CookStar Ok we started all this Retro stuff in 82' Respect due!
CookStar A track i co wrote with the Sade gang in 82...Enjoy.
CookStar If an eye never sleeps dreams cannot exist:) (reblip)
CookStar Do you reckon they will be playing this at the Whitehouse next xmas?
CookStar Classic reminds me of 80's warehouse parties:)
air Funky sounds....................................
CookStar Great song, I worked with Marc's son on getting him his first deal in the UK:)

T RexJeepster

| play
CookStar One of my fav's, I once sang backup with Jimmy, one of the EWF's backing singers:) (reblip)
rax Yule Time! - Louis help me swing!
CookStar Yule Time! - Louis help me swing! (reblip)

BB King - Christmas celebration

| play
CookStar One for thosE locked up this xmas and surfing the prison web:)
CookStar Have a scary scary xmas;)
CookStar Coca Cola invented Santa Clause and Xmas so lets show some respect, buy more coke;)
ekman Soulful Christmas – James Brown @csuspect unhhh!!! Good God! (reblip)
CookStar Always a fav with early Sade fans in London 82
CookStar Oh yes the original....Here's to the holidays .
CookStar Merry xmas to all those kids in the Ghetto.
brabul holidays for me are days for listening brazilian music
CookStar Made our way down to................
CookStar Where ya going with that gun in your hand man?
CookStar Gotta a whole lot of love....
CookStar Even though we have nothing lets be like spirits of light floating in the sky...
CookStar Freedom is Freebird........
CookStar Jah rastafari ..............Sizzla..
CookStar I love Keiths playing................................... (reblip)
CookStar Reminds me of partying on down when I was 16:)
Inesobjetsmart awoke on boxing day, in the midst of a dream, holding a Rogue Status clock in a penthouse by the derelict freeway, grinning at her clue.
CookStar Used to Love dancing to this in NYC in the 80's:) (reblip)
russoz via @eduardomacan ... cantaloupe island, but he was also very interested in electronic music, and founded a research institute on that matter... (reblip)
MilesBonny dizzy jazz / funk .. primary goto track.. 1 of many though.. look for solid state recordings by him
CookStar I Love Grace Jones:) La vie en rose garden...
CookStar Talking of Smooth this one ft's me on the drums:) ;) @luis_com_z
CookStar Jackie sang this. wow listen up...........
CookStar Whats happening in Patti.s Kitchen?
CookStar Happy New Year blippers....Love from CookStar @ Blip.FM
CookStar LOve you all - CookStar @ Blip FM


| play
CookStar Check Out P Eye Eye - Awesome track. CookStar
CookStar Check Out P Eye Eye - Awesome track. CookStar - Just had t o reblip (reblip)
muserine Going back home tomorrow. :D It's about time. I miss Berlin!
CookStar Sorry we are late, overslept;)
CookStar Check out this version of Smooth Operator.......
CookStar I am listening to Ainsley, NYCrules/.
djwashingtonson The Mummers' Dance – Loreena McKennitt
GR8FL @CookStar Today is the first time I have heard of Dopekicks - cover is interesting. (reblip)
CookStar Listen to Aisha she has the voice of aN ANGEL........
MatiK72 For Melissa and lil Lilly. Happy New Year!
CookStar Listen to Ty Parr from LA she is a great singer:) Les Hurdle ex 3 Degrees on bass:)
ana2008 mmm i wonder... where's d look of luv?? do u no?
CookStar yeah baby.......


| play
Manoela we can be heroes! 2009!
CookStar Cool title for a song, dopekick is from leeds- UK.
CookStar Good mix of the Ntoxicate track by Alpha Lab...
CookStar Oh yes the clasic T:ME Recordings Lost At Sea from the EM:T 2295 & 200 album...Very rare
CookStar Oh yes the clasic T:ME Recordings Lost At Sea from the EM:T 2295 & 200 album...Very rare (reblip)
ladypn @CookStar Ooh you're right, this is a great song! (reblip)
CookStar My fav mix ft Lammy & Taly from the album Superman by Lammy & The GClick crew on EMI.
CookStar My all time fav from Lammy & The G-Click.....
CookStar This is all about the Ghetto in Lagos State Nigeria by Lammy...respect due blippers........
CookStar One of Lammys latest from the Sound Bakery Studio in Lagos....check it out now funk soul brothers:)


| play
CookStar Its harder to make peace than drop bombs it seems. Peace to all.
biah good campaign @CookStar, make love no war!
biah @CookStar @patricia_coelho, madonna is trying to warn people too, about war, too much power and the environment, the time is right now!

20, Video Interlude #3 (Get Stupid)

| play
CookStar Lammy direct from the ghetto in Lagos State Nigeria
ladypn Day to day, where do you want to be? Good question for the New Year.
ladypn @oyunfound Why, thank you! Nice to know. I'm just now discovering how much I like Tori Amos so thanks for this song! ;) (reblip)
Antenaweb Estos tiempos modernos...

The Strokes - The Modern Age

| play
djgeek @CookStar @Radiobread @mammara @grouikgrouik > i guess we have something in common ;) too bad there aren't songpools on here as there are on flickr.
CookStar One of my remixes:)) On Diamond Life Records:)
guarrilleros Naaaaaanarananaaaaa. Danzad Malditos!!!
DoubleUdB In de voetsporen van moeder Elis Regina
CookStar Lammys a real Go Getta!!!


| play
gigia just a little bit more .... hihihihi

The Do-06-Stay (just a little bit more)

| play
gigia oi @Rick_Rocks.... bom te ver por aqui!!! eu estive bem fora, verdade... hihihi

The Do-08-Tammie

| play
Atomik Hi! if you only click on one link please click this one, it highlights the true global beauty of blip:
yiyinglu Waiting for a star to fall ;)

cabin crew star to fall

| play
geo_ #blipgang pois eh to aqui no aeroporto de bsb esperando, insanamente, o meu voo de volta pra sumpaulo. cheguei aqui 9h40 e saio 13h10. eu sofro!
Bothan me deu vontade de ouvir ela embora nao seja fa de green day.
CookStar This band are hot reminds me of my latin jazz band i had together in 85 'Esposito...
threebears This band are hot reminds me of my latin jazz band i had together in 85 'Esposito... @CookStar ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
CookStar @santamistura you might like this as well:) CookStar
MauroG El anterior no funcionaba, vamos con algo más clásico.
ladypn @CookStar its a group called "The Do" here's a vid of the duo, Dan & Olivia. I think from Paris? (reblip)

The Do-06-Stay (just a little bit more)

| play
CookStar No cease fire they need teaching a lesson says ISRAEL!
CookStar tres bein, ce bon? qui...
CookStar Unemployed all non void....What happened to Black music why dont people make music like this anymore, those hip hoppers earned to much dam money:) (reblip)

Ze Keti (Nelson Cavaquinho) Mascarada

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Radiobread mmmm We're Going Wrong - Jack Bruce..
CookStar ok now you muthers have gotta move off your computors and dance yalll. myself together yeah!!!!!
CookStar Check out the sax folks, its dope..........

leroy hutson - blaxploitation

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CookStar Now we are deep in harlem................
CookStar Interesting


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CookStar Freedom.....................................................
santamistura @PlasticRobot sooooooooooooooo de-li-ca-te thanks... thanks... thanks... thanks... thanks... (reblip)
CookStar I love Ty Parr's voice on this track. Cookstar
jonnyskov @stay_loose oh no, you're pushing me into 90's nostalgia this early in the morning!?!


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CalebBooker More pop music, with the classic background echo vocals and sax punctuation
dkoren She is everywhere and no place, her church not made with hands.
CookStar Hi this is your big daddy speaking to you live and direct from, we are in new york and this is where we have those mystical ladies.....
CookStar Hey this is your big daddy speaking to you live and direct from radio we are in new york and this is where we have those mystical ladies......
CookStar A banging tune from N-Toxicate..............


| play


| play
CookStar @lub 4 U x - Its a Dark Night done to much C:) (reblip)
djwashingtonson Fly Robin Fly – Silver Convention (all Disco, all Day!)
by_starla @davidwatts1978--i sent my regrets re. missing the Jarvis fest--and a Sam Cooke blip as a consolation blip to you. (also b/c the song is wonderful.)
amandamel minha adolescência.


| play
DJVee I can't say no to the music of
santamistura isso é lindo...So please believe in me When I say Im spinning round, round, round, round Smoke glass stain bright color Soapsuds green like bubbles
audreyy Como eu não tinha blipado isso até hoje?? rs... =D (reblip)
bendrix WOW I forgot how SICK this was DAMN reblip=> @1indienation @toddkelley <=btw @lub These kats are very good friends & have similar music tastes (reblip)
CookStar @ATG yeah man lets do the one sy;able stuff again shall we -----------------OM---------------------------------- (reblip)
ddiego POPERÔ! Saudade de uma boa balada.
evablue @melodyofyourlife are you serenading me? awww... [fluttering lashes] [insert psychochick blinking] haha. :P (reblipping) @melodyofyourlife (reblip)

Ryan AdamsTwo

| play
ATG Very genderqueer song! "Feeling like a woman, looking like a man, sounding like a no-no, mating when I can." OMG, YES. Thanks, @GR8FL! (reblip)
actualal What was I thinking - that traffic jam scrambled my head
mellomatic @godninja Haha. Of course! =) Gotta step out for a bit. Later!
CookStar The best womack & womack track out there ..............
CookStar released on Diamond Life Records everywhere!!!
CookStar An old classic from T:ME Recordings , its a weird one. synth is in 3D if you have headphones.
CookStar Smooth Operator cover out now on Diamond Life Records
lub MAGIC!!! reblipped from @CookStar An old classic from T:ME Recordings , its a weird one. synth is in 3D if you have headphones. (reblip)
CookStar P Eye Eye ft Shanel out now on all digital platforms
CookStar The waorani tribe from ecudaor hae gone digitAL;) OUT NOW ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS.
CookStar cYA PEOPLE I AM OUT A HERE . PEACE AND LOVE cookstar...................X (reblip)
CookStar This is a cool one from PEE - taken from the docu on Cuba - Bye Bye Havana
CookStar This track ft's Roger Smith from Lemon a band from NYC..............................................................

P Eye Eye_Lemonade.MP3

| play
CookStar The Smile of Summer ft Diamond Life Records -
CookStar Check out Dicky Deegan from his album Celtic Soul Rebels. 2009
CookStar good morning vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CookStar Gr8 song............and singer
CookStar Check out @CookStar's album Dance Mix 1 at DJSHOP.DE
CookStar ft Gemini – Smooth Operator
chicklitgurrl Every morn on way to work, I listen to my praise music to get me going. This is one of my faves. Have a rockin' day!
CookStar Single.......................Live version.
MariaParkinson Sometimes the road gets dark and rough. There's a solace in knowing others have been there too.
neozeitgeist in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost!
lub damn! is cut in & off! who's the sinner who makes this????
CookStar Electronic version...........
lub time 2 go 'n' have a brunch...... or should i say linner? is quite late ;)
CookStar Rock version...............the one i played:)
CookStar @chiron08 @klitoria you made a cool song man:) did ya get paid? (reblip)

Santana Hope You're Feeling Better

| play
CookStar @Seven Tenths@chiron08 @klitoria one i made with Sade:) Morning WWW.
CookStar we got +1 here............i have an idea 'summer songs' (reblip)
CookStar Get on up....on the good foot
CookStar Afternoon. AISHA now on Itunes, I bought my EP:) Alicia Keys vibes etc..........
CookStar Lammy is Superman, On Itunes now support our poor African brothers....
deManeraBrutal Esta canción la escuché cuando era chica y recuerdo que la amaba
CookStar Your get out of jail free card sir:)
CookStar @Millilla i cant blip you more than three times a day?
CookStar Merry Xmas - Lounge Mix 1 at Trackitdown now
CookStar Any Physcho Killers out there in the house:)
HappyInBag Come to think of it, I'd rather be a mule.
CookStar @HappyInBag oh yes........Sarah baby ya give me fever:)
CookStar Just watching Black People take over America :) Congrats OBAMA:)
CookStar Oh Yes i found one for you on this historic occasion:)
GR8FL @CookStar I believe we are ALL the ones we have been waiting for...
CookStar I love this guy - Celtic Soul Rebels
CookStar Lests Dance with the Waorani in Ecuador shall we:)
dickadcock Anything to keep warm Thx @CookStar @HappyInBag oh yes........Sarah baby ya give me fever:) (reblip)
CookStar Know these guys in Italy they got a cool jazz album out ....
daydreamer Hi @CookStar, @Saorsa, @Nettys. Sunny Sunday in NE England for a change, but cold!! What's it like in Hornsea (or USA), Wales and bonnie Scotland?
Saorsa Hi @CookStar, @daydreamer, @Nettys. Wet n widy here in the land of the celts...still a sunny outlook 4me! (reblip)
CookStar What do you think to this song then? hit me up on blip:)
SuperMunk In honor of President Obama's (feels good to say that) Inauguration, I dedicate this song.
threebears This is dedicated to President Barack Hussein Obama. Pass it along. @Feathers ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
CookStar Hey we are black right, my president gonna kick your arse, if you mess with me now:))
CookStar Are you ready OBAMA COMETH!

ACDC Are You Ready

| play
CBSpinner Things aren't always what they seem. You need to look closer... "Holy Water"
CookStar @AnjiBee"Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for all of us." God bless Obama, he da man:) (reblip)
CookStar Smooth Operator OBAMA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
VikingKvinna I concur w/@punkrockdiedwhen: play it loud. And I add: get up and dance, while you're at it. (reblip)
CookStar The voice of an angel..........AISHA
CookStar Waorani Tribe checking in wit their music diary.
BarrelhouseBeat Yes we can! ... James Brown, "Funky President." Turn on your funk motor / Until you get enough! Listen:
CBSpinner Now, math was never my strong suit till I hit college. But someone explain this to me.... "25 or 6 to 4"
CookStar Lick it....................................
CBSpinner One of my favorites EPs! In The Ghetto (reblip)
SoundCheck1 Very cool Latin Rock group One of The Best

Mana Vivir Sin Aire

| play
sistema428 I discovered him about three years ago, before the Blip. The voice and the songs are fantastic, I do not understand how he was forgotten @CookStar! (reblip)
CookStar Obamas are rocking the whitehse parade.............
CookStar Found it..........


| play
CookStar SMOOTH Operator cover by Dopekick on itunes
AngelaHaussmann @CookStar,Kalimba is mexican,afro descent,26. About:, and
CookStar The Outlawz are gonna cover this track, let me know what you guys think? COOKSTAR
CookStar A hypnotic track from Dicky Deegan from the Celtic Soul Rebels album Vol1 on itunes...............
CookStar Does anyone think that this sounds like FREEBIRD at the beginning? I think this is where they got there inspiration:) Is nothing sacred:)
CookStar Check out 'My Sleeping Thoughts' from London great song 47 Mortimer on Itunes now.
CookStar Smooth Operator cover ft Gemini - on Itunes
apublip I want to always be on film, to be caught in the cut coffee sober Ding-di-di-ding-di-di-ding-ding-boom-boom-boulder
FernandaW musica do leste europeu eh fantastica


| play
ecocity Dubbed out tribute to Big Audio Dynamite in its use of spaghetti western theme sounds. Watch the down-beat. Powering down babylon. one love over
CookStar Madelaine single by My Sleeping Thoughts..........on itunes
CookStar The CULT classic from T:ME LOST AT SEA on itunes
CookStar Taken from the album by COOKSTAR Dance Mix 1 on itunes
CookStar Taken from the album by @CookStar Dance Mix 1 on itunes
CookStar P Eye Eye ft Whitestar from London
CookStar From the @CookStar album Dance Mix 1 on itunes, one for the girls.
janebanana eres liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda y hechicera eres linda y hechicera como el candor de una rosa

chingon-malaguena salerosa

| play
CookStar Aisha to work with Celine Dions producer in Paris, wow.
CookStar Gotta take the dogs out for a walk, cya later:))
CookStar For all the blue girls out there:(
CookStar Lick that stick - James Brown influenced track
CookStar Ok guys you can find this on itunes, GR8 ----------------------------:)
nitetalker Stevie covering John & Paul. Yep, that works.
CookStar Aishas gonna be working with Celine Dions producer in Paris. :)
CookStar How brilliant is this song:)) RESPECT........ (reblip)
CookStar Our SHanel from LONDON _ NY _ PARIS > yeah on ITUNES :)_))))))))))))
StonyTunes To Love Somebody – Nina Simone - let her rule the world
CookStar sad song Abeey wrote it about her friend who died when she was 13. :(
lclark12 @crispast, your twitter is working fine, just like your english. : D (reblip)


| play
CookStar feat: The amazing Whitestar from London
CookStar Iphones are so cool i just typed p eye eye into the phone and came up with the album, cool:)
CookStar Co Produced by Mark Bedford from Madness:)
LittleChinaGirl Turn The Page(Bob Seger)Metallica @boamorte Hi,how are you? thanks! nice friday @CookStar :)
charleyhorse @robotnik jo är avundsjuk på dig med..... vill också till New York igen... får bli till hösten...
CookStar Bless Bessie:) Can we borrow some sugar love?
CookStar The Master of Rock & Roll:)


| play
CookStar Dedicated to my wife the most beautiful woman i have ever met:) X
RobertoFendler i can change the world with my own 2 hands
CookStar From the film Bye Bye Havana....
DJRodneyKing War é Sensacional! Valeu @RobertoFendler, mas era a mesma versão, G.Love & Jack Johnson! Nois

WarLow Rider

| play
Sally29 OK weekend, get ready. 1 1/2 hours to go!
CookStar Legalize it? Criminalize Alcohol? Or just PARTYY!!!!!
linnetwoods Hidden Treasure – Traffic
Jacqueline126 i have a feeling this is going to be another great show tonight...
simplesmente Deixa eu dizer que TE AMO Deixa eu gostar de VOCÊ Isso me acalma acolhe a alma Isso me ajuda viver Hoje contei pras paredes Coisas do meu coração
leinergroove The last song for the morning. The final act of the '68 comeback special. Great arrangement, and Elvis's voice during that time was massive!
toysrevil and some like it extra spicy. sweet & sour thai chilli sauce is teh best. you want to multiple but how you gonna do it? my brain is melting. yep.
titoliveira @puroglamour só acho caro que só a peste :P mas são mui bonitas mesmo!
CookStar Pulp Fiction gr8 film,,,,,,,,,,,,,
hartleymanages because, you know, it's friday (and a much less obvious pick then that cure song)...
Sally29 Yes I do, but sadly, mainly in the capacity of chauffeur to my children - still, can't say I don't get out & about!
SylentSyd @Carole_F - Songs For Drella!...very nice...


| play
CookStar Another fantastic soundtrack to a filmic experiance man:)
CookStar Remember this? Then you are bloody oldtimer like me:)


| play
CookStar I love the smell of napalm in a morning;)
CookStar Respect to the genius that is Phil Spector:)
CookStar Getting funky now......................
SooZC @ChrisSylvester U don't need to groove in Vegas! Groove rite here ;) This ones 4 u mate!
Ruso Versión del temazo de Los Chunguitos

Tião Macalé Melo do Ricardão

| play
matthewprice @CookStar is the uncensored version of boy named sue better? i wasn't able to listen to it.
simplesmente ...................................
CookStar GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!
csbg ezt nem is ismertem. eddig.

Dub TractorW30

| play
elfgirl ok, i'll take a lil sun, i shaved today :)
StonyTunes @Vickydu02 - SAFRI DUO - PLAYED-A-LIVE – DANCE = should get U off ya chair!
Peanutbutter This is the antidote to all the depressing songs we have been remembering.
jonnyskov brings back memories of sunny days, broke in Pittsburgh
Poof Let me just put this li'l song in your head 2day. {insert evil laugh} reblip from @CookStar (reblip)
CookStar Lets all go on Holiday:)
CookStar Part of me Aisha at Itunes.
CookStar Its all gone a bit Pete Tong:)
CookStar Yours truly COOKSTAR on drums:) enjoy.
Laurits Good night blippers. Keith Jarret Köln concert (improvised) is perfect to guide you through the gates to dreamland.....

Keith JarrettK

| play
Nata @sukie hurry up woman! this guy at the computer lab is gonna kick me out in 20 mins :( then i'll be like an abandon puppy out in the freeeezing colPr
GR8FL morning @chiron08 how are you? The sun is just starting to rise.
stay_loose minha música preferida deles. e ei, que diabos é esse gritinho no blip? *morri*
charleyhorse @robotnik..... remember this song from a one of your old mixtapes...
djxkn "Beat Connection" by James Murphy's project LCD Soundsystem, from their 2005 debut album - thanx @nacinha! (reblip)
DanielNg I Was Just a Looser – Religionnaire dedicated this song to our politicians (reblip)
CookStar Produced by madness bass player Beddars.
flavinhaa \o/ Parabéns, Liziiiissss champs!!! =D
meagrebones The message not the medium

FugsCIA Man

| play
gabizyn sim, eu tenho músicas de verão. a da vez é essa... so good!!
outlawgirl maravilha não @annyeah? Saudades dos tempos que Marisa fazia musicas melhores... não gostei muito do que saiu de barulhinho bom pra cá... mas tenho (reblip)
annyeah Ela me esnoba, me esnoba, me esnoba


| play
hatorihanzo que nadie duerma!!! Ma il mio mistero e chiuso in me, il nome mio nessun sapra! No, no, sulla tua bocca lo diro quando la luce splendera!
CookStar Another sexy groovestar...................
SooZC All u 'FunK Junkies!' Sing it with me... "Don't go chasing Waterfalls" - TLC


| play
stay_loose falece lux interior, frontman do cramps. :(
you999 Route 66 (Get Your Kicks On) - Cramps
sheryonstone @ladypn :D thank you. I'm rather proud of me. Now, if I can figure out how I did it, I can do it another 120 times. lol (reblip)
CookStar I give you my love. by the fantastic African drummer Ara.
nicavieira @Ricardogelli Adoro essa do Tim! Excelente blip,amado!:) Merecestes MES-MO os props.o/ (reblip)
liquidjumper I can't fit in the little boxes you try to place me into (reblip)
CookStar I can't fit in the little boxes you try to place me into. Fantastic:) VIVA (reblip)
gingerw i open up my arms and embrace the mystery

India Arie Just For Today

| play
maika @gabrieltheodoro estava procurando aquela do looper que me lembra mto vc,a vila,nossa trip.como não achei blipei outras deles.ColdPLay also works!
PriscillaAbreu Concordo plenamente.Agora ficamos na expectativa de outro álbum tão bom quanto Back to Black@luiz_com_z (reblip)
CookStar Ara's gonna be working with Jean Rousel . Stings producer:)