johnasher Amazing song -- might be Fogerty's best -- but Ms. Marshall makes this one very much her own. (reblip)
CaryB Sex and death and God and pain... gotta be Social Distortion.
CaryB rb @Haaz. trying to leave, but couldn't pass this one up. Holy hell, this smokes. (reblip)
CaryB rb @Diordan - totally sweet. love that trip hop - it's the closest music can get to a long slow makeout (reblip)
CaryB ah yes, "math rock." It's multiplying exponentially, but it does tend to divide listeners. ha ha. Slint, my Louisville homeboys
CaryB for decades now, the captain has thrown all rock's rules overboard and done his own thing
CaryB Thinking of you, there’s lightning bolts in my chest... Akron Family, "I'll Be on the Water"
CaryB 'I guess that I'm just no good for you' @tubilino - thanks! this song's a hoot! guitar intro sounds almost like the Pistols at first - (reblip)
CaryB @threebears @redroulettes God I love those guys - well, they know what they want and they know where to get it (reblip)
CaryB @minorbravo - as u can tell, I'm into every damn thing, all at once. Heard this sublimely delicate, soulful Zeppelin reinterpretation? I can't stop
CaryB @thrackle - dang, this puppy got a major hook - not to mention a beat I could dance to. I'd give it a 90, Mr. Clark. (reblip)
CaryB @ladypn @whistlin_indie WOW! that is blockbuster stuff - the strings, the vocals, the mood... (reblip)
CaryB a little over-processed, but man, this is extremely catchy
CaryB the generally quite awesome Black Keys - coming to Forecastle Festival July 10-12 *CAN'T WAIT!*
CaryB @whistlin_indie @CSjeff @Diordan - one more in that vein - must've just been posted. In my vision of heaven, they're playing this tune


| play
CaryB love this acoustic reinterpretation of classic EC
CaryB aptly named, @claudix! Listening to this is bordering on arson (reblip)
CaryB Are there, dear? We made that clear, we made little Graham promise us he'd be a good boy.
CaryB @rerkaizen - the amazing Loudon with the sublime Syd Straw on backing vocals - doing what's essentially a country song. LOVE this tune.
CaryB @rerkaizen @rebekahfmj @patita @johnasher: even more countryfied Loudon -- funny, oddly touching, and brilliant... as usual
CaryB and now the main feature, featuring The Features. If this don't rock ya, you're a dead mofo.
CaryB *CLASSIC* - best lines about love you'll hear today. "Her love is a swizz"..."Grows like a tumor." "You know you need her every day-ee..."
CaryB @daretoeatapeach: delightful tune! I'm going to have to play this every time I need a lift - and dance like that dude... (reblip)

Heels On Fire Video

| play
CaryB vi@whistlin_indie - these Scots have hopped into my musical garden and are leaving tidy little rock & roll droppings (reblip)
CaryB @Haaz: aw, hell, baby, been lookin' for this forever! David Yow gets C-R-A-Z-Y. (and haaz, 'splain YOUR cool new avatar, dude) (reblip)
CaryB @Corts: "@CaryB back at ya!" Perfect, Corts, thanks, man (reblip)
CaryB vi@paulzy - Freakin' great. Sounds like one of those epics from the 70s that radio used to be all over. Or should've been. Can't remember :0) (reblip)
CaryB does this remind anyone else of 70s Stones?

ObitsPine On

| play
CaryB vi@mammara - spectacular indeed! Man, this rocks balls! (reblip)


| play
CaryB @Haaz: "might" like this? hoo-wee, daddy-o... this sucka's smokin'! (reblip)
CaryB rb@nobodyowens: dude, this is pretty funny. And quite appropriate for me today... (reblip)
CaryB rb@DJFrankie: "[Ida Maria - Oh My God] Damn, that is incredible. Put a smile on my face! (reblip)

Oh My God (Official Video)

| play
CaryB @ShesAllWrite: - damn, girl, you got some groovalicious blips - your blog is funny too ^-^ (reblip)
BandCrab Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums - 41 - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
CaryB listen to this and see if you don't get that little catch in your throat that comes from a combination of sadness and perfection
CaryB rb@Haaz - yep, took about 3 seconds before I knew this one was going on the reblip list. For fans of the rawk! (reblip)
CaryB rb@dronnoisseur: AWESOME! just what I needed this Monday morning (reblip)
CaryB rb@DJFrankie: damn, that's good stuff. The kind of stuff rock radio would play if it didn't suck real, real bad. (reblip)
CaryB which is what I always say when I order at McDonalds
CaryB best wishes and death to everyone from another Louisville legend @Haaz @pennysdreadfulnightmarejuice @squidbrain @jennyleepenny @ashenmorpheus
CaryB fix yourself while you still can
CaryB @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @DependableSkeleton - your optimistic breakup song made me think of this. The most beautiful confession of all time
CaryB I just deleted my blip of this track. I think this is actually a recent remake (?)
CaryB @Haaz - just discovered this dude. If you're into Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt and such, you should check this out. Love the guitar fuzzjangle.
CaryB need more distortion! oh, wait... here it is. @JimmyStagger
CaryB rb@revbeatman: I'm having a massive attack of slow grooves (reblip)
CaryB I'm just trying to make it real
fun4lilli Sis, my favorite Buddy Holly song. . . you said i should listen to him, funny 'cuz i love his music and always have... xoxoxox @JanetSEyre
smilecin hola! RB @versatilevampire: good ole' dependable Vibrators 0_o (reblip)
CaryB 'He's not even an American, for Christ's sake!' THIS SONG ROCKS. hey @greentrees @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @orangekittypie
Kubrickx The Dead Boys - Ain't Nothing To Do
CaryB rb@mirrormirror: "So it seems. I've heard it's the best. (Yuck, again)" @melodyofyourlife - yeah, and you never have to leave home! :P (reblip)
CaryB hey, @nemesisurchin - welcome aboard. I'm crazy eclectic... Looks like you are too! (reblip)
CaryB CARY B'S PICK OF THE DAY. retro-rootsy hard rock. The jam at the end is a glorious chunk of noisy rage @Haaz @RadioFreeIllinois @Mysterymix @Corts

Deer TickMange

| play
CaryB ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE: Listen up real close now... and add @mairsplaylist to your love circle (reblip)
CaryB this one's a big hit at oil company parties
CaryB CARY B's PICK O' THE DAY. rb@Performalosophos /// holy SMOKES, this ROCKS! (!->my favorite kind of music<-!) (reblip)
CaryB welcome to the fray and the fog and the fracas @oysterhead


| play
CaryB rb@Haaz: "@CaryB might like" // you know I love pretty girls! oh, the song? Sheesh, man, that rocks! In fact, I'll crown it Cary B's Pick o' the Day (reblip)
CaryB rb@WunderTwinPowersActivate: "cherry.... cherrycherrycherrycherry...." repetition can be beautiful (reblip)
CaryB Oh yeah! Cary B's PICK O' THE DAY (guaranteed fresh 'n' tasty) rb@oracle364 (reblip)
CaryB @Shukitty: "my theory is that blipping enough massive attack will cover any other blip sins you might make.// @DependableSkeleton" // hard to argue~ (reblip)
CaryB tv appearance - superb sound quality
CaryB rb@orangekittypie: lovely and upbeat and sweet and wonderful! -->> CARY B'S PICK OF THE DAY <<-- (reblip)
CaryB beautiful, and one of my favorite songs of all time. The dobro cries. The bass gives me chills. And Ronnie's vocals - awww, yeah. Miss ya, Ronnie.

pete townshend and ronnie lane.april fool.wmv

| play
CaryB I dare you. I freakin' dare you to dislike this sweet little nugget of pure pop happiness. Cary B's PICK O' THE DAY
CaryB @muffinlab - this was the song that did it for me. Old blues classic, slowed down to a sexy, smoldering, yodeling dirge
CaryB THIS. this is the blues, peoples. Soul music, for real. Awwwww yeahhh.
CaryB the punk rock lifestyle begins early here. REALLY early. Like, age 3. @Haaz

Knots in My Hair (Don't Brush)

| play
CaryB wow. maybe the most stunning thing I've heard this year @Haaz. Stetson plays sax for Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, TVOTR etc. You NEED this.
CaryB rb@Tinkle: "The Dirtbombs – Do You See My Love (For You Growing)-;))) Love this track for@shakeyourmop" // honky tonk women! (reblip)
CaryB aka "Chatterbox." Somebody put this on a cassette for me once and blew me away. Johnny could rock like nobody's (junkie) business.

Johnny Thunders-Leave Me Alone(demo version)

| play
CaryB you have to stop whatever you're doing and listen to Mary Gauthier, one of the best songwriters in a long time.

Mary Gauthier "Mercy Now"

| play
CaryB @bellbtmblues - these guys were so great and completely unknown by the masses. Can't top Badfinger's original, but this is pretty damn close.
CaryB rb@SGMan: "Nifty neato new Cars song.." /// hearing great things about that new record (reblip)
CaryB rb@JimmyStagger: "@CaryB that White Denim track was great, thanks a lot." - Yeah, they rule. We've prob had this discussion, but I love Dirty Looks. (reblip)
CaryB rb@Haaz /// there's just one thing that's really, really, really annoying about you (reblip)
garbageman01 Another street party . . . with @angel_boy: "The Fall ~ Touch Sensitive @Honeywolf @shortsharpshock" (reblip)

The Fall ~ Touch Sensitive

| play
CaryB is this catchy or what? RJD2 is also in the lineup at


| play
CaryB yay! it's finally on blip... from 1983. Whenever I hear The Fall I think of this @Garbageman @angel_boy @Honeywolf @shortsharpshock @Haaz
SGMan Teddybears ~ Yours To Keep

Teddybears - Soft Machine - 04 - Yours To Keep

| play
CaryB trying again -- that last one was only a sample. Gaah!
CaryB never heard of 'em, but this one has me in dancing shoes. I mean what the hell.
CaryB the leader of the Maytals, the man who coined the word reggae, in a stirring live rendition of the Otis Redding soul classic. Sing it with me!
StonyTunes ~:~ SWEETNESS ~:~ yes Yes YES ;-)(-;


| play
CaryB rb@JimmyStagger: ""What's his favorite year?" RB @Shanti47" - What? I always thought it was, "what's his favorite BEER." seriously. (reblip)
CaryB rb@Versh: "Beyond typical/over-used classic rock tropes 'Circuital' belongs among #2011BestAlbums" /// cool! Jim James is a former neighbor of mine! (reblip)
CaryB @yellowstar - might be cool. Still, age aside, Tyler might be too much a "celebrity" and Perry too difficult. Oh well... BACK in the saddle again!
CaryB rb@greentrees: "fresh cut upload ~" /// oh HELL yeah! she was just fantastic. (reblip)
CaryB this song make me magic happy CaryB yes (reblip)
mirrormirror Gila sounds like a hot mess also
CaryB aw yeah this got a groove fo SHO
CaryB quite possibly my all-time fave from Van... certainly in my top 10. So beautiful and passionate and sexy. Understated intensity. Oh, that violin!
CaryB Big Boi performs Friday @ Halfway to Forecastle (

OutkastHey Ya

| play
nemesisurchin i notice folks don't talk much about blip burnout on here. it almost seems tabu? well........ um.....
CaryB one of the greatest songs you have never heard. The epitome of upbeat. Listen loud. Then I would like to buy you sunflowers!
CaryB wtf? I totally missed this song when it came out. feel that tension! RAWK!
Alvaroxx Bloc Party – Banquet...
CaryB rb@nemesisurchin: "rb@snuggle_bunny /// wow, what a wild mix of sounds... (reblip)


| play
CaryB ok, yes, the Captain Morgan ad did it. Reminded me what a total bad-ass song this is.
CaryB rb@Modster: "..and this be my abso fave G.B. tune @DJFrankie. + I am still waiting for someone to make this day for me." /// LOVE LOVE LOVE (reblip)
CaryB 1969 single - still powerful and highly listenable soul track

Syl Johnson Is It Because I'm Black Single

| play
CaryB fantastic new blues... sublime audio fidelity... and the killer line "You’d best get your tongue out of my mouth / Because I’m kissin’ you goodbye!"

David Bromberg- "Tongue" (Live at WFUV)

| play
CaryB this one's about time running out on an aging musician... great Southern rock from some pals of mine - think DBTs, Dexateens, Neil Young...@Haaz
CaryB if you like real rock & roll, Jerry Lee Lewis-style, with punk energy, you'll love this. HELL YEAH!
CaryB one of the baddest bands in the world if you like it loud and hard
CaryB rb@andreayates: "@99thFloor you heard this one before?; @CaryB - hey, slow down & buy me a damn corn dog first!" /// ha ha. Hey, cool track. (reblip)


| play
CaryB rb@santamistura: "!!! @dickadcock ;o)" - love this! The Beatles were just a band! The next big thing? Just a band! (reblip)

dan le sac VS scroobius pip "Thou Shalt always Kill"

| play
CaryB today's bad-ass warbly-ass singer rock & roll. Controlled madness. @Haaz hiya @ell_ess_dee

The Deep Vibration "Oklahoma City Woman Blues" live at Paste

| play
CaryB the late Tim Krekel, RIP brother... "Peace on Earth"

Tim Kreckel Christmas Showcase Vid

| play
CaryB rb@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "Are there others like you? @99thFloor" (reblip)

Dead Moon-The 99's

| play
CaryB rb@alekr2o: music to wake up and attack the day to (reblip)
CaryB oh dear. can you say that on blip?
CaryB rb@HobbeLink: this song is just so damn good and sexy, and the video just a bit twisted... (reblip)
megg @CaryB: let's do this thing. kick ass female led bands. go.
CaryB the late punk r&b crooner. Epic, y'all.
CaryB nice, smooth, reggae-infused take on the old Bacharach/David tune

MotionWalk on By

| play
CaryB rb@mammara: "@nemesisurchin @pratinsky all ok here, the big chill is going away (but spring is yet to come)" (reblip)
CaryB you remember that outrageously sexy Fiat commercial from the Super Bowl? Oh yeah. Of course you do. This is the music.


| play
CaryB rb@fxp123: great guitar work. (reblip)

Joe Bonamassa and Beautiful Womans

| play
CaryB super hot live version. Damn, I love this tune. Tell me what you tell me what you tell me what you want!
CaryB glammy power pop. sweet harmonies, great guitars. it's got COWBELL, fer chrissakes. it's like the 70s never ended. @Haaz
CaryB Atlanta funk/hippie/hip-hop/vaudeville band touring with Toots & the Maytals. Saw them a couple nights ago. Pretty interesting.
CaryB @Scott_hn - WFPK, Louisville, KY - where the legendary unknown Bodeco live. The wild man on bass has sold guitars to Keith Richard & many others.

Another Bodeco Live Lunch Video

| play
CaryB prepare to be ~~MESMERIZED!~~
CaryB DO NOT PLAY THIS unless you like rock & roll expertly performed live with flawless audio fidelity @Haaz
CaryB ok, I'm loving this retro roots rock right here. Totally authentic N'awlins sound. (actually they're from Oklahoma)
CaryB hey, I'm from Louisville. Cool that you know the Gits! RIP Mia Zapata. rb@daylonstuddard (reblip)

The GitsSeaweed

| play
ScottHN shouldn't have said that, lol @CaryB
CaryB vintage Japanese punk. insanely fun!
garbageman01 From 'Five Finger Discount' (2008) . . .
CaryB the Fred Neil/Nilsson classic, turned into a Memphis-style soul tune. Very cool reinterpretation.
CaryB listen and love. Garage rock at its best.

Gorillaz-Double Bass

| play
CaryB OMG, it's finally on blip! Such a lush, gorgeous instrumental you won't believe this is a rockabilly band. Listen up -- I promise you'll like this.
CaryB my old buddy Tim Krekel died 3 years ago this month. Here he is in primo audio with the full, easy-rocking TKOrchestra.

Sunshine Baby

| play
CaryB the only constant member over 4 decades of weirdness, Mark E. was once quoted saying, "If it's me and your granny on bongos, then it's the Fall."
CaryB LOVE this tune. Am I the only one who hears the Monkees' "Last Train to Clarksville?"
CaryB ATTENTION power pop fans! This is most excellent and deserves your ears. Eyes too. Hilarious Japanese pop-culture send-up.

BILL LLOYD • Boy King Of Tokyo • 東京の王子

| play
CaryB love this! heads up, @Haaz! rb@KeepMusicEvil: "Night Beats – Hallucinojenny @jennyleepenny now were trippin' }:)" (reblip)
CaryB classic Elton John... "How can I ever get it together without a wife in line to pick the crop and get me hot on elderberry wine?"

Elderberry Wine.avi

| play

Jaw Rafael Murillo | Background Feat. Jaw | Alexkid Remix

| play
CaryB RIP drummer Perry Baggs, who had suffered for >20 years with diabetes. He co-wrote this song and rocked like a madman.
Alvaroxx Japandroids – Adrenaline Nightshift... !... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
CaryB so solly! dat be the one 'n' only Levon Helm rb@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "Hiya @CaryB - I never recognize you with that avatar. Who is it?" (reblip)
CaryB in which a country boy goes to Japan (or pretends to) and produces a power-pop classic for 2012. Very clever video.

BILL LLOYD • Boy King Of Tokyo • 東京の王子

| play
CaryB I dunno. I'm sorta digging these weirdos. Chicks in bikinis help...

Allison Moorer Revelator

| play
CaryB one you never hear, but damn sure should
nemesisurchin nope @CaryB i live under a rock lalalalalalalalalaaaa

Spongebob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy

| play
CaryB Neil still rocks at, like, 1 million years old. He is the giant.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Walk Like A Giant (Official Video)

| play
CaryB Simon & Garfunkel cover by The Coolies, so rad-bad it's perfect. Hiya @jennyleepenny @Haaz @mark_till @fabtrain @musicismynoise @FOGGIELOANER

I Am A

| play
CaryB kinda sorta brand new song from T. Rex - and it's damn cool!
CaryB just wait till this song wraps its tentacles around you

Bloc PartyOctopus

| play

Television Friction--Demo

| play
CaryB blipped this before I realized the artist isn't identified. It's L.L. Cool J! /// insp @Scott_hn)

Jack The Ripper (12'' version)

| play
CaryB I want the frim fram sauce with the ossenfay, with shiffafa on the side
CaryB new soul pop from Louisville. This is killer. Teneia Sanders is her name.

RadioActive Lover by Teneia

| play
CaryB when you get back from wherever, lemme know.
CaryB superb video quality and an amazingly soulful live performance, Musikladen TV, 1974. Van is indeed the man.
CaryB Jefferson Airplane cover, 1972... w/ Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham, Hubert Laws, Jay Berliner, Airto Moreira & Gloria Agostini

White Rabbit George Benson

| play

Wanna Scratch It by Speedball Baby

| play
CaryB @serveauxx - NEVER MIND! I thought you were playing Slint's original... lol...

moodorama: Never mind

| play
CaryB sounds like glass ornaments at the beginning. Really nice stuff.
CaryB song and vid are both way cool. feat. Erykah Badu, Thundercat, and Shafiq Husayn
CaryB man, does this recall 80s shoegaze or what? Love it! rb@serveauxx (reblip)

The Wedding Present Dalliance Seamonsters

| play

The Clean — "Anything Could Happen"

| play
Lyla__ Blonde Redhead- Silently

Blonde Redhead- Silently

| play
CaryB much as I loved loved loved The Clash, the Mescaleros had a warmer, more relaxed soul. Fantastic. rb@cubbymendoza (reblip)
DJBadBilly "Brownstone - 5 Miles To Empty"...90s R/B? (reblip)

Brownstone- 5 Miles To Empty

| play
CaryB the Milk Carton Kids are missing no longer. Beautiful stuff.
quakkaz [-ิ_•ิ] (•ิ_•ิ) \(•ิ_•ิ\) (/•ิ_•ิ) ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯ ( ⊙▂⊙ ) (-’๏_๏’-)
mark_till --Cage The Elephant (James Brown)

Cage The Elephant (James Brown)

| play
CaryB garage rock bastids from Venezuela who sing in English. Muy bueno!
CaryB unexpectedly captivating soundscapes from Germany... like a movie soundtrack...rb@sumitch (reblip)
CaryB first the sly humor and gorgeous harmonies disarm you. Then the subject matter becomes clear. An unforgettable piece of music.
CaryB another old rocker who can still tear it up

Billy Burnette "Oh Well"

| play


| play
CaryB a triumphant return. Excellent new single from Bowie. Hiya back, @MONIKKA
CaryB ode to a ruthless crustacean. Awesome, and dedicated to the comic The Oatmeal...
CaryB friend just turned me onto Old Baby. Very cool.

Old BabyMyth

| play
CaryB rock & roll don't get no betta than this garage-pop classic outta Beantown. Frontman John Felice was one of the original Modern Lovers.
CaryB Jon Spencer & Matt Verta-Ray. Man, oh man, I love these retrobilly knuckleheads.
CaryB I love my pretty little castaway
CaryB HELL YEAH! 1970s proto-punk from 3 black brothers from Detroit. Documentary film opens June 27.
CaryB new Jason: "girl, leave your boots by the bed, we ain't leaving this room/ 'til someone needs medical help or the magnolias bloom."
CaryB awesome! reminiscent of Feelies (me & my monkey), 100 Flowers (motorboat to hell) & Gun Club @Haaz: "thx @jenfromhell @growitall and 4 CaryB" (reblip)
SimpleJim C ya, Sara @SpinninSara: "And she was... outta here... Have a great one! Peace & Love to all xoxo ☺☺☺☼♥☼☺☺☺ ~~Talking Heads - And She Was~~" (reblip)
CaryB you say Geezer, I say Weezer. Doing Radiohead. @HawkNoize
CaryB all-black 1970s Detroit proto-punk band - watch for the documentary
CaryB fantastic new stuff from a girl you will be hearing much more from. Do not skip this one.
CaryB retro girl-group deliciousness, somewhere between the Andrews Sisters, the Ronettes and the Roches.
sir_edward_ross Leonard Cohen-Be For Real

Leonard Cohen-Be For Real

| play
ScottHN The Hillbilly Moon Explosion ▶ Motorhead Girl ... no surprise, but this new HME album is fabulous!
CaryB ok, fans of Bowie, T Rex, Sweet, Mott, etc... check out Vermont's King Tuff
mark_till Owl City--Fireflies Parody
CaryB how about Chinese punk? Fantastic. Reminds me of Pere Ubu.

PairsYangpu Qu

| play

TEMPTATIONS Beauty is only skin deep

| play
CaryB ass, kicked.

The Pink Fairies Do It (HQ)

| play
CaryB great band you never heard of

Seluah | "Signals You Still Know When to Send"

| play

The Sea and Cake- Inn Keeping

| play
CaryB couple of minutes of tuning & chatter at the beginning, but it's kind of charming, and the music is well worth waiting for. Bootleg from 1972.
CaryB bathe in the tasty coolness of a new retro Western-swingish band outta Louisville - think Andrew Bird/Dan Hicks @Haaz
CaryB most excellent new material from Bob. This should be massive if there were any justice in the world. Unfortunately, there often isn't.

Bob Schneider: Swimming in the Sea (Official Lyric Video)

| play
CaryB re-do@Tuneaholic: "Pop Zeus - New Day Tomorrow" (reblip)
CaryB I'll show you what you're doing wrong, boy!

The Corner Man (Lyrics) Barrence Whitfield & The Savages

| play
CaryB Scottish indie rock see also @Haaz (reblip)
CaryB WARNING: Trip hop is slowly addictive. From Tricky's killer 1995 debut, "Maxinquaye."


| play
CaryB heh heh... and some NEW Stooges, hell yeah. @Scott_hn
CaryB words cannot describe how incredibly charming this song and video are. Brand new Nick Lowe!
CaryB wow groovy cool! finally got some buttsteak on blip!
CaryB wow, this is fantastic. re-heat@mark_till (reblip)


| play
CaryB have you heard this yet? What a delivery this chick has. She's havin' trouble breathin' in...
CaryB the Huskers! one of their best. Man, those ringing guitars! those lovely vocals! rb@Iskaldur: "." (reblip)
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