Crowes_Point_Radio Now on Crowe's Point Radio: Joaquin played The Man in Black. Russell Crowe played this in concert w/ Cash's admiration. Great song!
Crowes_Point_Radio Gladiator's Commodus SINGS! (From Joaquin's Oscar nominated performance as Johnny Cash). Here on Crowe's Point Radio!
Crowes_Point_Radio State of Play will be out Spring 2009. THIS is for journalist Cal McCaffrey. Not sure he'd appreciate it but oh well...LOL
Crowes_Point_Radio Okay it says SHE not HE but work with us here! Dedicated to Virtuosity's SID 6.7 here at C_P_R & 4 all your Crowe character fanfic.
serendipitynz @Crowes_Point_Radio yep, another one hit wonder that sticks in the mind (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio And now the original right here on C_P_R. (Sting said when he heard a window washer singing this he knew The Police had hit the big time).

The PoliceRoxanne

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Crowes_Point_Radio John Nash! Come out now! It's only C_P_R - (A Beautiful Mind)
Crowes_Point_Radio I don't know why this one made me think of Andy in 'Proof'. *g*
Crowes_Point_Radio We're not strange -- we promise *g*. Join us at
Crowes_Point_Radio Fools might rush in, but sometimes you can't help it. (4 Lt. Jack Corbett of 'Prisoners of the Sun').
BenditoMadrid Ya se le veían las trazas a George Michael

Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

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Crowes_Point_Radio It's so 80's. It's so Wham! It's...not bad! From the Hugh Grant movie. Here at C_P_R 4 your musical resuscitation.
Stay19 here we go. its been a minute since i last heard this. <><>
Crowes_Point_Radio I could say 'bella, bella' even cher, wunderbar!
Crowes_Point_Radio This is for the Point's Executive Chef, Adalia Rabinowitz
Crowes_Point_Radio For all those smooooth guys at the Point...the ones too smooth for their own good (that'd be you SID). Join us at

SadeSmooth Operator

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Crowes_Point_Radio ...and whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down must stand and face the hounds of hell ...
Crowes_Point_Radio Sometimes even the Point has stormy weather & the blues. Come through our gateway and find out...Join us at

11 - Lena Horne - Stormy Weather

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Crowes_Point_Radio Don't set the alarm. Follow your imagination & your dreams through the gateway to 4 some of the best in Crowe character fanfic.
Crowes_Point_Radio Nothing like something to get the heart pumping and set the soul on fire!


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Crowes_Point_Radio What kind of night would it be without a little Clapton live at the Crowe's Tavern. (Thanks 4 the props out there! *blowing a kiss*)

Eric ClaptonLayla

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Crowes_Point_Radio Mmm...a little slow and easy at first...AND THEN FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS. IT'S GOING TO BE A BUMPY NIGHT as the great Bette Davis said.
Crowes_Point_Radio And hey, nobody told us Mr. Cocker would be here to sing us the blues! Right here on C_P_R for that jump start to your heart!
jencvs From the album "Forth"...

The VerveRather Be

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Crowes_Point_Radio Hard to add anything to this classic! Just on C_P_R!
Crowes_Point_Radio For Arthur of 'Love in Limbo' on a Saturday night on C_P_R. Join us through the gateway to some of the best of Crowe fan fic at
jencvs What can I do...? I feel like the color blue // Too ironic right now!


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Crowes_Point_Radio Close your eyes...remember that first kiss...why can't we go back to when things were so much simpler in life....
Crowes_Point_Radio Follow that rabbit down the hole & you never know where it might lead...or come through the gateway to our world at
Crowes_Point_Radio Who would have thought Mozart was an 18th century foul-mouthed super star celeb? AND GENIUS! *g* Watch 'Amadeus' and find out!
Crowes_Point_Radio Don't know if the moon is full where you are, but it's a quiet Saturday night here at the Point.
Crowes_Point_Radio Of course if you join us at the Tavern, the world could be your oyster...but you might find a devil or two here. Just watch your step.

one hit wonders - one night in bangkok

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Crowes_Point_Radio Getting a little mellower with Al Green...from the 'Pulp Fiction' soundtrack here on C_P_R
Crowes_Point_Radio Love you pumpkin. Love you Honey Bunny....Let's get a little surfing music going here in all this cold & ice. From 'Pulp Fiction'...
Crowes_Point_Radio Let's keep you dancing here on C_P_R...for your musical resuscitation. Join us through the gateway at

Beatles - Twist and Shout

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Crowes_Point_Radio A little more Pulp Fiction, a little Chuck Berry...the Tavern is twisting the night away on C_P_R
Crowes_Point_Radio Don't walk the road of life alone...enter the gateway of imagination & join us at 4 some of the best in Crowe character fanfic.


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Crowes_Point_Radio Time to take your love in your arms; show her how much you honestly love her, need her, want to spend your life with her. You have one last chance.
Crowes_Point_Radio A little change of pace with some Pulp Fiction's Surf Rider. Nothing like dreaming of a beach...when you're stuck in cold and snow.


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Crowes_Point_Radio Picking up the beat just a little on a cold, icy night. Join us through the gateway of your imagination at
Crowes_Point_Radio Turn back the hands of're dancing we your favorite girl at the USO before you ship out....Sing it Doris.
Crowes_Point_Radio ALL ABOARD with the great Glenn Miller and his orchestra...Get ready to show the conductor your tickets, then kick back for the ride!
Crowes_Point_Radio Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho. The great Cab Calloway in a song he later returned to prominence in 'The Blue Brothers.'
Crowes_Point_Radio And you thought they didn't learn how to groove until the Sixties! LOL Tell ME you're not dancing in place! We know at Crowe's Point Radio!
Crowes_Point_Radio Why do I think Romper Stomper's Hando might appreciate this song? He can be such a bad boy too! Here on Crowe's Point Radio!
Crowes_Point_Radio I wonder if East Driscoll ever rode a horse with no name. I DO know he looked great skinny-dipping in Hammers Over the Anvil ;-)
randymatheson george x 10 #8 - I'm Your Man

Wham!I'm Your Man

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Crowes_Point_Radio 3:10 to Yuma...for Ben Wade who wields the Hand of God better than any man...(Here on Crowe's Point Radio. Enter our gateway at (reblip)

The EaglesDesperado

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Crowes_Point_Radio For lovers everywhere... (reblip)


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Crowes_Point_Radio In a story of betrayal & obsession, an actor sings of his heartbreak and desires for revenge. The great Caruso sings one of a very familiar aria.
Crowes_Point_Radio From the soundtrack of 'L.A. Confidential' (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio 3:10 to Yuma...for Ben Wade who wields the Hand of God better than any man...(Here on Crowe's Point Radio. Enter our gateway at (reblip)

The EaglesDesperado

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Crowes_Point_Radio In a story of betrayal & obsession, an actor sings of his heartbreak and desires for revenge. The great Caruso sings one of a very familiar aria. (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio Our site's updated...join us in a world of romance & imagination when you step through the into our world:
Crowes_Point_Radio Time to let the soul fly free...Join us in our world: 4 some of the best in Crowe character fiction.
Crowes_Point_Radio Why does love sometimes send us swirling in circles, out of control, even if love is what we want? Maybe you should just give in!
Crowes_Point_Radio Memories of the 80's here on Crowes_Point_Radio: CPR for your musical resuscitation.
Crowes_Point_Radio Touch me...believe in me...sometimes fantasies are more real than the Real World...Step through the gateway and find out:
Crowes_Point_Radio No matter where you are, no matter the glad to be alive. It's a beautiful day! Here on C_P_R 4 your musical resuscitation.

U2Beautiful Day

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Crowes_Point_Radio Weird...the Papas' voices tend to drop now & then in the mix but you finally get the gist of a 60's song.
Crowes_Point_Radio I think I'm goint to dedicate this one to The Efficiency Expert's Kim Barrett...or as we call him SID Lite. Here on C_P_R...
Crowes_Point_Radio She had fire in her soul, It was easy to see, How the devil himself could be pulled out of me
Crowes_Point_Radio and you know that it does, when lightening strikes, maybe once, maybe see your Gypsy...

Fleetwood MacGypsy

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Crowes_Point_Radio From the movie 'Virtuosity' SID 6.7 gives Travolta a run for his money! (reblip)
Phuket2 The Logical Song – Supertramp (@djblackwhite , Thanks you also got me to remember this one )
Crowes_Point_Radio This is dedicated to my sister in law who gleefully trashed my living room whenever she visited. I lurves her lots... (reblip)

Sanford and Son

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Crowes_Point_Radio I bless the rains down in Africa...


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Crowes_Point_Radio Some cool jazz to carry on that Valentine's vibe...
Crowes_Point_Radio Missed it by THAT much...

TV Themes - Get Smart

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Crowes_Point_Radio @carnelian Thank you for the rec! And yes, Russell did a good job with it! (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio @iddybud - Hello to you and sorry it took so long! Lyle Lovett is da man! (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio Hello @ladypn - sorry this took so long - good to hear from you and thanks for the song! (reblip)
clarkowitz @evablue No problem. I don't understand more than you think. :)
pcam Abbott and Costello - Who's On First...This is comic poetry and not a curse word in the entire routine (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio A little steampunk atmosphere for the Point is a good thing... (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio The female singer from Til Tuesday sang with Rush on this song...
Crowes_Point_Radio Brought to you by way of my ex-boyfriend who introduced me to some really funky jazz back in the 80s.

PassportSky Blue

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Crowes_Point_Radio There seems to be a high number of Southerners that show up at the Point...this is for them


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Crowes_Point_Radio A favorite Maynard Ferguson tune sung by Manhattan Transfer...
Crowes_Point_Radio (trying again) I used to have the 8-track of this album - why did I sell it?!
Plagyste Extract of The book of secrets, her best album, Loreena has a magnificent voice !


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Crowes_Point_Radio Happy Birthday - the "A' in A&M Records

Herb Alpert - Music To Watch Girls By

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Crowes_Point_Radio A live version to get your morning going! After all, getting that heart going is what we're all about here on C_P_R.
Crowes_Point_Radio Nice live version. When you find the right one at Crowe's Point, you can't help but tell the world: "I'M YOURS!"

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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Crowes_Point_Radio From my favorite steampunk band - Airship Pirate is gone!

The Phantom of the Opera

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Breathless-Russell Crowe & The Ordinary Fear of God

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One Good Year // Russell Crowe and The Ordinary Fear Of God (Sub Español / Spanish)

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Crowes_Point_Radio @russellcrowe "Sail Those Same Oceans" (with video)

Sail Those Same Oceans

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JAMESX RB @xShaggieshapiro Take On Me - Aha { Yikes bro whats up with this one ? lol (reblip)

Take On MeAha

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Master and Commander Cutting the Lines

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Crowes_Point_Radio Here is the full piece "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" Ralph Vaugh Williams

Master And Commander Soundtrack- Adagio from Concerto Gross

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Crowes_Point_Radio @SIDSixPtSeven Staying alive is the least of your problems, isnt it?

Bee GeesStaying Alive

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Crowes_Point_Radio Per @Daantje46's request "How Can I Be Sure of You" by Harry Nilsson

Max-A-Million (A Good Year)---Marc Streitenfeld

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DJ_EstherSterre Je bent ook helemaal niet nieuwsgierig... @Peter007: Ik dacht al, die laat er geen gras over groeien... LOL@DJ_EstherSterre: We = toen. @Peter007: We? (reblip)
harmony60 sweet harmony – the beloved @jyosaj My Theme Song On Blip!! :-) Please Enjoy!!! ♥
Crowes_Point_Radio A little bit of Xhosa Africa at the Point - Mbube - or as Yanks might remember it "The Lion Sleeps Tonite"

Miriam MakebaMbube

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Crowes_Point_Radio RT @shinji_aoki Love this song - for some reason it reminds me of a certain fedora-wearing man at our Tavern... (reblip)
Crowes_Point_Radio For some reason this reminds of a certain fedora wearing journalist at the Tavern...

Don't Answer Me

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Crowes_Point_Radio @RichieRobertsAG Here's a smooth tune for your 70s craving...
Crowes_Point_Radio @RichieRobertsAG This'll get your night going....
Crowes_Point_Radio There's a reason why Luke Skywalker was wearing platform shoes when he left Tatooine...
Crowes_Point_Radio The 50s...with a disco beat...

Grease is the word

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harmony60 ღ Steely Dan - Aja ღ

Steely Dan 2006-Aja

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Crowes_Point_Radio Can you tell I listened to a lot of jazz from the 70s? Passport's Ataraxia part 1 & 2
Crowes_Point_Radio On to the 80s, Crowe's Point... When a problem comes along, you must whip it...

DevoWhip It

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HEAVY METAL-Stevie Nicks-Blue Lamp

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Crowes_Point_Radio "When those cowboys from the prairie expect us to sashay, I think Id rather two step with their horses any day..." @PistlPknPrchr
Crowes_Point_Radio Mr. Sandman - The Andrews Sisters

mr sandman-the andrews sisters.wmv

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Crowes_Point_Radio Every Texan ought to know this one - Cotton Eyed Joe
Crowes_Point_Radio Yeeeeeee-haaaaaaw! - Ida Red, Ida Red, I'm plum fool about Ida Red...

Eddie Fisher - Wish You Were Here

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Crowes_Point_Radio A snippet from "Moonlighting" - Blue Moon by Cybill Shepherd
MrImaginarium Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen (LP Version)
petronax Andreas Vollenweider – Pyramid

Locatelli Sonata for Violin and Cello in A, Cantabile-Allegro

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Leclair Violin Sonata Op.5 No.6

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ladypn I had to go back & find the Overture, its one of my faves! Thanks rb@prescottscott: "Stravinsky: Pulcinella - Abbado: LSO - Pulcinella - 1. Overture " (reblip)

Stravinsky: Pulcinella - Abbado: LSO - Pulcinella - 1. Overture, Allegro mederato

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Crowes_Point_Radio A good belly dance song - "Marco Polo" by Loreena McKennitt
Crowes_Point_Radio I wonder if this is what @CaptJackAubrey listens to when he is observing the stars with his telescope.

Constance Demby-Alleluliah (Sanctum)

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