m800 Chilling out... For you, @Cosmika

AlphaSometime Later

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m800 ok now im going to fold some clothes.
m800 The girl I thought I knew has gone
MysticTris Can't understand a word of what this chap is singing, but the drumbeat is top-hole!
Anderssauro A Sentimental Blues – 'Rei' charles
calamari @joabsilva Yeah, aren't they good? I just stumbled across them today. But I really like their music.
tintrash No pizza around, enough chinese food today. I'm huge silly boy too, anyway. You don't worry, keep on blipping and don't even try to satisfy me.
tintrash fooled. nice yellings with my cousin listening to this one.
milomclaughlin you have to tolerate the people that you hate.
m800 So we'll try and try even if it lasts an hour. With all our might we'll try and make it ours
m800 Arrest me! I talk in maths, I buzz like a fridge, I'm like a detuned radio
Killdozer @luluf welcome to the bliposphere... this one's for you baby! upload a pic!
serifenlos na gut ... ein song noch ... Understand – Joss Stone ...
Cosmika You got to go steal ahead, you got too !!!

The KillsTape Song

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Cosmika Crackers!"!!! ... letss gett off thisss

CrackerGet off This

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Cosmika Ese Zurdo y ese Para ti mitico

la mode para ti mva

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Cosmika Last week I had the strangest dream
xurde cada día la vida me resulta más extraña.
nonar ¿te montas conmigo en los coches de choque? @Cosmika yo invito :P


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nonar chao lele, me voy al sobre... aupa juve
nonar sintiéndolo mucho con esta me retiro, que si no me engancho... @Cosmika seguro que te gusta...
purplesime As this is from Last Splash, it's convenient this is mine. Net connection so poor today (Virgin Media, hang your head in shame). Hope to be back soon!
calamari One of my favorite Jazz saxophonists. Not super well known, but definitely super talented.
calamari So if you lose your faith babe, you can have mine.
calamari @Cosmika Yeah, EBTG is great. I love their cover of Downtown Train, which was originally a Tom Waits song.
Artilugios No es una canción triste, es sólo que se te desarticuló el psycho.

PsappSad Song

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Artilugios Everyone's fuckin' my princess
Artilugios Yo sí que sé lo que estoy buscando
souleil Dr. Wutzdog played the best cover version ever!! Hope we soon ge tback together again.
dean No idea what he means but the chords are swooningly cool - Burt B is the maestro of standards
calamari @Cosmika Wow! Thanks SO much. I'm so flattered, you totally made my day. :D
calamari @soulstripper Love that song too! Thanks so much for blipping it. :D
xurde mi siempre bienvenido mes de novimebre ya está ahí a la vuelta de la esquina.
nonar vale, a mi me queda 1 y a ti 2
nonar FINE, muito obrigado ;) your spanish is very good @ntami this one for you SATOR swedish band 90'
kindofadraag FOUND IT: violent femmes meets modern lovers + harmonica = ezra furman & the harpoons aka good.
nonar pues otra versión @Cosmika te vas?


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Purcell - If music be the food of love

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Cosmika Trespassers William (fvt)

04 - Alone

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Cosmika I'll find it in myself

Azure RayNovember

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Cosmika Revival

FrancoiseHardy - Comment Te Dire Adieu

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Sandel Reblipeando @mencantaparis ok, caí. una publicidad hizo que recordara mi infancia y ya no pude pensar en nada más.
m800 I remember your old guitar
calamari @andhow What a great song. Thanks for blipping it. I too, didn't realize that Oscar Peterson could sing. :)
chiron08 darauf einen Wein

Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

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calamari Oh won't you staaaaay just a little bit longer. :)
nonar temazo del último disco
Killdozer I need a hug... and a prop :)

Mazzy Star - Wild Horses

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chaico tomas clasico papas a lo pobre y esoooooooooo¡¡¡

Papas FritasHoliday

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chaico no seas lonely boy nano... te queremos desde aqui pa ti
chaico toma tomateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dale nano
chaico gracias cosmika...... baby.........
Cosmika I wish my smile was your favorite kind of smile *
chaico sometimes i think that god is in songs like this one ....
chaico tomad beatles @Fcienfuegos y @Cosmika......una version inocente
nonar she (zooey deschanel) & him (m. ward) @Cosmika hola @chaico
nonar Niños Mutantes - Formentera (los columpios nunca van en la dirección que debe tomar tu vida)


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nonar Margo Guryan - Timothy Gone @Cosmika


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chaico voy a ver peli....buenas noches a tod@s..hasta mañana
chaico te lo has ganado..aunque te lo hubiera dado pues la de los searchers es una de mis favoritas de todos los tiempos
Cosmika Dicen que si una puerta se cierra se abre otra, no se, mas grande mas bonita y mas facil que ayer

Puede Ser Conchito

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calamari I got sunshine on a cloudy day. :)
Cosmika Hang around for one more song
Cosmika I don't want to think about you anymore ... (reblip)

IvyClear My Head

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chiron08 my favorite morning song...

Ganz SchG

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megmagdah @mammara - that is too funny! well done on the songs with names for titles, by the way!

Hope Sandoval-Suzanne

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DareToEatAPeach @nixe Oops! Yes, at http://www.missionbeerparlor.com/ I didn't check the link cuz it came from the owner's business card. Sorry! (reblip)
chiron08 rb tanzbunny . Dabke.. dir eine schöne Nacht noch .....((@chiron08..@pappwixe..@paetra...einen schönen abend für euch...:)) (reblip)
Cosmika @chiron08 thanks, great Blip!!! you make me dance @klitoria do you want to dance? :D (reblip)
elfgirl nighttiming baby, its starting to show..
onceacurmudgeon the rest of this album is a big let down, but this song is aces.
markolivas something for those about to make some chicka chicka wow wow Beachwood Sparks – By Your Side
Cosmika Zee Avi - cover - for my dear@klitoria

First Of The Gang To Die

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Cosmika hello @djLop | See everybody later, bye
toobad for all the girls I've known...
unpopular One of the multitude of followers of Teenage Fanclub in the 90s...produced by norman blake too! I think this was their only single sadly
unpopular sweet, acoustic and downbeat...JJ's sounding remarkably Camera Obscura-ish
unpopular Oops, the new Pains ep leaked...gorgeous stuff as always
unpopular I swear all their songs sound exactly like something off of MBV's Sunny Sundae Smile...(another song from the new EP)
FourEyes That last one was too short and didn't leave me feeling satisfied.
DownLow yeah, a great, great song! another PY blip for you :) @space_cadet hey there @DJstromer19 i hope all is well, bro @GR8FL just being honest. ;D

Emilie Simon I wanna Be your Dog

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toobad a friday kinda song vi@Cosmika ... (reblip)

Headless Heroes "Just Like Honey"

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elhombrecohete Me encanta esta versión. Me ayuda a ver la luz al final del tunel.
Cosmika Meaghan Smith - Here Comes Your Man

500 Days Of Summer (2009) Soundtrack 15- Here Comes Your Man

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abarbero Hola @Cosmika! Pues yo ando por Buenos Aires, en unas minivacaciones, pero también liado! Tenemos que vernos a la vuelta! Te parece? (reblip)


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fuckin_twee dioss, ¿por qué no voy a conciertos de punkpop todas las noches?
babee from BOAT. love this song.


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DareToEatAPeach A current favorite. For @walnutwhale's love and longing list.
WunDaGround I was trying not to bleep sad songs but I can't help it baby, just this one coz "..where you are,is where I wanna be.." fuckkit WunDaGround stop. Now.

Low-FiWhere You Are

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Cosmika Is & Jota

Pimpinela Punk

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SeanMurphy morbid. this is my funeral song.
unpopular ex- House of Love singer's one and only solo album...it was quite nice and i'd buy just about anything he recorded but he sadly stopped here...
elfgirl always trying to say to myself.....and a goodnite to everyone ;)
elfgirl wishing there was more time for daydreams...soo gorgeous..
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