Cruzito One of my all time favourites.
Cruzito Not System of a Down, but still packs a good punch!
Cruzito I watched Global Metal last night...again!
Cruzito Can't go wrong with this one.
Cruzito its sunny out there so this makes sense.
truk77 Heck yes I want some cheesy fantasy speed metal this Monday morning. Thanks @patita. (reblip)
Nadiale The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun (reblip)
Cruzito Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (The Ramones Cover)
ndw0317 Another little 'get ya going' diddy: Dammit - Blink-182


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Cela Ohhh a @Gabizinha ai outra vez gente... hauhauhauhua (reblip)

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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Dputamadre Portishead – All Mine Gotei! ... (Via @Patuleia ) (reblip)

PortisheadAll Mine

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bobscopper WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?are you crazy?

Why?Good Friday

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Cruzito Vader - Sword of the Witcher


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rhino esses meninos sao bons de covers.
Metal_brad Dayglow Abortions – Black Sabbath
Metal_brad Nightwish – Wish I Had An Angel
ThaRocker Cinderella. Don't Know What You've Got. Blip Dance - Philly #3.

Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why

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Killaya Probably my favorite song of the moment. (reblip)
AGarraBrasil Great @Srsabba - Midnight Oil - Forgotten Years. (reblip)
jrs197 moving on to something a little more lively... Scissor Sisters - thx @shinyspecialone ;D great song!! (reblip)
SOcaM One pill makes you larger, And one pill makes you small, And the ones that mother gives you, Don't do anything at all.
Metal_brad Dark Tranquillity – Monochromatic Stains


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deadcowaroma @oboreruhito @barbisaurus Don't be intimidated. We're basically America-2.

Irish Drinking Songs - Doin' The Newfie Stomp

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2fast4u RB ~ vi@MoSkinny ~ Without question, Disturbed kicked ass on this cover[MoSkinny Here is the Disturbed cover of Faith No More - MidLife Crisis] (reblip)


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Metal_Rocks Megadeth Feat. Cristina Scabbia – À Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free). A perfect collaboration between Megadeth and Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil!

Mushroomhead - Solitare Unraveling

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Cruzito Broken Social Scene – Stars And Sons
Cruzito Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Doctor Blind
K_Rod Bon Iver!! magnifico indeed ;)@TheBrettRosenberg: "magnificento" (reblip)

Bon IverLump Sum

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smartard The Bad Eliots – Cat's Meow
Acidoriccio @lasarina, fa niente, è lo stesso :-)


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deadcowaroma Awesome video.

Hunted By A Freak

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jazcan @TheLenzyme: "reblip @AnnieLicious LOLOLOLOLOLOL you crack me up!! (re: your reply before)--hey, and this pick was primo, thank you:-)" Yes!!! (reblip)

Kansas Carry on my Wayward son

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John__Black maybe I'm just to sure? maybe I'm justy frightened by the sound of it? it was so good!
Cruzito Children of bodom – Needled 24/7
amplis Dia Mundial do Rock: Stoner from Brazil.

The Noisettes cover 'When You Were Young' by The Killers in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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Cruzito You take Amon Amarth - You take put that shit together \m/\m/...i love it!

Amon Amarth Spongebob DeathMetal Remix!

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Travis Barker Remix "Forever" Drake Kanye Lil Wayne Eminem

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Kansas Carry on my Wayward son

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Cruzito Black Halos – Some Things Never Falls
RegRob For all of my fellow #sonsofanarchy lovers "This Life" I'm all about the crow! (reblip)

This Life (Sons of Anarchy Theme Song) Full

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chokru Portishead – Glory Box (Live at Roseland NYC) , es muy sexapilúa esta canción!
AcidBlack Hail of Bullets - Nachthexen RB @OmeRoon "THIS IS HOW DEATHMETAL SHOULD SOUND!" - Damn straight! \m/ \m/ (reblip)
AcidBlack U.D.O – Mastercutor : @Shadowcat83, @Cruzito, you're making me lazy with your good blips!


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refugo apeteceu-me, mesmo, ver/ouvir isto. compulsão incontrolável. yeah, i've got busted.
feynschliff The Libertines - Don't Look Back into the Sun.

The Libertines Don't Look Back into the Sun

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Cruzito Tank – Don't Walk Away

TankDon't Walk Away

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Cruzito THE DAMNED – Love Song


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AcidBlack Evile – Enter The Grave : Old-school thrash shout out to @Elmetalismo and @Cruzito \m/

EvileEnter The Grave

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Cruzito Queens of the Stone Age - White Wedding -Billy Idol Cover (Acoustic)

Queens of the Stone Age-White Wedding-Billy Idol Cover

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Cruzito @shiner@AcidBlack: Kyuss – Into the Void (Sabbath Cover)
Cruzito Gamma Ray – Rebellion in Dreamland
Cruzito Stormwarrior - Heading Northe

Stormwarrior Heading Northe

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Cruzito We're off to the witch, We may never never never come home \m/

DioThe Last In Line

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Cruzito W.A.S.P. – I Wanna Be Somebody
Cruzito The Union Underground – Turn me on Mr Deadman (Uncensored)
Cruzito Maryslim feat. Jyrki69 - "This Corrosion"

Maryslim feat. Jyrki69 "This Corrosion"

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Cruzito BEN HARPER ~ "Please Bleed"

BEN HARPER "Please Bleed"

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Cruzito Cradle of Filth – Bathory Aria
Cruzito Electric Wizard – Torquemada 71
Cruzito God Dethroned - Villa Vampiria

God Dethroned Villa Vampiria

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Mysterymix merci §@AlloMarcel: "Serge Gainsbourg – Le poinçonneur des Lilas" (reblip)
JohnSabbath Marilyn Manson – Running To The Edge Of The World (HQ) Official Video
Lovebreath Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythme Of War Drums - APC *A Perfect Circle (reblip)
Cruzito Dimmu Borgir – Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister cover)
Cruzito The White Stripes ~ Jolene (Live Under Blackpool Lights)

The White Stripes Jolene

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DJDinosaurRidesBicycles I Fucking Love this song, and really think Forth Yeer should break it out of the Vault for the Best Of The West Finals, Just Sayin!!!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd Four Walls Of Rayford

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uhrenspast live.

Marduk-On Darkened Wings

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Cruzito (HED) P.E. - Pac Bell

(hed) p.epac bell

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AcidBlack Varg – Viel Feind Viel Ehr (Many Enemies Much Honor) : A little #VikingMetal from Germany

Jesus Stole My Girlfriend by Violent Soho

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JohnSabbath Pungent Stench – Just Let Me Rot
CarMaKi The family that slays together, stays together.
WirthDesign as I target more heads than a priest on ash wednesday

One Day As a Lion- If You Fear Dying

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brucefraser Necrophobic – I Strike With Wrath
JohnSabbath Its all about the Metal, signing off; where the ebbing tides of Hate exceeds. Much Thanks @fearshop @gabrielcorpse @Hittman @22Crystal22
Cruzito rb@AcidBlack: "Bolt Thrower – Where Next to Conquer : Ah, the eternal question.." (reblip)
Cruzito rb@azzman: Cryptopsy – Cold Hate, Warm Blood (reblip)
Cruzito Fuck yes!!rb@uwillbeheard : Thy Will Be Done "Earth's Final Embrace" (reblip)

Thy Will Be Done "Earth's Final Embrace"

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Cruzito Great track, rb@AcidBlack: "Motörhead & Girlschool – Please Don't Touch : AWESOME video!! #MotörMonday" (reblip)
Cruzito Excellent find!...rb@TheMorbidSlayer: "rb @SGMan: "1349 ~ Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun"" (reblip)
JohnSabbath Gloomy Grim - Asylum

Gloomy Grim Asylum

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Cruzito rb@Doralex : Lightning Swords of Death - Let This Knife Lead You To Us (reblip)
Cruzito rb@Plan3t_t3ch: "rb@domin8r: "Always an awesome entrance :D"" (reblip)
Cruzito Accept – Midnight Mover (Music Video)
Cruzito Dark Funeral – Call From The Grave (Bathory cover) @aagochan @JohnSabbath
Cruzito Heavy and brutal \nn/ rb@JohnSabbath: "here is one of my favorites. The Monolith Deathcult - Master Of The Bryansk Forest" (reblip)

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT "master of the Bryansk Forest"

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DavidJurado Exodus – Children Of A Worthless God
Cruzito UDO - They Want War TY @fearshop @julianarabelo

UDO-They Want War

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Cruzito She's only 17! rb@Schoork: "Winger – Seventeen #BHT" (reblip)


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Cruzito Rainbow – Death Alley Driver
Cruzito rb \nn/ @DavidJurado: "Burn the Priest – Buckeye" (reblip)

AC/DC Let there be rock (1977, Unedited video version)

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doomyflo excellent titre et quelle voix! Sodom – Blood On Your Lips
Cruzito Marduk - Woman Of Dark Desires (Bathory Tribute) @JohnSabbath @fearshop @HELLCOME

Marduk Woman Of Dark Desires (Bathory Tribute)

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gselva03 This band always kix my ass! ENTOMBED "god of thunder" KISS cover....
Cruzito Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics - THE DAMNED @vinter @ hellcome @Buzzz @zoja01 @andre_maia
Cruzito Bitches Sin - Strangers On The Shore (reblip)

Bitches Sin...Strangers On The Shore

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Cruzito rb@uhrenspast: "I open your chest, I smash in your skull :)" (reblip)

Six Feet Under-The Edge of the Hatchet

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Cruzito brilliantly brutal! rb@TaraKLucero: "can't help it these guys are just awesome Bloodbath – Sick Salvation" (reblip)
Cruzito Faster Pussycat – Dont Change That Song #BHT @Schoork
Cruzito Killing Joke – The Wait

Killing JokeThe Wait

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Cruzito FULL BLOWN CHAOS - RED TIDE (reblip)
cattysheba Happy Monday everybody!! Finally gettin' a chance to blip a few. Hope your week's starting out great!!! - Motorhead - "God Was Never On Your Side"
Cruzito Hellsongs - the trooper (iron maiden cover) - Brilliant folk cover. @zoja01 (reblip)
azzman more killer shit by After The Burial #metal

After the Burial- Cursing Akenaten

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Vagvikernes happy jesus is a vampire zombie easter bunny. Tyhus coprophagic communion upon the holy alter. ;D

TYPHUS Coprophagic Communion Upon The Holy Alter

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Cruzito Download – Glassblower


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Cruzito Marianne Faithfull – Gloomy Sunday
Cruzito Weedeater – Gimme Back My Bullets (Lynyrd Skyrnyrd cover)
Cruzito Panzerfaust – Storming Under Blackened Horizons @JohnSabbath

Joan Jett-I Hate Myself For Loving You with lyrics

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aprildax could be wrong...i could be right...

Public Image LtdRise

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Cruzito In Flames - Everything Counts (reblip)
JohnSabbath Six Feet Under – Bringer des Blutes ......Get the German version of Bringer of Blood, you will get 2 extra songs:Bringer Des Blutes & Unknown @Cruzito
Cruzito Fleshcrawl – Metal Gods (Judas Priest cover)

FleshcrawlMetal Gods

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Cruzito Evile – Killer From the Deep
Cruzito Just in time for Mother's day \nn/ @JohnSabbath: "A must have by Slayer. Perfect for every Man,Woman and Child. Buy It!" (reblip)

Slayer (Live Intrusion)...Raining Blood + Killing Fields !!!

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Cruzito My Dying Bride – My Body, A Funeral @doomyflo
Cruzito Fuck you and your sister too! (reblip)
Cruzito Nightwish - High Hopes (pink floyd's cover) (reblip)

Nightwish High Hopes (pink floyd's cover)

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Cruzito rb@WirthDesign: Ill Nino - Zombie Eaters (Faith No More Cover) (reblip)
DavidJurado Moonspell – Atlantic


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Cruzito one of my fave videos \nn/ @AcidBlack: "Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) \m/" (reblip)

Alice Cooper He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)

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TaraKLucero this is an awesome album!! Bloodbath – Weak Aside

BloodbathWeak Aside

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pedrohasselmann A little of our Brazillian Metal people! =)
Cruzito Faith no more – Zombie eaters
shelliejaye Opeth – The Grand Conjuration
Cruzito Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride

Mountain. Nantucket Sleighride

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HELLCOME SpineShank – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Cruzito Six Feet Under – At Dawn They Sleep (Slayer cover)
Cruzito Twilight - The Cryptic Ascension (2010) @AcidBlack @doomyflo

Twilight -The Cryptic Ascension (2010)

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Cruzito Cancer Bats - Lucifer's Rocking Chair (reblip)
Cruzito SEPULTURA – Ostia


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uhrenspast hehe @JohnSabbath: "Debauchery Eight Days A Week" (reblip)

Debauchery Eight Days A Week

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SofiaFada porque eu adoro essa versão e porque hj é sexta! ;D
Cruzito Disfear – Powerload


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Cruzito Recently watched Flatliners again, great song on the soundtrack: Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys – Party Town
Cruzito rb@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Dio - The Last In Line" (reblip)

Dio-The Last In Line

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La_Vera_Mahshid Collective Soul – The World I Know
Cruzito Kalmah : Bitter Metallic Side (reblip)

Kalmah : Bitter Metallic Side

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Cruzito rb@DavidJurado: "Machine Head – Beautiful Mourning" (reblip)
Cruzito Autopsy – Humiliate Your Corpse
Cruzito Hammerfall - Head Over Heels (Accept cover)

Hammerfall-Head Over Heels

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Cruzito rb@tamatama789: "Sanctuary- Die for my Sins" (reblip)

Sanctuary- Die for my Sins

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Cruzito Witchery - I Wanna Be Somebody (Cover WASP) (reblip)
Cruzito Assesino - Regresando Odio (reblip)

Assesino Cristo

| play
Cruzito Rotting Christ – The First Field Of The Battle @OmegaXIII \nn/
Frikidelinfierno Kivimetsan Druidi - Aesis Lilim --> No superabilities here, but a really addictive album though...
Cruzito Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder
Schoork Hey Lady!@Unaturalsoul: "" Hello Gentlemen...@DirtyUrine: "Hey bro! @Schoork: "Faster pussycat – House Of Pain #BHT""" (reblip)
Cruzito Bathory-Deuce (KISS Cover) (reblip)

Bathory-Deuce (KISS Cover)

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Cruzito Eyehategod - Man Is Too Ignorant to Exist (reblip)
Cruzito rb@DavidJurado: "Machine Head – Descend the Shades of Night" (reblip)
Cruzito rb@gabrieli: "It's Skinny Puppy time!" (reblip)

Skinny PuppyTin Omen

| play
Cruzito The Black Dahlia Murder - What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

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Cruzito The name of the band alone merits a rb: Bestial Desecration - Soldiers of Death (reblip)

Cat Power- Fortunate Son

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Cruzito Ministry - The Light Pours Out of Me (reblip)
AcidBlack Black Messiah – Christenfeind : A song about a sword forged to wipe out all Christians. If that's not #VikingMetal, I don't know what is! \m/ \m/
cryostasium @cryostasium: "@rjoe. RE-BLIPPING for obvious BADASS content, there's good songs and badass ones, and this one is BAD-ASS (reblip)
cryostasium shifting gears just a bit....some unreleased Aggression from '86...yup you guessed it...BAD-ASS thrash
Mysty_Mayhem Dave's voice sounds like a warm hug feels. <3
SGMan \m/ @amadelmerol: "ACCEPT – Teutonic Terror" (reblip)

ACCEPTTeutonic Terror

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Cruzito Atrocity feat. Liv Kristine – The Sun Always Shines on TV (A-HA cover) #cover
Cruzito Mad Season – River Of of my faves, Staley was such a talent.
Cruzito Mike Watt – Piss-Bottle Man
Cruzito awesome track \nn/ rb@DavidJurado: "The Sword – Freya" (reblip)

The SwordFreya

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uhrenspast schwarz ist unser panzer, froh das junge herz. (reblip)
Cruzito Eye for an Eye, for an eye, for an eye \nn/

Soulfly-Eye for an Eye live at wacken 2006 HQ

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Cruzito I want OUT, to live my life, and to be FREE! (reblip)
LegendWyatt Thanks for reblip.@ShebaJo: "rb@LegendWyatt: "@LegendWyatt: "@ShebaJo: "being a wild one today? @Gidyean"""" (reblip)

Seven Mary Three Cumbersome Lyrics

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aprildax tell me all your thoughts on god@Tsauro:there were 3. (although one was kinda light blue) RB vi@Time2Burn (reblip)
miss_roxie_ruffles @MrsASoprano: "Very nice~I never heard this before. #coversthatdontsuck @GR8FL: "is this song about you-know-what?"" (reblip)
doomyflo un des rares titres chanté! toujours aussi bon! Karma To Burn – Waiting on the Western World
2630ltda Massive Attack – Risingson
SGMan :D @LeandroAzevedo: "More One @SGMan /// Avulsed – Exorcismo vaginal" (reblip)
Cruzito Tony Iommi (Ft. Philip Anselmo) – Time Is Mine
Cruzito The Sword – How Heavy This Axe
AcidBlack Skyforger – Kauja pie Plakaniem, Kauja pie Veisiem : #PaganDeathMetal \m/
Cruzito Reel Big Fish – Take On Me (a-ha #cover)
bankaiAP I'm open


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Cruzito Great track, title alone deserves an RB @lulubr: Hatesphere - Cloaked In Shit!! (reblip)
Cruzito Down – Nothing In Return (Walk Away)

DownNothing In Return

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Cruzito Decapitated - Spheres of Madness (reblip)
Cruzito Tuff – American Hair Band #BHT
Cruzito Joe Satriani – Big Bad Moon
Cruzito Overkill - Bring me the night

Overkill -Bring me the night

| play
Cruzito Guns N' Roses – Since I Don't Have You (reblip)
Cruzito \nn/ rb@Diverse_Moods: Mercyful Fate The Ripper ( Judas Priest Tribute) (reblip)

Mercyful Fate The Ripper ( Judas Priest Tribute)

| play
Cruzito rb@AC_DC_ASIC: "pretty!!! @CMDoria: "AC/DC – Baby Please Don't Go"" (reblip)
Cruzito awesome \nn/ @AcidBlack: "Luramentum – Baldur's Death" (reblip)
jewlyann Rush – Closer To The Heart
AcidBlack Wrathchild America -Time (Pink Floyd Cover) : Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way..

Wrathchild America-Time (Pink Floyd Cover)

| play
Cruzito Brutally brilliant track \m/: Nails - Unsilent Death @FullMetalJacket @AcidBlack @DamnTheMan @fearshop @cryostasium

Unsilent Death by Nails

| play


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Cruzito Nailbomb – Wasting Away

NailbombWasting Away

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cryostasium @Cruzito: "Death - Crystal Mountain" love this tune. love this BAND. (reblip)

death crystal mountain

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Cruzito nice tune! rb@ujpeter: Texas Hippie Coalition - Pissed Off and Mad About It (reblip)
Cruzito awesome video! rb@OmeRoon: "The Who – "Who Are You" - great song, awesome performance. Check out Keith Moon's face! 8-)" (reblip)

The WhoWho Are You

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Cruzito Saw this band open for Coliseum/High of Fire some years ago "Mono – Halcyon (Beautiful Days)" - very different stuff @aagochan
aprildax whipped ;)@Gav70: "YUP, now applying cleaning ....cream! @aprildax:do they taste yummy? ;) @Gav70:I was only polishing them.... honest ;P @aprildax" (reblip)
bagufcknutz @Cephy: "ok... @pumpkinsoup: "yes this really really loud."" (reblip)
Cruzito Gather the wind, though the wind won't help you fly at all \m/ Awesome cover rb@brucefraser: "Primal Fear - Die Young" (reblip)

Die YoungPrimal Fear

| play
Cruzito The dead have taken my soul \m/ rb@brucefraser: "goddamn this is awesome... listen to that fuckin bass! --> Unanimated – Dead Skin Mask" (reblip)
Cruzito rb@lelordgs: "Black Sabbath - Rusty Angels" (reblip)
Cruzito very nice versions...rb@zoja01: Nouvelle Vague - Don't Go - Nouvelle Vague - love will tear us apart (reblip)
Cruzito \m/ Metallica & Diamond Head – Am I Evil & Helpless \m/
Cruzito Simply awesome \m/ : Zakk Wylde - Heart of Gold

zakk wylde-heart of gold

| play
Cruzito Faster Pussycat – Don't Change That Song
doomyflo Hello! @Vix_Rock: "Ophis – Pazuzu" cool track! a great new band to discover ...again :D (reblip)


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Cruzito (hed) p.e – pac bell

(hed) p.epac bell

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DamnTheMan rb@Ice_Ice_Baby: "Rb :))) ty! @DJMoneyBags: "one of my favorite songs of all time" (reblip)
Cruzito rb@Unaturalsoul: "...............#Jennifer.........."The Doors - The End ( Complete Version Soundstage Performance Toronto 1967 HD ) @OmegaXIII (reblip)
Cruzito love the sound, rb@Peppermind: "Thnks FRIENDS! This is the other my band song on web, more blacky, and i'm done, i sware :P (reblip)

A Deeper Essence

| play
Alvaroxx Röyksopp – Röyksopp Forever... ... ... .. .. .
Cruzito Matchbox Twenty - How far we've come

Matchbox Twenty How far we've come lyrics

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Cruzito good choice! rb@DirtyUrine: "My fave CoC tune! \m/ RB @SGMan: "tyrb@cubbymendoza: "Corrosion of Conformity – Albatross""" (reblip)
MrsASoprano She whispered, "Spanish Johnny, you can leave me tonight, but just don't leave me alone" #BruceJuice
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