jazzhole. That song is amazing! You got any more aces up your sleeve?

Ella Fitzgerald, Sunshine of your love

| play
redheadedgreengirl family discoveries-my my my my my my my my @anothercraze

Bon IverSkinny Love

| play
anothercraze This song is like "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" but better.

#9.09 The Walkmen (HD)

| play
Chris_Jobim Mulatu Astatke – Yegelle Tezeta ~ I already love Mulatu, it`s perfect for this video! @vgan @trash @yohanp @CamelWalk @FreakinFrog @stustevens@Gaz50
VelvetGarage The suit makes ya drop to your knees. Intro by Ethel Merman. Two songs on this vid. @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @Haaz @CamelWalk @GroovyMonster

The New Vaudeville Band "Winchester Cathedral"

| play
CamelWalk Been too long since I heard this.

Beastie Boys Sabrosa way out, Rare instrumental version.

| play
Haaz @CamelWalk never get tired of this

Herbie Hancock "Cantaloupe Island"

| play
CamelWalk PDX

John Sanders -Triclops (organ trio) Portland OR

| play
anothercraze "When it gets dark, let's murder all the things we were." I'm going to let lost in the tall trees. Catch ya on the flipside.
anothercraze Don't judge a book by its cover or a song by it's title. Faces on the other hand...

The Beatles -- I've Just Seen a Face

| play
Jazzhole @CamelWalk a little slice of latesixties fusing of genres. (reblip)

NikkiBurt Bacharach

| play
RisaRM every monkey like to be in my place instead of me cuz im the king of bongo baby...

Manu ChaoBongo Bong

| play
poochiesan24 here's one for ya @CamelWalk

Ethel Smith Hammond Organ Player

| play
djilo With New Mastersound. Another sweet one from @ZOEBOE // Inspiration from @CamelWalk
djilo Forgot who I got this from. You know who you are. ;) Probably @Deesound
CamelWalk Something stank ... and I want some! Sativa (w/George Clinton). @Jazzhole @FreakinFrog @krisp @anothercraze @ajadoo @BlueRoute @youimeanyou

I Mean You, JFJO in Brazil

| play
CamelWalk Good groove here. Rev. Cleatus is the real deal. @Jazzhole @krisp @FreakinFrog @anothercraze @ajadoo @BlueRoute @BluesdaddyD

Rev Cleatus pres: The Fantastics!

| play
liminal Cat Power ~ I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) ~ Music by Otis Redding
funkshone classic hooks left, right and centre on this one....
DjTorba l'accent... moi c'est rital... ;)

JavaJ'me marre

| play
anothercraze @redheadedgreengirl. Meant to tell you, I've liked this song for quite a while. Just found out it's The Concretes!


| play
CamelWalk Feel any?


| play
Jazzhole @CamelWalk Leave it to Rick Wakeman to take the funk out of the clavinet.
CamelWalk I want this played at the funeral of some cartoon archvillain. @Jazzhole: "... Rick Wakeman takes the funk out of the clavinet." (reblip)
CamelWalk Greasy, greasy. Good for pot stirring.
lafabrock Van Dyke Parks - Jack Palance (fabuleuxfab.blip.up) d^_^b Next stop Trinidad ! @ffluxx @Deesound @CamelWalk @VayVay @SpinninSara @LisaWorld
ffluxx Jazzanova – The One-Tet (Dj DSL Mix) ---> RB@Deesound: "(::) ...howdy #ffluxx ..:)) ....everything allright ..? (::)" - Doing great thanks! And U? (reblip)
CamelWalk From Bernard Purdie's first film score. 1974. Very groovy.


| play
CamelWalk Hot groove from The Funky Permanents.


| play
CamelWalk Hot Funk Sunday. Great, stretched-out groove here. Good to know that music like this keeps coming out.
CamelWalk Bouncy Lady. Classssssic Seattle funkiness.

PleasureBouncy Lady

| play
CamelWalk Happy Saturday, everybody!
CamelWalk Released two months ago. This man is still bringing the funk, people! Pt. 01 of 02. @BlueRoute @Byno @krisp @Jazzhole @FreakinFrog @smilecin

Siegfried Schwab High Snobiety

| play
CamelWalk The Apples. Killing. Indeed. @BlueRoute @KFEM @krisp @Jazzhole @youimeanyou

The ApplesKilling

| play
CamelWalk Nah, man, I gotta close my eyes to get the full effect of this awesome tune. Thanks! @FifiDingDang: "@CamelWalk can you see?" (reblip)
CamelWalk Wow! Thank you! @Deesound: "(::) ...did i send you this allready ? @stustevens @CamelWalk ...(::)" (reblip)
djilo Didn't catch this one yesterday...Nice! Thanks =) @ZOEBOE // Thanks to @Highena for sending it to me also :) (reblip)

Lloyds Tsb Advert Sick Dubstep Remix

| play
smilecin @CamelWalk check out this excellent track :) vi@rockboy: "Black Joe Lewis – Bitch, I Love You #rockboyradio" (reblip)
smilecin this is surprisingly VERY awesome! Thanks for the listen @BrianG2k :)

Robert Randolph & Rob Thomas : Voodoo child

| play

The Chubukos-House Of Rising Funk-1973

| play
CamelWalk That's what I want. @SatinLegsSmith: "Anybody up for a little Motown this evening? ..." (reblip)
CamelWalk Goin' To See My Baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
CamelWalk Can never get enough of that fine little foxy thing! @smilecin @Deesound @ffluxx @djilo @Jazzhole @krisp @stustevens @FreakinFrog @poochiesan24

Bobby Byrd Never Get Enough 1972

| play
CamelWalk Once more, with feeling. Solid rocking groove.
ffluxx Fela Kuti – 5 Billy Jean R2 Rendered 1-22
CamelWalk Excellent stuff. You're doing great work tonight, @ffluxx: "Michael Jackson – Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix) " (reblip)
ffluxx Soul Makossa – Manu Dibango --- Thanks @CamelWalk : )
CamelWalk @smilecin - Thanks for the props and RB. Enjoy this one!
CamelWalk Time to groove again.

The Nite-Liters-Do The Granny,1972 Funk Power Track!!!!

| play
CamelWalk Cutie Pie.

Dayton--Cutie Pie (1981)

| play
CamelWalk James Gilstrap. Great beat.

james gilstrapmove me

| play
CamelWalk Lift heavy, heavy funk.

The Bigroup Heavy Lift

| play
smilecin Thanks for the props @MsRedPen :) Hello @krisp & @CamelWalk

Lee Morgan-The Sidewinder

| play
CamelWalk French jazz funk. Heavy.

Airto Fogo Jungle Bird

| play
funkshone all aboard the Funky Express!!!
CamelWalk Lordy, Lordie, Lordeee!

Sir Joe Quarterman- (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind(1973)

| play
CamelWalk Damn. Slip me one, too, while you're at it. Great groove.

Lunar Funk Slip The Drummer One deep Funk 45

| play
CamelWalk Lions and tigers and funky organ stabs.
CamelWalk I've stayed in worse. ... Very groovy shite from the UK.
CamelWalk I like my funk piled high, with bacon and a side of grits.
CamelWalk With Earnest's help I've overcome my crippling shyness. Just listen! He'll help you, too!
CamelWalk Soul Sugar. Great soul-jazz de France.

SOUL SUGAR "My tune"

| play
CamelWalk Straight-up, down-tempo Hammond blues. Yes, yes and yes.
CamelWalk Mikis Theodrakis. On The Streets.


| play
CamelWalk Can't say I have. Great stuff! Thanks! @zaziejolie: "@CamelWalk ...heard this one before?" (reblip)
anothercraze @CamelWalk, I think you should know that this is a choice cut in oh-so-many ways.
CamelWalk Oh, that is prime, prime prime! @anothercraze: "@CamelWalk, I think you should know that this is a choice cut in oh-so-many ways." (reblip)
CamelWalk Moon Crickets. Hot, uptempo and funky.

The Moon Crickets "Ain't Sayin Nothing/ Hot Sticky Sweet"

| play
CamelWalk Seven Eleven. Upblip, heavy, funky funky groove. Enjoy!
CamelWalk Entropy. Solid, stretched-out jazz-funk groove.
CamelWalk The New Breed Orchestra. Getting it done in a funky way.
CamelWalk Thrillhouse Collective. Great, solid groove. Enjoy!
CamelWalk Phat Sidy Smokehouse. Subrabae. Solid, solid groove. Check it out!
CamelWalk Much Booty. Phat Sidy Smokehouse. Quick, little groover.
Marystudio Ray Charles – I Cant Stop Loving You
CamelWalk Badass Breeches, baby! @Haaz: "@CamelWalk gotta dig those trousers" (reblip)
CamelWalk Hilarious! @Haaz: "@CamelWalk i am frantically searching for mullet hair models as i type" (reblip)
CamelWalk I Got A Thing. For Funkadelic.
CamelWalk @Jazzhole ... Some show called "Upbeat." I haven't found any other clips from it yet. ... But here's some Marva for ya!


| play
Haaz @CamelWalk can't keep up with your hairstyles, that's what :P
CamelWalk Wow! Excellent! @Jazzhole: "Awesome song. Great Rb from @pulsar: "Spacey sounds from 1972."" (reblip)

Hawkwind-Silver Machine

| play
CamelWalk Haven't. Will. Thanks! @anothercraze: "@CamelWalk, have you heard Satan's Pilgrims?? Blip is way understocked. Up-blip time!" (reblip)
CamelWalk Here's some Funky Junk to get this party started.
CamelWalk Wow. This guy's got issues. Funky, funky issues.
CamelWalk @anothercraze, oh I'm no help at all! Have you gone 2 yet? Honestly, blip's got reach. Like, of the tentacle variety.
DJKellyG Can you dance with me? Mahnahmahnah!

The muppets

| play

The muppets

| play
CamelWalk Fever. Animal is such a great drummer. Thanks for this! @paulastudio: "for @Joacoleoni & @CamelWalk" (reblip)

Muppet Show Moreno and Animal

| play
BlueRoute Albert King amped it up.
CamelWalk Lee Moses. The real freakin' deal right here.

Lee MosesHey Joe

| play
Jazzhole @CamelWalk put me in the mood for some of this.

Brand XBorn Ugly

| play
RadioFreedom This was my sign-off at in Oroville, California. Long live Low power FM. Now dedicated to CamelWalk in friendship.

Lou Reed -- Perfect Day + Lyrics

| play
CamelWalk More great, groovy French retro-pop. So, have a little more! @krisp


| play
anothercraze I like that the title means "Frog-man" or somesuch. A racial slur about the French IN French? Too good, too good. Another gold nugget from @CamelWalk! (reblip)
CamelWalk Still feeling poppy and groovy? Then let's head over to Italy for ... @amiblue
CamelWalk The Pimps of Joytime. Great, groovy goodness!

Long Ride by The Pimps Of Joytime

| play
CamelWalk Mellow groove for the electronica set.
CamelWalk Nino Moschella. Is For Real. Check this out! @youimeanyou
groovewindow Only Tito could pull of "Take Five" in four. Get your Salsa on!

George Baker Selection Little Green Bag

| play
CamelWalk Sweet, heavy groove from Greyboy.


| play
HeidiKruger via @CamelWalk: "Queens Community Show Band. ... Every community should have a funky, funky band like this! #funkfriday" (reblip)