slackstar have to listen to it again! ;-)

the ProdigyOmen

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Miss_E i like this! sounds like danity kane & gwen stefani w/ a little bit of spice girls. looks like xtina in the music video -

Lady GagaLove Game

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marieiris @leroy77 i'm kicking off your #nxne festivities with this song.
Borchacalas I wish you were here... Me preguntó si lo sabrá... Me pregunto si todavía estaré cuerdo. Hoy es melancolíviernes. (reblip)
Andresa Nirvana – Milk It

NirvanaMilk It

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richeerichhh Everytime they play this song at their concerts, they make it a super partied out jam session. This sounds alot like what they're trying to go for.
vitor_zero Vamo sai quebrando tudo!

And OneMetalhammer

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ShortiezRevenge Several comments today have left me feeling I have some sort of reputation I'm unaware of! So here. "Notorious" :-p
ashley_thechief Bang bang on the door baby... Bang bang....You're what?... Tin roof, rusted!

B-52sLove Shack

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ashley_thechief First Train song I ever heard - and still one of my favorites (reblip)

TrainMeet Virginia

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Merkprof I can't get to bed, not really tired.
jakcadden Yeah, I'm still digging the techno j-pop...


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AbsinthEve @xhantee I see ur blip ur bro is a L B.. a loving blipper or brother..he wants to what is blipping?help me (reblip)

Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain

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Samuka3000 "...I've been wallowing in my own confused and insecure delusions..."

ToolForty Six & 2

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DrSara One of my very favorites from Collective Soul--awesome!
RobbieB One of the great underground anthems of the 80's - no radio airplay, no music video yet this was a true classic
hesa thanx____________________________☠_______________________ from@terrorist i <3 this song big time (reblip)
nav007 @Chixx2Sixx another one of their good ones, i'm sure there's a a remix of this around somewhere! (just not on


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nav007 Normally i would say Hip-Hop and any dance/electro mix just sounds ridiculous...but this one works!
26chopxped I don't really have a comment for this... Just wanted to hear it...

Prefuse 73Detchibe

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ted get back to the 80's florida style


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amateria Because @jeffbalke has been making me think of this song all day. :)
kevster Ba de ya - say do you remember Ba de ya - dancing in September Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day
dickadcock Thx for this, as I can never remember title, etc.; putting it on playlist. Rb from a couple of the best blippers! @DeAnn @soundmangroupie (reblip)
DJHowie I noticed there are some new listeners. I just wanted to give a word of warning. I have a rather...eclectic sense of taste in music. Sorry in advance.
Kirlyjen Makes me melt.

U2 - With Or Without You

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rahmiranda hahahahahahahahahahaha adoro esse VF (reblip)
jupiterjazz props, @JJDJ! xoxo, @dsb1218...i understand. Thanks for wasting props on me! >^.^< this one's for all my buddies!

74-Redbone - Come And Get Your Love

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AGENTSAGE The revolutions here, the revolutions personal (reblip)
FranciscoIV blippin Get Down Tonight – KC & The Sunshine Band (reblip)
DownLow T is for Tuesday theme play. Totally different type of turkey here. A turkey of opportunity on a bullfight....
FranciscoIV Tuning Up! Kylie Minogue – Can't Get You Out of My Head (reblip)
dtatusko a song that makes me want to drive really fast in a convertible to nowhere as fast as i can...


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6fm Now, overcast days never turned me on... but somethin' bout the clouds and her mixed! ;)
Stay19 Cut Copy – Far Away (The Golden Filter Remix)<><>
plsurkity @MixMasterEddie? where on earth did you find this? yanno- i actually don't like this pink song. but with zz top? i'm all over this shit! fab.u.lous! (reblip)
seasonofthebitch Dear Joe The Plumber (neither named Joe nor a plumber), listen and learn. #EFCA
Zenbuoy OK....OK...READY....TURN IT UPPPPP!!!
me_im_u life...and also an amazing band
misslazarou ja a blipei antes mas é para ajudar à 80´s night do @andremcarvalho: Journey - Dont Stop Believing
SingingButler thanks @ijefff, @Clark_Griswold, extra thanks is more than who we are


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GiantPimpslapper ~reblip~ fm: @Blippo "Tool – Schism (it's the 20. time, I guess)" this song is worth blip'ing that many times. (reblip)


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Dyin2leaveFla Duffy – Mercy (Dunproofin's Thankful Mix)
avivajazz Diego el Cigala | Vidalita // Passion, exuberance, sorrow; it's all here...
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Belleruche - Anything You Want (hung out with them after their gig at the Jazz Cafe on Friday night! Funky and soulful snyth-pop).
DJPaulino TUNE TIP : Yuksek - I Like to Play (diggin this electro-groovin ditty)
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Elbow - Mirrorball (trippin' out with this now with great friends. Good times..)


| play
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: DJ Mujava - Township Funk (jivin' to this snare and bass beat with uber catchy synth melody)
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Ladyhawke - My Delirium (uber catchy 80's-inspired synth pop rock. Thanks Rachel!)

LadyhawkeMy Delirium

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DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Bonobo - Nightlife (chill electronica keeping me company past midnight...)
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Stanton Warriors Remix) - What a wicked remix. Bass bumpin groove!

Gorillaz-Feel Good Inc. (Stanton Warriors Remix)

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DJPaulino TUNE TIP: The Dirty Trio - Oxygen (DJ Rustik Remix). Trippy thumpin' like a Nintendo game on acid!
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: John Martyn - Solid Air. - Beautiful song to start the morning with! TGIF everyone!

John Martyn. Solid Air

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Green day boulevard of broken dreams live

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DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Elbow - One Day Like This (perfect song to start a day with)
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control (on repeat. I can never get sick of this song!)
DJPaulino TUNE TIP : New Young Pony Club - The Get Go
DJPaulino TUNE TIP : Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Epic Last Song (Lifelike Remix)
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: The Presents - This Boys in Love (life like remix). Another uber catchy song that I can't take off repeat.
DJPaulino TUNE TIP : Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Calvin Harris remix)
thiagorg nunca uma música prometeu tantas coisas antes de chegar no refrão. #pioneira
dhm "Push It" is the late-90s era Garbage song TNT used, FYI.

GarbagePush It

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Mk_III @dardar - yes girl! stingily - that falsetto! here's one of my favourite classic house tunes...

Twilight for Some ~ Mark Rogers

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mrrodd Hey @patita that is great song. Need to find a decent version of the video! (reblip)

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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girlpiper Damn, it feels good all over... LOL @SpinningDiscs: "Massive Attack – Angel ....for my angel @girlpiper" (reblip)

Massive AttackAngel

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squires32 As much as I like the song, I think I like the video even more.

Depeche Mode "Wrong"

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DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Kaskade - 4am (keeping me happy sunbathing and working on a sun shiny rooftop!)

Kaskade4 AM

| play
toosweet4rnr [Smash Mouth – Walkin' On The Sun] howdy :) @Aluciel pieces everywhere at your house too... :)
diva42 Gino Vannelli – I Just Wanna Stop
superduperjes @2fast4u: "Luv this song!!! Save Yourself ~ Stabbing Westward " (reblip)
poochiesan24 RB @juliericks: "Smith – Baby It's You" still stuck on oldies (reblip)

SmithBaby It's You

| play
Janetttt Smashing Pumpkins Never Let Me Down (depeche mode cover)

Smashing Pumpkins Never let me down

| play
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Passion Pit - Smile Upon Me
DJPaulino TUNE TIP" Bonobo - Light Pattern (keeping me calm and composed at work)

BonoboLight Pattern

| play
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Kent - 747 (one of my fave melodically mesmerizing 90's classics)

Kent747 (eng version)

| play
DJPaulino TUNE TIP: Depeche Mode - Precious (continuing with the moody classics...)
DJPaulino Bush – Letting The Cables Sleep
MimiMcc !Janet Jackson - Throb

Janet JacksonThrob

| play
candy156sweet Vixen – Edge of A Broken Heart
Liliart and I think about how long it will take them to blow us away but I won't get me down, I'm just thankful to be facing the day
joanaaa @MarkHoppus: "here it is: the song to get stuck in your head today. enjoy!" (reblip)


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JanetDawson Annie Lennox – Why..Really Good Song (reblip)

Annie LennoxWhy

| play
MasKeo13 on my current rotation on my iPod.

Lykke LiLittle Bit

| play
IronJ146 a pleasant evening, early to bed...nightmare...awake again. I refuse to let my mood sour.

Strandhotel Markus - Disco! Disco! (Youth Remix)

| play
fabuleuxfab Metronomy - A Thing For Me (Nightmoves Remix) ))
djMAGHEGGIO Far Too Loud rocked my world last night and i guess you can call it #techno
SweetestButtercup The Switch...Great tune...

Planet funk the switch

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aphonik "The more we learn, the less we know..." One of my all-time favorite songs.

Zero 7 "Destiny"

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omeuladoazul RB @Gen22: "Kings Of Leon - 'Be Somebody' " (reblip)

Kings Of Leon-Be Somebody

| play
nadeemd Ok here is something upbeat from my dear friend @Blanquis26: "♥♥ Crank up the volume and Get up & JUMP! :) (reblip)
Atomik hello @DJstromer19: "Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor (Soulwax Dub)<><>" // howdy @RadioFreeIllinois @nzstars (reblip)

Jazzyfatnastees-Tumbling (2002)

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musicfiend love the human nature mix of this song. swv rockded.

SWV-Right Here (Human Nature Mix)

| play
NyQuilDriver Studio 54, I'm a disco whore.

Charm Farm- Superstar

| play
HarringtonRed the Original & the best mix..hazy dayz indeed
Skookum86 Probably too much for a Sunday evening
LynnSunshine @Isolation_FTMLCW: "@Inge_FS - o.O mm better i guess, yours? LOL" (reblip)

Switchblade Symphony "Into the Sky" Music Video

| play
markmac The Horrors – Sea Within a Sea
akuji Studio Apartment – Serenity feat Marc Evans
sirchillsalot this shit makes my cock say WHAAAAAAAAAAAA
akuji thx for the prop & RB's @starlingpoet @ramboswife your great DJ's!!! :) (reblip)

White Discussion (Remix)

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th3_kraken Sunday afternoon driftaway chillout shit an that
DJxBuddha stole this from @quorum. thought it was beautiful. (reblip)
HaiTsung noch etwas betäubt, aber lebe noch,..@chiron08,..///// genug gerockt!"!
Hypnotica Isis Signum – Symmetry (Neztic Remix). [[[[[[[ ACE!!!! ]]]]]]]
Chixx2Sixx Chill AM mixx
Chixx2Sixx Z-Factor - Gotta Keep Pushin' (Extended Club Mix 1996)
Chixx2Sixx @DJNickPapag City Reverb - City of Lights (Larry Fives Dub Mix)
Chixx2Sixx Circuit City - California Dusk (Original Mix)
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