Carmilla There will probably be a lot of Sioxsie in my blips. But no aplogies for that.
Carmilla @glitterdream: Great blip Glitterdream (reblip)

Sparks / Faith and the Muse

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Carmilla One of the first bands I truly fell in love with. Carl's eyes still haunt me.

Christian Death: Spectre

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Carmilla Sumptious, everything a goth track should be and more.

Trobar de Morte- The Fairies Wind

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Carmilla Nano soundtrack 2009

Dead Can Dance The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove 2005

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Carmilla Does music get any sexier?

rasputina transylvanian concubine

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Carmilla Not a tune for new mothers.

Dead Can Dance "Black Sun" From Album "Aion" 1990

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Carmilla More of the Nano soundtrack to write to.
Carmilla This song was inspiration for my short story The Changeling.

Combichrist Shut up and swallow HD Quality + Lyrics

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Carmilla Probably my favourite electro goth track. VNV Nation - Beloved.

VNV Nation- Beloved

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Carmilla Amazing tracks on last one I reblip. I don't want to offend the DJ. Especially one with such great taste in music :)
Carmilla Great song, sound quality could be better, sorry.

The Virgin Prunes.....Pagan Lovesong

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Carmilla More electro-goth with love xxx
Carmilla And now for something completely different. A random jolt back to the 80's.

Danse Society Red Light Shine

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Covenant Ritual Noise

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Carmilla Love this song. Goth as it should be - dark and moody.

London After Midnight Where Good Girls Go to Die

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Carmilla From the first Christian Death album I ever owned - on vinyl of course - and now very well worn.
Carmilla Probably my favourite Sisters ditty.
Carmilla Once I start I cannot stop...
Carmilla NIN cover. Great bouncy goth track.

Nekromantik "Saturnalia"

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Carmilla Another great gothic club track from Rosetta Stone

Sopor Aeternus-The House Is Empty Now

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Carmilla @leaferi: "Catchy ditty also from the Skyshaper album." (reblip)

dead can dance - severance

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Carmilla More sickabilly, just the way I like it.

Surfin' Dead by The Cramps-Return Living Dead

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Carmilla Time to make those pyramids. A real blast from the past.
Carmilla A great song and a great film directed by George A Romero. "Mark, where are you?" sample was probably from another horror film, Deep Red by Argento.

Soft Cell, Marc Almond Martin

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Carmilla Prefered the original version but couldn't find it. Still a great song though.
Carmilla Love this track so much my daughter was named after it :)

the cure charlotte sometimes

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Rammstein "Du Hast" Video

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Carmilla Brilliant Nirvana cover. Cylab,Star Industry and Solemn Novena all found at Thirteen13 promotion

CylabHeart-Shaped Box

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Nine inch nails closer actual music video

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Carmilla rb @seriru partly because I've run out of props for you. Amazing blip list. (reblip)
Carmilla Great song, but even more wonderful for the intro by the late great John Peel. @darkrider1 no, maybe we're separated at birth.

Sisters of Mercy, Dominion / Mother Russia

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Anders Manga: 'At Dawn they Sleep'

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Carmilla Recommended by Beth for my NaNoWriMo playlist. Written 5439 words so far about a demon on the rampage :)


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Carmilla One of the best videos I've seen so far.


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Carmilla @Totengrber: Another one for the Nano blip list :) Written over 21,000 words now. Need 29,000 more by the end of November. (reblip)

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Killing Joke Love Like Blood 1985 HQ Lyrics

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Earth Calling Angela "Hope Springs Eternal"

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Carmilla @noxvobiscum: "The Cassandra Complex – One Millionth Happy Customer: #darkwave" (reblip)

Lacrimosa: Alleine zu Zweit (English Translation)

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Emilie Autumn-Thank God I'm Pretty

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Carmilla @Totengrber - finished writing, finished blipping now back to reality. (reblip)
Carmilla @Lairdofdarkness I'd forgotten all about Jesus Jones. That's for the reminder. :D
Carmilla I've been looking through all my old vinyl and tapes for things to blip. Ages me doesn't it? Lovely music though.
Carmilla Another blast from the past I love. An ex-seamstress of ours designed their album cover. Crap claim to fame but hey, you gotta take what you can
Carmilla @noxvobiscum: "TriORE – There`s A Smell To Life That Dies" (reblip)
Carmilla Just read Gavin Baddeley's new Goth book Loved it :D
Carmilla @darkrider1: "@Carmilla:"I am going to send you several demo CD's can you give them to your friends?"" Aww sweet, you think I have friends. Of course. (reblip)
Carmilla @quicquid: "*melt* didn't listen to it for a long time..." (reblip)
Carmilla "She misses my 22" beauty dish! :D" LOL, love the way you manage to make a gadget sound like a sex toy :D (I should proof read posts for typos)

Icon of CoilShelter

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SCREAMS FOR TINA "Eleven Eleven"

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Corpus Delicti-Saraband

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Carmilla Merry Thoughts covering Hazel O'Connor :D

The Merry Thoughts "Will You"

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Carmilla @CrowleysGhost: "for @Carmilla - This video appeared on the same 4AD compilation "Lonely is an Eyesore". When DCD were still goths (sighs)" Love this (reblip)
Carmilla @Totengrber: Drives me nuts when people say they'll pay and they don't. Webdesign co. we used, lovely peeps, went under cause of that :("" (reblip)

SoPoR aEtErNuS : iMhOtEp

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Carmilla Hoping this is full version


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Carmilla @Totengrber: "rb@maiya: "May I be the one to rip the shackles clean away, and lead you to a place where loneliness is tackled with a kiss? "" (reblip)
Carmilla @quorum: "I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am. -- Samuel Johnson" (reblip)
Carmilla @anatos: "rb@greyskiesblack: "rb@Dawnrazor: "rb @MaskMuse: "Clan of Xymox – Creatures I like :-) thx U & rb @MrDali"""" (reblip)
Carmilla @Totengrber: "rb@GiliOhayon: "She Wants Revenge- these things"" (reblip)

She Wants Revenge- these things

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Diary Of Dreams-Colour Blind

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Carmilla Is your mood as beautiful as this song? @darkrider1: "Brace yourselves, I'm in a mood." (reblip)
Carmilla I can't believe I'd forgotten this band! Thank you, thank you, thank you. @GiliOhayon: "Cop Shoot Cop – Room 429" (reblip)

Cop Shoot CopRoom 429

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Carmilla @Totengrber: "rb@kiddo84: ""I cut my name in your heart with a knife the sharpest I can get as cruel as you have left my broken heart."" :*(" (reblip)


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Carmilla black, black, black, black even blacker. How sad am I if I just keep bliiping this? @Carmilla: "Woot! Well found my friend :D @Makaaberi: "Awwwwyeah!" (reblip)
Carmilla @Makaaberi last one for a while. Blip ya later :) (reblip)
Carmilla :D Mine was C.D. Catastrophe Ballet, followed closely by S.O.M First & Last & Always and FOTN Dawnrazor. @Makaaberi: he. :D (reblip)

James Ray and the Performance

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Carmilla Lalalalalala oh suck! @URKiddinMee: "cool @saturnword: "Thanks for the Geni. @URKiddinMee . Here's some Adreena for you."" (reblip)


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Carmilla @quorum: "+20K songs :: 10619 songs left :: Let the people think they govern and they will be governed. -- William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania" (reblip)
Carmilla Last one for this evening #WaterboysWednesday thanks for listening.
Carmilla @skunk63: "I see a man all dressed in white, Standing in blood in the dead of the night, He stands still but always grins" (reblip)
Carmilla Wasn't happy with the volume on the old youtube copy. So uploaded it <proud grin>

Morthem Vlade Art - The Jealous Well

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Carmilla @xTRiPPx That's it. You are a god among men. Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx saving to my playlist now :D (reblip)
Carmilla hadn't heard this before. Thank you. @obz: "one of my fav band names. :D" (reblip)
Carmilla Nekromantik - The Fairy Catcher's Waltz. Day one of 1067 words so far. 600 more needed to be on target. :) Blip you later xx
Carmilla Why have I never heard this before? @RenfieldAlone (reblip)

Bunker Strasse " Mirror " ( postpunk france 1987 )

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mmemaledicta @Carmilla: you can listen to all your music at 800% length: that's what they used to do it (reblip)
Carmilla One thousand thank yous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx @Cribs66: "painless upload for @Carmilla ;)" (reblip)
Carmilla If you like sexy horror check out my book. First 4 1/2 chapters are free kindle for PC @
Carmilla Starblood is also available at please, please, please check it out. I'm very proud of it.

Swans: Sex, God, Sex

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