CatfishFriend Mammara - you're on a roll! Where are you finding this shit? Squeeeeee!!!! (reblip)

Brian Eno & David Byrne "Strange Overtones"

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nastysurprise @axefield "oh well. 3 hours is too far to hang out." Yeah, two hours and it's a party.

You Say Party ! We Say Die ! -There Is XXXX (Within My Heart)

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anothercraze Starts similarly to Air's "Venus" then blasts off!! Thx@CaptainCBObvious: "Saturday Sunrise. Otherwise known as "High Noon"." (reblip)
Atomik fer sure, going bald though, thats not good ;p @GR8FL: "still think that @Atomik?"" (reblip)
nastysurprise Yeah, I have no idea what or who this is, but I like it.
MONIKKA Good morning @musicalmind :)

Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit remix)

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andrew_rocks first rate people - first rate track
HellenKellersIpod @pajaritos Now you're giving him props?! You've shattered my heart (reblip)
nastysurprise @Fentiger This one is a little longer. I should have waited. (reblip)
CatfishFriend Deserves a rb (if I do say so myself!) Rowdy, raucous and so effin' awesome. (reblip)
CatfishFriend Too sleepy and pretty for my mood right now but worthy of blippin'... mood be damned. Sorta Josh Rouse-y.
Koshka This is for all my blippin babies who have to work today *extra sweet smoochies*


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DJFrankie rb@katost: "Bearsuit – Foxy Boxer" One of my favorite blip discovery songs. Thanks! (reblip)
TMA7 Not me, I think it was @TheNewYorkChimes or @ElizaHerp @xtcdukes: "Where did you see them?" (reblip)
HellenKellersIpod @by_starla Actually I take it back, it will probably be new Portugal, The Man
by_starla [Motel Motel - Coffee] @craigz--i hear you--this is dedicated to your coffee maker. :)
Alturn8tive {Margot and the Nuclear So and So's – A Children's Crusade on Acid}
Alturn8tive {Arms – Kids Aflame}love this album
Alturn8tive {Arms – whirring} is another from that album..solo project from the guitarist from Harlem Shakes if you didnt know


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livtiludi @rockboy: "Black Lips – Starting Over" really been diggin' these guys. (reblip)
Alturn8tive well then hurry up@checkthesocks: "Took me awhile to figure out that the singer is from The Shins." (reblip)
bduubz nice, tx :) rb @retiredprodigy: "omg. it really is epic..wait for it my fellow househeads" (reblip)
Rollerballrocco Bravestation - White Wolves...this band from toronto have that sound that is so now...and then

Bravestation | White Wolves

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Alturn8tive {Big troubles – Former Selves}
Alturn8tive {Fluffy Lumbers – Cruisers}
CatfishFriend WTF? And why haven't I heard this before?
Alvaroxx Perfume Genius – No Problem...
RandallBlips omg amazingly good and what a rmx! thx to~> @linne: for the props;^>
Eridactyl Goodnight and thanks :) rb@ArthrReeeeD: "i'm beat. thanks for the lovely times @CatfishFriend @Eridactyl! g'nites to all :]" (reblip)
2Tall Command Strange – Morning, Noon & Night > positive beats @LaKarune @CatfishFriend @droolius > i hope this brightens your spirits
2Tall Kush Arora – Come From Yard Feat. Juakali @bronzefiyah @CatfishFriend > some crazy dope dancehall shit
CatfishFriend I always love The Go! Team more than is reasonable...
CatfishFriend Nicked from @liversounds. This is good, fucked up and flat-out AWESOME!!!!! (reblip)
2Tall INSTANT RB@Holycow: "You know you love this one..." > I love it sooo much! (reblip)
arcticarab {blind pilot ~ one red thread} ♫
CatfishFriend I lurve this! A teense more mellow than your normal style, no? rb @2Tall (reblip)
djscience raise your arms the highest you can, and the whole universe will glow

M83 Moon Child

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CatfishFriend I can never get enough of El Giuncho. Wanted to be him for Halloween but hard time pinning it down. rb@bduubz: "@Innit :)" (reblip)

El Guincho- Bombay

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CatfishFriend rb @ABoyNamedSue: "Mighty fine new remix." Hell yeah, it is! ANYTHING oOoOO has a hand in is The Bomb. (reblip)
wejazz Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision
CatfishFriend So weird and haunting in an elevator-y sort of way. rb @formalhaut (reblip)

Harmonic 33 _ Extraordinary People

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MinervaPaulus I think so....@torino: "yesssssss!!!!! @mariacatarina: "December will be magic again"" (reblip)
CatfishFriend Wow, I LOVE this! Love love love love love. Piano sorta reminiscent of Jackson Browne with Arcade Fire violins. Going on many of my playlists.
CatfishFriend Now that's more like it! I wish every day could start with Disco...
CatfishFriend If you are suffering from a cowbell and/or Chipmunks deficiency this AM... Seriously though, very catchy despite my description.
CatfishFriend Introduced to Shugo Tokumaru by @ArthurRead ages ago.
GR8FL @LindyLuv same could be said of the many blip DJs here, except this is all pretend (ssshhhh, don't tell them or me either)
CatfishFriend One of my very favorite Blip discovered bands.

サイプレス上野とロベルト吉野 - Bay Dream~フロム課外授業~ (番外編)

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bendrix When @Thaiangel hears this track her cerebral waters will tsunami the shores of distant memories and plateau & roar over her internal shimmeries (reblip)
CatfishFriend Love the train noises so much.
CatfishFriend Fast, upbeat, peppy, melodic barely-controlled chaos - awesome awesome awesome!
CatfishFriend Mirrors - Hide & Seek

Hide And Seek

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ishibutsu メリークリスマス!

Michael Nyman-Cream Or Christians

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die_Kalte still one of my most favorite voice only tracks u_u
CatfishFriend The best ever Immaculate Machine tune in my book. I would like to listen to this on endless replay.

Jarhand ~ Immaculate Machine [Lyrics]

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CatfishFriend Love this one. Creepy minor chords AND children of the corn choir? Hell yeah!
CatfishFriend I'm finding some great new stuff through you, @LateEmpire! Thanks and rb. (reblip)
CatfishFriend Then quit blipping such kick-ass shit... Your own fault. rb @RandyElliott: "Holy fuck puhleeeaaase do not encourage me $^> @CatfishFriend" (reblip)
CatfishFriend Heard this at 1am on the way in to work and found myself seat-dancing.
CatfishFriend This makes me want to do the Buffalo Bill dance in a silk geisha robe in my kitchen.
CatfishFriend Working for 5 days straight so just found out that LCD is hanging it up? Boooooo!
MandyPenn Now make it make some sense to me
2Tall B12 – State of Mindz HD > dnb, as if you have never heard me play that before...............
CatfishFriend Love this! Upbeat and happy without being too saccharine.
CatfishFriend Somedays a little Jonsi is all you need...

JónsiGo do

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cuezaireekaa ...ABOUT TO HAVE 1000 LISTENERS. THANKS!
by_starla [National Skyline - Ghosts]
CatfishFriend Love this! rb @wejazz: "Wild Nothing – Golden Haze" (reblip)

Sleepless City (Flosstradamus ReRub)

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HaLaN Mochipet – I Really Don't Think We Are Ok...
CatfishFriend Love how moody this is. rb @HaLaN: "Mochipet – I Really Don't Think We Are Ok..." (reblip)
CatfishFriend Unusual and striking. I'm utterly intrigued.


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CatfishFriend @Magimoss @HomelessParrot -- Restore my faith, please. I love this song and no one likes it as much as me. Hmmph.
CatfishFriend Awesome. rb@katost: "High Highs – Live In Dreams (Wild Nothing Cover) #coversthatdontsuck .... cover love" (reblip)
VeryEmerald Check this one out, quickly becoming a favorite. :) @SlipperyDistortion
kaosicism ..... #brandspankinnew ..... pitchfork has her tabbed as a rising star ....... I like


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CatfishFriend Holy fuck, I luuuurve this, @bduubz!!!! Thanks a mill. rb (reblip)
wejazz Sin Fang – Fall Down Slow
2Tall Kyro – Dark Devotion > some of the finest liquid dnb rollers >>thanks for the clarification,@hator it is all too easy to misinterpret people.

KyroDark Devotion

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say hi : kiss off ( violent femmes cover)

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CatfishFriend Pretty in a creepy Alice In Wonderland kind of way. rb@czybulski: "Unthanks - Queen Of Hearts" (reblip)
die_Kalte @faithlesshaze ~ ...please do, it makes me happy in my pants ^_^
koiheart rb@bytera: My day is good because your music is in it. Love this one! Belated and kind thanks (reblip)
Alvaroxx The Radio Dept. – The Worst Taste In Music...
wejazz Me too! Tyrb :)@CatfishFriend: "I love this!! It reminds me of *something* late 90's or early 00's but I can't quite put my finger on it. GAH!!! (reblip)
nastysurprise rb@AlyG: "my friend sent me this album and i haven't put it down." (reblip)
wejazz (The) Tony Castles – Black Girls in Dresses
CatfishFriend Edwin van Cleef & Jane Hanley cover Phoenix

Lisztomania (feat. Jane Hanley)

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CatfishFriend This may win for best cover ever!!!!!!! @liversounds you HAVE to check this out. She is adorable & can hit Busta Rhymes shit perfectly!
CatfishFriend Oh HF!!! Let me count the ways...
Kayo hola amigo! new to me...excellent!!! rb @Alvaroxx: "Black Van (feat. Holy Ghost!) – Moments Of Excellence..." (reblip)
CatfishFriend I don't have access to internet 'cept at work for another week or so. Meantime, I'm missing so much good music! Boo.
CatfishFriend Holy shit - how much do I love THIS? (Ans: TONS!)
CatfishFriend Oh Tiger Love! Where have you been all my life?
derkrauss // Tired Pony – Get On The Road //
CatfishFriend I'm addicted to this song AND it's not even disco! ???
mark_till Muse - Uprising (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Mix)
CatfishFriend New to me & I've already listened to this tune about 5 times in a row. Just sayin'.
CatfishFriend Well GodDAMN! This deserves a rb. Sounds like something from a melodic Atari and air siren dream with vocals by Smurfette. But in a good way.
Alvaroxx Burial – Archangel... !... ... .. .. .


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djilo Niceness! Thanks 4 the pass :) RB@Translucent: "bumps on the autobahn via>>>>@wejazz: T# #djilo@2Tall@star_anise@Hachimon@CatfishFriend@mc_Ra" (reblip)

The Botaniks Remix: Löcäl Nätives / Who knows who cares

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CatfishFriend Happy holidays to you too, @djilo. I promise to listen to whatever you wanna blip all through 2012!
wejazz M83 -Steve Mcqueen

M83-Steve Mcqueen

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wejazz Bibio – Fire Ant

BibioFire Ant

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wejazz I gotta know how to say cuchifritos in Finnish:)@juanitamoose: @musicismynoise: cuchifritos are on me [Pepper Rabbit - The Annexation Of Puerto Rico (reblip)
die_Kalte .../me yawns...Good Morning Blip V_V
wejazz Gonjasufi – Ageing (Dam Mantle Remix)
CatfishFriend Sooo great! rb@die_Kalte: ".../me yawns...Good Morning Blip V_V" (reblip)
CatfishFriend Love love love love.

Phèdre -- In decay

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BassFace "Suck my mother fuckin #BASS !!" CAn't get enough of this one.
SoMuch Machinedrum -- Realization
wejazz Woodpigeon – For Paolo
wejazz <3!Thanks! rb@musicismynoise: "The Twilight Sad – Sick" (reblip)

iamamiwhoami; sever

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Arthurread Iamamiwhoami- sever


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David Lowe Touch and Go Life's A Beach (Remix)

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2Tall In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel feat Nas (The Polish Ambassador Remix) @vnss549 > this is freakin amazing !!!!
mark_till Mumford & Sons-Cousins (Vampire Weekend Cover)

Mumford & Sons-Cousins (Vampire Weekend Cover)

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Wild Nothing: Cloudbusting

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HomelessParrot @CatfishFriend - thought you might like :) My blipping is sporadic, at best.
wejazz lymbyc systym – falling together
jfgill The Radio Dept. ~ Four Months In The Shade
Alvaroxx Röyksopp – Coming Home... !... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
CatfishFriend rb @Stendhal b/c I love any and all Kate Bush covers. (reblip)

Chromatics- Running Up That Hill

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muzicmajic Com Truise – Cyanide Sisters
mark_till --BLONDIE More than this.

BLONDIE More than this.

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jfgill Houses ~ Beginnings


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