ChilloutScene Winding down for the night with a classic.
winukomi i love ur music style @ChilloutScene: "keep going on the beautiful work!!" (reblip)
ChilloutScene Music for a sunny day. Mylo- Sunworshipper


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patduarte Massive Attack – Angel
ChilloutScene My favorite reggae chill song, by the reggae king.
ChilloutScene Bad economy chillout song- Punchbag. I feel like one sometimes.
CathLabChick just envision helena christensen covered in sand. I thought so.
ChilloutScene Headed out for a while. Here's a peppy little number by Mylo.
ChilloutScene Closing down for the night's one of my favorites from Massive Attack. Hymn of the Big Wheel
ChilloutScene A long time favorite. How Soon is Now -The Smiths
ChilloutScene Another great song for a sunny day! Too bad it's freezing here! Koop-Summer Sun

KoopSummer Sun

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ChilloutScene Great acid jazzy/trip hop number by Wiseman.
ChilloutScene Shutting it down early tonight. HEAT is a great film and this Moby track from the soundtrack is the perfect ending. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Beautiful chillout track here by Portishead.
VinTriste Sounds wonderful, less stressful. :) @28apple_chic
ChilloutScene Found this one while reviewing Chillout Sessions XI. Nice "Don't Turn it Off!"
ChilloutScene Good morning! Love to listen to this low key track in the morning. Baja by Sasha. Keep chillin' and have a great day!


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ChilloutScene Ligers are pretty much my favorite animals. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.
ChilloutScene Time to get dressed and head out. Here's Paper Underwear by David Holmes. Love his mixes!
ChilloutScene Another beautiful day. Here's one to chillout with. Sunbeams by UKO.
ChilloutScene @chiron08 More Future Sound of London...nice! This is why I love Blip! (reblip)
ChilloutScene @antenaweb Too much Air is never a bad thing! Air – Cherry Blossom Girl (reblip)
ChilloutScene A late night chillout track to get the mood right. Sometimes good things happen in the dark. ;) Hot Chip- Made in the Dark
ChilloutScene Great chillout track to end the evening. Tosca is great! Tosca- Gute Laune Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Some mid 90's Natural Born Killers chillout. I was afraid of Juliette Lewis. Cowboy Junkies- Sweet Jane
ChilloutScene @Sunshineblonde Love this chill, great beat! Empire of the Sun- Walking on a Dream (reblip)
ChilloutScene Awesome chillout cover of GNR- Sweet Child O Mine by Luna. Check it out, you won't regret it!
CathLabChick Jack Johnson's laid-back cover of one of the White Stripes' big singles. Another good pick for @ChilloutScene! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Chillin in '96 with Boyz II Men and LL Cool J.
SpaceBanditRadio with her charcoal eyes and monroe hips... (reblip)
bendrix Yesterday U broke me out of my hip hop vibe to transported me to Cafe Del Mar. So today I thought I'd return the favor :) => @patricia_coelho
Greenie Waldeck - addicted... to this genre right now...
ChilloutScene Another one of my favorites by Bent. Swollen. Have a busy night so I won't be blipping much tonight. Keep chillin'!


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ChilloutScene @DIARMI Nice one! "I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I'm melting." Jason Mraz- I'm Yours (reblip)
ChilloutScene Just downloaded this one. Nice and chillin'. Opalescent is a great album! Jon Hopkins- Private Universe.
ChilloutScene @Flower I love Telepopmusik! This one is so chill. (reblip)

Telepopmusik - Brighton Beach

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ChilloutScene rb @DJ90 @Flower Love the Dreamworld compilation this one is on as well! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Thank you for this, @Figgywithit. Love the song & so appreciate the recommendation! ;) (reblip)
ChilloutScene Enjoy this great chillout track from Nightmares on Wax. They always deliver. This one's called Rise. Keep chillin'!
bendrix I Fr#$%n love this joint. I first heard this on blip. But I'm a looooong time Tracey T head. I totally dig U're style => rb@haizee (reblip)
ChilloutScene Crazy (literally) dub chill! Here's an eclectic track from The Avalanches- Frontier Psychiatrist (reblip)
ChilloutScene Al Usher delivers a perfect chillout track with Here Today. Can be found on Chillout Sessions XI reviewed on Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Here's a new one from @hi_royksopp ! Track is "Royksopp Forever" Loooove the strings and chill beat! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Acid jazzy chillness. Song builds nicely piece by piece. Kevin Yost- 5 Alive
ChilloutScene Here's a nice light chillout track to wind down with tonight. Hafdis Huld adds some airy vocals. Almost as good as Sia! :)
ChilloutScene ♫ RB- Love this mix! Pierlooqup- Pivoting On Chroma Key 27 (reblip)
ChilloutScene Bent puts some great chillout tracks out there. Here's one. Bent- Moonbeams


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ChilloutScene @bendrix Guess I wasn't blip'n at the time. Nice track. Very chill! Thanks @ladypn ! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Sappy chill. Hey, Boomerang was a good movie. PM Dawn- Die Without You

PM Dawn

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bendrix I profess to be a HUGE Ladypn sucker I remember when she was just a pup but, Where were we when @ladypn blipped this=> @ChilloutScene @DJstromer19 :) (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB- Nice and chill groove to start the morning. Keep chillin' Blip'rs! (reblip)
ChilloutScene @bendrix Lots of awesomeness here. Telepopmusik is HIGH quality! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Okay, I hate partial blips so here's another one to wind down with tonight. Can't believe I haven't blip'd any Lemon Jelly yet.
ChilloutScene RB Reminds me a little bit of Goldfrapp. The Knife- Heartbeats (reblip)
ChilloutScene Some more High Fidelity chillout. "I will now sell five copies of The Three EPs by The Beta Band" -Rob Gordon
ChilloutScene A beautiful track from the LA Confidential soundtrack. Kay Starr- Wheel of Fortune
ChilloutScene Good morning! "Let's come together....right now." Keep chillin'! The Beloved- Sweet Harmony
ChilloutScene Found this luscious chillout track when looking for India Arie's "Butterfly." Sugar Plant- Butterfly
ChilloutScene Just heard this great chillout track on XM chill. Lots of great sounds on this one.
ChilloutScene Great chill track for the evening by Thievery Corp. I haven't been around much this you Blip'rs doin'?

Thievery Corporation - the glass bead game

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ChilloutScene @bendrix I love Tosca as well....I'll let you off the hook for forgetting me....THIS time. :) (reblip)
bendrix There are a cluster of Great Tracy Thorn tracks but this track is Definitely WAY the hell up there=> @ChilloutScene
ChilloutScene @Cooper_Designs Found this BOC bonus track on their myspace page. Nice and chill...
ChilloutScene Great chill mix of Bob Marley's Try Me.
ChilloutScene Some "Wall Street" soundtrack chill. David Byrne the genius strikes again!
ChilloutScene RB @estarla Forgot how awesome Cocteau Twins are! (reblip)
digitpt Peter Bjorn & John – Amsterdam. thx @2fast4u
ChilloutScene It's a Boards of Canada honor of @Cooper_Designs = new Blip'r! What an AWESOME track!
ChilloutScene Good morning! Great chill track with a funky beat and some nice piano. Keep chillin' Orsten- Fleur Blanche.
ChilloutScene Good morning and Happy Easter! Wasn't feeling too good last night, but now I'm back. This song rep's how I felt in church this morning. :)
ChilloutScene Love the drum track on this one.


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ChilloutScene RB @Aluciel Very melancholy and chill. I likey! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Loved this album when I first heard it. It's been a while since I've listened. I miss Rhapsody sometimes...wait, I have Blip now! :)
ChilloutScene I love Pinback. Their sound is so addicting!


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ChilloutScene Good morning! Let's start the day off right with another chill Zero 7 number. Futures. Keep chillin'!

Zero 7Futures

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ChilloutScene Good morning Blip'rs! Love the tempo changes and great piano work on this one. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Sorry Blipr's! Had some issues with Blipster. We're all good now. Here's a great chill number by Cell. Thanks @BrettBorders for the reco!
ChilloutScene Good day, Blipr's! Here's a great track that's heavy on the bass, but still chill.
ChilloutScene VI@Mandraxx Cardamar IS the man! (reblip)


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ChilloutScene RB Welcome @Mandraxx. Nice track selections! (reblip)


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ChilloutScene Good Morning! Here's a trancey mix to start your day off right.
ChilloutScene Love when you can hear the vinyl crackles on a track. Thanks @BrettBorders for Tweeting about Fluid Radio!
ChilloutScene Another awesome chillout track via Fluid Radio! Very Moby-like.
ChilloutScene BOC already does chill amazingly well. Now I hear ocean waves in this track. Pure bliss!
ChilloutScene Headed 2 bed listening to some 2wicky by Hooverphonic. Keep chillin' Blip'rs!
ChilloutScene Like the laid back beat and airy vocals on this one. Lyrics are a bit dark. "Let's have some fun, show me how to use this gun" Not so chill.
ChilloutScene In the mood for some Cure tonight. Spider Man is having me for dinnah tonight!
ChilloutScene Good morning! This is how you should live life. Little By Litte. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Good morning! Here's a laid back chill track by 16B. Everyone could use a "New Start" right? Keep chillin'!

16BNew Start

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ChilloutScene @bendrix 80k feet was nice. But this is more Sia deliciousness! Beautiful.
bendrix Its hard for me not to blip this and not think this is @klitoria's special track - i am not sure if its bad karma for me to share this with anyone
bendrix This no doubt is absolutely amazing U get props bro => rb@ChilloutScene #bendrix Another chill groove by Z7. I bet Bent has no harmonica! ;) (reblip)

Zero 7Look Up

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ChilloutScene Good night Blipr's! The stars all seem to weep that ChilloutScene is going offline. ;) Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Headed to bed's some well chilled Boards of Canada to wrap up the night. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Been saving this one up for a rainy day. Great chill track by Illumination.
ChilloutScene @ladypn Very underrated track from a very underrated band.
bendrix Hey @Sparklepony & ChilloutScene I feel that U both will appreciate this deep sea aquatic exploration :) (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB vi@chiiQ i could listen to N.O.W all day... (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB vi@robwest No need to weep for me....this is beautiful! (reblip)


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AnomalyRadio One of my all-time FAVORITE CT songs! Jah I wish I'd seen them live.
ChilloutScene Mo Betta is mo betta. This is from one of my favorite soundtracks!
ChilloutScene Quincy can bring it. Sooooo chill...
ChilloutScene Good night! Here's a great Bossa track from K&D. Love the bass section in the middle. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Good morning! This is a long one from a sampler by Track & Field but there are some great chill grooves throughout. Enjoy and keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene GREAT bass sound and sexy vox on this one. Enjoy!
ChilloutScene RB vi@Cooper_Designs I like! Thumpin' bass groove and some smooth synth. Wait, I love it! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Good morning! LOVE the distorted guitar and awesome drum track. Sort of a middle eastern feel as well. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Good morning! Here's a great track by Conjure One. Huge the strings and percussion! The vocals are soaring as well. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene @TheeRealFDHC Dig the bass on this of my chill faves. Kudos, Felix and keep chllin'!
ChilloutScene These guys are great. Not so sure about the band name though. :)
ChilloutScene Beautiful...guessing @bendrix uploaded? :) Chill....
ChilloutScene Enjoy this bossa track. Thanks all for the props and keep chillin!
ChilloutScene @BrettBorders Glad you made it through alright! Rest up and keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Found this group vi@BrettBorders I'll take the red pill. :)


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ChilloutScene Classical chill....probably the most beautiful piece of music ever written.
ChilloutScene RB vi@Blippo: "Aaron Jerome – Late Night Mission // Nice bass & percussion " Perfect for chillin' (reblip)
ChilloutScene @Blippo: "Soulphiction – Ghana Wadada feat. Phlegmatic // lend an ear @avivamagnolia @karma_musings @ChilloutScene interesting combination ... " (reblip)
ChilloutScene Great work on the keys on this St Germain track. Love the beat too...just keeps moving. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Wish I could stay up this late blip'n with everyone. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene @djilo is on fire tonight! Or should I say on ice since his tracks are so chill....? (reblip)
djilo Thanks for this one =) @chiiQ: "that's all i got in me for today; g'nite blippers. " (reblip)
ChilloutScene Another great chill track. Love the background waves of synth and light percs and piano.

ChicaneLow Sun

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ChilloutScene Simply an amazing track by the amazing Massive Attack. Haunting vox and driving beat on this one make it a can't miss. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene Heard this one on Pandora. Great driving bass and snare with the film-noir trumpet. Keys are nice and mellow too.
ChilloutScene Great breezy ambient chillout track to end the night with. Keep chillin'!
bendrix This ultimate hidden track=> rb@LYRIC "iknowisaidConsequenceswasmyfave, buttruthbetold, I'malittlebitaddicted2thisonenow ;) dreamydeliciousness" (reblip)
ChilloutScene This ons has some mellow keys but some more kick butt trumpet. Will give me some lucid summer dreams of chillin.
ChilloutScene @adecemberist: Epic indeed. Great chill track to wind down the night with. Keep chillin'! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Good evening, blip nation! Found this chill track today on my run. Has a kickin beat with a gnarly trumpet solo...check it out!
adecemberist @ChilloutScene this is for you.... ;) slumber, or awake... may your dreams carry u to this place.....
ChilloutScene Check out this one on Chillout Sessions-Vol 5. Great chill track by Venus in Motion.
ChilloutScene @Atomik @pinkpolkadots Lots of good stuff going on in this one. Love the dub, muted snare, and synth! Winner! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Nice 'n chill...another gem from Massive Attack.
ChilloutScene Have to reblip since this one was lost from our playlist. One of Kruder and Dorfmeister's best!
ChilloutScene Haven't been able to Blip much lately. Gotta love Pinback. Good to sea you all Blipr's!
ChilloutScene Love the mix of synth and horns on this slow building track. Eclectic done well.
ChilloutScene Need to spill the beans on this great chill track. Check it out on Ultra Chilled 2.


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ChilloutScene RT @noura: "i love this song <3" Frou Frou is chill chill! (reblip)
ChilloutScene @djilo Nice funky groove on this one. Love the horns too! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Good morning Blipr's! Very chill slow build up on this one. Very Massive Attack. Kudos to Leo Abrahams! Keep chillin'!

SpiderLeo Abrahams

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ChilloutScene Reminiscing about how great PM Dawn were/are. Keep chillin'!
ChilloutScene RB @THX3 Great chill groove and love the 60's video footage! :) (reblip)
ChilloutScene @djilo I've been way busy and haven't discovered a lot of new stuff lately. Thanks for this. Awesome! (reblip)
ChilloutScene Great song for some love makin'. Didn't know this one was in their catalog.
djilo Hey man! Missed you around here. Glad to see you back :) @ChilloutScene
ChilloutScene Beautiful track. Very Ulrich Schnauss-like (driving beat with light keys/piano). So chill....
ChilloutScene RB @psychedout: "Maxwell - Arroz Con Pollo @Jazzzyone @ChilloutScene" Funkyyyyy (reblip)

Maxwell-Arroz Con Pollo (Instrumental) (1998)

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ChilloutScene Let the sitar and hypnotic beat help you chill tonight. Thanks for being listeners...all 300 of you now! Keep chillin'


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ChilloutScene @matwater213: "Good Evening, @Jazzhole @amphore @ChilloutScene @Will_the_bloke.... "Just Believe... Just Breathe..."" So chill. Telepop = bliss :) (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @Janetttt Some more funkified chill. Very nice! (reblip)

Orange Factory Body Tight

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ChilloutScene Nice ambient mix by Aleander Daf. In this case, silence is golden. :)

Alexander Daf 'In A Silent Way'

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ChilloutScene Good morning! Here's a track by Little People. Has anything but a little sound. Enjoy!
lu_llaby I suppose you like Tricky =) @ChilloutScene


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ChilloutScene Great chillout artist Lusine provides an electronic feast for the ears...enjoy!


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ChilloutScene @Remix_Emporium: "Smooth remix by Avalanches" MMmmmm..smooth indeed. The sound of scratchy vinyl gets me every time. (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @matwater213: "This is a "Beautiful @chiron08 House" Blip" Beautiful indeed...the crashing waves add to it's ultra-chill vibe. (reblip)
ChilloutScene @MusicIsMySunshine Thanks for the recommendations! Haven't heard this track before. Great Massive Attack-like track. Fever Ray- Coconut

Fever Ray Coconut

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ChilloutScene @matwater213: "Very Nice Groove, @Kingsofdabeatz" Nice groove indeed...thanks for the early Halloween treat! (reblip)
koom Really like the violin in this.
phileadie Still in a chilled mood, easing into work.
ChilloutScene RB @MateusQuintiliano: "Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour" (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @ZUMAFISH: Poppieeeees......sweet poppiesssss..... so chill. :) (reblip)
ChilloutScene Beautiful song by Envy Corps.... great Des Moines/Ames band near HQ! :) Enjoy this track before heading to bed tonight.
ChilloutScene @DJstromer19 Great chillin' the synth backing melody and kickin' beat. (reblip)


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ChilloutScene RB @Cooper_Designs Love these guys! Scientifically proven to chill! (reblip)
GraceOMalley @bendrix: "Reciprocatd luv :) => rb@wild_divine: "When love n spirit r brought together, their power accomplishes anything! (reblip)

Buddha Bar_____Desire Deepak Chopra

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onelovecat @ChilloutScene thanks! this one is for you. enjoy


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ChilloutScene RB @DJstromer19: "The XX – Shelter (Them Jeans Drum Edit)<><>" Beautiful the guitar sound too. Chill.... (reblip)
ChilloutScene Thanks to Fresh Beach on Facebook for this one! Elle and Verve remix.
ChilloutScene Beautiful jazzy chill track by Kyoto Jazz Massive....enjoy!
ChilloutScene Loooove Underworld and this track "Glam Bucket" is another brilliant example of their fine work!
ChilloutScene Lovely groove on this one by Rollercone. Some great improv vox too...fits the track perfectly. Chill....
ChilloutScene RB @ladypn: Love it! Wish I heard it a little later in the evening though. :) (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @BigMisterC: "I've been on a one-main campaign to get more people to know about Kruder & Dorfmeister..." Make that two! (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @Gen22: "ah one two ah one two [Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground]" You never forget your first love. :) (reblip)
ChilloutScene More goodness from Gui Boratto!
ChilloutScene Some beautiful bluesy guitar along with a chillin' groove makes this track by Mikael Delta perfect for nighttime listening.

Mikael DeltaDiving

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ChilloutScene Nice chillin' track by Blank and Jones. Florent 2am Love the bass and slow groovin' beat.
ChilloutScene Awesomely chill track by Alphawezen. Gai Soleil
ChilloutScene RB @Lunaladee: "trying to promote Midnight Resistance who I think is excellent." Could have sworn I was listening to Depeche Mode...excellent indeed! (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @1001queen: "tell me hehe@ZOEBOE: "haha. I kno exactly wht yr talkin about.. rb->@shouxing.." Awesome jazzy remix! Haven't heard this one before. (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @djilo: "Dig songs that sound like spy movie themes ;)" Me too. Nice find! (reblip)


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winukomi rb" romantic music video "Hum To Dil Se Hare arabic Remix"'hi"my guru@ChilloutScene"uR the first giv mePROPE & teach manything in Here"THANKS"4all.. (reblip)

Hum To Dil Se Hare Arabic Remix

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ChilloutScene Can't go wrong with the groove on this one. (reblip)
ChilloutScene RB @hyatthouseblues: "@ChilloutScene love your blog" Thank you! Love Dusted! They are called "All Thieves" now. (reblip)
ChilloutScene Nice groovy, kinda ghostly track by J-Punch. "Away Your Life"

J-Punch 'Away Your Life (Chill Mix)'

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ChilloutScene Chillin' to this beautiful track by Alpha.


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ChilloutScene Nice remix! @Remix_Emporium Been listening to David Holmes radio tonight on Pandora. Win!
ChilloutScene Smokin' track by Thunderball! Love the bass driven groove...


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