Claymoore Best Crystal Castles song. So gnar gnar.
Claymoore Find the remix of this and you'll be shakin your booty for hours.


| play
Claymoore Music to get down too fo sho.

Girl TalkHold Up

| play
Claymoore Not for any baby ears but such a sick remix.

Girl TalkStill Here

| play
Claymoore Some dirty indie goodness for you Chris
Claymoore Can't stop tapping my feet now.


| play
mattsloan sick!

new M.I.A. song (DEATH TO THE THRONE REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!)

| play
mattsloan Another Song of the Day /// White Lies /// Death (Crystal Castles Remix)
scooooooooooty song of the day // crystal castles - courtship dating
Claymoore My life is more complete after hearing this. Dead Prez is legit.
Claymoore You might confuse Moldy Peaches and Peaches by titles but not by their lyrics.
Claymoore Sweet dirty, raspy, indie at it's finest.

OkayTrack 01

| play
Claymoore Dance your afternoon away peeps.
Claymoore I can't find the old burst and bloom album.

CursiveThe Recluse

| play
Claymoore Free the Robots. Forget about Tibet. Free the Robots is priority one.
Claymoore This is the Garden State nostalgia.
Claymoore If you love MGMT this will be on your social media website in 4 minutes.
Claymoore More foot taps to bust out with this.
Claymoore Gotta love this. Mellow music to hum to.
Claymoore You can't not dance when listening to this.

The PresetsTogether

| play
Claymoore About a Boy is one of my favorite movies.
Claymoore this is one of those songs you find yourself closing your eyes to
Claymoore Ben Folds swearing makes me laugh out loud.
MaybeImRight one of my most favorite Death Cab for Cutie songs...
kenigor walcott - vampire weekend ~ nice song..! (reblip)
Claymoore The water dripping will make you think you're in a cave.
Claymoore I've been training to learn the dance at the end of the movie.
Claymoore Ah I'm in a time machine.

Paper MacheTrack-02

| play
Claymoore This kid has got such talent. So pacific northwest.

Paper MacheTrack-09

| play
Claymoore Another day at the office. I am a mouse in a cube today.

GHETTO BOYS - Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta

| play
mattsloan "Song of the Day" - Until We Bleed (Feat. Lykke Li) /// Kleerup
Claymoore I don't know what they're talking about most of the time, but The Flaming Lips do what they want. They answer to no one. Least of all, me.
Claymoore Doing whatever the f*ck they want as usual.
Maffe Okay, vi har haft den før men check Lil Wayne's vers. Jeg har så meget love for Weezy.
Claymoore Takes me back to ditching high school to go play music with friends.
Claymoore One of my all time fav's. Dig this peeps.
Claymoore Styrafoam. Ben. Couches. All good things.
Claymoore My wife loves this song. Its pretty good, I'll admit.

JamayGray Or Blue

| play
kijken oh. i see. @kijken I know I had you listen to this years ago but I'm laying the groundwork... (reblip)


| play
cleanskies Paperclips look a bit like tiny helter-skelters, don't they? In the bluish light of daylight bulbs and flatscreens
Claymoore The title says it all.

Little WingsBoom!

| play
Claymoore Girl Talk. Live it. Learn it. Love it.
Claymoore Youtube the Yelle de cause de Dragones video. Euro dance in fine detail.
Claymoore This only gets an eh. But worth blippingg.
Claymoore One of those tracks you can forget its playing only until it ends.
Claymoore Doesn't matter that they don't speak English. You'll still like it.
Claymoore Hunter does a nasty cover of this track.

The ShinsNew Slang

| play
Claymoore This is what you'll drive home listening to, Devin.
Claymoore I like it cause its true. Minus when she calls it her boyfriend.
scooooooooooty song of the day // Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
Claymoore Brazil can get dirty too.
Claymoore Going to be to this song.

Van SheStrangers

| play
Claymoore Morning AM Jam! This song just starts the day off right.

MGMTElectric Feel

| play
Claymoore I dare you to not shake your money maker while listening to this track.
Claymoore What you know about Mondays? I know way too much.

t.i.what you know

| play
evablue my little brain... i'm being loud... too early for loud...

RatatatLoud Pipes

| play
Claymoore Where's my knife cause I came for the buffet? That's just how I live my life peeps. I grip it and I rip it.
chiron08 @Heike - hier ist so übles Wetter.. da brauch ich etwas Sonne im Sound..
Claymoore I use to listen to this CD everyday on my way to high school cause my van wouldn't play anything else and that was just fine with me.
Claymoore I think was my very first Get Up Kids song... Perfect track for my interview recovery mix. Keep it coming.
adbert [Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley & The Wailers] A protest song about the black man's role in building America, that continues to oppress him. (reblip)
jbeechoo Suavemente aparece el fin de semana en el horizonte!
adbert [I Want To Know What Love Is – Foreigner] This was written by Mick Jones for his then future wife Ann Dexter-Jones. (reblip)
jonnyskov first time biking to work since winter began...*gasp* this album was the only thing that kept me going *gasp*
jonnyskov i hardly ever reblip, but i'm totally in love with this song, thx @Remster and @sadalit (reblip)
jonnyskov and a snappy new performance goes along with this new look...i like!
Claymoore I think Tupac lives through me. I am part of his ghetto gospel.

2PacGhetto Gospel

| play
Claymoore There is just something about a good cover.
Claymoore Mates of State covering Jason S. How can you go wrong with that?! You can't.
Claymoore Only for real MGMT followers. Not for the faint in heart.
iancockayne get up on the guettablaster - the world is mine!!!!! Mine I say
Claymoore Great song even if their grammar in the title isn't so hot... I mean ain't so hot.
Claymoore I know who Mike Jones is. So if he asks, I got you covered.
DavidDLPE This is a good reason to regularly purge the vehicle.
Claymoore Chairlift + MGNT = The perfect recipe for editing some sicky pics.
Claymoore Ah man, I like this band the more I hear them and the more I watch About A Boy. So good.
Claymoore And alas the day has come to an end. Good night moon. I am pretty sure that these photos will be awaiting editing after I wake. Sneak Preview Thurs :)
Claymoore I wish I woke up with this song in my head and not Virtual Insanity by Jameriqui.
Claymoore Snacking on my protein cookies with this playing helps drown out my obnoxious co-workers who get her way too early. Life is good.
Claymoore Okay, I've gotta share with mo peeps. I find the best music on here.


| play
c4thomas Dirty whiskey music....doesn't get much better, except when it's played in your garage with a homemade bottle.
rileymuse took me forever to remember the name of this song
c4thomas This song still makes it happen for me....the remix just adds to it.
c4thomas A different spin on Heart....I can dig it.
Claymoore Chris, this is the AM song of the day. Enjoy.
wingbat it's depressing me to see you struggle


| play
Claymoore It gets better and better.

Girl TalkSet It Off

| play
c4thomas Brian......this is am jam for today on my block.....
Claymoore Good morning Twitteropia. Someone made the comment this morning of all we're all flightless birds trapped in this cage that is an office. Here we go.
c4thomas I realized that I love blipping.
c4thomas this makes me feel like I'm floating
c4thomas The background makes this song.
c4thomas This is the weekend jam......great cover.
c4thomas I hope I'm not out of her league.....
c4thomas Jukebox classic from the aughts......I'm pretty sure I heard this at least once a night at the neurolux.....sweaty dance nights..
c4thomas little bit....that's all, nothing more....nothing less.
MapleLeaves rb@AbsynthEve my boots were also made for drinkin'. (reblip)
Elefanten This is less faggy, right?


| play
Claymoore After dealing with the people I just had to work with this I quickly retreated in the confines and safety of this song. Safe. Warm.
Claymoore Oh man, this is one dirty gangsta remix. Love it. I don't know if its an oldie yet, but boy does this song take me back.

50 Cent - In Da Club (Kramix)

| play
Claymoore Just decided that Tuesday's have to be Hip-Hop Remix dedication days. This one goes out to all those who have one very heavy shoulder.
c4thomas Nothing but smiles when I listen.

The ShinsNew Slang

| play
Claymoore This song is helping my back to work head ache... Chris, this is the AM track.
Claymoore For all those who didn't know what I meant by "do da stanky leg" on my way to the gym, you're now informed. It's gone viral. Enjoy.


| play
dannn Liked Jason Mraz – I'm Yours (From The Casa Nova Sessions) Look into your heart and you'll find love love love..Tururururu lalala
Claymoore LOL! @c4thomas & @erinB I humbly produce the mid morning track. Who hurt you, Lionel? Who hurt you?
c4thomas I want to be on a boat....with my's all about dressing nautically.
Claymoore A very perfect Monday song. No one can tell a story like Sufjan. I need a big icy lemonaid and a lawn chair and I'll be set.
Claymoore This song came to mind after I got my mandatory 2hr compliance meeting notice for Friday. YUCK. Fridays are for dancing not for meetings.
Claymoore I love this song so much that is now on the website!!! Man, coconut island I don't know what I'd do without you.
Claymoore @c4thomas you'll dig this if you haven't already given it an ear. I definitely think this is a good AM track. Kid Cudi just gets dirty.
UpsideUp Can't think of anything clever to say. Just a great great song.
awesomelyrandom Last flight song for the morning...Diet Coke has kicked in and i am rolling!
RRT2MD hahahahaaahahahahhahahahahahahaha.
DownLow thanks @arti360 - u got a quality playlist, my friend. (reblip)
Claymoore Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
c4thomas Brian @Claymoore this is our brunch song for the seems very fitting.
c4thomas Papa died smiling..............
c4thomas Think I already blipped this but what the hell, I like it.....a lot.
Claymoore Everyday I am hustlin. I can't even help it. I try not to but I just can't help it. It's like telling a duck not to fly. I just have to hustle. Sorry.
Claymoore I needed Vampire Weekend to bring back a little levity into my now solemn morning. I have floor workers here rocking out to this now. Righteous.
Claymoore Haven't heard this song since High School. Thanks for keeping it real blip. I saw this guy play at some dank bar in Tempe. Those where fun times.
mattsloan song of the day /// bloc party /// biko

Bloc PartyBiko

| play
Claymoore I'm afraid to go to a drive through car wash cause I feel like I'll fall asleep inside my car while its going through.

SeabearCat Piano

| play
Claymoore Oh dear I think I found a new song for our website and it goes a little something like this! Seabear I love you.
wagner_mattos E quem nunca curtiu a vida adoidado ???????

The Beatles - Twist And Shout

| play
c4thomas This song is a nice segue into the mid point of our day @Claymoore.....hopefully it doesn't make your belly dance too much more!
Claymoore This is one of the few Minus the Bear songs that I can actually listen to.
Claymoore Time to edit some pics.

Mat Weddle - Hey Ya

| play
Claymoore The early AM mix doesn't get any better. @c4thomas you'll appreciate this gnar gnar remix.
Claymoore I'm going to my very best not to get Rick Roll'd today. I hate April Fools day cause it tests my skeptical nature.
Claymoore If you think you're being fool'd today, make sure you snopes that shiz.
Claymoore My mom told me about a virus worm that is suppose to attack today... Stop sending my mom chain emails & start listening to CSS.
touslescailloux je suis tombe endormi en ecoutant de ce chanson pendant mon vol.


| play
iamlumina "I ain't freaking, I ain't faking this...Shut up and let me go, hey." (reblip)
Claymoore I don't think there has ever been a better Friday anthem than this one. TGIMFF!
Claymoore I am sitting atop a giant mountain of edits. I am king in castle. King in castle. Let the games begin, peeps.
c4thomas Desperadoooooooo!!!!!


| play
c4thomas I used to have a willow tree back home.
c4thomas There's nothing to worry about.........don't worry.
yarngasm Why can't ex-boyfriends just disappear completely? Almost a year later, and his name still pisses me off.

Alkaline TrioRadio

| play
michellla Aint nobodys hero, but I wanna be heard.
DareToEatAPeach Mother Mother can be hit or miss. This is a good one.
c4thomas @Claymoore.....fever dreams are not always bad...hopes this helps with the sickness.


| play
smartard Mickey Avalon – so rich, so pretty
smartard Jason Lytle – Underneath The Weeping Willow
Claymoore I do realize that the sun is hanging around in the big ol heavens a whole lot longer each day warming up the dirt.
Claymoore If this doesn't start your Good Friday off on the right note nothing will and you should crawl back into the cave from whence you came.
c4thomas Fake millionaire that makes 30g's......Ah....effing Oldtown!

Blobots-Scottsdale Bars Parody-Full Version

| play
Claymoore Ah, the midnight photo edit session. The pictures are flowing like my rhymes right now. Sometimes my own gangster-ness surprises even me.
nickerrs ooh, look what i found by badly drawn boy!
c4thomas You're shooting up the ladder
c4thomas I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down, I want to come too......thanks vi@ccmaine (reblip)
tripli00 Its a classic already big song sound and great. Hmmm is getting a little addictive!!

ColdplayFix You

| play
c4thomas Watched this band last night and respect their music much more now...........thanks@penfabulous (reblip)

Mates Of StateNow

| play
c4thomas I will be taking in two performances of this great band tomorrow! They put on a great live show.
c4thomas A nice relaxing evening tune to go along with some wine.
earthfire For all the people who are generous enough to follow me and send those amazing tweets! Let it Be...
Snowships I wonder if there are cool covers to every song on this album.
MalWill ooohhh... @Claymoore maybe good for your website?

Old 97'sQuestion

| play
NinjaWoman Do I know what it means? No. Do I adore the beats? You betcha.
Violetd19 @Cynfulred: thanks for listening. It Ain't Necessarily So" (reblip)
threebears had to unblip that last (M79) as it had breaks in all the recordings on blip :( :( sorry!
jll Peace out......Gym time. Black Kids – Listen To Your Body Tonight
DJDoctorGirlfriend I want the soul of something simple to take home with me (reblip)
SNIZWHIZ glad u wonderful melody (reblip)
c4thomas This reminds me of a small traveling country circus.
mastrangelina e poi per non smentirmi e per finire questa giornata un *abraco* per tutti e per me (ciao!)
Ninette @fabuleuxfab pas mal :) à toi?

Oh! Darling - The Beatles

| play
spinninggirl OMG!!! NIce Pete Yorn cover of The Stone Roses She Bangs The Drums no less! #musicmonday
SimpleBoy last night my ipod understood me(but really I had to skip some tracks) track 8
c4thomas They played this before the encore........
eddnaj Just let go ... and dance ... and sing too :P #MusicMonday
MusicIsMySunshine Good Morning @THX3 .. I'm trying to check out all the M83 remixes.. a bit on the obsessed side with them!
kwesirobertson For @JustineMSI. Hopefully this is a cure for our case of the Mondays!


| play
patchit rb@dochugo: "staple listen" - may become one for me as well! (reblip)
revolver04 Doesn't get any better than this.

Sam CookeCupid

| play
revolver04 Nataly's voice is fantastic! Check out Pomplamoose on YouTube, guys!
c4thomas lunch with biggie and company.


| play
Ninette si avvicina il concertino
c4thomas So today I wrote a song for you......
chrispaxman nice find w/ LifestylesO.T.R.&.F.acoustic!
MAV3RICK Cuz I walk with a limp like an old school pimp!
MC_HANDLER "Under Pressure", Queen, Bowie.
DjHamHouse sooo cute and hilarious.....poor thing

Sokoi'll kill her

| play
thegoddess it's better than a cold bath with someone you dislike [The Jazz Butcher - Partytime]
JUICYcreative I seem to have lost touch with their more recent work, this is my favorite MM album (Lonesome Crowded West)
Kspez @maurilao been wanting to hear this lately. Thanks for the reminder


| play
Ninette mh...aoki for my birthday...sounds good.
luv_cami love, im a new fan.


| play
tangersoto I'll be rude, I'll be rude, I'll be rude Only with you
luv_cami dreaming up a shoot to go with this song. love it.

Slave to Love

| play
DJIrishboy now compare and contrast with the last blip "Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood"
Huntizzle I'm dedicating my day to find some new music to listen to. It's going well so far!
Huntizzle @Claymoore This is a fairly new band out of Queens. They started in 2008 and have some pretty decent potential.
MAV3RICK @DjFlipTheBird ... Dear Future husby.. Um so I gotta tell you one thing.. I have this friend's # 1 sorry.
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