CynDyn this is hot


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CynDyn indulging my anime passion sometimes yields unexpected bonuses


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CynDyn wish I could find the vid
CynDyn stops the rain for awhile
CynDyn I like this one almost as much as the rendition by Bonnie Raitt

Baby Mine

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DownLow this one goes out to fellow ambient fan @vinchusky, thx for the props. Just realized you were not listed as favorite dj and sorry about the delay

tatsunight walker

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CynDyn looking for something else by them...but, I like this a lot


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CynDyn mmmh...

BlackCoffee_Sarah Vaughan-B.Webster-Burke

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CynDyn ...there's a stain on my notebook
briangreene Moloko-Sing It Back (acapella) – moloko
CynDyn makes me a good way
CynDyn classic 'round my way...

ZappComputer Love

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CynDyn this voice is something special
CynDyn yes, I know all the words...
C_cat God bless Tom Petty for writing this song so John Mayer could cover it, better.
Dramamao What I need is a good defense cause Im feelin like a criminal.

Fiona Apple Criminal

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SylvioMicelli The RS 500 Greatest Songs - 308 - Lonely Teardrops – Jackie Wilson
Nettys So What! Exactly. Mittagspause - Sport & quick bath in Tetesept Muscle Soak.

PinkSo What

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briangreene @topgold blip to tipp ~ Triptico – Gotan Project
Nettys Off now with Kula Shaker. Arbeiten arbeiten arbeiten!
CynDyn I'll bet he's amazing to see in concert
CynDyn Alana's version is good, too
CynDyn I wish they'd get more airplay here
CynDyn how many samples has this spawned?
CynDyn first saw her singing backup for Suzanne Vega
Inagaki #nomesdemulheres Adoro o arranjo dessa música. Bela parceria de Elvis com Paul McCartney, gravada em "Spike", de 1989.
briangreene version without pink. i grew up listening to younger sisters folk &my older brothers ska and the twins punk and big sis's disco & little bros goth
natsukigamer JUST beautiful...i love this version of suteki da Ne... i'm crying...U_U
guidoks in the desert you can remember your name...
CynDyn reminds me a bit of her "Bog o'Lochain" which I adore
CynDyn this guy...

10. Earl Klugh - Jolanta

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RobertoGrassilli Live And Let Die, rifatta dalla mia fidanzata musicale nr.12
DownLow I try not to act too proud, they only hit until you cry

susanne vega - luka

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djdiva Yeah Jay Z.."It's a Hard Knock Life" but you know me...


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djdiva @qoolquest wants to use this beat...Englishman in NY was always one of my favorites...
djdiva Because "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" Right Roy Ayers?
djdiva This one goes out to EJFlavors who is about to see Roy Ayers in concert!!
djdiva Annie Lennox is one of the worst slept on Blue Eyed Soul Artists
YouTheMusic Groovey and Armadary and easy

Groove ArmadaEasy

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CynDyn didn't really want to like this. Oh well.
CynDyn don't know how i found them...glad i did
CynDyn ...makes you feel alright

209 A Little Bit Of Jazz

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CynDyn thankyouthankyouthankyou
DownLow eye heart this version

Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower

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luckyboy this keeps playing in my head all the time...
CynDyn freakin' love this one


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CynDyn likely to list more renditions as im searching for the definitive by Gounod
CynDyn this kid is hot


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CynDyn bless whomever uploaded this one

The Judds She is His Only Need Wynonna Judd

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CynDyn was looking for something else...but stumbled upon this one
CynDyn this is a considerable talent
CynDyn I could eat him up w/a spoon

John MayerSay

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briangreene I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson And The Miracles
TheSun ...time for the Artist...I mean, Prince
TheSun ...apart of my grown folks soundtrack...

Stevie Wonder If You Really Love Me

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chapita y con Ray Charles me despido hasta luego.
chapita go ahead with the Locomotion XD

Cowboy BebopSPY

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AainaA If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found
2Serenity Excited for new album but I am sad I won't be able 2 see them w/ Souleymane Diamanka at Joe's Pub in NYC on Oct 9th Need more dates

Les NubiansMakeda

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2Serenity Prince wrote this song for Sheena Easton. I had no idea what it meant..ughhh..until later! 8) Lawd have mercy!
2Serenity Maxwell is going on TOUR --- CHECK HIS MYSPACE page. I almost fainted when I saw the tour dates ...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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2Serenity In being patriotic I adore Ray Charles' rendition of America The Beautiful. Had an incident in 1987 w/ him I will share later. It was hilarious!
CynDyn uptempo version of this is the ****
CynDyn pretty much the only thing I like by him
metaMeerkat Dedicated to fellow South Africans who are worried about the future...
souleil If ever horns were able to raise wings...
souleil Sometimes only Jazz does..often Jazz is best. I tried hard to get that played properly but failed in mission. So: I just listen to those who can play!
souleil @kleinski "White Chocolte" at it's best. Fagan & Becker never failed!

Steely DanBlack Cow

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souleil to Paula Abdul! Great.
souleil Hans showed me this song when we did our show about "White Chocolate". Beautiful. Like it? Wednesday: souleil on with stuff like that.
souleil The New-York-At-It's-Best-Marriage of the Queen of Soul and the DJ/Remixer/Producer-Pope theirselves. Perfect on Vinyl!
DownLow another classic song with various versions
DownLow Isaiah 21: 5-9, one of my all-time favorite classic rock songs

Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower

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didib i didn't know i was looking for love until i found you, honey.
didib i don't know what you're looking for, but you haven't found it, that's for sure.
kalyke I know everything. Okay not really.
macedonia my favorite tangerine dream song and my sole reason to hunt down the risky business sound track...
macedonia hard funk on the a-side, latin rhythms on the b-side. you damn right i got this 45rpm single at home...
macedonia two artsits come to mind when i think of latin boogaloo: one is ray barretto, the other is joe cuba. someone stole this 7" from me once...
Sinj i go in big circles and always come back to guillemots
fredjc wanted to hear ethnic majority, also seem appropriate
Sarajojojo @zoncho reminded me that I like this one of there's a lot!

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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toobad just a little bit closer...
metaMeerkat Rest in Peace Miriam Makeba, May God Bless your Legacy
CindyB_MO Somehow @cullenbunn ended up singing this song this morning so I had to blip it.
Trompy Fear not!

Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper

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coffeebreath @DownLow you are so right and I'm gonna go brew a cup of my Numi Monkey King tea right now (luv the stuff) :-p
coffeebreath from his Asian Airs album; so multi-faceted

John MayerMegha

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klitoria My love @chiron08 @derhatverven @JamesJoyes23 @DJSID @Cosmika @Bandbreite @GAT special loving hugs and kisses....can you feel it, its all around
TheSun ...reminds you of spring, or hoping from one train to the next...

Yusef LateefTitoro

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coffeebreath sometimes I have to get this song in, it's like a fix for me
Somerset08873 This one will get you out of your seat and on the dance floor. (reblip)
TheSun ...and on this high-heeled goin' ta work...
TheSun She reminds me of Mic. Jack. circa Heartbreak Hotel...
TheSun this is my homegirl for real...
fredjc woooooooooooooowwww the cinematic version is great, but this is like nothing i have ever heard before


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thahy pra matar a saudade :D
TheSun I tear up on this one a little, Yusef has a way of doing that to me...damn Oboe, or is it a Clarinet? Whatever, its a reed instrument...
TheSun ...stood in line for an hour and a half...with a smile on my face the whole time...


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CynDyn spare, danceable, singable chorus
czg123 got this from ThePete's blipstream...holy crap! so much fun...not since the honeymooners have i heard this! (reblip)


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briangreene Sydney looks HOT! saw a live shot of it on Bloomberg :)
briangreene Landslide (Urban Mix) ~ Dixie Chicks
briangreene @theanniechrist thanks for the prop. following u know.
Nettys Cool! Everyone a happy Friday night. Ciao for now ;-) @Chekkov: thanks for the GREEN!!!!

Gwen StefaniCool

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Inagaki Música climática perfeita pra dar o tom do lusco-fusco deste comecinho de noite de sexta-feira, u-hu!
Nettys @GAT: ja, meine Eltern haben mir aus Nordhessen ein paar Winterfotos geschickt. Ich mag den #Winter mit #Schnee.
DownLow another one by duffy.

(07) Duffy Warwick avenue

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CynDyn trying again...Si'Se's Carol C on vocals?

N- Cleopatra Rmx

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oujisan こいちゃったんだ


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briangreene loved this since 1979! great flip-side to it also - 12" b-side was Fly Over the Horizon
briangreene song for a funeral volume 1. Here's Where The Story Ends
briangreene @enormous this should be a reblip but I can't reblip it. IOU a podcast for the sister! tracks plus interview,,, its gonna happen.
briangreene thanks @coffeebreath I hated the smiths in 85-87. I only liked [next song] the rest to me were arty grumpy stuff. Then friends gave me meat is murder! (reblip)
Sinj and one from leftfield...(well not "leftfield")
didib @calamari But THIS one is definitely my favourite. :D
Nettys I love this group - Amadou & Mariam.
briangreene loving the Tea House theme on Gmail today
ejflavors props to DJShyGuy... a Marvin Gaye track that should have gotten more exposure.
ejflavors Saturday schmooveness from Rebirth.
DownLow Old School hand-claps indeed! Haven't heard this one since .... Well, a long time. Thanks @TheArtfulDodger (reblip)
briangreene NN2 ~ why did i find something so good as i was about depart. no self control that is why.
briangreene Dec 2nd 1977: South African police cleared of Biko death. A demonstration erupts outside court as a magistrate rules no police are to blame ..

Peter GabrielBiko

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metaMeerkat one more month to the end of the 2008 ... "its easier to run than to be still"
briangreene @claudix yes I know Elza Soares = .br and so are Azymuth .... loved this since 1979! great flip-side to it also - 12" b-side was Fly Over the Horizon (reblip)
coffeebreath I was going to choose a different song but I found this first ♥
Kiesh "gimme a pig foot and a bottle of beer." :)
DownLow this guy is hitting the sack. g'nite all (reblip)
burento » 我面无表情看孤独的风景。 (I watch the lonely scenery with an expressionless face.)
briangreene not Alistair Darling~ Destiny's Darling ~ Katell Keineg ~ this version pre debut LP in 1993 on scotti bros label sampler. most underrated irish/breton
DownLow get on up... thanks to @nitetalker (reblip)

Esquires - Get On Up Resample

| play
didib i was never joking when i said i'd like to smash every tooth in your head.
briangreene looking for Sheila Chandra Quite 9 (wondering is it a golf reference)
toobad got a krush on you-hooooooOOOOOOOOO!
briangreene Under One Sky dub mix ~ Drifting Soul feat. Diane Charlemagne
meerameer you make me feel like I am home again...
DownLow your are right @eldude. it doesn't always rain. even when it does, let the liquid sunshine appear (reblip)
vdarkbloom @SarahShoeMe girl, you know how to incite a blip (just start talking about Jazzmasters!) mine's a reissue '62, but it's sweeeeet
djwashingtonson Bring It On Home To Me - Sam Cooke
DProsper Oh Lucille u know i feel!!!!!
DProsper Long Tally Sally from the Valley!!
Somerset08873 Bajofondo TangoClub goes well with a glass of Malbec (reblip)
Somerset08873 Props to my friends in Fiji for turning me on to these guys, years ago. Bula, Air Pacific crews !
Kiesh dancing on my tippy toes.
Somerset08873 One mo' time. Here's a link to a live performance by EWF
thahy essa é pra ouvir de olhos fechados.
Somerset08873 Seems we have a serious grove goin' on.
briangreene still finding gems on blip ~ They ~ Jem

10, Jem They Cut Chemist Remix

| play
MrThompsonR Thanks @MrsStranahan "now this is a Christmas song i can happily listen to ..." 'tis the season...;~) (reblip)
CynDyn ...I thought you'd come through, I thought you'd come clean

The PretendersHuman

| play
CynDyn unexpected nice surprise

RinLe Triangle

| play
CynDyn haven't heard this in a long while...still luv it
Sinj B52s lite

Voice of the Beehive_I Say Nothing single mix

| play
DownLow Yeah, I played this groove over and over and again back in the day, even today. Like right now. Thanks to @truk77 (reblip)
MrThompsonR Liked this version too... These guys were hot back in the day!
SquarerootZ Don't ask me why but this is my jam!! I gotta dance when I hear it.
SquarerootZ More ATCQ samples. Ali Shaheed was a fool for finding this one.
BohemianChick @ bendrix - another nice one. :)
BohemianChick @ bendrix - Nice...I like this one. :) (reblip)

Gotan ProjectEPOCA

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2Serenity Loving K'naan's spirit and vibe. He has a NING group here => In his NING group he offers a FREE song download for Somalia!


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threebears You've A Mean Streak @ekman ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
MrThompsonR (Title song) Some of Carlos' best work...
briangreene Policy Of Truth ~ Depeche Mode
bendrix @camden @katy This is the Original Summer Sun on the Album Waltz for Koop - This 1 is my fave version - Thanks for the cool track=> @RonnieBebop

KoopSummer Sun

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briangreene its like watching bloomberg for the stock exchanges. watching busy blippers thanks to the brother @dojodub
bendrix Another Tracy Thorn track - she has the right voice for the Chill Drum N Bass genre
CynDyn one of my all-time favorites. Woooot!
CynDyn thx to SquarerootZ for this... (reblip)

11 Self Love

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CynDyn also like the Corrine Bailey Rae cover
CynDyn "shall we...Surely" Thanks @Squarerootz (reblip)
CynDyn i hope she blows up...would love to see this show live
CynDyn was about to sign off when this popped up! thanks @Somerset08873 (reblip)

Casiopea - Material - 09 - Promenade

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DownLow @pumpkinshellz, high school flashbacks about neon shirts, tons of mousse and converse ALL Stars! Egads. What were people thinking??? (reblip)
trepanado só para colocar o link do vídeo sensacional de um grupo do Kuwait que achei no YouTube:


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Figgywithit ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
CynDyn I just uploaded another beauty from KD, this might make you smile or frown or fall into a greentara hole...@bendrix - I'm smiling mightily (reblip)
CynDyn Thanks @SignalToNoise for this middle-eastern tinged groove bass (reblip)

Avishai CohenNu Nu

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CynDyn was just supposed to lurk today, but this one must be rb'd (reblip)


| play
CynDyn ...just get lucky sometime
CynDyn black eyes that burn so brightly...

U2 - Sweetest Thing

| play
CynDyn was hooked at the first "la"...thanks @Jacidbazz (reblip)
CynDyn luv them with or without her...thanks @bendrix (reblip)
CynDyn absolute luv for this one

chaka khan - any old sunday

| play
CynDyn ...


| play
CynDyn thanks @meerameer -- original...but the next one is too (as much as a cover can be) (reblip)

AmerieOne Thing

| play
CynDyn @brunobarco - Motown was the soundtrack of my youth, so the Supremes were a big part.
CynDyn agrees with @ladypn who said, "Such lovely guitar." (reblip)
CynDyn replacing the clip with this one
CynDyn caught her singing "Smile" live at a summer stage concert...this chick IS

Janelle Monae - Sincerely, Jane.

| play
CynDyn thanks @Saorsa - this one is going straight to playlist (reblip)
CynDyn last one. thanks for the beauty before the beach @GR8FL (reblip)
CynDyn thanks @Jacidbazz for 'moooo-oost' interesting blip (reblip)
CynDyn felt mind expand a little due to @outoforder (whose avatar is like poetry, btw) (reblip)
CynDyn was heading for the Bowie...or another cuppa. Strangely, this one has scratched that itch somehow. Thanks @misterscience. (reblip)
CynDyn a little Jake for @BohemianChick @GR8FL (the sun's coming, it's gotta) @ladypn @DownLow @bendrix @Bluespanther -- I feel a nap coming on.
CynDyn think BugzInTheAttic remixed this one by Gene Harris
CynDyn vi@RonnieBebop the every blipper who made my Monday a little less so...g'nite all. (reblip)
DesertLily Hello @GR8FL Thanks for the beautiful songs and props :-)
CynDyn ...i wanted water, but i walk thru the fire...

John MayerVultures

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ladypn Have to go prep dinner! So of course I'll take this opportunity to reblip myself again. Give this a listen, I think most of my listeners will enjoy! (reblip)
SquarerootZ @CynDyn - I have to listen to this track at least one a day. Really feeling the way Beatnick & K-Salaam re-freshed it without being too over the top.. (reblip)

Michael Jackson "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)

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truk77 I can blip this and admit I like it cuz most of you don't know me personally. ;)

Krystal Harris - Supergirl

| play
CynDyn "Horns!!" - Mad thanks @RonnieBebop and @lub. This one gets played on loop...LOUD! (reblip)
CynDyn ♫ thinks @snapper is...[insert superlative here] (reblip)


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CynDyn reblips a soon-to-be favorite vi@threebears (reblip)
SoulMusicSummitDj The 4th International Soul Music Summit September 24th - 27th 2009 Atlanta, GA

Jill Scott-Breathe

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CynDyn @DownLow - this might be my fave for the day. Cheers, buddy! (reblip)


| play
CynDyn missed @GR8FL's blippage today :) glad you're here now. thanks from the new convert. (reblip)

JemIt's Amazing

| play
CynDyn vi@DesertLily - "We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want." (reblip)

CapercaillieM Ionam

| play
pavolo things are getting a little bit crazy, snoop dog is in town, and there's full moon.... minchia @onesanz sveglio?... ....... .. gli antibiotici...
CynDyn thanks @dubiousquip for one that suits a cloudy Monday morn. --Good morning @GR8FL @ladypn @bobscopper @DownLow @BohemianChick (reblip)
threebears An example of something that doesn't show as an imeem blip when first played but then appears as imeem once blipped .. see last wrongly labelled blip
didib my love is a kind of blind love.
CynDyn #3 "...through the darkness to the dawn..."

SoulsticeThe Reason

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Marcus22 Hey @steno! How are you pal? I will check out @@Newmaidumosa fo rsure thanks! ;-0 have a good evening! ;-]
CynDyn adore this one more each time i hear it. thanks @ladypn. g'nite all. (reblip)
CynDyn i believe believe believe i want to get on down
CynDyn vi@ekman the great: "Robert Glasper – Chant - olá @all" (reblip)

Robert GlasperChant

| play
CynDyn vi@abarbosa: "A car this fine, don't pass your way everyday. Don't cha wanna ride, baby? " (reblip)
CynDyn what Kenny Dope did w/this...
CynDyn ...and, finally blossomed into this...
CynDyn "...melancholy smears a stain across the sky..."