CargoCulte She's mixing cocktails with a plastic tip cigar...
CargoCulte They sort of sound like the Jesus & Mary Chain, and that's not a bad thing...
CargoCulte and if I had the chance...

Little Wings - Be My Baby

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CargoCulte In 27 years, I've drunk 50,000 beers...
shoreline a jet stream through my mind that I cannot easily explain, that defies the real
cyrille 69 Année Érotique em memoire de Gainsbourg et une des positions sexuelle favorite
DamienBasile @evablue never meant THAT! no coming home or home coming. :-X GREAT band, apropos song for the foot i put in MY mouth! ha!
DamienBasile @evablue Makeup song? I wish THEY were playing CMJ.. my FAVE Aussie band ever. sooo underrated. I <3 pip & nick. But we def haveta hang b4 u go.
mammara amazing project: a team of english comic artists and writers united to celebrate M.F.'s 69 Love Songs, here:
DaHilster remember these rules, it might save your life. alrite @tannyt @lwsrc
dubiousquip Wow! Always thought Manu Chao wrote this song...apparently not!

Weed Smoker's Dream -Harlem Hamfats

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ladybug cha cha

Dracula Cha Cha

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CargoCulte is delirious and is in need of sleep, duerme!
mapimogu Sigo con el canto del loco...
SweetToker Alela Diane – Pieces of String
CargoCulte Wow... Thnx! I love this sort of stuff! @Kikuchiyo: "Done with the dishes... (reblip)

RaphaelMi gran noche

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MissM773 @dj_AM: "Thanks!! :) RB vi@megg: "haunting. wonderful tune, bo."" (reblip)
CargoCulte Very cool, adding this to my playlist! @Kikuchiyo: Hey, this is Sonidero Travesura straight out of TJ!!" (reblip)

Sonidero Travesura en Salon de Baile "La Estrella"

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irsocal A little reggae/rock from the South Bay, Southern California.
rico you boogie down to the stones and beatles and shit

"Nostalgia" Maroon Town

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adbert #BurnThoseLPs [Leo Dan – Celia] Lararararararaaaaaai...

Leo DanCelia

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DJFrankie K'Naan. @RadioFreeIllinois. @nastysurprise72, I think, turned me on to this video. i love it!

T.I.A. (High Quality)

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DJLOPZ Good afternoon blippers. Been a busy past couple days for me. How is everyone?


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MuzanE Oh, this turned my whole evening into ^_____^ Jello Biafra, Melvins, and one big STFU grin, RB courtesy of @CargoCulte (reblip)

Jello Biafra And Melvins-Caped Crusader

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Souls of Mischief Proper Aim

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No Mas Presents: Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden

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enrique_ (The) Tony Castles – Pirates (via @AleBourg) (reblip)
by_starla [The Low Anthem-Champion Angel] @midnightwalker-so glad you liked live Choir of Young Believers track-i was excited to find it-beautiful performance.
elfgirl i think i would quite enjoy yelling and/or playing a tambourine behind all this madness...this song makes me happy.
MsBojangles this is my motion to adjourn... night folks :)
mylifethatswhat King Magnetic – Caliente (Feat. King Syze, & Planetary)
smartard Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home
MoiraColleen @jazzyrat i like when he says, Jane... and she says Alexander... :) yes yes i do, crim!
pavolo si`, e forse un roti... @TibiDabi: "vorrebbe uscir e far spesa in un mercator,compar un pacchetto di studentska hrana,mangiar un lumpi (reblip)

Two-Star Tabernacle- Hotel Yorba

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MyHeartsBeat yeaaaa new Sarah Jaffe...
briangreene to say thanks, will give 100 credits on a random basis to 10 participants that use the #blipathon tag today.
angrybob Browning meat. In case you wanted to know. And live on the

Tapes 'n Tapes Insistor

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CargoCulte @TheSurlyTMM The week is nearly half over, which makes thing that much better! ;)

"CATHOLICKED" by dum dum girls

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rkmonkey not sure. when i prop i power prop. my record is 9 props.. @nemesisurchin: @djwttw is best at it "how'd ya do that 4 prop thing, huh? Tell. @rkmonkey" (reblip)
threebears The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight (Strange Maps Remix Version)
goddessjaz I keep my feet on solid ground and use my wings when storms come around. You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind.

Janelle Monae: "Many Moons" Official Short Film

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CargoCulte I highly reccomend this blip, and don't forget to TURN IT UP!
CargoCulte @GrassyKnoll A window? Damn I'm jealous. hahaha Congrats on the new job!

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" Wilco Cover Live at KDHX 1/30/10 (HD)

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Trinity ~ Kingston two rock

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CargoCulte I think it's time to take a trip to the UK.
CargoCulte #EFR56 No worries, I live in a whole different world. :)

Nosaj ThingFWD

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Dizz1- Here We Go Again

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Dr Who Dat? aka Jneiro Jarel- Brazilian Thought

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erinagin rb @LazyJulie I only know this song cause of Stranger than Fiction, but love it (reblip)
deeprez J.Period f. De La Soul – Excursions (Tribute Remix)

King Tubby vs Miles Davis•Lift to the DREADLOCK

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CargoCulte @JimmyStagger I'm very glad to be free from the cube farm for a few days!
midas22 • New discoveries like this is why I love blip... rb@CargoCulte | Michael Leonhart and The Avramina 7 - Dreams Of An Aquarian (reblip)
Austintaneous Momix Studios – Fznlly Mvnz (Pretty Lights Remix) - kinda bland, but meh
pavolo what is soul?

Sound 'e Napule

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PenelopeVintage @ducks2007: "have a gr8 long weekend - hope u have something fun planned!!! rb@me" Thanx you too! I f'd up my back so probably won't move much x) (reblip)
CargoCulte This is fantastic, thanks! @melky: "." (reblip)

mohamed mazouni ecoute moi camarade

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neonmonster FIRE. madlib beat remixed by solid groove in the house. stomper.
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