Craindre Playing tonight in Montreal. Amazing...

The Willowz, 'Cons & Tricks'

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Apple Jelly The Punk

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john & jehn 20L07

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The Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection

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John and Jehn

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Craindre The basics... So perfect.
Craindre Once again, this time with the remake.
Craindre It's been several hours since I played this, so I think I'm good...

Datarock -Fa Fa Fa

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preppystar things were good when we were young
preppystar @franciscomanci: sounds like clap your hands say yeah - nice! (reblip)

FanfarloFinish Line

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Craindre I've been playing this a lot lately, but it's just SO good...

Manipulation- The Black Angels

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Craindre Let's keep that drone going... @preppystar Thanks for the add!
Craindre Kind of an opposite message, but a beautiful song...
LadyWriter Scare your son, scare your daughter.

new breath -KAP BAMBINO

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HellenKellersIpod @chameleonpixie Nah you'll have some extroverted company on my side depending on who goes, it just won't be me haha (reblip)

New Beirut video- Postcards from Italy. Director Alma Har'el

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CMFlinn Babylon zoo – Spaceman

Babylon zooSpaceman

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Craindre I need a little more darkness before I go home...

The Black RyderGrass

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Craindre Okay, this plays me out... Have a great night everyone!
Craindre Coffee consumed, e-mail checked. The day begins...
Craindre All the gold and the guns in the world...
Craindre Nice Halloween title @Arth Thanks for the props

M83Graveyard Girl

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DJIrishboy ch-ch-ch your tongue is sharp, but I miss the taste of it


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Craindre I leave town tomorrow at 6am, just in time to miss this concert with the Black Angels. Arrrrrrrggggggghhhh!

The RaveonettesLust

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Craindre And now nightmare and nice together...
Craindre Time to French it up a bit...
Craindre @cheesy80s :-) Going back and forth... Too many similarities...
Craindre This would have fit with three of my sets today...
Craindre Going out tonight... So I need to keep the mood high all day...

Evilnine Crooked ft. Aesop Rock

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CargoCulte @DJLOPZ It's one day closer to Friday, so I'm doing good!

Mr. Chop "The Caveman" music video

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Craindre One of my all time favorites... Silly, but it just rocks so much...


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DareToEatAPeach I want this song so hard. Fortunately, I usually get what I want.
Craindre This song never stops being amazing...

EURYTHMICS Missionary Man

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Blue Foundation - "Eyes On Fire" ♥ [.."Eyes on fire ..//.. And just in time, In the right place, Steadily emerging with grace"..]

Clues Approach the throne

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Craindre Okay, that was 10 Montreal bands in a row... Let's switch it out a bit...

The Dandy Warhols-TV Theme Song

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oh_forget_it Stuck in my head. <3 -I fucking love Postal Service-
Craindre @Jackaloop I threatened you yesterday, but got pulled into a meeting. Enjoy...

CinderellaGypsy Road

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Craindre Arrrrgggggh... I don't want to go work at your desk! I can't Blip from there.
Craindre Today's work schedule has really been cutting into the blipping...
HellenKellersIpod Gotta rep great MI bands that will never get anywhere when I can. // @Modster Nobody knows about me

Hat Madder at Michigan Homegrown Music

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Craindre @Jackaloop I've heard them, didn't know their location.

Sheila ch'us la -loco locass

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Craindre @Jackaloop Watch (and listen!) to this... It's awesome in about fifty ways...

Dale Hawerchuck

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André: Yolande Wong

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Harpoon Jebediah

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DareToEatAPeach That's pretty sweet! @toddtyrtle: "...have a trumpet player at Critical Mass rides who is fond of playing this song:" (reblip)
Craindre I have no idea why this song suddenly popped into my head. I'm thinking tumor.
DareToEatAPeach Actually, I rethink my hasty comment. it does have more melody. @DJFrankie: "rb@CLARITY: "dear lord baby jesus i can't get enough of this track!"" (reblip)
Craindre Did I mention... Sleepy?

The Upsidedown - Silver Wind

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Craindre @CooperHarris @nemesisurchin Thanks guys... I'm really enjoying this set a lot...
Craindre Okay, I've got to dash today... @toxiferous Thanks for the add!
Craindre @LikeAnAngel I was trying to think about the 90's dance songs the other day... Here are a couple I remember.
Craindre @Alturn8tive Good Morning!


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Craindre @Alturn8tive I know the feeling, I've had this song and about five others rolling around and around in mine...
Craindre @Alturn8tive: Very nice! "Placebo – Pure Morning (Radio Edit) " (reblip)
Craindre @dronnoisseur Just happy to see the French out in force today...
Craindre @MarcellaK D'oh, turns out I can't type... Hi!

The StoogesNo Fun

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Craindre @toxiferous Okay... I just finished up a big project last week and I'm trying to get everything sorted so I can start another one. How are you?

Kasabian Fast Fuse

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CargoCulte This never gets old!

Eric B And Rakim vs Dizzee Rascal Pussy Juice (Tizwarz Mix)

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Craindre Pretty good actually, great change is in the air... @toxiferous That may be the nicest thing I've head today :-) @mmemaledicta
Craindre @mz_rocko Try as you might, this one cannot be dodged!

OasisMagic Pie

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Craindre @toxiferous Just ending my Secret Shine trilogy...
brucifer little elf....doesn't seem real christmassy....@bug0_o

The Out Crowd

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The Out Crowd | C'mon Children | The Pacific and Eddy Soundtrack | Triple Down Records

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Craindre @brucifer I think I just found one more... It doesn't help that the list brings up 50 things with titles that aren't 'The Out Crowd' before this.
Craindre @abicadabi I take you saw my musical tantrum this morning then?
Craindre @abicadabi I think it's just my own special way of looking at things... :-)
Craindre Now I'm going back to my running theme...
Craindre @DependableSkeleton I know we have the acronym, but I think the song is new...
mz_rocko love this song! ty! via @FUZZYFM: "<3 .... Sounding more and more like JAMC meets The Smashing Pumpkins ... its not a bad thing." (reblip)

The Big PinkVelvet

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Craindre A little change of pace... Nothing to see here, just move along...

Rain Music: "Revelator"

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Craindre And with this I'm ending my little departure... I'm also going to grab some lunch. Se you soon...
Craindre ...and back!

Lush For Love

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bromheads jacket- going round to have a word

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Sleeper Sale Of The Century

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Craindre @SabriESC No, I make video games :-) I go where the job is hence the need for me to move soon.
Craindre @SabriESC: "One for my friend @Epicrates, who apparently is taking Ride's advice : (" (reblip)
Craindre @by_starla Happy Monday to you as well... You're one of the only people I've managed to see continually across all my time zone jumping.

GirlsMorning Light

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Craindre Okay, I think I'm done with the flashback now...


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Craindre Crap... Santa punished me for my bad attitude. Let's just move on...
vandaleyes aw, the Ronettes! merry x-mas to ya. @MissDiggity: "my fave xmas song" (reblip)
Craindre A big hello to @vandaleyes @Dexterious (sorry about the invisibility comments earlier) @daretoeatapeach @mz_rocko (killin' my props box as usual)

air formationtidal

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chapterhouse - whirlpool - 01 - breather

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The Boxer Rebellion "Forces" FAN-UNOFFICAL CLIP

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Craindre @SabriESC I'm about the same. Starting a new job tomorrow, so I'm trying to walk that fine line...
Davrocks yes, now i must go and do some actual work
Craindre RB@Modster: "Ruby - Apples in Stereo ... this AiS blip inspired by @thesearejams ...thx....luv this particular'un..." (reblip)
Craindre RB@Modster: "@renegadegirl: "@clizagne,@derkrauss,@Modster,@akiraboy2000...thx for all the props!" I'm definitely in this category...rb & thank YOU!" (reblip)

The Kills- Black Rooster

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LANTERNS "Midnight Psalms"

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Craindre Goodnight from me as well... and to @spacespencer RB@CargoCulte: "@Arth good evening!" (reblip)
SabriESC Never, never get tired of this song.

MapsTo The Sky

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nemesisurchin rb@Craindre: "Back from the dead..." ... great pic :) (reblip)


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Only Son "Magic" Official Video

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derkrauss HELP!@DependableSkeleton: "Maybe Mark is crying for help? @froh: "Nevah! The original cannot be touched! Heresy! Anathema to the infidels!"" (reblip)

Mark RonsonStop Me

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mammara @JanetGish se non la conoscevi è ora di approfondire, lei è fantastica.
weltschmerz ugh. preserve me from the deadlines of ill-prepared idiots.
santamistura blippers byeee again i wish a perfect night for alllllllll!!!
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